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Cloodo - project Listing - Amazon Product in a Post Plugin
Amazon Product in a Post Plugin
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50 Reviews - Trustscore 4.38

This project was last updated October 23, 2023 byCloodo

Download Amazon Product in a Post Plugin

Amazon Product in a Post Plugin FAQ

  • What is Amazon Product in a Post Plugin?


      The Amazon Product In a Post plugin is a powerful tool for adding Amazon products to any page or post on your WordPress website. With just the Amazon product ASIN, you can quickly and easily display formatted Amazon products and monetize your blog posts. This plugin uses the Amazon Product Advertising API to fetch product information from Amazon and display it on your website.

      Key Features

      • Add any Amazon product or item to an existing post or page using the Amazon product ASIN.
      • Monetize your blog posts by adding custom Amazon products and your own reviews or descriptions.
      • Select only the products that are relevant to your website.
      • Choose where to display the product in your post, whether at the top, bottom, or integrated with the post content.
      • Add multiple products to a page or post using shortcodes.
      • Preformatted display of Amazon products for easy integration.
      • Shortcodes for adding products, product elements, product grids, and more.
      • Create new pages/posts with the "New Amazon Post" feature.
      • Gutenberg blocks for Amazon products, elements, searches, and grid layouts.
      • Option to create multiple pages/posts from ASINs with auto-populated Amazon product data.
      • Supports standard product page URL or "Add to Cart" URL with 90-day cookie conversions.
      • Custom styling options with CSS settings.
      • Lightbox functionality for larger image popups and additional images.
      • Adjustable caching of product data to limit API calls.
      • Test feature for verifying Amazon settings.
      • Debugging information for troubleshooting issues.

      Important Notices

      As of March 9th, 2020, the plugin uses the new Amazon Product Advertising API V5. Amazon now requires API version 5.0 to be used, which has a more streamlined response and may result in some data no longer being available, such as product descriptions and customer reviews. If you already have an affiliate account, you will need to migrate your API keys or generate a new set of keys before the plugin will work correctly. You must also have a fully approved Amazon affiliate account to access the Amazon Product Advertising API. If you don't have an account, you can easily set one up, which takes approximately 15 minutes. Once you have your Amazon Associate ID and API keys, you can install the plugin and start adding products to your website.

      Known Issues

      • It can take several weeks to gain access to the Amazon Product Advertising API after approval.
      • Adding more products increases API overhead, but the caching system optimizes request grouping.
      • Amazon OneLink scripts and Amazon Ads may interfere with product links and functionality.
      • Not all products or product data may be available via the Amazon Product Advertising API.
      • Failure to have at least two referral sales every 30 days may result in deactivation of your Amazon Product Advertising Account.


      • Browse the issue tracker on GitHub for support and bug reports.
      • Follow us on Twitter to stay informed about updates and news.
  • Does Amazon Product in a Post Plugin is well-reviewed by its community?

      Base on your recent data, Amazon Product in a Post Plugin currently has 50 user feedback and reviews with everage 4.38 User Rate Score. Each user has different experiences so you have to read some detail of reviews to clarify more about the Amazon Product in a Post Plugin.

  • What should I do to receive a secured download of Amazon Product in a Post Plugin?

      Depend on the contribution from the manager of Amazon Product in a Post Plugin project, the download of Amazon Product in a Post Plugin can be worked in different approach on different server. Therefore you may download Amazon Product in a Post Plugin directly from the download link or may have to shift to another download channel or website where the Amazon Product in a Post Plugin manager storing their available files.

      The most helpful advice is running a virus scanning again for any download files on your own computer before openning or using it for your project.

      If you discover any harmful risk after download and extracting the files on your computer, please help to report the download problem of Amazon Product in a Post Plugin so we may help to investigate it quickly.

  • Do I need to be a Cloodo member to download Amazon Product in a Post Plugin?

      Sure! A member account is a must for you to download Amazon Product in a Post Plugin. Not the same with other freely - but - not - in - controled download portal, Cloodo is a digital workspace and we try our best to support our member to approach and using the best business software, templates, drive or data.We will track your download and can received your feedback and connect your download with possiple Amazon Product in a Post Plugin support resouces. We believe it will help Cloodo member a lot during their life - time usage of Amazon Product in a Post Plugin in their business.

