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hotel booking

hotel booking Project Client Reviews & Customer Service Rating

Rating Cloodo

488 Reviews - Trustscore 4.69

This project was last updated September 22, 2022 byCloodo

Rating Cloodo

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Deze plugin doet alles wat ik nodig heb voor een klant. Het ziet er fantastisch uit en de probleempjes die ik had werden vaak binnen 5 min opgelost door de zeer snelle support.
Mijn klant is een dietist die op twee locaties werkt en daar afspraken heeft van een half uur of een uur en daarnaast op verschillende tijden per dag. Dit was allemaal makkelijk te maken met deze plugin. Het eindresultaat is een agenda die zeer goed en begrijpelijk werkt voor haar klanten en ook de klant kan makkelijk vanuit haar google agenda afspraken erin zetten. Deze plugin is echt een aanrader!
5 sterren

Sylvain van Uffelen

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Review at 4/7/2022, 5:24:56 PM

Rating Cloodo

I am using the Large Version of this plugin for a Hotel and I was waiting to see how everything performed before I rated it. I must say that this Plugin is awesome. I have just launched my website and it does everything that I wanted it to do and more!

There are sooo many additional features which I am currently looking into but so far there is NOTHING that it cannot do – it just works !

I am a really happy customer and id recommend it thoroughly to anyone!

Thank you – a 6 STAR RATING !!


John Heimark

Review at 4/7/2022, 5:23:30 PM

Rating Cloodo

The booking calendar and resource management in this plug in is second to none as far as wordrpess plug-ins go. We use the Business Large SingleSite license and it is a powerhouse that fulfills all of our needs for online reservations and booking management. There is some configuration involved when you first set it up but the ability to customize every aspect of your booking/reservation workflow justify it.

The support included with your purchase is alone worth the price paid. I have received resolutions for technical difficulties in as little as 5 minutes of putting in a support request and I can barely keep up with all of the new features added with each version update. Very highly recommended.



Review at 4/7/2022, 5:23:14 PM

Rating Cloodo

Ok i have bought Business Small for $175 and what i get is not tranclated plugin … WTF… Polish language is like jebirsh most of words are not tranclated to Polish most of them are jeberish not understatnding words no grama in polish. Refund ! And 1 star that i want to say. You getting so mutch money from this plugin so give a tranclation files to some guy that know Polish and english and will tranclate them good for some money. I think You have used a google tranclate to tranclate this plugin ….

Edit. translation to Polish language is very good. Good Work.



Review at 4/7/2022, 5:21:35 PM

Rating Cloodo

Works, books, sends custom emails. Perfect.



Review at 4/7/2022, 5:20:18 PM

Rating Cloodo

Excellent plugin, works great.



Review at 4/7/2022, 5:16:11 PM

Rating Cloodo

Works perfectly.
The free version is highly suitable for my clients.
Keep up the good work.



Review at 4/7/2022, 5:13:50 PM

Rating Cloodo

The team that support this plugin replied instantly and were very helpful!


Bike Gremlin

Review at 4/7/2022, 11:29:06 PM

Rating Cloodo

Over time, they have cut-off the multi-language support from the free version.
Affecting the plugin’s functionality for multi-lingual websites.

Can’t say I’m happy about this “upgrade”.

Apart from that – the plugin works fine.
But will try to find an alternative that supports multi-lingual functionality in free version.

Update: last update fixed the problem – so changing the rating to the (now deserved) 5 stars.

  • This topic was modified 1 year, 5 months ago by Bike Gremlin. Reason: Update fixed the problem(s)

Mohsin Alam

Review at 4/7/2022, 11:26:02 PM

Rating Cloodo

I liked this plugin, because I can now make any meeting schedule in my website or sell teaching/course service by this great free plugin. Thank you developer, go ahead.



Review at 4/7/2022, 5:00:52 PM

Rating Cloodo

I bought the Business Large edition and I am super happy with it ! The tool is great, lots of possibilities to adjust it to everyone’s needs and what about the service…. Replying to my answers right away, even during night. I also received clear answers and suggestion of changes to the code, which I am not an expert in… I am very impressed and would strongly recommend this tool to everyone!



Review at 4/7/2022, 5:00:33 PM

Rating Cloodo

Very wonderful plugins with a lot of tutorials and the support via email is immediate.



