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We were looking to implement processes and technology to make our day-to-day operations more efficient.Baytech Consulting is helping us optimize some workflows by helping automate some of what we do. We do network monitoring, and they’re putting in place automation to create tickets, self-heal some networks, and check against false positives. They work with different technologies hosted on AWS such as Docker, .NET, and Rancher. Bryan (partner, Baytech Consulting) is the lead architect and our primary contact. We also work with an assigned project manager and a number of software engineers.They actually first hired us to install infrastructure and host VMware servers. That's how we met. As we were talking, they mentioned there were numerous things that they could do for us. We then brought them on to help our clients and we liked what we saw. They started implementing projects around July 2018, and the work is ongoing.Baytech Consulting helps us come up with new ideas around automation. A lot of what we do is tracking alerts, like computers going offline or networks going down. They aggregate a lot of those alerts and then determine whether or not they're still happening before our tickets get created. It's significantly reduced the noise. Now we're only looking at the critical alerts versus all the all the system-driven alerts. That's been a huge time saver for us as well. Bryan and I have a good relationship where we can talk about things at a high level. The project manager is very thorough in setting the scope and making sure everything is well-scheduled. We’ll jump on the phone for conference calls for project updates. They also communicate through email on an ongoing basis. They give us web access to their project management platform so we can see where things are and what they're doing. They’re easy to work with, so it's been really good. Baytech Consulting quickly grasps the concept of what we're trying to accomplish. Understanding business use requirements is a huge thing. We've worked with other software or development companies in the past. We had to tell them exactly what we wanted, which is difficult to do as we're not programmers. Baytech Consulting’s ability to dive into our world and understand the business requirements is something that sets them apart. Additionally, it seems like they only take on business that they're passionate about.

2022-01-20 at 23:08:33
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