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Project appears dead

Rating Cloodo

Support appears to have stopped 6 months ago. I cannot get a response by forum, email, phone or paypal dispute for hundreds of dollars of add-ons.

Check out myCred. We moved our development to that.

2022-02-11 at 18:37:30


Been waiting for this!

Rating Cloodo

I’ve used Foobox Pro for awhile – and have had great luck with it. Nextgen is a dead bloated whale these days, and now they changed their licensing, and I my PRO version has ecommerce? WTF for? Bye Bye Nextgen.

I especially appreciate the NextGen importer.

I just wish I could categorize my media for the Media Library when importing!

2022-03-23 at 16:14:24



Rating Cloodo

Simple, lightweight. Easy to modify. What’s not to love?

2022-03-24 at 02:40:36


The way to go

Rating Cloodo

As a 20 year veteran web developer, I know first hand how difficult the shipping and fulfillment is when creating online shops. Building a store for my partners pottery business gave me the impetus to try every shipping plugin available with WooCommerce. This system works beautifully, is customizable and syncs perfectly with our WP / woo site. Shipping is cheaper than our accounts with the vendors directly, and the fulfillment is easy.

2022-03-24 at 18:25:03



Wow! I’ve been wrestling with migration for years.

Rating Cloodo

A larger database – over 2gigs becomes difficult to manage migration and movement, unless it is split. That allows errors. Navicat took hours to sync tables. The others would bork on 500mb. Well worth the $.

2022-03-24 at 19:31:56


Wow! Support too!

Rating Cloodo

Just jumped ship on BadgeOS after realizing there was no support, and very buggy software. In comparison, I received support within a day for my paid add-on with myCred, and it makes more sense as is better documented.

2022-03-24 at 19:32:08
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