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We needed to have live-streaming, tons of content, blogs, and other news and information circulating through our site in a dynamic way. We also needed a team on top of it in real time every day and every week since it was an ongoing live show. Utility designed and built out a totally new, custom web/mobile portal, which ran weekly before getting sold to FOX, which was a huge success. Ultimately, Utility was in charge of all things digital. They were the lead design and development team for the entire mobile/web portal, including backend, frontend, UI, UX, the live video streaming service architecture, and the CMS to control all the content on the web portal. Utility had such a good reputation, but they also made a point to come into our offices multiple times early on to strategize and discuss the assignment and how it might take shape. They produced really quality work, but their strongest quality is being responsive and communicative and responding to issues quickly when they arise. They were really helpful in educating us about digital and technology along the way, and I think that’s probably unique. They were patient with us, but also very aggressive with making sure we hit timelines. We felt like we had someone on our side, versus having an “outsourced agency.”

Review on January 20, 2022
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