  • Can I request a customer support for Amazon Product in a Post Plugin on Cloodo?

      Yes, Amazon Product in a Post Plugin support is one of the key things that Cloodo commit to improving day by day.We do not want to be just a listing download site.We want to become more hellpfull to Amazon Product in a Post Plugin community by connecting the deloping team, business consultants, experiences user to provide helpfull support for any Amazon Product in a Post Plugin user.

      Not all project manager providing their customer or user support and some cases you have to buy some commercial services from other freelancer or agency who can help to support Amazon Product in a Post Plugin.

Download Alternative Amazon Product in a Post Plugin

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Download Affiliates

The Affiliates system is a powerful tool for running a successful Affiliate Marketing Program. It offers a set of growth-oriented tools that allow businesses to effectively promote their products and services. This system includes a fresh and intuitive dashboard that makes it easy for affiliates to share links to the website and promote products and services. Affiliates can easily generate links to any page on the website using the tools provided in the dashboard. The system is designed to deliver an intuitive experience out of the box, but it also offers flexibility for customization. The Affiliates plugin provides an affiliate system for sellers, shops, distributors, blogs, membership sites, microsites for product launches, and more. It allows businesses to quickly start their affiliate program and start growing. Some important features of the Affiliates system include an intuitive affiliate dashboard, automated affiliate registration, unlimited affiliate management sections, and integration with various platforms such as e-commerce, memberships, forms, lead generation, and lead tracking. The system also provides commission tracking on referred users, and it offers free and premium integrations with popular e-commerce and other systems. Affiliates is not just for businesses, it also provides a solid framework for developers who wish to build customized solutions based on a sound data model. The Affiliates system is the most powerful free solution for managing an Affiliate Marketing or Partner Referral Program and tracking visits to your site with affiliate links. Designed for Growth The Affiliates system is specifically designed for growth and includes features that help businesses expand their affiliate marketing program. The system offers an intuitive dashboard that makes it easy for affiliates to promote products and services. Businesses can customize the design and facilities provided to their affiliates, providing a personalized experience. The system also offers automated affiliate registration and unlimited affiliate management sections, allowing businesses to easily manage their affiliate program and track referrals. Affiliates can integrate with virtually any platform, including e-commerce, memberships, forms, lead generation, and lead tracking. This flexibility allows businesses to expand their affiliate program and reach a wider audience. Features Affiliates Dashboard: Integrates affiliate login, registration, statistical overview, affiliate links, and profile in a setup-free dashboard. Customizable using templates. Real-time reporting: Referrals and affiliate link statistics are recorded and available instantly, as transactions are processed. Integrates with virtually any E-Commerce platform. Traffic Statistics: Records browseable traffic statistics with source and landing page, user agent, and related referrals per affiliate. Unlimited Affiliates: Allows businesses to have as many affiliates as possible. Easy affiliate recruitment: Affiliates can sign up automatically and can also be added manually with or without user accounts. Affiliate approval and notifications: Affiliates can be approved manually or automatically, and notifications are sent to inform them and the administrator of their status. API: Affiliates provides an API that makes it easily integratable with virtually any E-Commerce and Membership system. Quick & Easy Installation: Upload/install and activate the plugin from your WordPress Dashboard. Free Extensions The Affiliates system offers free extensions that can enhance its functionality. Some of these extensions include: Affiliates Import: Allows bulk import of affiliate accounts from a text file. Affiliates WooCommerce Light: Integrates the affiliate program with WooCommerce, automatically creating referrals for affiliates when they refer sales. Affiliates Events Manager: Grants commissions to affiliates for referred bookings made with Events Manager, supports referrals based on coupons, and records essential booking data. Affiliates Ninja Forms: Affiliates can register through Ninja Forms, and form submissions can grant commissions and record referrals. Affiliates Formidable: Affiliates can register through Formidable Forms, and form submissions can grant commissions and record referrals. Affiliates Contact Form 7: Tracks form submissions to the referring affiliate and allows the recording of referrals and commissions from Contact Form 7. Affiliates BuddyPress: Displays affiliate content in the BuddyPress user profile. Affiliates Captcha: Adds a captcha to the affiliate registration form when the Captcha plugin is used. Affiliates reCAPTCHA: Integrates reCAPTCHA with the affiliate registration form. Premium Extensions Affiliates Pro and Affiliates Enterprise are premium releases that offer additional features and integrations. Some of the premium extensions include: Affiliates Pro: Includes all features available in the free Affiliates system, with additional features such as referral rates, banner management, advanced notifications, advanced commission rates, and more. Affiliates Enterprise: Provides all features and integrations available in Affiliates Pro, with additional features such as multiple tiers, campaigns, and pixel tracking with image and iframe tracking pixels, among others. Documentation and Support Extensive documentation and instructions for the Affiliates system can be found on the Documentation pages. For support and assistance, users can leave comments on the Affiliates plugin page on the Itthinx website or post topics in the Support section of the WordPress.org plugin page. For more immediate and preferential support, businesses can obtain Affiliates Pro or Affiliates Enterprise. Affiliates is constantly evolving, and feedback and suggestions are always welcome. Businesses are encouraged to provide feedback and help improve the system. Translations for the Affiliates system are available in multiple languages, thanks to contributions from users around the world. The Affiliates system is a powerful tool for businesses looking to run a successful affiliate marketing program. With its intuitive dashboard, flexible customization options, and integration capabilities, it provides businesses with everything they need to start and grow their affiliate program.

