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cloodo - Project Listing - Blog2Social: Social Media Auto Post & Scheduler

Blog2Social: Social Media Auto Post & Scheduler

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1,468 Reviews, TrustScore 4.62

Project In Blog2Social: Social Media Auto Post & Scheduler

Social Media Auto-Posting and Scheduling Plugin for WordPress Sites and Blogs.
Autopost, cross-promote, schedule and automatically share your blog posts to social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business, LinkedIn, XING, Instagram, Pinterest, Imgur, Flickr, Reddit, VK.com, Medium, Tumblr, Torial, Diigo, Bloglovin, Telegram and Blogger.com
Blog2Social automatically creates social media posts for your content and auto-posts at the best times for each network. Save time and pain of manually sharing and promoting your site on social media.

Compatible with WooCommerce, Gutenberg Editor, Hummingbird, Bitly, Rebrand.ly, Sniply, WP Automatic Plugin, Page Builder & RSS Importer.

  • Version 6.8: Blogger.com, post templates

Download Blog2Social today to make your social media marketing for your WordPress site or blog easier than ever. Blog2Social is a freemium plugin, with a free comprehensive basic version and premium plans offering more advanced features. To ensure compliance with the high quality standards of the new networks’ API rules and community guidelines, some functions of the auto-poster are premium features and not part of the free version.
The Blog2Social free version offers you a wide range of features. (See what’s included in the free version).
To benefit from all the advanced features for automatic sharing and scheduling your content on social media you can start your free 30-day trial for Blog2SocialPremium Pro- today and upgrade any time.

Supported Networks

for cross-posting and auto posting
* Facebook – Post to your profile, page (Free), and in groups (Premium)
* Twitter – Post to your Twitter account
* Google My Business (Premium) – Post to your Business Listing on Google
* LinkedIn – Post to your profile (Free) or page (Premium)
* XING – Post to your profile (Free), page (Premium), and in groups (Premium)
* Instagram – Post to your Personal Instagram Account (Free) and to your Business Account (Smart)
* Pinterest – Post to all your different Pinboards (Free)
* Imgur – Post to your Imgur profile (Free)
* Flickr – Post to your Flickr profile (Free)
* Reddit – Post to your subreddits (Free)
* VK.com – post to your profile (Free), page (Premium) or in groups (Premium)
* Medium – post to your blog post with canonical-backlinks to your original post (Free)
* Tumblr – post to your blog post with canonical-backlinks to your original post (Free)
* Torial – post to your blog post with canonical-backlinks to your original post (Free)
* Diigo – post a bookmark to your account (Free)
* Bloglovin – post to your blog post with canonical-backlinks to your original post (Free)
* Telegram – post to your Telegram groups and Telegram channels (Business)
* Blogger.com – post to your blog post with canonical-backlinks to your original post (Premium)

Benefits from using Blog2Social


  • Share your posts and pages on 13 different networks: Twitter, Facebook (profile and page), LinkedIn (profile), XING (profile), Instagram Personal, Pinterest, Reddit, Torial, Medium, Tumblr, Flickr, Diigo and Bloglovin at once.
  • Customize your social media posts with unique personal comments, hashtags, handles, emojis, and select an image or animated GIF of your choice.
  • You can even edit the complete HTML markup for re-publishing your post on Tumblr, Torial, and Medium.
  • Manage all users posts and pages and share them on your channels.
  • Re-post old posts.
  • Save your social media posts as drafts.
  • Share links and posts from other sources (Content Curation).
  • View all your social media posts in one single place.
  • Automatically generate hashtags from the tags of your posts.
  • Edit the meta tag information of your blog posts and pages.
  • Use the free Blog2Social Extension for Firefox and Chrome to save links while browsing and share them whenever you want.

All these features are included in Blog2Social free. If you want to take your social media marketing to the next level with more advanced sharing and scheduling options for auto-posting and cross-promoting your content you can upgrade to Premium any time.
Try Blog2Social Premium with free 30-day-trial (without any obligations, no automatic subscription).


#1 Easy Social Media Scheduling – Auto-Post and Auto-Schedule your posts with a pre-defined best time schedule for each social network or define your own best times.

Blog2Social provides you with a ready-to-use Best Time Manager for the best times to post on each social network. If you know which times work best for you, then you can define and save your own time settings. Schedule your social media posts for immediate sharing or choose a one-time or recurring schedule. Save evergreen content as a favorite to easily find and re-share your most valuable content.

#2 Cross-Posting and Cross-Promotion with Customized Social Media Posts – Create unique social media posts for each social network and community.

Blog2Social automatically turns your posts into an adapted format for each social platform. You can optionally customize and tailor your social media posts with individual comments, #hashtags, @handles, and emojis. Automatically generate Hashtags from your WP tags. Select or add individual images and animated GIFs and choose between different post formats (link post / image post) to create more variations for your social media posts. Choose up to 4 images for one post and share an image gallery (Facebook pages & groups, Twitter). Customize post templates to save your individual layout setting as default and share your social media posts faster with individually tailored posts on each social network.

#3 Social Media Calendar – Organize your social media marketing

Edit, add or change scheduled posts per drag & drop in the built-in social media calendar. Keep track of your shared posts and scheduling plan and filter your posts per network. Posts from other users will be displayed in different colors.

#4 Social Media Auto-Poster – Switch your social media marketing on auto-pilot

Activate the autoposter to automatically share your new and updated posts on social media. No extra steps required!
Transfer the autoposter settings as an WordPress admin to other WordPress authors with the same Business license to share posts automatically on the assigned social media networks.

#5 Content Curation – Share and schedule third-party content

Share and schedule links and posts from any source to automatically fill your social media feeds with a consistent content mix of your own content and third-party content. Import content via RSS or share any URL-Link, or use the free Blog2Social Extension for Firefox and Chrome to save links while browsing and share or schedule them whenever you want.

