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It works

Rating Cloodo

1. it looks bad both in the backend and the frontend, but i’ve seen worse.
2. the Results pages for each of the polls is very hard to find, because the only way to see them is to click on a tiny little icon, that both me and my boss missed until i filed a report on it, even then they didn’t tell me, i just looked again, if you ask me that is bad design.
3. the YOP Poll widget breaks any page it’s put on that is made with the Elementor page builder (and also the Fusion page builder according to a support thread)
4. there is a PRO version, but there is absolutely no mention anywhere on any website of what you get for that.
You only get hints of what the PRO features are when you are setting up the poll and some features are grayed out.

2022-02-11 at 16:57:20



Rating Cloodo

The plugin says don’t use xxxx shortcode until you add the Start point, but once you do, the warning message disappears and the shortcode along with it, can’t find it on any of the pages, no special button in the visual editor, not in the little blurb on the plugins page, not listed in the plugins WP home page.
Are you trying to confuse people or just piss them off ?

Why is that warning message even say that ? what happens if you add the shortcode before you set a start point ?

I would have given this a 1 star if you didn’t include a hard to find link to the Documentation, where i finally managed to find the damned shortcode.

Also right after installing i get error messages (Oops something went wrong), can’t even add the start point, no explanation why, i almost didn’t even bother putting in those damned API keys because of that, i was sure the plugin was broken. But thankfully adding the API keys fixed it.
That’s not how you start of a new user of your plugin.
Ever heard of first impressions ?
I’m pretty sure most people would look for a new plugin after this kind of crap.

I see you’re good at warning messages so how about you add a notification message (maybe in blue) saying what shortcode to use and where.

Looks like a complex plugin, lots of settings anyway, hard to make i’m sure, but you can’t find a simple and easy way to tell people how to actually put it to use ?
That “easy to use” bit in the description is not true.

2022-02-11 at 18:43:27


Too Limited

Rating Cloodo

Some basic features like selecting after what time the popup auto closes and the ability to hide on mobile devices is locked behind the Pro paywall.

For example, is the popup displayed for enough time ? or too long ? and all this depends on what you actually have in the popup, could be a simple yes or no question or a special offer in which case you need to read a bit more.

And if your popup doesn’t look good on mobile you either have to spend a real long time redoing it so it looks good on both, if that is even possible (for ex. when using a shortcode which cannot be edited).

In short these are basic features i (at least) can’t do without and there are other popup plugins which offer them (and more) for free, of course Popup Builder is better in other ways.

2022-02-11 at 19:06:43


Used to be 5 star, now it’s useless

Rating Cloodo

I jumped ship from WP Clone because it wasn’t doing a perfect job, it had a % bug that was present for way too long, and now AIOWPM is doing the same thing but much worse, at least WP Clone still accomplished the job, while AIOWPM simply fails to import now, and by ‘now’ i mean for a few months now. Ever since they started with the newer look.

If they had an error and then fixed it, i wouldn’t even have dropped a single star, shit happens, but it’s been months and the older 6.7 version (that you can still find here and there) works perfectly, so there is no excuse.

2022-02-11 at 19:10:08


Zero backlinks

Rating Cloodo

I don’t mean to ruin the plugins rating, but this plugin doesn’t seem to do anything, it didn’t find a single backlink, even though i tried it 3 times.

I also tried finding backlinks using various free websites and all of those found backlinks, from 237 all the way to 13500, but this plugin found zero, so correct me if i’m wrong, but that means it does not work.

2022-02-11 at 19:41:31


Avoid it

Rating Cloodo

Confusing to use/set up, needs an account for some reason, but can still use it without, but it’s not usable anyway. Share counters don’t show up (either of them), buttons don’t show on excerpts even though i set them to.
It’s just a giant waste of time.

2022-03-23 at 15:48:54


Almost there

Rating Cloodo

UPDATE 2 (nov 2019)
As promised in my old review i just deleted, i revised my rating now that the plugin has been patched up (for the most part)

OK, i just cloned a site to a new subdomain, which had a brand new instance of wordpress installed on it, updated everything on the old site first, deleted all old backups (obviously) and cloned it over and i gotta say it went almost flawlessly, except the quite common % bug is still there, despite the author saying it was fixed 9 days ago.
So as promised i changed my rating from a 2 to a 4, can’t have any bugs if you want a 5 star rating.
Maybe updating the plugin is not enough, maybe it needs to be reinstalled.

