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Remy Sharp
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We contracted Zoozlr to build a web application and native application for IOS and Driod. Before signing a contract that was bid at $275k they provided us screen shots and mock ups of what the application would look like. The contract to build was written well with performance standards and time estimates for each deliverable. In all... four deliverable points were promised with a total of 5-7 months for delivery of the whole project. The first few months went great and Zoozler had 4-5 devs working on the project with another 3-5 on back end. We made our first two payments for about $150k and things seemed fine. That's when the wheels started falling off...they were losing their devs and engineers...due mostly to not being provided the necessary resources to do their jobs. The time in the contract for the third payment of $75k was coming near and we had not seen even the deliverables from the second payment, but hey things fall behind. I told them I was very uncomfortable making the third payment at that time but was pressured heavy by Margie Powers to make it anyway. I reached out to the CEO Paul and voiced my concerns...he assured me the project would be done in the next few months and not to worry. Against better judgement I made the payment..... this was month 6 of the project. We had now paid them the entire $275k..ouch:) The next 11 months did not go well...time and time again we were promised delivery next month. In November we took delivery of the final project... 16 months had now passed. There were so many functions that did not work and when were started reviewing code there were just notes in sections that should have had code written. All and all this process was very disappointing...we choose Zoozler because they were a start up and we were too...we gave them a big project and our life savings because we fell for Paul Powers and his charm. I remember saying to one of my co-founders if Paul Powers will sit in front of his Mom..Margie and lie to us about their ability...I just don't see someone doing that. Little did I know she was as much part of the scam as he was. You may be reading this and think...hey this author just didn't know what he was doing and over expected and that is fair. My co founders and I all had over 15 years of experience running our own businesses and had been very successful at those. We were duped by Paul Powers..that's it.

About Zoozler

Zoozler is a web, app and media development and marketing company that utilizes the latest technology to optimize the growth of its clients.

We build entirely in-house and structure our core around continuous improvement, transparency, innovation, and most importantly results for your business.





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