This project was last updated October 23, 2023 byCloodo

Logo Project ActiveCampaign for WooCommerce
Rating of Project ActiveCampaign for WooCommerce on Cloodo

31 Reviews

Download ActiveCampaign for WooCommerce

ActiveCampaign for WooCommerce is a plugin that seamlessly integrates the power of ActiveCampaign's customer experience automation (CXA) platform with the popular ecommerce platform WooCommerce. It allows you to sync your customers and their purchase data into ActiveCampaign in real time, giving you access to valuable information and enabling you to automate personalized experiences for your customers. With ActiveCampaign for WooCommerce, you can: Sync all customers and their purchase data into ActiveCampaign in real time. Configure the time duration for considering a cart as abandoned. Provide an opt-in checkbox on your checkout form for customers to subscribe to marketing emails. Customize the text and default state of the opt-in checkbox. Trigger automations when a customer abandons a cart. ActiveCampaign is a category-defining CXA platform that helps businesses engage with their customers in a meaningful way. With over 130,000 businesses in 170 countries using ActiveCampaign, it is a trusted solution for email marketing, marketing automation, CRM, and machine learning. The platform offers pre-built automations, extensive integration options, and powerful segmentation and personalization features across various communication channels. By integrating ActiveCampaign with WooCommerce, you can automate personalized experiences based on your customers' purchase behavior, cart abandonment, and more. This integration eliminates the need for manual data transfer and allows you to leverage the capabilities of both platforms effectively. ActiveCampaign for WooCommerce is suitable for businesses of all sizes, whether you are just starting your ecommerce journey or have an established online store. It helps you streamline your marketing efforts, improve customer engagement, and drive conversions by delivering relevant and timely messages to your audience.

This project was last updated October 24, 2023 byCloodo

Logo Project Accessibility Enabler
Rating of Project Accessibility Enabler on Cloodo

