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Worldline/Bambora Online
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Download Worldline/Bambora Online

Worldline/Bambora Online FAQ

  • What is Worldline/Bambora Online?

      Worldline/Bambora Online is a Payment Service Provider that provides Payment solutions for all types of businesses.

      We offer functional, flexible e-commerce solutions to meet your every need. Whether you want a secure solution that is quick and easy to implement in your online store, or a fully integrated, customized solution that meets your specific needs, Bambora has the answer.

      With our payment service, your customers will enjoy an effortless shopping experience thanks to our user-friendly design and one-click payment system. Customer card details are stored, so multiple purchases can be made with a single click. Customer convenience, and top marks for your conversion! With this extension, you will get the Bambora Checkout and Bambora ePay payment system integrated into your store and with a few clicks, you are able to start receiving secure online payments from all major payment cards

      Account and Pricing:

      An additional Bambora checkout or Bambora ePay account is required and additional fees apply for a live account. The account is not created during extension installation.

      Requirements are:

      • A valid Worldline/Bambora account 
      • API credentials for the Worldline/Bambora Production account- and/or Test account
      • Valid acceptance agreement for payment methods.

      Production Account:

      A monthly fee per domain will be charged as well as transaction fees for every transaction. Transaction fees vary from merchant to merchant, based on what is agreed upon with Worldline/Bambora Online. For more details, please visit:

      Free Test Account:

      Our process of getting you on board is one of the fastest on the market. Simply create an account, and a few click later you are ready to go. To get started with Bambora Checkout head over to our boarding page and signup for a free merchant test account in one of the following link:

      Your benefits

      Everything from a single source:

      • Fast payments - Safe, fast, direct daily deposits are made to the account of your choice.
      • All major payment cards accepted - Major payment cards, including Visa and MasterCard, are always accepted.
      • Smooth design
      • Be up and running within 24 hours


      Specific to each plugin


      By using Worldline/Bambora Online you won't have to worry about the security of your client’s payment details. The integration works by redirection the customer to our PCI-DSS secure servers where the customer enters their payment information not in within Magento, but instead directly into Worldline/Bambora Online Payment Page. As Magento and Worldline/Bambora Online operate on physically separate platforms, there is no risk that the credit card information could be stored in the database of Magento.

      When the payment is done the customer is redirected back to your web shop and our servers will notify your web shop that the payment is completed. No credit card numbers are processed, transferred or stored on your Magento server.

  • Does Worldline/Bambora Online is well-reviewed by its community?

      Base on your recent data, Worldline/Bambora Online currently has 0 user feedback and reviews with everage 0 User Rate Score. Each user has different experiences so you have to read some detail of reviews to clarify more about the Worldline/Bambora Online.

  • What should I do to receive a secured download of Worldline/Bambora Online?

      Depend on the contribution from the manager of Worldline/Bambora Online project, the download of Worldline/Bambora Online can be worked in different approach on different server. Therefore you may download Worldline/Bambora Online directly from the download link or may have to shift to another download channel or website where the Worldline/Bambora Online manager storing their available files.

      The most helpful advice is running a virus scanning again for any download files on your own computer before openning or using it for your project.

      If you discover any harmful risk after download and extracting the files on your computer, please help to report the download problem of Worldline/Bambora Online so we may help to investigate it quickly.

  • Do I need to be a Cloodo member to download Worldline/Bambora Online?

      Sure! A member account is a must for you to download Worldline/Bambora Online. Not the same with other freely - but - not - in - controled download portal, Cloodo is a digital workspace and we try our best to support our member to approach and using the best business software, templates, drive or data.We will track your download and can received your feedback and connect your download with possiple Worldline/Bambora Online support resouces. We believe it will help Cloodo member a lot during their life - time usage of Worldline/Bambora Online in their business.

  • Can I request a customer support for Worldline/Bambora Online on Cloodo?

      Yes, Worldline/Bambora Online support is one of the key things that Cloodo commit to improving day by day.We do not want to be just a listing download site.We want to become more hellpfull to Worldline/Bambora Online community by connecting the deloping team, business consultants, experiences user to provide helpfull support for any Worldline/Bambora Online user.

      Not all project manager providing their customer or user support and some cases you have to buy some commercial services from other freelancer or agency who can help to support Worldline/Bambora Online.

