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Avatar steve large

steve large

Member since 2022


Good functionality but lacks security

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Sorry, Great program for what I need it to do. However, came back to add someone to my subscribers list and found a totally different group had been created with 8500 email names from websites in Russia. Certainly not the best security in the world. Could not find any changes elsewhere in the website so I am assuming that the hack happened through this software.
Steve Large – Provincial Administrator Taekwondo BC.

2022-03-23 at 22:26:36


Works Only For Groups And Pages

Rating Cloodo

Although I have been pleased with the cosmetic display features of this plugin it does lack some promised features that I paid for in the pro version. I have several sites that I use the plugin on. Originally I wanted to show my profile on the sidebar of my personal WordPress site. This worked well until my site crashed unexpectedly. After re-installing the site and staring from scratch no matter what I did I could not get my profile Facebook entries to work. As a matter of fact in the newer versions some of the backend features did not even show!
The other sites that I run are group based so there is no problem getting the feeds for them but you can get these features on the free version. I have been in contact with support but all they seem to be good for is problems with interface navigation and installation or they tell me to shut off my other plugins and try again. Not too good.
I also get the issue that a lot of other people have where they must refresh or un-publish and then re-publish in order to get the latest feed information. This as promised was supposed to be automatic at set time intervals through the backend interface. It may work one time but then the next time it is supposed to update it fails. I have left the plugin running on my group sites and still do the manual update thing but it does get a bit ridiculous at times as its only working sporadically.
Needless to say I am quite disappointed and wish I could either fix it or get my money back,

2022-03-24 at 19:23:21
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