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Cannot be used on a local dev server.

Rating Cloodo

While many features look promising, this can only be run on a live website.

This lends to “cowboy coding”, or possibly breaking a live website.

Thus it is not useful when making big changes to one’s website, such as if you want to change thumbnail image sizes. In this case you might need to “break” the website by first regenerating thumbnails, then “fix” it by updating the newly broken links with th eupdated image url’s.

However for many people, and many other use cases, this plugin could work well.
For example, if your live website already has broken links, and you just want to clean them up, it would be fine.
And if you don’t use a dev server ever, then this restriction will not impact you whatsoever.
Finally, if you do your dev work on a live dev server, accessible to other websites, then this could also be a great plugin you you!!

2022-02-11 at 17:06:26


Excellent for adding non-theme specific custom (functions.php) code

Rating Cloodo

Some code that you would normally put in a functions.php file inside your child theme can be added here instead.
This way, it will run no matter which theme is active.

You can also export and import to other sites, and turn specific code snippets on/off depending on your needs.

This is similar to creating your own custom plugins, but much easier.
It also lets you limit any snippet to run only on the front-end, only on the back-end, or both. This and the export/import functionality are the little touches that prompted me to use this plugin rather than uploading code as a custom plugin!

The import/export is well thought out; it lets you choose to replace, ignore, or duplicate imported snippets that have the same name as already existing snippets!
This should be the default on ALL WordPress import functions!!

2022-02-11 at 17:21:07


Link URLs are cut off. Must Hover each item in list 1 by 1 to see the url.

Rating Cloodo

Not useful to me. It’s too frustrating to see the urls of the broken images/links.

Since every item must be hovered over, the “list” is effectively NOT a LIST at all!

Also, there is no way to generate a text list.
You can try the option which writes the debug info to a log file, but there is no reasonable way to filter out which lines to delete, or which lines to keep, even via regex, in order to wind up with a readable list of links that need tending to!!

While it might be useful to many, I could garner no sense of the state of my website’s image urls (I’m trying to clean out old generated thumbnails, and also update links to use newly generated thumbnail sizes) from the info this plugin returned to me.

I did NOT TEST actions, such as updating links, or the like so I cannot attest whether the reported functionality WORKS. Hence 3***.
I ASSUME it essentially works.
But the UI, and info returned did work for my particular needs.

Your mileage may vary ????

2022-02-11 at 18:11:56


Did not work for me.

Rating Cloodo

There is no button to tell the plugin to START running!

So I have no idea if it will randomly decide when it will run.
Or if it will ever run at all.

It shows
Checking status
No internal or external broken links found.
No links Detected.

Which is absolutely incorrect. I suspect it sais this because it has never run yet. But even then, the message is misleading. And there appears to be no way to tell it TO run.

The video looks promising. But probably it is not ready for actual use yet.
Probably this should be labeled as a Alpha (or Beta) testing version !!

It is also *possible* that the button is hidden somewhere, other than the Plugin’s ONLY page ??
Or that it will decide to run on its own, whenever IT FEELS like it (which I believes would be a POOR decision on the developer’s behalf), and that once it *does decide* to run, it’s wonderful.
But it is unlikely to be the case. honestly, I believe it to be not ready for prime time yet, and will likelly uninstall immediately. I *want* it to work, so I may keep an eye on this plugin, and try again as it begins to mature.

Note that at this point, it only has 20 installs !!!

2022-03-23 at 19:49:53


Easier and niCer looking than ContaCt Form 7. oh, and it WORKS!

Rating Cloodo

sorry, my keyboard is broken, so some weird typos and formatting.

The one thing i wish Could be done is to set CC vs BCC emails.
Currently only CC is allowed.
But i like to set some as BCC only, as they are baCkup email addresses that I do not always use, but in Case i’m working on Certain projeCts, I wanna make sure i see the emails. But i do not want anyone to see or use those emails directly.

Aside from that, i am so happy to have found WP Forms!!
ContaCt Form 7 had suddenly quit working. Even the latest updates that supposedly fixed that major breaking change.

WP Forms is easier to use. has better documentation. And looks GREAT out of the box.
it is a MUCh better produCt.
you’ll be happy you gave it a try.

2022-03-23 at 20:00:14


Excellent tool ! Very easy to quickly bring websites into compliance

Rating Cloodo

This tool is Extremely helpful.
Makes fixing alt tags so easy.
It is well thought out in terms of how users would want such a tool to function.
I particularly like the Page option (and bulk text helps to draft similar images).