Download Alternative Worldline/Bambora Online

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Logo Project Bambora APAC Payment
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Download Bambora APAC Payment

Bambora Online is a one-click payment service aimed to add an independent checkout option to any Magento 2 store. The method is fully customizable and easily applicable to any e-commerce-related site. Flexible nature of the Bambora functionality helps to administrate payment processing from any part of the world, for these purposes the provider has developed several editions bind to specific time-zones. Aheadworks Bambora APAC for Magento 2 offers an upgraded and enhanced version of the popular checkout method available for merchants who work in the APAC region. It is developed to clear new bars in providing a high-quality user experience and contains all the security features required for successful purchase completion.  By covering the requirements of PCI, we present a completely secure payment channel. Using API as a synchronization source, you are able to transfer card data fast without any losses. The implementation of Vault for Magento 2 reduces significantly the time spent on card data duplicating. The integration with Advanced Subscription Products for Magento 2 helps you to get the fullest of the Bambora APAC feature list.   Account & Pricing You need to create a separate Bambora account to receive API credentials for enabling the payment gateway. The registration is processed on the official Bambora site. Bambora requires a set-up fee and a fixed monthly fee, with a 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction fee. More about the fees you can find here.     Feature Highlights Advancement In Payment Management The Bambora APAC extension for Magento 2 adds an extra payment gateway to the list of supported in your Magento 2 store. While customers experience familiar checkout you ensure they spend little to no time on filling the billing info fields. We introduce the flexible SOAP API and Bambora WDSL combination for data transmission so that you can automate client generation and support.  Increased user-friendliness of payments also can be achieved with the Vault for Magento 2 support. Customers can avoid re-entering credit card data manually and reduce the whole time spent on the checkout completing. The feature is a huge advantage for merchants who want to stimulate further purchases in their store. If you practice complex transactions in the store you can definitely benefit from the integration with Advanced Subscription Products for Magento 2. By using Bambora checkout as an extra fee gateway, you can provide users with safe and accurate billing.   Complete Security Bambora APAC for Magento 2 complies with the PCI Security Standards. The payment method supports transactions without redirection. All the billing data entered by a customer in your store is transferred via API so not a bit can be intercepted during the process. The built-in Bambora input fields isolate credit card data. The extension does not correlate credit card data to any server but Bambora domain. As customer credentials are not saved within the store database no potential attack or breach can grant access to your customer’s data. Enabling Vault for Magento 2, you provide a more comfortable experience for later purchases as it requires minimum customer involvement and reduce the number of steps needed for a successful checkout. In this case customer data stays within the platform encrypted and secure from any intervention.     Coming Soon In Bambora APAС For M2!  Create orders from the backend; Enhance your checkout practices with 3D Secure.     Security  It is important to stress out the enhanced security of both data transfer protocols and module code execution of  Bambora APAC for Magento 2. This can further be described as follows: The present extension is fully PCI compliant and meets the SAQ A-EP level.  API method is used as a synchronisation source with the Bambora server. Customers enter their payment data directly on the merchant site, they are not redirected for payment to other sites. It is only customer data that enters the Magento server - payment data does not enter the Magento server. Neither customer, nor payment data is stored on the Magento server. Payment tokens are only used to administrate payment. Payment tokens are stored on the Magento servers. No payment sensitive payment information is stored on your, our or Magento servers. Your billing data remains secure on the encrypted Bambora servers.    Business Values The Bambora APAC extension for Magento 2 allows you to manage any payments and deliver reliable checkout services to your store users.  Enable fast and safe purchases with the custom Bambora checkout; Provide buyers with protected data transfers via SOAP API;  Win customer trust as the extension complies to the PCI Security Standards.   Support Policy Included Technical Support: Magento Open Source (CE) version - 3 months of free technical support Magento Commerce (EE) version - 12 months of free technical support 

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Logo Project NMI Payment
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Download NMI Payment

