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cloodo - project Listing - Google Chrome (64-bit) for Windows
Google Chrome (64-bit) for Windows

Download Google Chrome (64-bit) for Windows

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This project was last updated September 22, 2022 byCloodo

Download Google Chrome (64-bit) for Windows

Google Chrome (64-bit) for Windows FAQ

  • What is Google Chrome (64-bit) for Windows?

      Google Chrome is one of the best browsers

      Google Chrome is one of the leading internet browsers, and for good reason. You’ve just bought a new computer and you are wondering which browser to use. Since Google Chrome’s initial release in 2008, it has steadily risen in popularity. In 2011, Google Chrome became the most popular web browser and it has consolidated its majority year on year. Now, as you ponder which browser to choose, statistically there is an 82% chance you will choose Google Chrome, an 8.7% chance you will go for Mozilla Firefox, 3.4% for both Safari And Internet Explorer and 1.2% for Opera.

      Google Chrome (64-bit) is completely free to download and use

      Popularity is not a measure of how good something is, but it is often an indicator of it. You have to look at each browser version by version. Google Chrome (64-bit) packs an almighty punch for your browser experience. In fact, Google Chrome sees itself as more of an operating system within an operating system than a simple bit of software. That’s a fair enough view to take when you add up all the features it offers.

      More than simply ‘adding favorite webpages to bookmarks’, there is a high level of integration between your internet activity and the Google Chrome browser, creating a more bespoke platform for you to use. Your Gmail account can be connected with your browser, for example, which allows all your preferences and activity to be shared across all your devices. You can also run numerous applications through your browser, as well as its library of extensions and add-ons. You may not need to go further than Google Chrome itself to get what you need!

      Google Chrome is Google’s web browsing solution. It has three main competitors: Mozilla Firefox Internet Explorer and Safari. Google Chrome has to fight hard to retain its popularity as some browsers such as Apple’s Safari are preinstalled on their devices (including their mobiles and tablets). As a result, the number of Safari users has grown through people growing accustomed to it, and simply not feeling the need to change it. “If it ain’t broke then don’t fix it”! Google Chrome is continually finding breaks and fixing them. Of course, if you have never changed browser you may not realize just how limited your browser is. Google’s highly responsive approach to browser demands and issues is one of the big reasons they have built such a fan base.

      Choose your Extensions in the ‘Chrome Web Store’

      Google Chrome stays young and keeps up with the ever-changing needs of the internet. You can access any web page with it and almost all technologies, including Flash and HTML5 can run alongside it. Choose from literally thousands of themes and extensions. From AdBlockers and VPNs to Papier and Wikiwand (the latter, if you are wondering, is an extension that spices up the appearance of Wikipedia).

      If you enjoy watching videos online (YouTube is the second biggest search-engine so the chances are you do) or viewing multiple images at the same time, Google Chrome is likely your best bet. Microsoft Edge has made some big improvements in this area too but it’s only available on iOS and Android in Beta test mode. Firefox Quantum has also made some promising updates but still does not compare with Google Chrome’s when playing videos above 1080 pixels or quicker than 30 frames per second.

      Search in Privacy with ‘Incognito Mode’

      Privacy is a big part of the ‘online conversation’ and Google Chrome has given users the ability to reduce their digital footprint with its ‘Incognito Mode’. Browsing history and cookies are not stored and no information is sent to websites you visit, your IP address is not hidden from the website you visit, however. By simply using the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl Shift N”, a new window appears which you can use as per usual but with added peace of mind. It works seamlessly but it’s not the only browser with this function: most browsers will offer some sort of equivalent to this and Mozilla Firefox stands out as the most privacy-conscious browser.

      Data synchronization is one of the biggest features of Google Chrome’s browser. By simply connecting your Google account with Google Chrome, you can share the same browsing data and start-up tabs across all your devices (provided they operate from Android or iOS). By being logged in to Google Cloud, you also have access to all their tools (Gmail, Google Drive, Maps etc.) at the click of a button. Google Chrome has a useful homepage with all your most frequently visited sites arranged in square images for you to click into. Your settings can also be easily managed from the ‘Options’ tab.

