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Best booking calendar but has some problems

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This is by far the best and prettiest booking calender there is.
Sadly, in its current state, is has a very nasty bug as well as some other problems.

1. You can not create a single day event. This bug is known for many months now (support forum) and the developer has released 2 updates this far. But this problem still exists in the newest version. It is not possible to create an event for a single day. You have to create the event for at least 2 days, then delete the 2nd day. Very annoying.

2. You cannot (really) edit events. When you select an event, the calendar does not show the details of the event. Instead, it shows an empty form. This means, that if you want to change the price of an event, you will have to retype the whole event. Extremely annoying.

3. Events that are fully booked by the maximum number of customers get deleted in the calendar instead of becoming marked as “not available”. Not really a bug but i don’t think this should happen.

2022-02-11 at 17:01:47


Very good functionality but problems with font types

Rating Cloodo

This plugin is really good when it comes to the simplicity and usage, however it has problems embedding some fonts from google correctly.

For some fonts such as Open Sans and Roboto, the font face for the ‘bold’ types are missing, which results in the browser rendering the font via a ‘bolding’ algorithm when using font-weight:bold for these fonts.
This results in very bad text quality (blurred text) and could be fixed easily by adding all the google fonts with all their correct types.

Sadly, this currently prevents me from using this plugin.

2022-02-11 at 19:15:24


Worst way to explain how plugins work

Rating Cloodo

It’s outdated and basically only a collection of (badly text-intended) functions.
This is not a good starter plugin and not a good way to showcase how plugins are made

Use this instead: https://github.com/DevinVinson/WordPress-Plugin-Boilerplate

2022-02-11 at 19:39:26


Great again.

Rating Cloodo

@author: please never use external developers again.

@users: its clean now.

2022-03-24 at 01:57:16
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