Network Merchants, Inc. (NMI) is a payment solution that offers an e-commerce payment gateway to support both online and card-present (retail) merchants. NMI is available for companies based in the USA, though it facilitates payments worldwide.  Aheadworks NMI Payments for Magento 2 enables a one-click payment service by Network Merchants, Inc within a Magento 2 store. The extension adds an independent checkout option to a store, which helps shoppers enjoy seamless NMI payment experience with no redirects.  Furthermore, the extension supports shipping to multiple addresses as per an NMI transaction, using NMI when concluding orders on the backend, testing the payment in the Sandbox environment and saving previously used credit card data with the help of Magento Vault.     Account & Pricing To employ the NMI for Magento 2 on your store, it is suggested you create a merchant account with Network Merchants, Inc and receive API credentials. With regard to the requirements set, NMI fees and rates may vary noticeably hitting the average monthly fee of about $10.00 and a transaction fee of $0.10. It is best you visit the NMI official web-page for details or contact them directly to find the solution that fits your needs best.   Feature Highlights Ultimate Payment Experience Let shoppers enjoy seamless online payment experience with no redirects, using their native currency and with any card. Bullet-Proof Security Take the stress out of payments with the enhanced security of both data transfer protocols and module code execution. No data is stored on Magento or our servers, but those of the NMI. User-Friendly Interface Let customers experience familiar Magento checkout so that they spend little to no time on filling-in the fields.  Magento 2 Compatibility Integrate the module easily into your Magento 2 store to revel in the many benefits of flawless compatibility. The Sandbox and Production environments allow either to set the gateway into operation or test it, no harm to the ongoing payments. Magento 2 Vault Help customers avoid re-entering manually credit card data each time they are at checkout. The Vault helps reduce the checkout time noticeably and thereby stimulates customers for further purchases. Country Specification Act customer-focused - specify the geography where the NMI payment method is appropriate, to cut short the list of available payment methods and save shoppers time on choosing the best one. Admin Order Support Know your customers, and when you do, use NMI creating orders from backend. Altogether, this is how a customer-centered approach works.   Shipping Multi-Address Let your customers ship cart items to different addresses with one order instead of forcing them to place multiple orders. This is especially useful during the holiday-times when shoppers purchase presents for their friends and relatives. Explicit Extension Settings Connect your NMI account seamlessly, decide on a payment action, debugging, the order in the list of payments at the checkout and tweak other settings.   Security It is important to stress the enhanced security of both data transfer protocols and module code execution. NMI Payments for Magento 2 meets the SAQ A PCI DSS level. The extension ensures that only tokens are saved on your store server. No sensitive payment information is stored on your, our or Magento servers. Your billing data remains secure on the encrypted NMI servers.      Configuring The Extension The module allows opting for one of the two environments, Sandbox or Production, for the use of the NMI payment. The Sandbox provides a shielded space for testing where you can initiate and watch while your app's process NMI API requests without touching any live NMI accounts. With this point in view, a switchable Debug function is also available in the config. To set the Sandbox in to use the API username, password and a tokenization key will be required. Using API as a synchronization source, the module transfers payment-card data fast and without loss.  Next, the NMI Payment for Magento 2 offers merchants to decide on the use of native Magento Vault, which stores payment information. It will help the customer do instant purchases if the Instant Purchase option is enabled on the backend.  Finally, merchants are able to restrict the use of NMI against the countries of origin of their customers. Fewer options at the checkout may well save shoppers time and prove enjoyable customer-focused experience.   Using The Extension The ultimate function of the NMI Payments for Magento 2 extension is to enable the NMI payment at checkout affecting no native NMI feature as per a merchant’s service level plan. When the NMI payment is enabled it will appear on the list of payment methods at checkout.  On the choice of the NMI payment method, customers will be shown the familiar Magento 2 checkout fields, which effectively isolate customer’s billing data and prevent third-party penetration of malicious intent. Should Magento Vault be enabled for the NMI payment, there will be shown saved credit cards related to the payment method. Magento does not store any private credit card details. It only stores the data received from the payment provider: payment processor token and credit card details without sensitive data. This information is stored in the Payment Token. On entering the credit card data into the checkout fields, customers will be able to save these details for later use (with the help of the Vault) or/and process the payment. API methodology is used to transfer this data to the NMI. API is realized in three steps: The extension transfers transaction details to NMI except for the customer's sensitive payment information. The Payment Gateway returns a variable API key/form URL. The customer's sensitive payment information is sent to NMI using the above form-URL. The sensitive credit card data is stored on the encrypted NMI servers. NMI Returns a payment result or throws an exception. On successful completion of the transaction, a success page will be shown to the customer and transaction details will get stored on the customer’s server, within the store order tables. On error, the buyer will be shown the error message and will be kept on the checkout page so that they can make the necessary changes and try again. Furthermore, the extension allows customers to ship to multiple shipping addresses per NMI transaction. No special forms or actions have been added to the native Magento 2 functionality on the frontend to make the above use possible, but for the internal integration nuances of the module into the platform. Lastly, the NMI payment option is also available to Store Admins for processing backend orders.   Business Values Aheadworks NMI for Magento 2 tops-up the bank of payment gateways and thereby helps make a further step towards a unified customer experience with the NMI payment gateway across the numerous channels of commerce. Gain and consolidate the loyalty of your customers with the following assets of Aheadworks NMI for Magento 2:  Enhanced customer-centered experience with payees’ geography specification option; Fast purchasing with the familiar layout of the checkout for NMI payments; Explicit safety of transactions with protected data transfers and full compliance with the PCI Security Standards; Intuitive usability and exceptional stability; Handy add-ons of NMI orders on the backend, shipping address multi-select, etc.    Support Policy Included technical support: Magento Open Source (CE) version - 3 months of free technical support Magento Commerce using on-prem (ECE) version - 3 months of free technical support Magento Commerce on Cloud (EE) - 3 months of free technical support