      How would you summarize Google Chrome (64-bit)?


      Google Chrome is by far the most popular browser. Popularity is not always an indicator of quality but it’s clear that in this case, it is. Mozilla Firefox is also an excellent browser and can compete with Google Chrome and specifically Firefox Quantum has some excellent features, including its video player. It’s not a surprise that Mozilla Firefox is the second most popular choice of browser.

      Internet Explorer and Safari are usually used because they come as default browsers on Windows and Apple devices respectively. While they will both get the job done, neither have the passion or energy of Google Chrome (or Mozilla Firefox). Updates are less regular and less ground-breaking, with exceptions of course. Google Chrome keeps itself a step ahead of the game and, thus, a step ahead of the competition.

      What is the final verdict on Google Chrome (64-bit)

      As choosing a winner within all the different software categories to go, this must be one of the easiest. Google Chrome wins hands down. There will, of course, be people who have their own compelling reasons for using other browsers but these will by and large be personal to them. Perhaps if you worry about your privacy then Mozilla Firefox would make a better choice or if you have a penchant for virtual reality then Mozilla Firefox Reality would be a better bet. The overall picture is very clear in Google Chrome’s favor. They put the user first year after year and year after year they come out as technically the best and critically the most popular.

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  • Does Google Chrome (64-bit) for Windows is well-reviewed by its community?

      Base on your recent data, Google Chrome (64-bit) for Windows currently has 0 user feedback and reviews with everage 0 User Rate Score. Each user has different experiences so you have to read some detail of reviews to clarify more about the Google Chrome (64-bit) for Windows.

  • What should I do to receive a secured download of Google Chrome (64-bit) for Windows?

      Depend on the contribution from the manager of Google Chrome (64-bit) for Windows project, the download of Google Chrome (64-bit) for Windows can be worked in different approach on different server. Therefore you may download Google Chrome (64-bit) for Windows directly from the download link or may have to shift to another download channel or website where the Google Chrome (64-bit) for Windows manager storing their available files.

      The most helpful advice is running a virus scanning again for any download files on your own computer before openning or using it for your project.

      If you discover any harmful risk after download and extracting the files on your computer, please help to report the download problem of Google Chrome (64-bit) for Windows so we may help to investigate it quickly.

  • Do I need to be a Cloodo member to download Google Chrome (64-bit) for Windows?

      Sure! A member account is a must for you to download Google Chrome (64-bit) for Windows. Not the same with other freely - but - not - in - controled download portal, Cloodo is a digital workspace and we try our best to support our member to approach and using the best business software, templates, drive or data.We will track your download and can received your feedback and connect your download with possiple Google Chrome (64-bit) for Windows support resouces. We believe it will help Cloodo member a lot during their life - time usage of Google Chrome (64-bit) for Windows in their business.

  • Can I request a customer support for Google Chrome (64-bit) for Windows on Cloodo?

      Yes, Google Chrome (64-bit) for Windows support is one of the key things that Cloodo commit to improving day by day.We do not want to be just a listing download site.We want to become more hellpfull to Google Chrome (64-bit) for Windows community by connecting the deloping team, business consultants, experiences user to provide helpfull support for any Google Chrome (64-bit) for Windows user.

      Not all project manager providing their customer or user support and some cases you have to buy some commercial services from other freelancer or agency who can help to support Google Chrome (64-bit) for Windows.

