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cloodo - project Listing - Brix: WordPress page builder
Brix: WordPress page builder

Brix: WordPress page builder

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Project In Brix: WordPress page builder

Brix is the best page builder plugin out there: thanks to its intuitive drag & drop interface and its powerful set of tools, you’ll be able to transform literally any WordPress theme into something truly awesome.

Lite vs Premium

This is the Lite version of Brix Builder. It contains all the core features of the plugin, and allows you to create great layouts in no time.

If you want more, though, a Premium version of the plugin is available on justevolve.it, adding new features and extending the basic functionality of the plug in. Premium support and regular updates are also part of the premium version.

Here are some of the features included in the Premium version:

  • NEW! Frontend drag&drop editing mode
  • Premium support
  • Full-blown responsive mode
  • Enhanced backgrounds
  • More content blocks
  • Advanced grid features
  • Enhanced column carousels
  • Custom templates import/export
  • Several built-in templates ready for use
  • More icon sets (2200+ icons)


The new shiny “Frontend editing” mode is Brix’s way of showing you a live and high fidelity preview of the changes you’re making to the page layout and content, displaying it exactly how a visitor would see it. Try it now in our online demo.

Works on every theme

Brix can be used with any WordPress theme and the best thing about its approach is that it doesn’t lock you in. Brix doesn’t rely on shortcodes: you can switch themes as many times as you like and your content will follow you, even if you disable the plugin completely.

Works on every post type

Brix can be activated on any post type. By default, it works for pages, but easy controls can make it work in other contexts as well, such as posts, portfolio items or even products.

No coding required, yet developer friendly

Brix allows you to visually compose any page or layout you can imagine with a grid-based, easy interface, without touching a single line of code.

Brix is friendly to developers too: the code is clean, efficient and well documented.


Page builders can be slow, and nobody likes heavy plugins that slow down your website. Brix is different. Content generated by Brix is constantly optimized to only load the thing that you need, the moment you need them; Brix works great with caching systems, but even without any of them, the simple fact that it doesn’t rely on shortcodes, makes it quick to render.

Advanced Grid System

With Brix interface, you can precisely control even the tiniest detail of your design in a professional way thanks to the most advanced grid management system ever created.

  • Padding and margin controls. You can control spacing for every element on every device by using px, em, % or the unit you need.
  • Special column structures. Combine full width section layouts or take advantage of the unique special section feature, and quickly adjust a row’s column structure with just a couple of clicks.
  • Quickly split & merge columns. Adjust the row columns layout with just one click thanks to the innovative live split/merge controls.

SEO ready

You have full control over the markup that is generated by Brix. It’s up to you to choose the heading structure, and whether to use section tags or not; also, Brix works great with major WordPress SEO plugins like YOAST.

Built to grow

Brix has been designed to be modular and scalable and it can be extended with additional functionality and components with no hassle.

Also, we’re profoundly committed to make Brix better and better, and we’ll keep updating it regularly, extending its documentation and adding new tutorials as well.

Read more on the Brix official blog.

Want to know more? Join the Brix Community!

Help make the Brix community grow and meet other users and discuss with the team about what you’d like to see next in Brix.
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I’ve always loved the work of THB. This layout builder is a fantastically designed, satisfying to use plugin to help you move faster, and help clients maintain their own sites with more ease and do all that in style. The premium version is killing, too, btw.

2022-03-23 at 22:20:03

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