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Logo Project Airwallex Payments
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Download Airwallex Payments

Ever thought there's a better way to route your global cash flow? Introducing: multi-currency Online Payments with Airwallex: Accept payments and settle like-for-like in your preferred currency Eliminate forced double conversions when receiving or paying Choose when to convert your funds using our Global Accounts Airwallex offers an end-to-end financial solution that improves your payment agility. Our dedicated support team can help you get set up in minutes. Get started today. Why use this extension? 1. Accept payments with fast, multi-currency settlements Accept Visa and Mastercard as well as local payment methods such as WeChat, Alipay, KakaoPay and many others. Currency supported 10+ major currencies (e.g. USD, GBP, EUR) Airwallex is directly integrated with WeChat Pay and therefore provides the lowest fee on the market  Fraud and 3D Secure 2.0 is fully integrated with the Airwallex Payment Acceptance platform Benefit from frequent and free updates and new functionality in the roadmap - like Multi-currency Pricing, more local/alternative payment methods Find out how much you can save with our transparent and competitive pricing. Quick onboarding with the access to full Airwallex product portfolio including payment acceptance.  Stay compliant, reduce fraud and increase conversion with 3D Secure. Airwallex complies with the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) We work with world-class security providers to ensure your funds and accounts are secure at all times. Our security systems and procedures are based on the highest international standards including PCI Level 1 compliance. 2.  Access your multi-currency funds in a Airwallex platform after getting paid Open Global Accounts with local bank account details in a few clicks, without visiting a bank branch. Zero monthly and setup fees, with no minimum balance needed Manage FX conversions with simple and low fees: 0.5% - 1.0% of the transaction amount above our interbank FX rates. Features The Airwallex plugin allows you to accept payments and settle funds in as few as two business days in the merchant wallet within the Airwallex platform. The plugin supports checkout directly on the Website without the need of redirecting outside. Customers never have to leave the store to make a payment. Airwallex has no setup fees, no monthly fees, no hidden costs. Merchant pay per transaction very transparent fee Interchange++ Credit Cards Local Payment Methods (WeChat Pay) with simple and low fees Dynamic 3DS (including 3DS2 and 3DS1) Full synchronisation between Airwallex’s Webapp and Magento backoffice Admin Embedded Fraud protection via Airwallex merchant portal, where the merchant can decide on risk appetite Reporting  Benefits Global player specialised in UK, HK, SG, AU, UK and more coming: Customers can select a preferred payment method and type at checkout, delivering cost transparency and flexibility. Security and Compliance: Stay compliant, reduce fraud and increase conversion with 3D Secure. Airwallex complies with the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) An end-to-end platform for all your global payment needs: Use your funds received from the online payments platform to make direct payments to your suppliers and staff  and leverage lowest FX. Security of funds: Your money is held securely in a ring-fenced account. You can access your funds whenever you like as they're never invested or lent to anyone else. Speed of funds: Improve your business cash flow with faster payment settlement as little as two business days and minimal delays on your payouts. Pricing: You always get access to our best rates, no matter the transaction amount. Flexibility: Open multiple US, UK, EU, AU or HK Global Accounts, with no monthly fees and get the opportunity to Issue physical and virtual cards for your needs. Security The plugin provides full PCI DSS AIrwallex hosted compliance for the merchant.  Airwallex plugin include  full Fraud and 3DS 1.0 and 2.0 support our of the box via the Airwallex platform. For different payments methods, Airwallex Plugin provides multiple payment data entering methods, but all of them are PCI DSS compliant, hosted by Airwallex. Card payment:  Limited PCI-DSS scope for PCI-DSS SAQ Element integrated flow(fully PCI DSS compliant hosted by Airwallex) Other payment methods: not in scope of PCI DSS WeChat: QrCode element Other(ALipay, Kakao-pay, other) - Redirect Plugin require only payment related data such as Payment Card details, stored security on Airwallex full PCI DSS environment.  Payment data is not stored on the Magento server

