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bbPress Notification

bbPress Notification

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Project In bbPress Notification

Plugin Name: BbPress Notification

I have a bbpress forum which have many users, I answer questions of my users. A problem is, in some days, when I check my forum, there are no user questions and in some other days if I did not check my forum, I found users have question and not solved in these days, this is a trouble for me and my users.

Finally I decide to develope a bbpress plugin to solve the communication problem, when user have new topic or when user replied a topic, as a webmaster, I will receive mail notification, I can get topic title, content, URL, Autohor, and reply content, reply URL, reply author links and I will get a link to submit my reply via a URL so if I am busy and have no time in PC, I can reply that link via in my mobile mail link directly, so my bbpress plugin bbpress noficication born.

How To Use:

bbPress Notification is a simple & quick & light bbpress notification solution, you do not need any setting in admin panel, it will detect all topic and
reply and when new topic or new reply be published, you will get mail notification in your admin mailbox.

Of course, it is customizable, based on a few reasones:

My forum have many users which generate many content, so I donot want use my default bbpress admin email to receive these alerts

Some users reported that they have multiple administrator, they hope all administrator can received new topic & reply notification via their own email addresses

Since bbPress notification version 1.2.1, you can do it very easy like this way:
In wordpress admin area, you will find bbPress notification menu item, you can enter multiple email address in “New Topic Email Notification Address” option and “New Reply Email Notification Address” option.

Once users created new topics or new replies, all emails you entered in “bbPress Notification Email Settings Panel” will received notifications.

If you did not enter any email address in “bbPress Notification Email Settings Panel”, our plugins will works well too, all notification will be sent to your site admin email address automatically

Feature Request & Plugin Support URI: https://www.bbp.design/product/bbpress-notification-pluginfree/

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About bbPress Notification Project on Cloodo

Rating Cloodo

Latest client reviews for bbPress Notification

Perfect, I was looking for notification, I’ve tested many option, It did not work. With your plugin, everything worked directly. thank you !
The possibility of translating and personalized the mails, would be welcome …;)

2022-03-24 at 00:39:08

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