  • This topic was modified 2 years, 1 month ago by JoeGP. Reason: works better now
  • This topic was modified 2 years, 1 month ago by JoeGP. Reason: works better now

2022-03-23 at 19:53:50


Doesn't work as it should

Rating Cloodo

It kinda works, but very badly and stupidly.

Te see the gallery you have to click on the “see more” link. I don’t see why you couldn’t click on the gallery thumbnail itself.

Then when the gallery opens it shifts the page to the left side of the screen (it should be centered). the header and footer stay centered.

And as a final bonus, clicking on any of the images in the gallery does nothing, even though the hand mouse icon appears.
Also this is supposed to launch in a lightbox, i ain’t seen none of that.

This is using the Wisdom of Life theme and the 4.0.7 version of the plugin.

2022-03-23 at 19:58:03


Doesn't work for page content backgrounds

Rating Cloodo

I needed to add a background image to all of my pages (not the background of the site, the background of the page, where the text goes) but unfortunately it does not work with the Graphene theme and WP 3.7.1

2022-03-23 at 19:58:12


Don’t bother

Rating Cloodo

“Google Places Reviews makes it a breeze to…” NO.

To actually use it you have to read the documentation, that’s like reading a manual, you shouldn’t have to do it.
No mention on the plugins page in the backend (Settings > Google Reviews) that you can use widgets or shortcodes, or that shortcodes only work/exist in the pro version.

And the widget doesn’t work, it says:

"Oops! Something went wrong.
This page didn't load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details."

(yes, i did get and add the API key)

I used it on 2 sites successfully before (last year), but i guess that’s over now.
Don’t waste your time with this one.

2022-03-23 at 19:58:54


Good, but no hover animation options, really ?

Rating Cloodo

I didn’t wanna use Elementor or custom CSS/HTML just to add a few fancy buttons, so i tried out 2 plugins, Ultimate Shortcode (US) and this (Maxbuttons), unfortunately neither of them have proper button hover animation choices.

US has an animation shortcode that you add around a button, but that is not for hovering, it’s for when a page loads, at least Maxbuttons has a hover animation, but absolutely no options for it (other than color), no animation type, no animation time.

So i checked out the Pro version, there is always something crucial reserved for that, btu animations wasn’t listed there either, i also checked out the FAQ, nothing there either, apparently i’m the only one who cares about such things, or did i miss an option somewhere ? cause there are a lot of them (editable or custom CSS is not one of them).

Kinda silly for a plugin all about buttons to be missing such an important feature.

Otherwise the plugin is pretty nice, works well, for a newbie it probably has too many options, but you don’t need to touch those if you don’t want to.

One other thing i would change is the padding, it starts out saying: 18,0,0,0 and yet the text is fairly centered, what happens if i want less padding than there already is ? you can’t add negative padding.
So there is default padding you can’t remove, i would prefer it the way it’s done in Elementor, where you can actually set 0 padding if you want and if you type any padding in, it automatically adds it to the other 2 sides, cause it’s linked, but you can also unlink it, if you want more side padding for ex.

Also the bottom padding field isn’t working, i put in 0, 50 even 300, nothing changed, the rest work fine.

There is also no auto width (full width) option, or the option to use % instead of px.
But at least you can actually set the width (unlike in Elementor).
Sometimes you need to use % to define width, for ex in a sidebar, so it resizes properly when viewed on mobile.(or sometimes in column shortcodes).

Anyway, i guess i’ll stick to custom HTML.

2022-03-23 at 22:25:45


Slightly broken, could be better

Rating Cloodo

Contact Form 7 no longer supports redirects after submitting a form so i decided to look for something new and found this plugin.

I like it’s drag and drop form builder, although if you need to do any more than that, like change any of the settings it’s not a very clear and easy to understand process, for example, i didn’t want to send the form to the site admin, but to a different email address, so i entered my own email to test, and got nothing, it’s been 15 minutes already.
Do i need to add it in brackets <> or something else ? i went to the Ninja forms website, read all sorts of FAQ, documentation, quick start guides, codex, even watched a video, nothing helpful anywhere.

By changing the name/title of the form it seems to have duplicated it and i cannot delete the old one, because the code is f-ed up in the dialog box that appears after hitting delete, there should be a Delete and Cancel button, but all i get is a Delete and Cancel text, left aligned, the hand icon does not appear when hovering over them, to indicate a link, but when i click on it the dialog box disappears, the form is highlighted in red and that’s it, if i refresh the page, the form is still there.

I turned off Email confirmation but after submitting the form it still shows a message saying a confirmation email was sent, there is also a space missing from the end of that sentence so it melts together with your email. I realize you can edit or delete that in a different field, but it shouldn’t be in a different field.

