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Yup It works Pardner

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Been with it for several months. Not all without an issue and there is a tad learning curve if you want to totally make it sing like a world champ, and it has it’s drawbacks, that said however it’s at the top of my list for my website to make it go from red and yellow to all green.

Some plugins will conflict with it, Some work very well with it. MOST plugins that try to add speed in any fashion will take a setback with this plugin activated. I suggest you run your best speed without the plug in – deactivate all the others stuff you got going and plug this in and try it for a day or two.

Maximum tweaks take a few hours or a day to see. So far every wordpress update my speed has increased… could be the WP update or it working with this plugin.

Before I tried this plugin, I tried every other one out there. Some were okay, one was almost as good. None gave me what this one did for my site.

2022-02-11 at 19:41:29
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