Download Alternative Google Chrome (64-bit) for Windows

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Twelve free solitaire games in one pack123 Free Solitaire is the logical evolution of the good old solitaire game we all used to play for hours on Windows 95.But 123 Free Solitaire is more than just one game; in fact, it includes 12 different types of solitaire games (Diplomat, Eighteens, Flower Garden, Free Cell, Grandfather's Clock, Klondike, Pyramid, Royal Rendezvous, Spider, Spider One Suit, Spider Two Suit, and Yukon) to ensure you never grow tired of playing on your own. You can play this on Windows 10 or Windows 11.sam.cmd.push(function() { sam.display('review-app-page-desktop'); });Playing 123 Free Solitaire is quite easy. After launching the game, you’re presented with a menu to choose which solitaire you want to play. Simply choose the game and start playing. 123 Free Solitaire lets you undo and redo moves, and also save the game any time to continue it later. And in case you don’t remember the rules to any of the included games, you can always take a look at the documentation.There are a few customization options in 123 Free Solitaire which allow you to change the interface skin, select a different card back and also use a personalized background – instead of the classic green table cloth. The cards have really nice designs, and are bigger than other solitaire games, but they can't be manually resized - they only change when you resize the window.123 Free Solitaire is a great pack of 12 free solitaire games for gamers and procrastinators alike.

This project was last updated September 22, 2022 byCloodo

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A free WiFi hotspot software that’s easy to useEveryone has probably experienced the struggle of needing a WiFi signal but not having a WiFi router around to get it. If you happen to be one of the unlucky ones then OSToto Hotspot can solve your problem. OSToto Hotspot can easily turn any of your non-mobile devices into a WiFi hotspot. Whether you’re using a desktop or laptop, you’ll be able to use WiFi with ease with the OSToto Hotspot.All About EfficiencyOSToto Hotspot was formerly known as 160WiFi but other than the name change, OSToto Hotspot continues 160WiFi’s legacy without much difference. Installing the program doesn’t take a long time. In fact, it installed as soon as the file is clicked. Once launched, you’ll see the white and purple interface that’s been there since the 160WiFi days. OSToto Hotspot’s interface is minimalistic. The program takes up a really small part of your screen so it doesn’t get in the way of your other work. Aside from a pop-up setting menu at the right-hand corner of the screen, most of the necessary options that you’ll likely need are already displayed. sam.cmd.push(function() { sam.display('review-app-page-desktop'); });It should be mentioned that the program needs a wireless adapter in order to work. However, once a wireless adapter has been installed, using the software is pretty much smooth sailing. You’ll be able to see all of the devices connected to the hotspot. You can also choose to blacklist any unwanted devices. These devices will be listed in the “Blacklist” section of the program. Security and CustomizationOSToto Hotspot’s security options are rather limited, however. Of course, it’s possible to secure your connection with a password, but that’s about it. Its customization options are also quite rudimentary. Users can choose to change the program's actions during start-up, sending and receiving of notifications, and update the driver version. Other than those listed above, OSToto offers no other menus for customization. Despite these drawbacks, OSToto is still a great utility tool for people who need to turn their devices into portable WiFi hotspots.One nitpicky drawback is the automatic minimization of the window to the tray. There is no option to disable this feature. However, this is a rather minor issue and would just take a little bit of getting used to on the part of the users.Simple, but EffectiveThere’s no denying that the OSToto is a simple program. It has a simple interface and simple menus. It’s undoubtedly a good fit for users who aren’t technologically savvy. All it needs is a wireless adapter and users are pretty much ready to go. Still, that very simplicity can also be its drawback as it also lacks a lot of features. Don’t expect a lot of high-level functions. As long as a portable WiFi is all you need then OSToto Hotspot can definitely fulfill your needs.