I added a recaptcha field, which did not work, obviously because i didn’t add the API keys, but i got no message about that, nor where i should add it (unlike CF7)

Also i was given the impression before installing that i could finally have fields in multiple columns, but no, that a minimum $50 upgrade and so is the File Upload feature, which is free in CF7.

All in all it looks like the developers focused so much on the money making add-ons that the plugin itself is quite useless, broken and not as easy to use and understand as it could be, which is probably why it has less active installs than CF7.

Oh and almost forgot to mention, the plugin is also quite slow, like when hitting done after editing a fields settings or when submitting a form.

EDIT: i finally got my test email, i’ve never seen it take this long, must have taken an hour, don’t know if it has anything to do with the plugin, probably doesn’t.

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2022-03-23 at 23:50:53


It’s not free and also very expensive

Rating Cloodo

It’s not free and nowhere does it say that it is or it isn’t, personally i think paid plugins should not even be in the WordPress repository or at least clearly marked.

Also the cheapest option is $9/month which is ridiculous, that’s Photoshop level of money and Optinmonster is not even 1/10th as advanced/complicated and just like with Photoshop if you stop paying, the plugin stops working, most paid plugins/themes adopt a much more sensible option, where you pay a yearly license and if you stop the plugin still works you just don’t get any more priority support and updates.

2022-03-24 at 00:04:21


Kinda broken (on my website)

Rating Cloodo

I wanted this plugin specifically to make a landing page, unfortunately this (or at least the free version) has no way of removing the header, sidebar or footer so i used another plugin for that. (it doesn’t work with the Slider revolution blank template)

I only played around with it for 10-15 minutes, cause unfortunately adding an embed code for a youtube video simply doesn’t work.
Using the video widget/module it just says Saving indefinitely, using the HTML widget/module the video does show up, but again it just says saving probably forever, tried this multiple times.

So i tried it on the demo site of the plugin and there i could add a video, so maybe there is something (a theme or a plugin) on my website that is not 100% compatible.
(which is why i didn’t give it a 1 star rating)

Also i’m not really happy with the text editor, it uses the same one wordpress does, which is kinda crap to be honest, that’s why we wanted a page builder no ? otherwise a column shortcode plugin and a bit of HTML can do most of the same things.
At least use something like the TinyMCE Advanced plugin for that, so i can chose fonts and fonts sizes, without using custom html code. Which by the way is installed on my website but does not work with Beaver builder.

2022-03-24 at 00:11:53


Needs a lot of work

Rating Cloodo

Not a bad plugin but it needs a lot of work and heavy use of spell check (ex. Pupup, Fcebook, etc.)

There are no options to set the frequency of the pop-up (how often it shows up, like once every 24 hours or something like that), so every time you refresh, every page you go to it shows up (or every time you go to or refresh the home page).

It also never goes away unless you click somewhere.

Popup height should be auto by default, but thankfully you can just type that in.

I was actually looking for an edge pop-up, like this site has i was hoping this plugin would have that feature but it doesn’t seem to.

The backend notification asking for donations and likes also cannot be turned off, i’ve never seen a plugin that does that, and that is a very bad and annoying thing to do. Also asking for donations for something this unfinished is kinda cheeky.

2022-03-24 at 00:37:51


Needs more work

Rating Cloodo

So all these 5 star reviews were paid for ?
Because this plugin is far from perfect.

Overall it’s not a bad plugin, but:
1. the template everyone would probably wanna use (and use most often) is not free, probably on purpose and i understand why, the developer needs to eat too, but this plugin is not ready to be sold yet.
2. there are no padding or margin options for elements/blocks, they are not even available for the PRO version.
3. what you design and what you end up with are slightly different, mainly the problem is everything shifts up about 15-20px compared to your design, this might be caused by the theme i used. I’m sure there are ways to stop the theme’s styling from influencing the popup’s styling.
4. the Preview function only shows changes from the last save, so if you open a template, work on it for 1 hour and hit preview you will see none of that work, this is not how WordPress post and pages previews work. It’s still helpful just not consistent with WordPress.(i guess it reminds you to save)
5. the default font is 13px ? are you kidding ? that’s way to small, should be 15-16px.
6. the way you edit text is all sorts of f*cked up, there are basically 3 ways, once when you click on it, you have some very basic and global settings, then you have the Advanced Editor with more features, but none of them works with Shift+Enter to move the text down 1 line but not add a space like normally hitting Enter would, this can only be done in the 3rd way to edit text, the text/html view/editor which you get to by double clicking on the text, if this didn’t exist i would have stopped using this plugin in 3 minutes.
7. The popup roundness and the border roundness don’t match, so no matter what radius you set it to there will always be a gap between them in the corners.
8. and lastly the biggest problem is the frequency settings, they are horrible.
If you set it to show 5 times, it will show 5 times in the same session, so if someone visits your site, sees the popup on the home page and closes it, the very next page they go to they will see it again, and again, and again, until they hate your guts and will never visit your site ever again.
Setting it to “completes goal” basically means ‘show it once’ (per lifetime), which is the most usable one, but my clients would prefer it to show once a day, a setting like that is kinda what the Pro version offers, so without that Pro feature this plugin is kinda unusable, unless you like annoying your visitors and making sure they never return.

Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of good things about it too, like the fact that you can design a mobile version of the popup, which can be similar to the desktop version or completely different.
The tour at the beginning was a nice touch but poorly made, i stopped watching after 10 seconds because i couldn’t follow it anymore, reading the quickly changing text in the bottom while also trying to see where the cursor is moving to and doing on page is just not doable.
I also like the different types you can have, like the topbar, etc.

Please be polite: discrimination is not allowed on wordpress.org

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2022-03-24 at 00:38:00


No share count

Rating Cloodo

Used to be a pretty good plugin, ditched AddThis for it, but now the interface and options are weird and the share count doesn’t work, so it’s back to Addthis for me and a lot of our clients.

2022-03-24 at 00:53:48


Really Helpful

Rating Cloodo

The Brainstorm team have done a really nice job with the Astra theme and they made it even better by creating this plugin and all the templates, that’s why we decided to buy the Pro version of the theme to support them (and to get even more/better features and templates).
With the Astra theme, Elementor and these starter templates we never need to look for or buy another theme, it’s actually saving us money.

2022-03-24 at 01:44:47


Use something else

Rating Cloodo

I’ve been using this on one of my clients old websites, for probably 10 years, with no issues, but since it hasn’t been updated in 10 years it doesn’t work with the newer versions of PHP that are now required by WordPress, in fact just activating it breaks your sites front end.
This is all probably fairly obvious to some/most, but it had to be said.

2022-03-24 at 18:36:17


Used to be good, now useless

Rating Cloodo

Used to be a good plugin, now i can’t even find where to add my google analytics code, because the settings panel is either lacking such a feature or it’s very hidden.
Also the ads for Exactmetrics Pro are way to intrusive and too many of them.
Pushing the Pro version so hard on us while crippling the free version… this is a very aggressive and stupid move.
It’s now a useless plugin, WordPress should delete this trash from it’s repository.

2022-03-24 at 18:36:31



Rating Cloodo

It works, using the full release of WP 4.4 and Tempera 1.3.3, i didn’t test it extensively, but it did bring back the settings page and allowed me to change a logo.

So where is this Tempera 1.4 you mention ?

2022-03-24 at 19:10:14


Works, but could use some work

Rating Cloodo

It works so that’s good, but it needs some work.
When using it as a widget the width should be set automatically, not by the user, although an override is always good.

Setting the widget height below 100 pixels makes the facebook cover disappear, even though there is no reason for it and because of that there is an extra 30 pixels left below the widget, which looks bad.

Disabling the “Show Faces” option also removes how many friends liked the page, that doesn’t make sense, it should probably be renamed to “Show Friends who liked the page”.
Also when i had it enabled it said that 2 friends liked this page but 5 faces were shown, so something is broken somewhere.

Both on your site and in the description you say “If you have any suggestions or feedback, please post it in the following link.” and there is no link in either places.

Hopefully your next update will fix these issues.

2022-03-24 at 19:12:38


Worlds best ? you must be joking

Rating Cloodo

This is supposed to be the worlds best backup plugin for wordpress ? it may be the best premium one, but the free version is basically useless and it’s on purpose.
Let me tell you why it’s useless, because you can’t download a backup, you can only download parts of it.
So what happens when you can’t press the Restore button in case a wordpress update failed or your site got hacked, you know, when you actually need it ? nothing, because you can’t download the backup, it also means you can’t install a fresh copy of wordpress and restore your backup (like a lot of other plugins allow you to), all this is on purpose, because if you could download a backup, you could also use it to clone (migrate) your website, but migrating is a premium feature, so they had to cripple the backup to give you a reason to buy the addon.
So you can only use the free version if your site is already working, what’s the point of that?

2022-03-24 at 19:30:12
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