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cloodo - Project Listing - Content Views – Post Grid & Filter for WordPress

Content Views – Post Grid & Filter for WordPress

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Project In Content Views – Post Grid & Filter for WordPress

Easy To Filter And Display Posts, Pages In Grid/List

We believe that a beautiful grid of posts with make your WordPress site stand out and keep visitors engaged. That’s why we built Content Views, a WordPress post grid and list plugin that’s EASY and POWERFUL.

Content Views helps you to create beautiful grid and list to display the recent posts, the posts of specific category, tag, author easily, without any line of code!

Content Views is a 100% mobile responsive solution, so your post grid will always look great on all devices (mobiles, tablets, and desktops).

Content Views is also highly optimized for performance, to help improve SEO and conversions.

There is no more pain in creating WordPress post grid and list.

Easy to Use

Content Views requires no time to learn, no coding skill to create the beautiful post grid and list for your WordPress site. There is a friendly setting form to help you create the post grid and list easily. All settings are well organized, with clear descriptions. There is a live preview panel to see your post grid instantly.

There are 3 simple steps to design your post grid by Content Views:
* Step 1: Filter any posts you want to show (with many possible options: ID, category, tag, author, keyword, status).
* Step 2: Select a beautiful grid or list layout to display your posts. You can customize the layout in your way with many useful settings.
* Step 3: Paste generated shortcode to anywhere you want to display your post grid.


We have all the settings you need to filter and display any WordPress posts, pages in a responsive grid and list layout easily, without coding:

  • 100% Responsive and Mobile Friendly
  • SEO friendly and optimized for speed
  • Pagination support
  • Display grid of posts on WordPress page, widget, theme template easily by shortcode
  • Display recent posts
  • Display posts from a specific category, tag, author, ID
  • Display posts that contain a specific keyword
  • Display child pages of a parent page
  • Show posts’ featured images in a grid gallery
  • Display the title, excerpt, full content, thumbnail, published date, author, category, comments count of posts
  • Sort posts by date, title
  • Limit the number of posts in the grid
  • Show posts in Collapsible list, useful for a FAQ page
  • Show posts in Scrollable list, a simple slider of posts
  • Easy to customize and extend with many custom actions, filters hook
  • PHP 7 compatible
  • GDPR compliance (Content Views does not collect and store any personal data)

Give Content Views a try, and create your WordPress post grid effortlessly!

PRO Features

There is a Pro version of Content Views plugin that comes with many more valuable features to improve your WordPress post grid and list.
Upgrade to Pro.

PRO features list:

Upgrade to Pro.
See Live Demo.



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2022-03-24 at 19:32:01

Rating Cloodo

I cannot say enough after another well known catlist plugin broke totally after an update. My developer spent 8 hours adding CSS to that one just to get it to function as this one does straight out of the box! I am a total beginner and must say that I could not have found it more easy to install and use! A Gazillion THANKS! BRAVO!



2022-03-24 at 19:31:20

Rating Cloodo

Such a handy plugin- I love it! I upgraded to Pro and plan on using this for many more future projects. I can’t emphasize enough how incredible support has been ????

Thank you!



2022-03-24 at 19:30:59

Rating Cloodo

Thanks for good plugin.

  • This topic was modified 4 years ago by WarrenLion.


2022-03-24 at 19:29:00

Rating Cloodo

This plugin is easy to use and works well with the basic features. However, a couple of important critical improvements are needed in the free version:

1. If using a grid view, there is no option to choose one of the taxonomies (“category” or “tag”) to display in the meta data of each post. Its either both or none. Just like date and author, it should be up to user to display if they want only one of them.

2. In the grid view, there should be an option to convert all post images of varying sizes to equal size, so that they look better as thumbnails side by side in grid view.

3. There should be an option for the isotope layout in the free version, which will enable users to quickly shift through categories or tags within each post grid view.

I think this plugin has the potential to be the best plugin in its category, given its ease of use, and I hope the above features can be implemented in the free version. I am rating the free version a 3, as its a good plugin, with some scope for improvement.