Bonus: it also includes accessibility AND HTML compliance tools make this a one-stop shop for quickly and easily bringing our sites to meet semantic and accessibility standards.

Minor suggestions (icing on the cake to an already great design):
– It would make more sense to re-order to ALT (as it is REQUIRED, and the main reason for the plugin), then I’d put Description, as it is the next most used/visible text, and lastly caption, as it is both least used, and most likely for people to manually seek out WHEN it IS used.

– Would it be possible to add a checkbox for indicating “decorative” images? I envision that an empty alt text (alt=””) would then be saved to the Media Library and front end img tag, AND “role=presentation” would be added (on the front end–I don’t think it can be done in the Media Library)? This would help us bring decorative images into full compliance, and help clear confusion about how to properly deal with them.

The additional tools you have added are a real bonus.
Especially the front-end checker!!

I really like the contrast checker, too, even though, during development, I use the one offered in Dev Tools, it is nice feature to have this built into the WP platform (via this plugin).

– Any chance of embedding a color picker into this tool?? That would be icing on the cake ????

The checklist tab is a fantastic idea. It both informs us on various tasks we should address, and helps us keep track of our progress.
– A minor suggestion: it is not clear to the newcomer how it works (or maybe it was just me..). re: I initially thought it was an auto-generated status indicating met compliances. Perhaps a comment indicating that it is a self-managed checklist would clarify?: “Checkmark, then Save, when you have manually completed an audit and fixed (or determined you are finished with) an item.” type comment.

External links for Accessibility and HTML info is a great touch for the curious among us. You make it very easy to learn and follow through.

Thank you so much for your mission in educating us on Web Accessibility, and helping us quickly and easily bring our websites into compliance. ????

2022-03-23 at 20:42:39


Works on some sites, but not others. Is it still Maintained?

Rating Cloodo

It works great on some websites, but not at all on other websites. Even though this is for the backend only, it may be the theme that causes it to not work on some sites. It also might be a plugin, though most of the plugins I have are on both a site where preview works, and on a site where it does not work.

Honestly, preview should be part of CF7 itself!
It is great when it works. Especially when developing a form that you do not want to include on your site yet, and do not want to create a dummy page just to display it.

No longer working. Now it just shows a blank background, where it used to show a preview. It has not been updated in quite some time. Perhaps it is not compatible with latest WP versions? It look like it may no longer be maintained? ???? CF7 itself should include a native previewer!

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  • This topic was modified 10 months, 3 weeks ago by SherylHohman. Reason: more info

2022-03-24 at 00:52:51


There is No way to Keep the Existing Date!

Rating Cloodo

There is No way to Keep the Existing Date!

It requires you to choose a new date, or it will default to the current date.
That means links would break, and it’s too difficult to keep files where they are, or choose where to put them. Unless you want to individually select each file, look up it’s original location, then manually time in the previous date (it will probably use the current time).

Also Checkmarks don’t act as expected. If you mark a parent folder, then unmark some files in a subfolder, the top level folder remains checkmarked. So if you close the drop down, there is no way of knowing if everything below it is Actually marked, or only some (as expected). The same occurs if you don’t have the parent checkmarked. You could mark Everything inside it, but the parent will remain unmarked.
checkmark means EVERYTHING below it is ALSO marked.
Uncheckmark means NOTHING below it is marked either.
DASH means SOME items below it are marked, and other items are unmarked.

So, there is confusion about several kinds of things in the app.

My testing fell short, so I cannot attest how well the Import function works, and it it behaves AS EXPECTED.

  • This topic was modified 2 years, 3 months ago by SherylHohman.

2022-03-24 at 18:25:21



Rating Cloodo


This is one of those missing plugins.
Sooo helpful.
Time Saver!
This is the sort of functionality I, and developers wish were built in.
A Must Try..
– Doubt I will be able to live without it now :-))

Just installed.
A couple additions would make this plugin quicker and easier to setup (well, customize for each post-type).
So, you’ll need to set aside a bit of time to get it customized just the way you like. Well worth it. I can tell already.

Definitely will be look into donating, or finding out the purchase price for pro (sortable) version.

Thanks Dev.
Why Have I just Now (2hr ago?) found out about this plugin ??

WooHoo.. as you say ????

2022-03-24 at 19:33:39
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