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UrLife Media takes user-generated content, gives is a custom narrative, and packages it in the style of a movie trailer, with custom stories, professional voiceovers, graphics, and visual effects. We do this by using actual, human editors, and not an algorithm. We needed a mobile technology platform which could help facilitate growth in this segment. The product we needed to create was unique in that it would move large amounts of video data across the web. It needed to be as user-friendly, intuitive and efficient as possible. We talked to a few companies early on and found that we weren't getting what we needed. Utility came from a few good references. We're based in LA, while Utility is New-York-based. Utility wanted to understand what our end result needed to be, and they helped shape it along the way. Utility built everything on both our site and our apps. With the first two companies we talked to, we had no framework for our project. Utility imagined everything from scratch. They did a ton of heavy lifting in order to get us to where we are. Utility has been instrumental in translating what we were asking for into an actual product, but also providing some education to us as far as how things are built and what the timelines are. From a responsiveness point of view, Utility was always there for us.

Review on January 20, 2022
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