7 Reviews

Download Accessibility Enabler

Accessibility Enabler is a comprehensive accessibility software that helps website owners increase website accessibility compliance and allows visitors to personalize the site based on their needs. With over 30+ accessibility tools, this software makes it easier for people with disabilities, including dyslexia, visual impairment, mobility impairment, blindness, and deafness, to consume and navigate website content. The Accessibility Enabler team are accessibility experts who provide a range of solutions to make websites accessible for everyone. Their app not only improves user experience for people with disabilities but also increases sales and conversion rates for website owners. We Are The Accessibility Experts You Always Wanted With a focus on accessibility, the team at Accessibility Enabler is dedicated to helping people with disabilities consume and navigate website content in an efficient way. Their boutique of accessibility tools and features ensures that every website is accessible for all users, regardless of their abilities. Accessibility Is Not Just For Handicap Contrary to popular belief, accessibility is not only for individuals with disabilities. Everyone can experience disabilities caused by various factors such as aging, accidents, or birth conditions. This includes visual impairment, mobility impairment, reading impairment, blindness, and deafness. By making websites accessible, Accessibility Enabler ensures that everyone can fully access and engage with online content. How It Works Once installed, the Accessibility Enabler software adds an accessibility toolbar to the website. Visitors can easily customize the settings according to their specific needs, enhancing their browsing experience. The software is designed for both desktop and mobile platforms, providing an optimal experience across devices. Top Features Accessibility toolbar that increases website engagement Breakthrough design for mobile and desktop Powerful present to adjust page quickly Customizable accessibility widget GDPR compliant and ready for Europe Accessibility Statement, Badge, and Certificate Multiple language support Scroll to top floating button Installation Installing Accessibility Enabler is quick and easy, taking less than 3 minutes. It only requires adding a single line of Javascript code to the website. This eliminates the need for website owners to write complex code or make extensive modifications to their site. Benefits We Deliver Contributes To Your Sales & Conversion An accessible website can significantly increase sales and conversion rates. Currently, many websites lose potential customers because their site is not optimized for accessibility. Accessibility Enabler addresses the needs of differently-abled individuals, allowing them to easily navigate and consume website content. With approximately 25% of website traffic coming from people with disabilities, it is essential to cater to this audience and maximize conversion opportunities. Increase Compliance With Accessibility Regulations Accessibility Enabler helps website owners adhere to various accessibility regulations such as UNCRPD, WCAG 2.0, EU 2016/2102, ATAG 2.0, ADA, and Section 508. By incorporating the software into their website, owners can ensure compliance with accessibility regulations specific to their country. This helps create an inclusive digital environment and prevents legal consequences for non-compliance. Increase Brand Value & Showcase Social Responsibility Creating an accessible website enhances the overall brand value and demonstrates social responsibility. Accessibility Enabler's features and tools not only improve user experience but also turn customers into brand advocates. By making websites accessible to everyone, website owners can boost their word-of-mouth marketing and develop a positive reputation for their brand. Also Works For WordPress.com WooCommerce BuddyPress BBPress Easy Digital Download JigoShop IgnitionDeck Pricing Accessibility Enabler offers simple and scalable pricing options. They also provide a free trial for users to experience the software's capabilities before committing to a plan. To view detailed pricing and sign up for a free trial, visit the Pricing & Free Trial Details page.

This project was last updated October 24, 2023 byCloodo

Logo Project Abandoned Cart for WooCommerce
Rating of Project Abandoned Cart for WooCommerce on Cloodo

2 Reviews

Download Abandoned Cart for WooCommerce

The Abandoned Cart for WooCommerce is a plugin designed to help WooCommerce merchants recover lost customers due to cart abandonment. It provides various features and functionalities to track abandoned carts and send recovery emails to customers. Cart abandonment is a common issue faced by online sellers, with abandonment rates sometimes reaching as high as 80%. This plugin aims to address this problem by providing insights into the reasons behind cart abandonment and offering solutions to recover those abandoned carts. The key features of the Abandoned Cart for WooCommerce plugin include: Advanced reports on abandoned carts Automated email notifications to lost customers Creation of abandoned cart workflows Email capture on add-to-cart and checkout Support for variable products Notification of recovered abandoned carts Customizable workflow options Reports on abandoned products Option to disable tracking for selected user roles The plugin is designed for WooCommerce merchants who want to reduce cart abandonment rates and recover lost sales. By providing advanced reports and automated email capabilities, it helps merchants track and reach out to customers who have abandoned their carts. This can lead to increased revenue and overall business success. For a better understanding of the features and functionality of the Abandoned Cart for WooCommerce plugin, a free demo is available. The plugin also provides comprehensive documentation to guide users on how to effectively use the plugin. In addition to the free version of the plugin, there is also a premium version available. The premium version includes additional features such as IP address capture, email notifications for cart abandonment, exclusive email workflows, coupon tracking, email logs, multi-currency support, compatibility with contact forms, exit intent popups, and more. To take advantage of the exclusive features offered in the premium version, users can purchase the WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery Pro plugin. Support for the Abandoned Cart for WooCommerce plugin is available through online chat or by generating a support ticket. If the plugin documentation does not provide a solution, users can also visit the MakeWebBetter Forums for further assistance.

