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I’ve been limping along with the ancient Random Quotes and Random Quotes Widget plugins, but RQ was getting ragged around the edges and finally failing to add a quote as of 4.7. XV Random Quotes started up the first time and did not wreck my quote collection, they’re all still there. The ancient Random Quotes Widget still works with it if needed, but XVRQ widget works perfectly in the sidebar.

Thank you Xavi! It’s great when developers have compassion for users. The best WP plugins are made by people like you.


2022-02-11 at 18:57:25



Rating Cloodo

This works so far.

But I went back to Shield.

UPDATE: And then I came back as Shield gets more unwieldy. This works fine.

  • This topic was modified 2 years, 8 months ago by seedy.
  • This topic was modified 2 years, 8 months ago by seedy.

2022-02-11 at 19:27:55


Works Well

Rating Cloodo

Does the job, no issues with updates.

2022-02-11 at 19:37:54


Could Be Useful For Some, not for ex-NextGen’ers

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It works okay if you are starting from new, not as granular or versatile as NextGen which has its own problematic history, mostly leverages built-in features of WP’s Media Library like Gallery mode and uses a script called Escape NextGen Gallery to export NextGen galleries into WP galleries which it then will replace shortcodes with FooGallery shortcodes in posts to help you migrate.

Which would be handy, but there are several generations of NextGen from different proprietors and also a fork called Nextcellent (which if it was maintained would be the best gallery on WP, but it has been left untended for years) and so the insertion shortcodes can vary even on one site as years went by: The exporter only works with one shortcode so –for one example– no single image posts will be automatically replaced unless the user had created a new gallery in NextGen for each new photo and inserted that gallery instead of a single photo. I created a yearly Singlepics(YY) Gallery for those photos so I was out of luck with the replacement.

The gallery that the single image is in will be replicated in WP’s Media library in a gallery from with an imported title, but the images would need to be manually inserted in every single-image post.

I was and am grateful that they added this functionality, but then another issue popped up, which is unwanted fancy framing and rollover stuff, the default is a kind of smoked glass framing with captions, which is possibly fine for some, but one cannot bulk edit to something plainer because there is no global pref setting for appearance, each gallery must be set for the desired appearance, in my case over 100 of them.

The inbuilt WP image handling which FG uses also requires each image to be edited manually. And the original dates do not transfer, so all images date on the day of conversion, which makes sorting to find something more difficult.

Compared to NextGen posts on the same pageload of 10 posts, FG was very slow to display images, this may be because of WP issues, but it could also be because FG has lots of fancy templates, the photos don’t appear to load directly, there is a whirling icon for a while, like some javascript is working.

FG points out that it uses no additional database tables, and this actually makes it harder to fix things from the back end, I do not see this as a plus.

For now I’ve decided to go back to the potentially troubled NextGen/Nextcellent system. the difference in ease of usage is strong enough that I’m tempted to learn programming so that I an keep a fork of Nextcellent going.

I thank Foo for their efforts, the result is more for users who are concerned with presentation style and are starting fresh than refugees from NextGen.

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2022-03-23 at 19:46:39



Rating Cloodo

Great way to prevent scripters from harvesting user names. Proactive and generous of the devs to share this easy solution to a questionable default setting by Automattic.

2022-03-23 at 20:23:42


Frustration and Obfuscation

Rating Cloodo

Trying to set up a simple contact form. Nothing else, no notifiers or processors. Just send me the comment and let me reply. It cannot do this.

It keeps putting my own email address as the reply address, making me edit it every time I answer. I’ve tried all kinds of settings, it only sent correctly once, then started doing it wrong again, I have no idea why.

Having a hard time believing that the nebulous value definitions aren’t part of a scheme to get me to buy support.

If you need a nice looking form to do something clever, this will probably work. As a simple Contact Form it fails terribly. I have clients who will not know to edit the From address on the notifications this sends.

Also, commenter notification is turned on by default, so it reveals your admin email to every submitter if you don’t turn that off. That is not obvious either, it’s in a separate tab under Processor. It undermines the very reason for a comment form. Idiocy.

In all, not impressed with the lack of clarity of the field designations. Not buying support for a comment form, just finding a better plugin.

2022-03-23 at 22:19:13


Was Good and Useful

Rating Cloodo

New Control Panel is disorganised and some functions are only for premium users, including turning off email notifications which I never wanted in the first place. Looked in my server account and found a pile of lost notification emails to the wildcard account that I didn’t need or care for, no way to turn them off.

I get that devs have to make money, but turning off the ability to stop notifications is a bit much. There is a Resolved thread in support which isn’t definitive about a solution and the emails I have are recent.

The Login Page hiding was great, until the newer version made logging out not work properly, I’d have to go Back and then logout again, sometimes more than once.

I moved to WPS Hide Login which does just that, tried going back to Shield and some sites won’t log out properly. I believe that between this and Wordfence with lots of settings config I should be covered. If the dev had left things alone and just updated…

2022-03-24 at 19:00:17



Rating Cloodo

Works with my Nextgen Galleries, no change in workflow. Thank you to the dev.

2022-03-24 at 19:10:01
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