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Broke my checkout page

Rating Cloodo

Completely broke my checkout page and it wasn’t even enabled.
Restored old PayPal checkout for now as it works.
When given the option to upgrade I thought it would do just that – upgrade but instead it left the old plugin inplace and required me to connect PayPal to thenew plugin which then didn’t work. I tried deactivating the old plugin but checkout page still broken. I have to deactivate this plugin and reactivate old plugin to restore full functionality.

2022-02-11 at 17:05:40


Works well – especially with quic.cloud

Rating Cloodo

quic.cloud supercharges caching but it can add up if you buy credits.

2022-02-11 at 19:38:37


A nag but a goody

Rating Cloodo

Nagged me until I reviewed!
A good plugin though ????

2022-03-23 at 15:25:51


Excellent support

Rating Cloodo

I had a problem with a conflict with another plugin and within a couple of hours I had an updated version to try. You don’t find support as good as this anywhere.

Great job Tom!

2022-03-23 at 20:41:16


Just works!

Rating Cloodo

Installed, entered dropbox account details, ran backup, files all now uploaded to dropbox.
Excellent plugin!

2022-03-24 at 00:10:43


Really good and thoughtful support

Rating Cloodo

This is a really good plugin that I am only just really starting to understand its power. There is so much functionality and it really changes the way you work with forms, registrations, and users. Support is very responsive and really try to understand any issues or requests. I highly recommend this plugin to everyone

2022-03-24 at 01:43:32
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