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We’re an entertainment marketing agency, and we had a big mobile app/AR project for a global brand that was going to be at the Super Bowl. We knew Utility was knowledgeable in the space. We worked with Utility to create a unique, gamified mobile AR [augmented reality] solution. The app was for iOS and Android, and development was a 2–3-month process. Users could download the app, but since the AR mechanism was in our physical space at the event, we also had it set up as activation on iPads so they could do the field goal challenge through AR. Utility was able to organically tie the client into the football field. We might have reached out to other companies, but because of our cost and turnaround, Utility made the most sense. We have a good relationship with them. The end-client was thrilled. A couple of notable celebrities played the game too, and they also thought it was really cool. Utility delivered on a tight timeline and budget. Everyone was happy.

Review on January 20, 2022
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