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Very nice plug in.

Rating Cloodo

Does just what it says and makes experience nicer on the site.

2022-02-11 at 19:18:39


Works to put things on top of posts….

Rating Cloodo

It does just what it says it will do in that respect… and, for me, is the only plug in I found that would do it.

I don’t think it deserves less than 5 stars… because it does what it says. Wanting more bells and whistles… would be wanting something other than what it said and is not a reason to give a plug in less than 5 stars for doing what it says.

2022-02-11 at 19:37:24


Author has dirty mind.

Rating Cloodo

Puts risque titles in his screen shots… and it is extremely offensive.

2022-03-23 at 15:48:18


Create Woocommerce Product Pages With This…

Rating Cloodo

Breaking out of the system. I use pricing boxes. With the boxes, created my own product and shop pages for Woocommerce. Didn’t like the limitations and layout of Woocommerced canned package pages. “Closed up” my Woocommerce pages redirecting to the new pages I created. (no one will ever see my product/shop pages now). I did not have to change the URL’s in my price boxes (set to the product/shop pages I created) when I redirected the original product pages to what I created. So, powerful function with this and price boxes (or if you create your own add to cart buttons) to free Woocommerce prisoners. !! ????

2022-03-23 at 19:47:27


Does Not Work.

Rating Cloodo

Very rarely will I give a less than stellar review. This doesn’t work. I did a screen save vid showing that I enter info into filezilla and immediately connects as ftp. Put the same info into Vaultpress, and it says it cannot connect. Vaultpress does not work even to connect to server as ftp. I show in my screen save vid that this is for a cpanel account.

Spoke with GoDaddy Managed Hosting. Rep reports that Vaultpress does not work to do alternate site restore into GoDaddy Managed Hosting. Creates fatal errors. Does not work. So, in a fix trying to do the same function into Cpanel account, Vaultpress does not work and does not connect to cpanel via ftp when filezilla immediately connects using of course the same ftp entries.

Just does not work. Ppl need to rely on things that work for restoration. And, it doesn’t work.

Should take 5 minutes to restore to alternative site via cpanel since this doesn’t work for GoDaddy Managed Hosting. And ftp connect doesn’t work even into cpanel. ????

2022-03-23 at 19:53:20


Globally Instantly Removes All Vid Thumbnails Using Mass Feature

Rating Cloodo

My theme automatically saves vid thumbnails. I do auto vid posting. I wanted to remove all thumbnails. This plugin did so with one click.

Thank you!

2022-03-23 at 22:21:49


Great plug-in

Rating Cloodo

Does just what it says! And for a niche use… where I allow people to update their own posts and want to recirculate their posts in a newsletter when they do… it’s helpful.

2022-03-23 at 22:51:26


I give this 10 Stars! (But they only let me do 5!)

Rating Cloodo

This is the best WordPress newsletter plugin. Tribulant Newsletters is great and I want to recommend you get the pro version. I use Gravity. And optins. With the ability to create multiple email lists, you can capture from various optin forms and Gravity forms to various user specific mailing lists. Excellent support. Due to plugin conflict, had an issue with Newsletter. Developer promptly went into my site and fixed the conflict for me so I could use all my plugins. Many more features too many to list.

  • This topic was modified 5 years ago by laura.lee. Reason: Wanted to share about multiple mailing lists and subscribe/optin abilities

2022-03-23 at 23:45:44


Incredibly Thoroughly Well Designed….

Rating Cloodo

Here’s what he did for me: http://graceexplosion.com/prayer-center-scheduling-draft/ http://graceexplosion.com/weekly-prayer-captain-meetings/ It has a volunteer schedule… the people can see what they have signed up for… it sends out confirmations… and reminders of their commitment… it gives you a full backend view of who has signed up for what.. and it even clears out expired dates on your sign up sheet. It takes care of mailing out the reminders in a system designed for WordPress. It’s SO EZ to set up and activate… and the best of plugins for any scheduling event.

(It’s set up to be logged in users only. But I’ll other users do a “test drive” if you want to check it out.. for a while because my site isn’t fully set up yet. If you try it out… please log in… try it out… clear out what you signed up for… and then delete your membership please. And you can check out a “live version” of how this plug in works user side ????

That’s the short version. Now, for the “wordy” Laura Lee edition:

I am so impressed with the architect of this plug-in… because how this developer writes a plug-in is so cohesive with an overall scope of functional design. Like, it doesn’t simply “just do one thing”. It’s an all encompassing “communication system” that goes from A-Z with excellence. I’m WAY impressed. I would hire this man to do work for me because he has a mind that “puts it all together”. Like, he won’t just do one little thing that is a “stop-gap solution”… he’ll design an overall package where he thought of things you didn’t even ask for… to create an awesome turnkey program.

This is my favorite developer right now!! Get ANY PLUGIN this man builds! It will be top notch! But if you hire him… you better not tie him up so that when my site is done he’s too busy to do my work for me! lol


2022-03-23 at 23:53:32



Rating Cloodo

Simply create a category for a YT Channel you host on your website… enter user name and click the category… and upload the YT vids for the channel.

This plugin and the functionality of communication (that’s what websites are for!) in sharing YT content in a highly organized and beautifully presented manner… is absolutely tops!!

Super ez to use… great functionality… awesome communication tool!!

Thanks for this plug-in!!

2022-03-24 at 01:26:53



Rating Cloodo

Good archive with some personality. Love it!

2022-03-24 at 02:17:29


Very helpful Plugin

Rating Cloodo

I wrote a longer comment in “support area”. This works well with having Woocommerce to have users do more front-end. Very helpful to allow first time visitors to site to write articles to be held pending for review. As a tip, I will add, I added having the admin bar show all the time. I set up users to be contributors restricted to one category that I established for this guest posting. So, I combined this plugin with category restrict… and this way I personally am allowing users to use the dashboard if they want. (It is just ezier for first time visitors to easily use this plug-in to write an article front-end. More user friendly for guests to my site.) Many things I like about this plug in. Thank you for the plug-in and all of our hard work! Laura Lee

2022-03-24 at 18:50:52


Very nice plugin

Rating Cloodo

I have been using this for a little while… and it’s very nice. For me, I love simplicity on user side… and this is that! Makes theme look professional on output… so ez on user side. ???? Works perfectly!

2022-03-24 at 18:52:57
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