#6 Create Social Media Posts any source – share updates, images, texts, links and video links from one central platform and schedule all your social media posts in one social media calendar.

Save valuable time by managing your complete social media content right from your WordPress dashboard.

#7 Social-Media-Ready Blog Posts – Blog2Social optimizes your social meta tags

Blog2Social automatically adds Open Graph and Twitter Card tags to your blog posts to optimize the shareability of your blog post on social networks. Edit these tags to your liking to adjust how your link preview looks on social media networks.

#8 Tracking with URL parameters – Monitor and measure your marketing success in Google Analytics

Add UTM parameters to URLs to enable tracking of your social media campaigns via Google Analytics. You can also add other URL parameters, for example, for Adobe Analytics or IBM Cognos Analytics.

#9 Re-share and re-schedule old posts automatically – Revive your posts

Keep your social media feed updated automatically with awesome content and save valuable time by reviving your evergreen content regularly. Automate your resharing process with Blog2Social, so you can use your time to create new content and interact with your community.

#10 There is much more to discover – Try Blog2Social to check out all the features

Use the Bitly, Rebrandly or Sniply shortener to track the performance of your links. Schedule Retweets for Twitter. Discover many more features:
Download Blog2Social and start your free 30-day-Premium-trial

Supported Languages

The Blog2Social Plugin is available in the following language versions

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Swedish


  • Thanks to Almaz for translating this plugin into Russian
  • Thanks to Olivier for translating this plugin into French
  • Thanks to Daniel for translating this plugin into Swedish
  • Thanks to Olga, Francesco and Stefano for translating this plugin into Italian


Rating Cloodo

Reviews 1,468

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John Sakala

2022-03-24 at 19:34:51

Rating Cloodo

This is plugin is perfect



2022-03-24 at 19:34:42

Rating Cloodo

i really liked this plugin it save me a lot of time and improved my social presence
highly recommended


Mohamed Taman

2022-03-24 at 19:34:32

Rating Cloodo

It Is Not free You have to pay to use the auto Post


Harpinder Singh

2022-03-24 at 19:34:16

Rating Cloodo

I am speechless. You are really doing great job for free users. Thumbs up for you guys!!



2022-03-24 at 19:31:51

Rating Cloodo

Wow I can’t describe my feeling that worked! finally an auto posting plugin worked in 2019! just wanted to rate for now, I’ll describe more later!


Beth Scharwath

2022-03-24 at 19:31:31

Rating Cloodo

It usually takes me forever to figure out a new plugin, but I had this up and running really quickly. I love it so far. And having original content on my social media channels has already increased my engagement. it’s also making my website the hub of my business, not a 2nd party posting app or site. I wish I had found it sooner. Highly recommend.



2022-03-24 at 19:31:27

Rating Cloodo




2022-03-24 at 19:30:50

Rating Cloodo

Worth using



2022-03-24 at 19:30:48

Rating Cloodo

Easy to plan social presence, good price



2022-03-24 at 19:30:48

Rating Cloodo

The best option out there for easy posting to all the socials.



2022-03-24 at 19:30:43

Rating Cloodo

We are more than happy, no technical conflicts sofar, even with insta


Rob Beekmans

2022-03-24 at 19:29:31

Rating Cloodo

Easy to work with, not using auto posting right now but it does what I want it to do.
Support is good, helped me well with a little issue I had in the beginning.



2022-03-24 at 19:29:25

Rating Cloodo

also its way too expensive

  • This topic was modified 2 years, 8 months ago by dokustreams.


2022-03-24 at 19:29:18

Rating Cloodo

I really like the way this plugin gives me control over social posts. I was having a problem getting my Facebook posts to include the correct image. BLOG2SOCIAL support correctly diagnosed the problem in their first response, and gave me a detailed explanation I was able to follow.

Thinking about getting the paid version.

  • This topic was modified 9 months, 3 weeks ago by dwh01.


2022-03-24 at 19:29:13

Rating Cloodo

Thanks for the free edition, does just what I need



2022-03-24 at 19:28:08

Rating Cloodo

Has been a great solution for posting to social media accounts, easy to use



2022-03-24 at 19:28:02

Rating Cloodo

I like the format posted much better than what Jetpack does. I disabled the Jetpack sharing in favor of using this plugin.



2022-03-24 at 19:27:45

Rating Cloodo

I like this plugin, because connecting with networks is really easy and up to date.



2022-03-24 at 19:27:21

Rating Cloodo

The plugin does what it says and is reliable.



2022-03-24 at 19:27:02

Rating Cloodo

No difficulties to date. Just be aware the app is selling to you all the time.



2022-03-24 at 19:26:57

Rating Cloodo

I just installed the plugin and shared a few posts on Instagram and Twitter. It works great.


Cygnet Midwest

2022-03-24 at 19:26:54

Rating Cloodo

My only complaint is that it says “Posted by blog2social” on my Facebook page posts. Other than that, it works very well.

Edit: I upped the rating to 5 stars after the authors’s reply. Thank you for the great plugin!

  • This topic was modified 3 years, 5 months ago by Cygnet Midwest. Reason: Increased start rating


2022-03-24 at 19:26:38

Rating Cloodo

it works exactly what it promises to do!
great plugin



2022-03-24 at 19:26:33

Rating Cloodo

It posts to Twitter and Tumblr. I really need it to post to G+ but it won’t take an OAuth for that, it insists on my Google password. Um, no.

It posts the picture I include in my blog entry… sometimes… if I catch it in a good mood.

It would get a third star but… it is RELENTLESS and IN YOUR FACE NON-STOP with nagging to upgrade to premium.


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