This project was last updated October 24, 2023 byCloodo

Logo Project AutomatorWP – LifterLMS integration
Rating of Project AutomatorWP – LifterLMS integration on Cloodo

2 Reviews

Download AutomatorWP – LifterLMS integration

The AutomatorWP – LifterLMS integration is a plugin designed to connect AutomatorWP with LifterLMS, a full-featured WordPress LMS (Learning Management System) plugin. LifterLMS allows users to easily create and sell courses online. By integrating AutomatorWP with LifterLMS, users can automate workflows and save time, allowing them to focus on their most important work. The integration plugin adds new triggers and actions to AutomatorWP, allowing users to connect with other plugins and automate various processes. Some of the triggers provided include user attempts any/specific quiz, user completes any/specific lesson, user completes any/specific section, and user completes any/specific course. The actions available include enrolling users in all/specific courses. An important note is that all free integrations are now included in the main AutomatorWP plugin, eliminating the need to install them individually. This ensures that AutomatorWP is easier, faster, and more accessible to all users. Furthermore, a Pro version is available for the AutomatorWP - LifterLMS integration, offering additional features and expanding the automation capabilities of the elearning website. AutomatorWP itself is a powerful automator plugin that allows users to connect their WordPress plugins together and automate unlimited workflows. It can be used to automate sales, marketing, administrative tasks, learning processes, and more. With the integration of LifterLMS, AutomatorWP becomes a valuable tool for streamlining online course creation and management. In addition to the LifterLMS integration, AutomatorWP offers numerous other integrations for WordPress, including WooCommerce, H5P, GamiPress, WP Fusion, and BuddyPress. These integrations further enhance the automation possibilities for users, allowing them to streamline their workflows and improve efficiency. Overall, the AutomatorWP – LifterLMS integration is a valuable tool for anyone using LifterLMS to create and sell courses online. It provides powerful automation capabilities, saving users time and allowing them to focus on their core tasks. Whether you're a course creator, administrator, or marketer, this integration can greatly enhance your workflow and improve the effectiveness of your elearning website.

This project was last updated October 25, 2023 byCloodo

Logo Project ActiveTrail – Contact Form 7
Rating of Project ActiveTrail – Contact Form 7 on Cloodo

1 Reviews

Download ActiveTrail – Contact Form 7

The ActiveTrail - Contact Form 7 plugin is a tool that allows you to integrate Contact Form 7 (CF7) signup forms into your website, online store, and/or blog through your ActiveTrail account. ActiveTrail is a world leading email marketing and marketing automation software platform. With the ActiveTrail - Contact Form 7 plugin, you can easily connect your CF7 web forms to your ActiveTrail account. This integration helps convert visitors to your site into actively engaged customers. You can create new contacts, update existing contact information, and grow your contact list using just one plugin with a few minutes of setup. What sets ActiveTrail apart is its compliance with GDPR and ISO 20007 security standards. All data is stored in EU servers, ensuring the privacy and security of your customers' information. So why should you use the ActiveTrail - Contact Form 7 plugin? Here are a few reasons: Extremely easy and simple to use with rapid installation. You can enjoy all the benefits and capabilities of the popular Contact Form 7 plugin. Highly secure and user-friendly integration that won't slow down your website. With this plugin, you can connect your CF7 signup forms to your ActiveTrail account and: Automatically add new subscribers to your contact lists and groups. Send your subscribers stunning newsletters, email campaigns, autoresponders, surveys, and SMS campaigns. Design and implement a variety of automations to streamline your email marketing efforts. Integrating your Contact Form 7 with ActiveTrail is as simple as following three easy steps: Add the ActiveTrail plugin to your CF7 forms. Collect subscribers through your signup forms. Use ActiveTrail to send attractive email campaigns and newsletters to your subscribers. To get started with ActiveTrail, you can sign up for a free account on their website. This plugin provides a seamless connection between Contact Form 7 and ActiveTrail, allowing you to maximize the potential of your email marketing efforts. ActiveTrail offers a wide range of features to help you manage your contact lists, personalize your emails and SMS messages, automate your email marketing efforts, create professional signup forms and landing pages, and ensure deliverability of your campaigns to your subscribers' inboxes. If you have any questions, suggestions, or need support for the ActiveTrail - Contact Form 7 plugin, you can contact their support team at [email protected]. Visit the ActiveTrail website to learn more about their email marketing and marketing automation solutions.