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Logo Project Affirm
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Download Affirm

With Affirm, you can offer quick, simple, and transparent financing that allows shoppers to pay over time for their purchases. Founded by Max Levchin, co-founder of PayPal, our mission is to provide products and services that empower people to advance their financial well-being. With Affirm, there are no gimmicks like deferred interest, compounding interest, or late fees, so what your customers see at checkout is exactly what they’ll pay, on a budget-friendly schedule of their choosing. On average, our partners see an AOV increase of 75%. And in third-party A/B tests with a sample of our partners, conversion increased by up to 20%, while revenue per visitor increased by 10% or more. The Affirm extension modifies your payments page to accept Affirm as a payment type, and also adds Affirm as a payment processor, allowing all authorizations, captures, and refunds to be processed through Magento. Additionally, the Affirm extension provides promotional marketing tools to calculate and display estimated monthly payment amounts based on a product or a shopping cart price. To set up Affirm as a payment method, you’ll need to contact Affirm for API keys and account setup.   Account & Pricing A separate Affirm account is required to implement financing. Please reach out to us at https://www.affirm.com/business. Although Affirm's Magento extension is free, an Affirm financing partnership may not be. Affirm’s solution does not impact merchants’ PCI compliance. Information affecting a merchant’s PCI compliance is never passed by Affirm to the merchant.   Feature List  20% Conversion Lift. Affirm reduces sticker shock and puts your items within the reach of more consumers. In third-party A/B tests with a sample of our partners, conversion increased by up to 20%. 75% Average Order Value Lift. Affirm gives your customers more spending power—by enabling them to buy what they want today and pay over time. Our partners see an AOV lift of 75% on average. 10%+ Revenue per Visitor Lift. With Affirm on your site, more people buy—and they buy more. In A/B tests with a sample of our partners, revenue per visitor increased by 10% or more. +82 Net Promoter Score. Affirm is transparent, easy to use, and optimized for mobile—and our customers love it. We boast a Net Promoter Score of +82. No hidden fees, penalties, or compounding interest. Supports payment authorization, capture/settlement, and refunds on purchases made with Affirm. Offers marketing tools to calculate and display monthly payment pricing on product, category, and cart pages. Affirm takes all risk of fraud and default upon shipment.

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Logo Project Wompi
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Download Wompi

 Wompi is a payment gateway developed by Bancolombia, which allows you to make payments through an attractive interface as well as having multiple options for collecting money, including cash payments managed by Bancolombia banking correspondents where you as a seller will not have to worry for the receipt of the money. Payments made through Wompi will be consigned directly to the Bancolombia account that you have previously registered on the Wompi platform.  A solution that enables payments in the digital world through various integration solutions adaptable to customer needs, with a simple link and a value offer that privileges the user experience. Wompi has superior privacy policies that distinguish it from other payment options. The payment of your clients will always be protected, and you will never have to save or process credit card information, which gives you greater prestige for your clients. The versatility of Wompi allows you to keep a record of the payments received directly on the Wompi platform where you can validate the purchases made by your clients and make a balance, in addition, each client makes payments you will see the VAT tax information reflected that will help in the moment of making payments to the corresponding tax collection entity. Features Wompi is one of the best payment gateways, every day it is more known among merchants. Safe Payment: All payments made through the gateway are completely safe, credit cards have a special treatment that allows to protect the information of the payer. Multiple payment methods: Payments can be made directly from a Bancolombia account, a Nequi mobile account, through PSE with any bank. Visa, American express and master card credit cards are accepted, in addition to this, payments can be made by bank correspondents in cash. Secure information: Customer and seller information will always be safe and subject to privacy policies. Backed by Bancolombia: The Wompi product is developed by Bancolombia and has all the backing of the bank. Easy implementation: The implementation of Wompi in your store is done in an agile and simple way, you also have the support of Wompi if you have any additional problems. Account and Pricing An additional Wompi account is required, and additional fees apply. The account is not created during extension installation. To create an Account please visit the signup page. For more details please visit the company payment page www.wompi.co. Here you will find the steps to create your Wompi account, you will also find the rates that the Wompi payment gateway has for the transactions made. Upon checkout, customers are redirected to the Wompi website. The customer enters their payment information directly into our secure environment so that the web store never comes into contact with the customer's payment details. Once the checkout process is complete, customers will be redirected to your store. Customer data is never entered or stored on the Magento server. Frecuently Asked Questions Is it necessary to have a wompi account to use the module? Yes, you need to have an active wompi account to configure the module. Are payments reflected in my Bancolombia account? Yes, immediately the transaction is approved, you will have the money in your Bancolombia account. Is the amount I receive in my account the same as the sale? No, the amount you are going to receive will depend on how you have agreed the commissions with Wompi. Do I have to store my customers' credit card details? No, this is not allowed due to security issues, Colombian law policies and internal Wompi policies. All customer data is handled securely by the Wompi payment gateway. If I already have a Wompi account, what do I need most to use Wompi in my store? You need the public key that wompi gives you and indicate the URL of your store, for example: http://www.mitienda.com or https://www.mitienda.com Where can I find the public key? You must enter the main dashboard of your Wompi account, on the left side of the page you will find "my account" you will click there, you will scroll down with the mouse until you find the box called "API keys for technical integration" then copy the text inside "public key". You can see this information more clearly in our user guide. If you have additional questions, you can contact Wompi customer service. Security Wompi has high quality standards for the protection of customer data, safely using the data supplied from credit cards, carrying out an encryption that allows users to provide security of their data. Customers do not have to enter any credit card data within the Magento environment, they will do so when redirected to the official Wompi page.