Review at 4/7/2022, 5:00:04 PM

Rating Cloodo

Plugin fulfills all basic booking requirements. Support is extremely helpful and responds quickly.



Review at 4/7/2022, 4:59:33 PM

Rating Cloodo

Pretty hopeless. Looking to use on a Camera Club website to book a studio room out. Nothing too difficult you would think but the free version only lets you book the whole day. Thats crazy. Even on a free version should be able to have more than one time slot in a booking and it only show part booking on a given day

So will have to search elsewhere as not paying over $139 for that…



Review at 4/7/2022, 4:58:33 PM

Rating Cloodo

I will honestly say I have never reviewed a plugin before, but these guys are the absolute best. Multiple start and stop days setups, 7 day bookings, Javascript alterations to change how the calendar selector responds and acts (per calendar per resource!) Custom forms, check in / check out same day support, pricing per visitor, just too many features to list and you will eventually need these features… and you’ll be pissed when you try other booking plugins just to find out its only lacking somewhere, and you’ll have to start over with left over junk in your DB from multiple plugin tests. Don’t bother. This plugin will do what you need. It is definitely worth the money and it will allow you to build very powerful booking system sites. With a few tweaks and some custom coding to support searching via availability with FacetWP, this plugin has helped lead to a verify satisfied client, and one badass property management site.



Review at 4/7/2022, 4:58:31 PM

Rating Cloodo

Great plugin! I can only repeat the numerous compliments that others have given. Simply; this software works great, is powerful, is flexible, and has excellent support. Thanks for the great work!



Review at 4/7/2022, 4:57:57 PM

Rating Cloodo

This plugin works fantastic! This is perfect for booking ANY types of services online. Very customizable. The support team is also super responsive! All around great experience.



Review at 4/7/2022, 11:20:47 PM

Rating Cloodo

I just started to test and it seems quite smart designed, lots of informative labels other than the help documents. Many thanks to developers!



Review at 4/7/2022, 4:55:55 PM

Rating Cloodo

I am using Business Medium 4.0.1 version and almost ready to upgrade to Business.Large or Multiuser but the only one feature is missing yet – export links for all our property calendars.

That would made our website much more useful to market properties for other booking resources such as airbnb, housetrip and others…

Also if developers consider to move to the way of working with booking.com/agoda.com/flipkey(by tripadvisor) APIs to export-import calendars to such services – this will be the most powerful marketing tool to manage houses, apartments, bungalows for us.

I have checked all possible PMSs and could not find export or data exchange feature ????
I hope someone will do it ????

Thank you for the software anyway, this is great and saved me alot of time!



Review at 4/7/2022, 4:55:08 PM

Rating Cloodo

I recommand this plugin.

Firstly because it’s very functional and complete.

Secondly, I have to say that the support is very very fast !

They respond nearly instantly and they resolved my problem that it’s not in relation directly with the plugin.




Review at 4/7/2022, 11:19:08 PM

Rating Cloodo

I’ve been working with the various paid versions of Booking Calendar over the past year, and I am quite happy with it! I did an extensive search for a suitable plug-in for a number of websites containing holiday homes for rent, and WPBC suits the bill. An extra important asset is its compatibility to WPML.
I’ve had to customize the installations on several occasions, and the author has been extremely helpful and quick to react on each of my requests.
The prices are steep and the documentation is somewhat difficult to follow, but the author has been able to answer all my questions, usually a setting already in existence, sometimes with a quick customization.
In all, very happy with WPBC!



Review at 4/7/2022, 11:15:49 PM

Rating Cloodo

Does what I need it to do. Support has been great!
Recommend it.



Review at 4/7/2022, 4:50:53 PM

Rating Cloodo

We had a TERRIBLE experience with customer support from VR Calendar, and they made us postpone launching a website for 3weeks. We decided to make the switch to this plugin, and ran into a completely different issue. The difference was in the customer support. They emailed us back promptly with a very helpful solutions, and fixed the issue within minutes. THANK YOU AGAIN!



Review at 4/7/2022, 4:50:40 PM

Rating Cloodo

These are one of the best plugin I have ever try, powerful, well coded and full featured!

And the best ever is the high speed collaborated support .

if the plugin fulfill your needs, go ahead with no hesitate, since there is also a friendly return policy .



Review at 4/7/2022, 4:50:12 PM

Rating Cloodo

It makes booking work very easy and their support was so quick. +1 to service.

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