This project was last updated September 22, 2022 byCloodo

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Download UR Browser for Windows

A promising browserBuilt around Chromium, the same open-source code as Google Chrome, URBrowser offers a familiar interface from which to begin your browsing. This alone may not be enough to tempt you from your current browser, but does offer a handful of additional extras to improve your online interactions.Have it your wayWith Chromium acting as its foundation, URBrowser is a solid and customizable gateway to the internet. From the settings menu, you can edit your homepage, add extensions, set what screens display on startup… the usual. And, the chances are, you will want to make some immediate edits as URBrowser uses Ask.com as its default search tool. Its common ancestry with Chrome enables you to sync your settings between the platforms. Bookmarks and Favorites settings from other browsers, like Firefox, can also be quickly imported. You also get access to the Chrome Store’s many extensions – although it does block some of these add-ons to protect its stability. Here, however, is where URBrowser starts to differentiate itself with a good selection of tools coming built-in.sam.cmd.push(function() { sam.display('review-app-page-desktop'); });While it may not be the most significant of the features on offer, URBrowsers most touted addition is the inclusion of visual customization features. Positioned in the top right corner of the screen, next to the settings, is the Personalization button. This offers a multitude of face-lifts for URBrowser, altering colors, background images, and the desktop icon. Unfortunately, there are not many themes yet on offer, but the options are promised to expand and it is an easy way to personalize your browser’s appearance. Unless you spend a lot of time on blank pages, however, the only change you will regularly notice is the title bar’s color. Simple media managementURBrowser’s other additions do offer more practical functionality. Chief among these is its Media Downloader. This tool again sits up in the top-right corner of the screen but is always active. This means that, whenever you visit a site and roll over a video or image, a button pops-up to give you the option to download it. Downloads come with a range of options, allowing you to save videos or just their audio and letting you quickly apply filters to images. To make organizing these easier, URBrowser also keeps everything together in a media tab for reference. It’s a well-integrated tool and is defiantly the standout element of the package. Rolling over the address bar prompts a menu of regularly visited sites to drop down. This is tiled with icons of popular sites at first but quickly populates with your own favorite pages. It’s a handy little addition, that manages an attractive half-step between searching your bookmarks, favorites, and history. Along with Chrome’s standard safe browsing experience – which warns you of suspicious sites – URBrowser promises that it comes with “Antivirus” and "Adblocker". Filled with promiseURBrowser’s genesis in Chromium makes it all feel familiar and easy to navigate – plus, of course, it allows Chrome users to sync all of their settings with ease. However, the reasons to move over to it currently are limited due to many of its advertised functions only being promises. The one stand-out element is its Media Downloader which, thanks to its sheer convenience and ability to organize downloaded media, defiantly makes URBrowser standout. 

This project was last updated September 22, 2022 byCloodo

Logo Project 2K Club for Windows
Rating of Project 2K Club for Windows on Cloodo

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Download 2K Club for Windows

Enjoy a cute little world2K Club is a free simulator developed by Olivia Haines. In this simple and short game, you get to experience being a young girl again filled with colorful and interactive objects from the good old days. You can jump around, explore your room, and even dance to your heart’s desire.2K Club also sports the same feminine aesthetic and casual relaxing gameplay as Haines’ other works Dollhouse and Drive Me To The Moon. However, this one is unique because of its focus on innocence in addition to the developer’s masterful use of color and nostalgia.sam.cmd.push(function() { sam.display('review-app-page-desktop'); });A cute throwbackInspired by the developer’s own childhood, the virtual world is filled with colorful and interactive objects from the late 90s and the early 2000s. This is evident from the Game Boy Advance, a thicker TV, and even a dance machine. This evokes a feeling of nostalgia, especially for people who experienced life with these things from the past. The simulated experience of trying these things again makes the game enjoyable.The graphics are also simplified, using bright and solid colors to give a sense of something that might’ve been drawn by a child from school. This adds to the cutesy feel that the game generally provides, putting players into the unique world that is a young person’s room. You can play music, try on makeup and look in the mirror, or play any of the games available for you.Its music also adds to the overall feel the game tries to achieve, using sounds that are upbeat yet not fast-paced. This helps create a unique, relaxing atmosphere. While the game succeeds in creating its own world, the experience makes you want more. The game could do with another environment in which you can explore like you’re still in the same timeframe.Bringing a dream to lifeWith 2K Club, players can revisit a dreamy recreation of a child’s life in the decades past. Its use of bright colors and featuring items from that time certainly brings a great throwback feel for people who used to enjoy those things. As it successfully creates a world of its own, inspired by the developer herself, it makes you want to explore more.

