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For basic implementations ok but don‘t pay for it

Rating Cloodo

Gave it a try in need of a registration and payment form. Different payment options are missing, no choice inside the form. You have to select either Paypal or Stripe (Card payment), both together as a select box is not possible within a form which is very annoying.

Sometimes options a missing, for example to pre-select a country in address field which is really basic html. Then, if you need a workaround or help you find bugs, no response from support and no documentation or structure to help yourself.

Price model is good for drag&drop form builder. Not serious about user experience? Then get it.

+++Update: My experience with their support: A waste of time. They don’t read properly my error reports, reply in a ping pong way asking about things I noted already, no solution as they don‘t care

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2022-03-23 at 22:17:47


Looks good but not a solution

Rating Cloodo

Works well with Woocommerce but it is always a risk to have too many plugins from different developers because of compatibility issues. Try to get a Membership website done with payed subscriptions and an privat member area. You need core plugins from different vendors because every single plugin tries to be the perfect one but many, like the Checkout Field Editor (Checkout Manager) for WooCommerce is missing or just half baked customisations – which are higly needed for sites selling products. In this case, you can set customised fields which show up under certain conditions, like if the user buys a specific product. Wonderful! But then, you go into the users account page and you will find ALL Fields listet in the account profil page, no matter what conditions were set for the user. That doesn’t make sense. It is one example how shiny the plugin on the surface, but if you look closer, it is not a fine product. What a shame. Support does not understand the use case or business case. So at the end, it is a waste of time.

2022-03-24 at 00:16:39


Works very well

Rating Cloodo

It works flawlessly and does its job as intended. That is why I recommend it. I have the free version and have to say thank you very much to the developers!

2022-03-24 at 19:27:05
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