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Logo Project Bancr Digital Payments
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Download Bancr Digital Payments

Bancr (pronounced “Bank-er”) is a dynamic peer-to-peer digital wallet and payments platform that provides users the ability to securely store and transfer funds without the restrictions of traditional brick-and-mortar banks. Bancr was built by experienced banking professionals with strict adherence to global legal and compliance protocol. The bank agnostic platform allows users to associate existing bank accounts domestically and internationally to the integrated wallet. Using Bancr Payment Gateway merchants can give their customers a simplified checkout experience that is PCI Compliant and offers a same-day settlement. The customers are not required to enter card information into the Magento store. The integration meets the SAQ A level of PCI compliance. Account & Pricing To use the Bancr Payment Gateway, Create a merchant account by navigating to the Sign Up page of the Bancr website. The business user is then required to fill in the business registration page and be ready to submit Articles of Incorporation and Proof of business ownership. Upon review and approval, the business user is granted a Merchant ID. Bancr charges various fees based on the transaction types. If you need any further information you can send your queries to [email protected] Features: Set the custom title of the payment method Display payment method logo at checkout to gain more trust Facility to configure and use test/sandbox mode for testing purposes Automatically generate invoice upon successful payment Display additional information on the checkout page along with the payment method title. Redirect customer to Bancr Payment Gateway page from checkout page to complete order. Hence no need to store any card details in Magento. Admin can check the transaction details from the order view page on the backend.  Security & PCI Compliance: Using the Bancr Payment Gateway when customers make purchases on the Magento store, they get redirected to the bancr payment page where they can enter or authorize any payment-related information. The whole payment process is happening on the Bancr payment page. Customers' card details are not stored on the Magento server and hence ensure a secure payment process.

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Logo Project Stripe Payment
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Download Stripe Payment

