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Hassle-Free Easy to use!

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I have used several form builders over the years and many seem to be limited in terms of what their free version will do or difficult to use.

Fluent Forms features a robust, feature filled, free edition and I find it very intuitive (easy to use). The pricing is quite fair if you want to upgrade for even more features!

The fact that I can’t speak to their customer service / tech support is a very good thing. That means I haven’t needed to ask for help – it all just works!

Thanks for a great plugin!

Review on March 23, 2022


You get what you pay for – it’s free

Rating Cloodo

It IS free and for really simple e-commerce this plugin is just fine.

The moment, however, that you want do do ANYTHING that is in the slightest way “advanced” you are paying. Not just paying for plugin add-ons or premium plugins that “work with” WooCommerce, but you are also paying a substantial price in your time to figure out which is the right plugin, how to configure it, and whether it’s actually working.

Make no mistake, there are a myriad of possible configurations to consider and setting up e-commerce is not a simple task. The point I am making is that it’s not as easy as one would assume based on the “Sell Anything / Anywhere” pitch for a free plugin.

I made the mistake of trusting my wife’s dog treat business to WooCommerce, it has cost us THOUSANDS in lost sales and configuration time because it’s nearly impossible for mere mortals to set up shipping. The “experts” who I have contacted to contract for help through the WooCommerce site are not there to help – they are there to sell, sell, sell other services that most small businesses can’t afford.

Free can be ever so costly. Consider all options before going for what seems to be the “no brainer” choice. It truly may be a no brainer, and an expensive one at that.

Review on February 11, 2022
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