This project was last updated September 22, 2022 byCloodo

Logo Project 360 Browser for Windows
Rating of Project 360 Browser for Windows on Cloodo

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Download 360 Browser for Windows

Fast and Secure Web BrowserThere are many web browsers available for the Windows operating system. Most of them have more or less similar layouts, features, and functions. In fact, most of the time, the only way to differentiate them is through the browsing speed and add-ons that they offer. If you are looking to try a new browser for your computer, here is another one to include in your list. 360 Browser is a web browser from 360 Internet Security. This feature-packed app revolutionizes web browsing with an incredibly-fast Webkit engine, along with various customization options to better suit your preferences. It is a fast, secure, and smart yet simple and intuitive browser. Revolutionizing Web Browsing360 Browser promises to provide users with a fast and intuitive browser. The app comes with an easy-to-navigate interface that looks similar to Google Chrome. The homepage shows you the icons of the websites you’ve recently visited. If you want to see your browsing history and other app setting options, you only need to click the drop-down menu in the upper-right corner of the browser. 360 Browser offers a choice between the Webkit engine and the Internet Explorer mode for avid internet users. By doing so, it optimizes the best webpage experience for its users.sam.cmd.push(function() { sam.display('review-app-page-desktop'); });Aside from faster browsing, 360 Browser also boasts its tight browser security. It has an anti-phishing and malicious URL filter that detects and warns you about websites that are potentially harmful to your device. It also scans any downloaded file for malware. To make it even better for you, the app has recently added an Ad-Filter, which saves you from dealing with annoying ads that hinder your browsing. 360 Browser offers these advanced features without compromising its look. It comes with various themes so you can personalize the look of your browser. If you want to enjoy a new style of browsing, this app is worth a try.

This project was last updated September 22, 2022 byCloodo

Logo Project 3D Chess Game for Windows 10
Rating of Project 3D Chess Game for Windows 10 on Cloodo

0 Reviews

Download 3D Chess Game for Windows 10

Play chess for free3D Chess Game for Windows 10 is a free computer game designed for PC users. It combines the best of traditional chess with new technology that allows users to not only play against another human but also against the computer. With simple controls through your mouse or touchpad, as well as clean, realistic graphics, you’ll feel like your playing the real thing, all without setting up the board yourself. 3D Chess Game for Windows 10 allows helps you to hone your skills and have some fun from the comfort of your computer desk.Designed for all skill levelsWhether you’re a beginner interested in learning chess or an advanced player, 3D Chess Game for Windows 10 has exactly what you’re looking for. For experts, it features realistic 3D models of traditional chessboards and challenging opponents in the human vs. AI mode. For beginners, it can be a masterclass. When playing the AI, see the moves its evaluating while processing. Examine every aspect of the game and review completed ones to find learn more about chess strategy. At its highest levels, you can even see dozens of moves ahead.sam.cmd.push(function() { sam.display('review-app-page-desktop'); });Different ways to playOther than playing by skill levels, 3D Chess Game for Windows 10 offers different ways to play. Normal mode allows you to play at your own pace, while timed mode sets a limit to each players time. In either case, monitor your progress and view your statistics to help perfect your game.

This project was last updated September 22, 2022 byCloodo

Logo Project 3D Rubik's Screensaver for Windows
Rating of Project 3D Rubik's Screensaver for Windows on Cloodo

0 Reviews

Download 3D Rubik's Screensaver for Windows

You will see a multicolored 3D Rubik's cube in size of 7x7x7.We are glad to present you our new free 3D screensaver of our own design! This time you will see a multicolored 3D Rubik's cube in size of 7x7x7. First of all, it is rapidly mixed in three dimensions. And then starts to gently gather in the original form! So that you can view it from all the angles while it moves in space and bounces off imaginary planes. We have added lights, perspective and reflection for more realism. The process is different every time and never repeats! That's why, you can observe the cube for a very long time. This will help you to relax of your hard days problems! This free 3D screensaver is compact size and installs very fast. Download it today absolutely free and you will not regret it for sure!