2022-03-24 at 19:28:54

Rating Cloodo

This was about the 5th grid plugin I had tried due to the others either not quite working well enough or conflicting with my gallery plugin (nextgen). As well as most only working for posts and not pages (especially not at the same time), this one however worked well strait away.

There were a few little bugs but the support was fantastic and very quick at getting it all fixed up and running well on my site. Very good indeed and highly recommended. I am currently upgrading all the grids on my site to CVP.




2022-03-24 at 19:15:13

Rating Cloodo

Great product and excellent support.



2022-03-24 at 19:12:58

Rating Cloodo

Just installed and tried this. It works just as described. I followed the video as shown. I want the upgrade. If creator ever decides to put a sale on the larger upgrade I would be interested!



2022-03-24 at 19:12:32

Rating Cloodo

i dreamed of this feature, and voila! a plugin that does it. and does it flawlessly.

great. thanks



2022-03-24 at 19:12:32

Rating Cloodo

Very simple, works great straight out of the box, easy to adapt the CSS to fit the site’s theme, thoroughly recommended.



2022-03-24 at 19:10:36

Rating Cloodo

Solid, pretty much bulletproof, and it works without fiddling.

And PT’s support is outstanding for the Pro version.


John Huynh

2022-03-24 at 19:04:55

Rating Cloodo

Thank you very much for developing this useful plugin with features of grid layout which is the one I spent much on finding for my site.



2022-03-24 at 19:03:50

Rating Cloodo

This plugin can really transform your site into something different and new. Simple to use, amazing support from the staff, and rich in features. I highly recommend you check it out.



2022-03-24 at 18:58:56

Rating Cloodo

I just adore this Plugin: it’s rather easy to setup and very very polyvalent. I used it to:

– generate testimonials (in combination with ACF
– generate portfolios (also with ACF
– index pages for blogs
– Commerce layouts in the landing page
– “breaking news” (last 3 or 4 articles) in the sidebar or main content

the uses and possibilities are just up to your imagination and the “full licence” for unlimited number of sites (in combination with the 50% “off” for renewals) make this plugin a swiss knife tool to give a professional look to all your projects ???? I highly recommend !



Georgi Tsvetkov

2022-03-24 at 18:58:37

Rating Cloodo

Very usefull for displaying post in different posts in sertan combination



2022-03-24 at 18:57:38

Rating Cloodo

You are life saver!
Many thanks for this impressive plugin.



2022-03-24 at 18:56:33

Rating Cloodo

A very useful plugin and seems pretty stable. It’s good to be able to really quickly set up a posts grid that fills the design gap in a theme without having to resort to working on an edit of the theme itself – and possibly breaking other things…



2022-03-24 at 18:55:15

Rating Cloodo

I had to search a long time, to find a plugin, that allows to hide/show the content by clicking at post title. It works great.



2022-03-24 at 18:53:59

Rating Cloodo

I’m using this plugin for 9 months now and it has become the backbone plugin of my site. I create almost all my pages with it. Very flexible, very powerful. And of on top of that: really great support! Bugs are fixed very quickly, new features are added on a constant basis and hands-on support if needed. Chapeau!!!


Ron Vis

2022-03-24 at 18:53:57

Rating Cloodo

This is a very powerful plugin and through continued development, can grow to be very popular.



2022-03-24 at 18:52:57

Rating Cloodo

I have been using this for a little while… and it’s very nice. For me, I love simplicity on user side… and this is that! Makes theme look professional on output… so ez on user side. ???? Works perfectly!



2022-03-24 at 18:51:47

Rating Cloodo

Looks good, CSS was easy to adjust style, fast set-up (phew!). Nice plugin.



2022-03-24 at 18:51:12

Rating Cloodo

I search for such a plugin long time. It is looking great and work fine



2022-03-24 at 18:48:16

Rating Cloodo

Very good support and team, I had a conflict with another plugin, the team provided a fix in less than 24 hours. Impressive, thanks guys



2022-03-24 at 18:47:19

Rating Cloodo

really a great help for designing the content of my webpage.


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