Stripe is a fast-growing payment platform that is supported in 25 countries and is used by 100.000+ businesses. The extension integrates your Magento store with Stripe and provides your customers with the ability to use a user-friendly and safe payment gateway. Provide your customers with the ability to pay with Stripe - a safe single-tap payment gateway. The extension allows you to integrate Stripe with your store and manage it via the Magento admin panel. Collect payments via the most popular types of credit and debit cards, and also a payment method like Google Pay. Improve the shopping experience with user-friendly Stripe payments.   Stripe Fees and Account Please, mind that you need a separate account on Stripe. For this purpose, you need to register here first. Stripe has a very business-friendly pricing model. In Europe, the pricing would be a simple 1.4% + 30¢ per transaction with no monthly fees, refund costs, or other hidden fees. In other countries, it is 2.9% + 30¢. Check the pricing conditions here.   Features: Support most popular and local payment methods Automatically create invoices and conduct instant payments Google Pay and Payment Request API support Accept cards with 3D-secure Mobile-friendly design Flexible refund options   Google Pay Support  A Google Pay mobile wallet is also supported by Stripe. It allows customers to pay in your store's app or website by using any credit or debit card that is saved in their Google Account, including Google Play, YouTube, Chrome, or an Android device. Payment Methods Supported Amasty Stripe Payment accepts payments by different types of cards right on your Magento store via Stripe’s API: Visa MasterCard American Express Discover JCB UnionPay Diners Club Cards Icons Verification Amazon-style credit cards info saving: all the data is saved only on the reliable Stripe servers so that customers can add or remove cards from their account if they want. Payment Request API Support Payment Request API is a W3C browser standard that facilitates the exchange of payment and contact information in the browsers like Chrome Desktop, Chrome Android, and Microsoft Edge for Windows. With this option, if your customers have stored their card details in one of these browsers, the data will be requested and auto-suggested from the browser. Refunds & Partial Refunds Support There are no problems to make a partial or full refund if the order was paid via Stripe. It's possible to do this from the Magento admin panel. Mobile-Friendly Design Provide a simple and user-friendly payment layout with a card brand auto-detection and an appealing animated 'Pay' button.   Multi-Currency Support It's possible to charge customers in any currency, which is converted in your country's local currency at the best conversion rate. Accept Cards With 3D-Secure  Magento 2 stripe integration supports cards with 3D secure authentication. This feature can definitely help to reduce fraudulent cards and chargebacks on the website as the liability shifts to the authorizing bank.   Security Features Stripe forces HTTPS for all services using TLS (SSL). All card numbers are encrypted on disk with AES-256. Decryption keys are stored on separate machines. None of Stripe’s internal servers and daemons are able to obtain plaintext card numbers; instead, they can just request that cards be sent to a service provider on a static whitelist. No customers' data is stored or crossed over the Magento server. For more secure collecting payment information, tokenization is used. Stripe securely collects the payment information and returns a representative token. Tokens can be used within a few minutes of their creation and only once. You can also save your customers' card details with Stripe for later use.   User Guide: | Take a look at the detailed user guide |   Demo: |Settings| |Try Stripe in action|   Our Support Policy: Free lifetime updates; 3 months of free support services included; 25-day Marketplace Return Policy.

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Logo Project Behalf
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Behalf helps B2B merchants in the US offer no-fee net terms and financing to their business customers at the point of sale. Behalf has been recognized as a “Rising Star” among Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50, was named “Best Online Business Lender” at the 2016 Tradestreaming Awards and was chosen as one of the 10 Best Tech Startups in NYC in 2019 by TheTechTribune. For more information on how Behalf is transforming the way businesses buy and sell, visit www.behalf.com. Behalf can be easily embedded into existing Magento checkout flows, keeping customers on the merchant’s site throughout the sign up and check out process. Using Behalf, customers can quickly prequalify for net terms/financing and once approved, the customer can pay for their eCommerce orders with Behalf. Please note: This extension is only for merchants based in the US who offer financing to other businesses. Behalf does not provide DTC (direct to consumer) financing.   Account & Pricing  Once you install this extension for Magento, you will need to open a Merchant account at Behalf.com separately. Additional fees apply for the Behalf service. During your account creation we will provide you with API keys to use in the extension. Opening a Merchant account and installing this extension for Magento is free, however Behalf will charge a processing fee per traction according to our terms.    Security This extension for Magento is a hosted solution that works inside a secure iFrame on checkout and on the customer account. Customers checkout without leaving your online store.    There is a secure API authentication call between this extension for Magento and Behalf API.  PCI is not required since Customers does not provide credit card details as part of this extension for Magento. Behalf is a SOC 2 complaint. Customers data is not being entered into the Magento server.     Features: By installing the Behalf extension, you'll get:  Up and running in minutes with access to a Magento extension configuration page where you can get set up  A new payment option in your checkout flow where you can offer flexible financing and net terms to your B2B customers  A new configuration page so you can setup this extension for Magento and map your store order status.  A new financing tab to your customers account so you can onboard customers to Behalf, before checkout.   Access to our Merchant Resource Center with assets and approved messaging that will help you maximize growth with Behalf   Benefits Get Paid Faster  Create an automated eCommerce financing experience that accelerates receivables. You’ll get paid by the next business day after transaction approval. Increase Revenue and Average Order Value (AOV)  Give business customers greater buying power and watch your business grow. Our merchant partners have increased AOV by 53-83% and revenue by up to 44%!   Keep Customers on Your Website  Behalf can be easily embedded on any page of your website. Customers can sign up for Behalf and submit payment without ever leaving your site! Reduce Cart Abandonment Rate  46% of US online shoppers abandon their carts at the payment stage of the checkout process. Offering the ability to pay overtime can reduce friction in the buying process.   How Behalf Works Your customer selects Behalf as a payment option at the point of checkout on your Magento store  The customer can sign up for Behalf directly within your checkout flow in minutes Once approved, your customer can checkout with Behalf and you’ll get paid the next business day after transaction approval Your customer will pay Behalf back over time on a schedule that works for their business