This project was last updated October 24, 2023 byCloodo

Logo Project Shift4Shop Online Store
Rating of Project Shift4Shop Online Store on Cloodo

0 Reviews

Download Shift4Shop Online Store

Shift4Shop Online Store Shift4Shop Online Store provides a streamlined way to sell any number of products from your Shift4Shop store directly on your WordPress blog, whether you want to direct customers back to your Shift4Shop website or let them fill a cart without leaving your WordPress page. You can add the widget to any widget-ready area in your WordPress theme (such as the sidebar) to display your choice of products with links to their product pages on your Shift4Shop online store. Additionally, you can use shortcodes to embed products into your blog posts or page content, complete with a Buy Now button and flyout cart functionality. Both methods pull product names, images, pricing, and other information from your Shift4Shop store. With Shift4Shop Online Store, you can easily integrate your Shift4Shop store with your WordPress blog, allowing you to expand your sales channels and reach more customers. Whether you want to showcase specific products on your blog or provide a seamless shopping experience without redirecting customers, this plugin has you covered. Features Add a product sidebar widget to your WordPress website to display products from your Shift4Shop store with links to their respective product pages. Use shortcodes to embed products directly onto content pages, complete with a Buy Now button and flyout cart functionality. Choose the products you want to display on your WordPress site, and pull their information (such as names, images, and pricing) from your Shift4Shop store. Enhance your WordPress website with Shift4Shop functionality by turning it into an additional sales channel. Have the flexibility to use either the widget or shortcode method, depending on your marketing goals and preferences. Who Should Use Shift4Shop Online Store? The Shift4Shop Online Store plugin is designed for businesses and individuals who have a Shift4Shop store and want to integrate it seamlessly with their WordPress website. It is particularly useful for: Businesses that sell products both on their Shift4Shop store and through their WordPress blog. Bloggers who want to monetize their blog by selling products from their Shift4Shop store. Online retailers looking to expand their sales channels and reach a wider audience. Why Choose Shift4Shop Online Store? Shift4Shop Online Store offers several advantages for businesses and individuals looking to sell products from their Shift4Shop store on their WordPress blog: Streamlined integration: The plugin provides a simple and seamless way to connect your Shift4Shop store with your WordPress website. Flexible display options: You can choose to display products as a sidebar widget or embed them directly onto content pages using shortcodes. Customization: The plugin allows you to select the specific products you want to showcase on your WordPress site. Enhanced shopping experience: Customers can easily view product information, add items to their cart, and complete the purchase process without leaving the WordPress page they are on. Expanded sales channels: With Shift4Shop Online Store, you can turn your WordPress blog into an additional sales channel, reaching more customers and increasing sales opportunities. How to Use Shift4Shop Online Store Step 1: Install the Shift4Shop Online Store plugin from the WordPress plugin repository. Step 2: Configure the plugin settings, including connecting your Shift4Shop store and customizing the display options. Step 3: Add the product sidebar widget to your desired widget-ready area in your WordPress theme, or use the provided shortcodes to embed products directly onto content pages. Step 4: Select the products you want to display, including their names, images, pricing, and other relevant information from your Shift4Shop store. Step 5: Save your changes, and your Shift4Shop products will now be visible and accessible on your WordPress site. With Shift4Shop Online Store, you can seamlessly integrate your Shift4Shop store with your WordPress blog, providing a convenient and efficient shopping experience for your customers. Expand your sales channels and increase your revenue with this powerful plugin.

