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Works great for what I need!

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I have only been using WordPress for about a month, and I, too, had the issue mentioned with the responsiveness not working. But I discovered if I will just create a one column/row table and then take the short code into a column in Elementor or the editor, it works without a hitch. And it is easier to just update the Table than to open Elementor to make a few quick changes. Of course, two columns is all I need for my website, so this option works great for me.

Unfortunately, I’m unemployed right now, so I am not able to buy you a cup of coffee, Tobias, but thanks for the great plugin. It has made converting to WordPress so much easier.

2022-02-11 at 19:33:44


Been using it for several months. Love it!

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Others, I see, say it’s not working with Elementor, but I only create my pages with Elemenotor now, and although it is difficult to see through depending on the size of the content on some pages, it works great for me and it was easy to install.

Love it!


2022-03-23 at 16:14:20


Easy to use, excellent support

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I started out several years ago with a stand-alone program for sending emails to my notification list, and I liked it, but there wasn’t a way for anyone to automatically subscribe from my website. They could unsubscribe from a link in the email I sent, but I had to copy and paste their information from an email I received wanting to subscribe, to the program. I then found ACY Mailing, and I liked it but when I moved to WordPress, at the time, it wasn’t compatible. I looked at a few other plug-ins that were either cumbersome or didn’t really do what I need. I found MailPoet and I love it! The emails are easy to create and there are several provided templates that are easy to customize and you can make the newsletters look like your website.

I discovered a problem the other day and after searching the support website and not being able to find the answer. I emailed tech support, and Jack was quick to respond and gave me the information I needed to resolve the issue. It’s not a bug in the program, it was just something I was doing wrong that created the issue and he told me how to correct it.

I also like the way it gives you a list of how many people have opened your newsletter and clicked the links in it. It also marks subscribers as inactive if they haven’t opened your newsletters after a certain length of time and you can create a new message for just those who have gone inactive that will allow them reconirm their subscription, so you can clean up your list. There’s no point in sending a newsletter to people who no longer want it, but don’t bother unsubscribing. Also, you risk getting put in their spam folder, and you don’t want that.

I highly recommend MailPoet if you need an easy to use, reliable, plug-in for newsletters/notification lists, with excellent tech support.


2022-03-23 at 20:08:34
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