This project was last updated September 22, 2022 byCloodo

Logo Project 3D Valentine Fairies for Windows
Rating of Project 3D Valentine Fairies for Windows on Cloodo

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Download 3D Valentine Fairies for Windows

Celebrate Valentine's Day with this screensaverThe good thing about special dates and celebrations like Valentine's is that you can decorate your computer accordingly with thematic wallpapers, screensavers, icons and more.3D Valentine Fairies Screensaver can be one more element in your special Valentine's computer decoration. This original Valentine's screensaver displays a couple of sweet fairies dancing to the sound of classical music around your desktop, over a flowery background.sam.cmd.push(function() { sam.display('review-app-page-desktop'); });3D Valentine Fairies includes a bunch of different background to choose from – though all of them are flower-related, and apparently the demo version only allows you to use the default one. There are also other parameters to tweak, like sound, brightness or color.In short, 3D Valentine Fairies is quite a cheesy Valentine's screensaver, but you might like it if you celebrate this holiday.

This project was last updated September 22, 2022 byCloodo

Logo Project Abaddon Font for Windows
Rating of Project Abaddon Font for Windows on Cloodo

0 Reviews

Download Abaddon Font for Windows

Abaddon by The Scriptorium, one of the most used fonts!Abaddon is a font created by the author The Scriptorium. It has been downloaded more than 819046 times since its creation.The font Abaddon hass less downloads than the average font, having the average font around 100,000 downloads. Abaddon is ranked the number 282 in our rankings. Find more than 900 fonts in Softonic and download & use it on your favourite programs like Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop, all of them for free!

This project was last updated September 22, 2022 byCloodo

Logo Project ABC-Update for Windows
Rating of Project ABC-Update for Windows on Cloodo

0 Reviews

Download ABC-Update for Windows

Manage your MS updatesABC-Update is a software solution that assists you in updating your Microsoft programs. This utility application is free to use and sets you in control of all your MS Update operations. With this, you can schedule the updates after business hours, including the time-consuming Windows 10 feature upgrades. Users can access ABC-Update with a graphical user interface (GUI) or command-line interface (CLI). With this, you can update your MS apps on an interface that suits your experience. Although, you need to have a solid background in working with Command Prompt interface to use the app without risking your PC’s safety. sam.cmd.push(function() { sam.display('review-app-page-desktop'); });What is ABC-Update?With the ABC-Update app, you can get the updates for all your Microsoft programs exactly when you want them. Not only that, but you can also define max reboots. You even have the option to select the updates you want based on patch dates, KB articles, and update categories. This way, you have full control of your PC and avoid being forced to update components that you don’t want. The app automatically analyzes your system and connects you to the Windows Update server to determine the latest relevant update installed. Moreover, it is capable of listing, downloading, and installing all specific updates missing from WSUS. Furthermore, you can also use the app to uninstall all unwanted updates from your computer. It also allows you to control reboot and reboot loops during setup and uninstall procedures. ABC-Update comes with both GUI and CLI versions that you can use depending on your experience. It also enables you to script update operations if you have that need. Additionally, because you can call it from the command line, it can work well with software distribution tools, such as ABC-Deploy and MS SCCM. However, users must note that using the app requires good knowledge of Command Prompt.Update your Microsoft programs on your own termsTo conclude, ABC-Update is a handy tool for MS program users. It is a comprehensive and efficient app that allows you full control of your Microsoft updates. With this, you can determine when and if these updates should occur on your computer. It is not suitable for complete novices, but there are helpful documents available that you can use to understand how the app works.

This project was last updated September 22, 2022 byCloodo

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