This project was last updated October 23, 2023 byCloodo

Logo Project Absolute Addons For Elementor
Rating of Project Absolute Addons For Elementor on Cloodo

0 Reviews

Download Absolute Addons For Elementor

Absolute Addons For Elementor is a popular plugin for the Elementor page builder in WordPress. It offers a wide range of free and pro widgets and pre-built layouts that allow users to create beautiful websites quickly and easily. The plugin comes with 21+ Elementor free and pro widgets and 238+ professionally designed ready blocks. It offers powerful features and customization options to help users create stunning websites. One of the standout features of Absolute Addons is the Layout Presets. For every widget, there are tons of layout variations to choose from, making it easy to create unique and visually appealing designs. The presets come with ready-to-use parameters and settings, and there are currently 250+ presets available, with more to come in future updates. Absolute Addons also focuses on performance, with an on-demand asset loading feature. The plugin only loads the necessary CSS and assets for the current page layout, keeping the website lightweight and fast. Additionally, the widgets are fully responsive and optimized for different devices and screen sizes. The plugin is built with carefully validated coding, following WordPress coding standards and validated by the W3 validator. It uses the latest WordPress API classes and functions and is efficiently built for maximum performance. With Absolute Addons, users have access to beautiful color palettes for creating visually stunning websites. The plugin also offers timely product updates, with weekly releases and new layout releases. It has an unbelievably flexible settings panel that allows users to control every aspect of the layout without touching a single line of code. The plugin is also WooCommerce ready, with over 15+ ready block layouts specifically designed for WooCommerce. It includes features like wishlist support, quantity support, and quick view functionality for a seamless online shopping experience. Other notable features of Absolute Addons include fast and lightweight performance, expert video tutorials for each widget, a superior support system with 24/7 priority support, and much more. Why Choose Absolute Addons? There are several reasons why users should choose Absolute Addons over other Elementor addons: Optimized coding for maximum performance Creative and unique layout options with unlimited control Dynamic control set and design patterns with pre-made layout presets WooCommerce-ready widgets with multiple product blocks and layouts Builtin column-based layout features 238+ ready-made Elementor templates kits to use and more coming in future updates 24/7 dedicated support team with live website support And much more, with new widgets and features being added regularly Absolute Addons offers a comprehensive collection of free and pro widgets for Elementor, making it an essential tool for web designers and developers using the Elementor page builder in WordPress. Available Widgets Absolute Addons currently offers 16 free widgets, including Content Card, Testimonial Widget, Advance Tab, Counter, FAQ, List Group, Portfolio, Logo Grid, Call To Action, Icon Box, Info Box, Fun Fact, Product Grid, Image Carousel, Multi Color Heading, and List. There are also 6 pro widgets, including Testimonial Carousel, Business Hours, Product Carousel, Restaurant Menu, Advance Accordion, and Icon Box Carousel. The plugin regularly releases updates with new widgets and features to enhance the user experience. Upcoming Widgets Absolute Addons has a roadmap of upcoming widgets that will be added to the plugin in future updates. These include Timeline, Blog Post, Team Member, Service, Price Table, Skill Bar, Hotspot, Image Compare, Advance Heading, Button, Dual Button, Image Grid, Notification, Alert, Modal, Toggle Button, Divider, Contact Form 7, Dual Color Heading, Interactive Card, Product Table, News Post, Drop Cap, News Ticker, Tooltips, Chart, Instagram Feed, Logo Carousel, Team Carousel, Twitter Carousel, Post Carousel, Gradient Heading, Image Heading, Animated Text, Source Code, Gradient Background, Contact Form Gravity, Ninja Form, MailChimp Form, Product Slider, Single Form, Cart Page, Checkout, Protected Content, and Event Calendar. Absolute Addons is a comprehensive and constantly evolving plugin for Elementor that offers an extensive collection of widgets and layouts for creating stunning websites in WordPress.

