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The application was impacted positively and was able to function and run smoothly due to thesupport from TechFormation Team. The issues that the application had before the team, werequickly and accurately resolved by them resulting in the smooth functioning of the software.They're fully engaged, interacting with our team and offering suggestions. We even haveimprovement sprints where we let the developers work on projects that they want to work on,and they help out there as well finding issues or refactoring parts of the app that they think couldbe optimized. We used Jira project management tool to share progress and issues, GitHub as acode repository and we use Skype for weekly conference calls. The senior developer andproject manager were also super responsive.

2022-01-20 at 22:46:42
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Cloodo helps to accellerate Digital Transformation for any business with Know-How Agencies supported by Smart Project Management Apps and Secured Payment for Final Result

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