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Beyonic Inc.  is the leading service that lets you accept mobile payments from over 22 mobile money networks in Africa. As a merchant targeting users in Africa, you are fully aware of the mobile payment trend sweeping across Africa, or "mobile money" as it is commonly called - Mobile money is an electronic wallet service available in many African countries that allows users to store, send, and receive money using their mobile phone. This service is provided by the users' mobile service providers. The most famous mobile money service is MPESA provided by Safaricom in Kenya. Africa is leap-frogging credit card payments (Harvard Business Review), and mobile money has become ubiquitous across Africa, and is the primary way that peer-to-peer transactions are done. It is also becoming a necessary payment method for e-commerce. This is where Beyonic comes in. The Beyonic payment gateway for Magento connects your Magento website to your Beyonic account and allows you to accept mobile money in many countries in Africa. Once installed, your users will see an option to "Pay with mobile money" at checkout. When they select this option, they will be able to connect to their mobile network operator and complete the transaction using their mobile money wallet on their mobile phones. This is free plugin is an official plugin developed and supported by Beyonic Inc. It was developed based on requests from merchants who wanted to accept mobile money in addition to other payment methods in their Magento websites.    Account & Pricing You will need a separate Beyonic account to get started. You can sign up for an account at https://app.beyonic.com/signup. See https://beyonic.com/pricing for Beyonic's simple pricing.   How It Works If you're a merchant in any of the countries below, you know what mobile money is. Mobile money is a payment service provided by your customer's mobile service provide. Using that services, your customers can use their mobile phones to pay for goods and services.  But, if your customers are on many different networks, then you need a "hub" that connects your shopping cart to all these networks. That's where Beyonic comes in: the Beyonic payment gateway allows your customers to use mobile money to pay for your goods and services, no matter who their mobile service provide is. See below for supported mobile service providers/networks. Once you have integrated with Beyonic, payment instructions will be sent to your customer's mobile phone at check-out, and they can complete the payment securely with their mobile network operator.    Features  Accept mobile money payments from your customers at checkout on any supported network (See "Supported countries and networks" below).  Automatically detects the mobile network that your customer is on and translates payment instructions to that network. Minimizes payment steps for your customer by using the most efficient set of payment instructions for each network. Supports automatic retries to reduce failed payments. Connects your Magento website to your Beyonic merchant account with no coding required. Your Beyonic merchant account allows you to track payments from customers in real-time. Your Beyonic merchant account supports instant payment notifications to any website/URL of your choosing.   Security & PCI Compliance Beyonic doesn't see or retain payment information about your customers, apart from their phone number and name. The payment transaction happens on their phone, with their mobile network operator and is secured by a secret PIN that is only known by the mobile subscriber and their network operator. Additionally, Beyonic does not support credit card payments, and so we do not collect credit card information for your customers.   Supported Countries & Networks The following countries and networks are supported. See https://beyonic.com for an updated list of supported countries and networks. GHANA: Airtel Expresso Globacom MTN Tigo Vodafone   KENYA: Airtel Equitel MPESA (Safaricom M-PESA)   RWANDA: Airtel MTN Tigo   SOMALIA: Somtel   TANZANIA: Airtel Halopesa (Halotel) MPESA (Vodacom M-PESA) Tigo   UGANDA: Africell Airtel MTN UTL   And many more. See https://beyonic.com for an updated list of supported countries and networks.   Why Choose Beyonic Beyonic is a simple way to accept mobile money payments online. With Beyonic, you can accept payments from customers’ mobile phones right from your Magento website. This plugin integrates your Magento shopping cart with Beyonic so that customers can choose to use mobile payments at checkout. Once customers select the mobile payment option, a payment request will be sent to their mobile phone, and once they have completed the payment, the order will be updated in your Magento site so that you can process the order and delivery the goods or services. You will need a Beyonic user account to get started. Please visit https://beyonic.com to sign up for an account and get your API key.   Suggestions / Feature Requests If you have suggestions or a new feature request, please get in touch with Beyonic at info-at-beyonic.com. You can also follow Beyonic on twitter at @beyonictech. Finally, be sure to visit https://beyonic.com/developers for more ways that you can connect with Beyonic and get assistance as you set up your shopping cart.

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