This project was last updated October 24, 2023 byCloodo

Logo Project Accordion FAQ with Category
Rating of Project Accordion FAQ with Category on Cloodo

0 Reviews

Download Accordion FAQ with Category

The Accordion FAQ with Category is a responsive FAQ plugin for Elementor and other page builders. It allows users to easily add and customize FAQs with collapse and toggle activator. The plugin works seamlessly with Gutenberg blocks using a shortcode. It is designed to be a lightweight and customizable FAQ solution for WordPress websites. The Accordion FAQ with Category is the best FAQ and Accordion plugin that works with major page builders like Elementor. It offers a wide range of features including responsive designs, advanced customizations, and multiple styles and layouts. With over 1600+ free Font Awesome icons, users have unlimited options to design their FAQ sections. The plugin is user-friendly, fast-loading, and SEO-friendly, making it the perfect choice for any website. Some key features of the Accordion FAQ with Category plugin include: Responsive pre-made FAQ designs Works with any page builder using shortcodes Customizable for user experience Easy to add and remove items Multiple advanced custom fields available Supports multiple sets of FAQ tabs on the same page Uses semantic header and content markup Aria attributes and roles for screen reader accessibility Search engine friendly with FAQ schema Lightweight and fast-loading The Accordion FAQ with Category plugin is the best choice for eCommerce stores, as it offers customizations specifically for product pages. It also has a user-friendly interface for adding and customizing FAQ categories, making it easy to organize and manage FAQ content. The plugin is highly customizable and allows users to design their own styles for FAQ tabs. With the Accordion FAQ with Category plugin, users can create unlimited accordion groups with unlimited shortcodes. They can add HTML content, icons, images, and custom triggers to their FAQ tabs. The plugin also offers options for styling text, borders, and shadows for a unique and attractive design. It is compatible with all modern web browsers and devices, ensuring a responsive and seamless user experience. In conclusion, the Accordion FAQ with Category plugin is the ultimate solution for adding and customizing FAQs on WordPress websites. Its responsive designs, advanced customizations, and user-friendly interface make it the perfect choice for any website owner or developer. With its extensive features and flexibility, the Accordion FAQ with Category plugin stands out as the best FAQ solution for Elementor and other page builders.

This project was last updated October 24, 2023 byCloodo

Logo Project Dynamic Pricing With Discount Rules for WooCommerce
Rating of Project Dynamic Pricing With Discount Rules for WooCommerce on Cloodo

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Download Dynamic Pricing With Discount Rules for WooCommerce

The Dynamic Pricing With Discount Rules for WooCommerce plugin is a powerful tool that allows users to apply bulk discounts to WooCommerce products quickly and easily. Whether you want to offer seasonal sales, create pricing deals, or implement dynamic pricing strategies, this plugin has you covered. With its intuitive user interface, setting up discount rules is a breeze. Simply install the plugin, navigate to the Pricing Rules menu in the WordPress dashboard, and add new pricing or discount rules with just a few clicks. How to Apply Bulk Discounts or Set Discount Rules After activating the WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discount Rules plugin, go to the Pricing Rules menu in the WordPress left menu bar. From here, you can add new pricing rules by clicking on the "Add New Rule" button. Fill in the required fields in the discount rules form, such as the rule name, discount label, priority, product list, discount type, and discount value. Discount Plugin Features With this plugin, you can enjoy a wide range of features and benefits: Percentage or fixed price discounts Discounts based on product price or cart total Discounts based on the number of items in the cart Discounts on all products in a category Dynamic pricing based on quantity Discounts on specific products Exclusion of selected products from discounts Quantity or range-based discounts Discounts applied only if cart or product meets certain criteria Scheduled discounts for upcoming dates Customizable pricing table on product details page Restriction or limitation of discount rules to selected product lists Restriction of discount rules for registered users Highlighting offers with custom offer texts Pro Features The plugin also offers pro features for advanced users: All features of the free version Gift options, allowing the addition of selected products as gifts or the selection of gifts from a set of options Buy one get one offers on products or categories Discounts applied to the cheapest product in the cart Discounts applied to the nth quantity or on n quantities User restrictions based on user roles, number of orders, amount spent, last order amount, and individual user discounts Discounts based on shipment or payment methods Usage limits for specific user roles, selected users, or discount rules Weekend discounts and deals Shortcode for listing discount rules Sale badges with customizable styles Discount timer with selectable timer styles Demo Check out the plugin in action with these demos: Front-end Demo (Free Version) Back-end Demo (Free Version) Front-end Demo (Pro Version) Back-end Demo (Pro Version) Experience the power of WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing With Discount Rules and take your online store to the next level!

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