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A frustrating experience for me. After $25k and 6 months I pulled the plug because instead of improving our traffic we have over 20% decline in all metrics. They did a decent job on the website but came up short on SEO and everything else. Our organic listing on google has slipped from page 1 to page 5! They overlooked the first newsletter they were responsible for, leaving me to burn the midnight oil to get it done. I declined to invest in paid Facebook ads but gave them free reign to post organically, they did one or two and quit. Nothing was ever done with Twitter, Instagram, Yelp, Trip Advisor or any other asset, even though we have accounts with all of them. They did create some new AdWords campaigns that are decent not brilliant, but failed to establish re-marketing and Shopping campaigns. I really truly needed and wanted PMM to work for my business so I could focus on day to day excellence but even the proposed blog posts they presented were of poor quality and off the mark. I made one last attempt to give them a chance for success and was told it was all my fault, they are too busy, and MAYBE Josh would do something when he had time but no commitment. I give two stars because they are all friendly to a fault, and Emily is the superstar that should have her own business. Josh seems to be a nice guy, and probably knows his business, but it is clear he didn't have time to take care of this client well enough to keep my $3k monthly payments coming in.

2022-01-20 at 22:47:44
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