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It was fine until a few days ago, it started to fail…

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It was fine until a few days ago, it started to fail… causing my web to slow down. 4 days ago I left a message of support, and no answer. I’m going to deactivate it for the moment…

2022-02-11 at 18:06:28


Doesn’t works… since version 8.0

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Until version 7 it was wonderful, it helped me for 3-4 years to increase my traffic. Then, many months ago, version 8 arrived and stopped working. If I switch to version 7, it works great again… but in 8 it simply doesn’t respect the time limits, losing its usefulness.

The “minimum age” field stopped doing its job. I use “minimum age” = 1 day, to publish the posts of the previous day, and “maximum age” = 2 days, so I do not publish anything two days old. Since the arrival of version 8, it stopped working, I can only set “minimum age” = 0, but then the posts that I publish manually today are put in queue in Revive Old Post to be published again today, losing all utility of this fantastic plugin.

I opened a support ticket, we exchanged some emails with instructions that didn’t work to solve anything. With each new version, I test if it works again… without success. I will uninstall it.

2022-03-23 at 19:58:43


Simple and functional

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I love this plugin, it does exactly what I need. It has a small issue for me, which certainly can be solved (it is reported here https://wordpress.org/support/topic/short-links-with-p?replies=1#post-7856701).

2022-03-24 at 02:03:18


wpFORO, el mejor sistema de foros que he probado para WP

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Y no he probado pocos. En estos siete años, empecé con Simple:Press, que fue bien durante un par o tres de años, probé otros sistemas de foros de WP (diría que todos), incluso un par de puentes con phpBB de pago que terminaron derrumbándose (un desastre, si lo que quieres es tener WP siempre actualizado).

No hay nada como wpFORO en WordPress, es lo más profesional, ágil, versátil y fiable que puedes instalar en esta plataforma, pues soluciones como bbPress se quedan muy cortas de lo que debe ser un foro. Y además, su soporte va genial. ¡Larga vida a wpFORO!

2022-03-24 at 19:33:11
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