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Very Impressed, both with the Plug-in and the Developer!

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I was looking to migrate from Blogger to WordPress, but with 1200+ posts I wanted to make sure it was done properly. Up steps Blogger Importer Extended. I tested the process with the free version, and liking what I saw I paid for a week’s use of the full version and got importing.

The process went very smoothly, except for one wrinkle, that it didn’t import my users. On contacting the developer they were able to provide a quick fix and on repeating the process it all went well. Apparently it was something to do with the blogger blog being created so long ago that the user ids were of an unexpected format. I still needed to tweak the users as the automatically created usernames were simply long numbers (though the display names were correct), but the developer suggested a work around for this too: creating new users and deleting the old ones, at which point WP asks if I want to assign the orphaned posts to a new author.

The only other issue was that having carried out the process twice all media were now in my library twice, but I found another handy WP plug-in to help me delete the unused versions. Another approach would have been to take a system backup before the process and restore to that.

Last of all, this Plug-in also supplies a theme which can be uploaded to the old blogger site to automatically direct traffic to your new WordPress site. I’ve just done that and it works a treat. No fiddling with the domain settings required. The posts redirect to the equivalent on the new site. I haven’t migrated pages, so links to those pages will end up on the home page. And I’ve got a backup of the original theme in the unlikely event that we need to revert.

Highly recommended!

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2022-02-11 at 19:17:51


User friendly and configurable

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There are several different plugins available to offer “duplicate this”-type-functionality. I think this one will become my go-to choice. It offers some nice options in terms of what properties are inherited from the copied post (or page), and it’s all very nicely packaged up.

Good job!

2022-03-24 at 18:39:15


What’s not to like?

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I’ve been using the SMTP2GO plugin for a little while, and on reflection I should probably be using it on more of my WordPress sites than I am.

It “just works” and also gives me some helpful insights into what emails are being sent via my sites (e.g. who gets contacted with what sort of message via a contact form).

I’m also using their smtp relay service (not required for this plugin) and that’s great too, with some definite advantages over their competitors, even on the free tier.

2022-03-24 at 19:03:04


Wouldn’t be without it

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I’m fairly new to WordPress development, but this Plugin has almost immediately become a “must have” for me. Super helpful, and seriously considering upgrading to Pro.

2022-03-24 at 19:31:06
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