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Manage Products For Marketing

Download Manage Products For Marketing

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This project was last updated September 29, 2022 byCloodo

Download Manage Products For Marketing

Manage Products For Marketing FAQ

  • What is Manage Products For Marketing?

      This extension helps the admin manage products more effectively for various marketing operations and a better front-end user-oriented experience. The Manage Products For Marketing extension is designed to help the admins receive information and generate reports on four major product types: New Products, Disabled Products, Out Of Stock Products, and Discontinued Products. 

      Using this extension, admins can receive data via CSV files every day and can keep a close eye on the product inventory.


      • The extension for Magento 2 store will help store admins maintain product catalogs better and more efficiently. 
      • Allows you to generate CSV files for New Products, Disabled Products, Out Of Stock products, and Discontinued Products. 
      • The store admin can get the email reports at whatever time they need. 
      • The extension allows you to select how frequently you would like a product(s) report to be generated. 


      • Store admins can manage products better for marketing or record keeping with the information received.
      • It helps take the manual work of keeping a record of products that were disabled or those that went out of stock.
      • With information on the 4 crucial types of products, store admins can streamline the process of updating information on the store front end.

      Get this extension and take the hard work out of storing and saving crucial product information.

  • Does Manage Products For Marketing is well-reviewed by its community?

      Base on your recent data, Manage Products For Marketing currently has 0 user feedback and reviews with everage 0 User Rate Score. Each user has different experiences so you have to read some detail of reviews to clarify more about the Manage Products For Marketing.

  • What should I do to receive a secured download of Manage Products For Marketing?

      Depend on the contribution from the manager of Manage Products For Marketing project, the download of Manage Products For Marketing can be worked in different approach on different server. Therefore you may download Manage Products For Marketing directly from the download link or may have to shift to another download channel or website where the Manage Products For Marketing manager storing their available files.

      The most helpful advice is running a virus scanning again for any download files on your own computer before openning or using it for your project.

      If you discover any harmful risk after download and extracting the files on your computer, please help to report the download problem of Manage Products For Marketing so we may help to investigate it quickly.

  • Do I need to be a Cloodo member to download Manage Products For Marketing?

      Sure! A member account is a must for you to download Manage Products For Marketing. Not the same with other freely - but - not - in - controled download portal, Cloodo is a digital workspace and we try our best to support our member to approach and using the best business software, templates, drive or data.We will track your download and can received your feedback and connect your download with possiple Manage Products For Marketing support resouces. We believe it will help Cloodo member a lot during their life - time usage of Manage Products For Marketing in their business.

  • Can I request a customer support for Manage Products For Marketing on Cloodo?

      Yes, Manage Products For Marketing support is one of the key things that Cloodo commit to improving day by day.We do not want to be just a listing download site.We want to become more hellpfull to Manage Products For Marketing community by connecting the deloping team, business consultants, experiences user to provide helpfull support for any Manage Products For Marketing user.

      Not all project manager providing their customer or user support and some cases you have to buy some commercial services from other freelancer or agency who can help to support Manage Products For Marketing.

Download Alternative Manage Products For Marketing

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Download Carousel Upsells and Related Product for Woocommerce

The plugin replaces the standard related and upsells products on carousel slider using a script glide.js that does not depend on the jquery, which much faster than its analogues. Simply activate the plugin and a carousel of related products will already appear in your store. Among other things, you can separately configure related products and recommended(Upsells) products. The design of the product cards will match the design of your template, but it should be noted that some templates have their own custom carousels of recommended or related products. Settings plugin Woocommerce → Settings → Products → Related Product Carousel Woocommerce → Settings → Products → Upsells Product Carousel Features: Replaces the standard output of related products and recommended(upsells) products with a carousel No dependence on the jquery, loading is very fast You can change the titles of the standard sections You can enable or disable autoplay You can change the time interval for scrolling the carousel You can specify the number of products in the carousel You can specify the number of visible products (specify the grid) You can specify the number of displayed products on mobile devices and tablets Standard accompanying and recommended products not displayed if their number is less than the indicated visible products in the carousel. That is, a carousel is not created. Only high-quality optimization. You can disable the carousel and control other functions – section header, number of displayed products, number of columns New advanced settings Hint on a mobile device (see. Screenshots) Styling a mobile hint (see. Screenshots) Central mode with cropping (see. Screenshots) Central mode on mobile device only Choosing a carousel transition animation Setting duration of the transition animation Setting the distance between products The choice of navigation icons (see. Screenshots) Setting the color of navigation All new options have tips right in the admin panel. You can always fine-tune the carousel. Plugin Benefits The most important advantage of the “Carousel Upsells and Related Product for Woocommerce” plugin is that it uses a javascript library of glide.js and has no jQuery dependencies. The main JS file of the plugin weighs only ~ 23kb, and in compressed form only ~ 7kb. Compared to similar carousel-slides, such as Slick Slider (88kb, and in compressed 44kb), Swiper Slide (more than 100kb) or OWL carousel (89kb, and in compressed 44kb) is many times smaller and I will remind glide.js without jQuery dependencies. With all this, glide.js has Touch Swipe mode, which allows the finger (touch on the element) to move the carousel in the right direction. As a result, this carousel works faster and directly instantly loads your goods in the carousel. By the way, remember to optimize your images, now owners of online stores fight for each kb as search engines love fast sites. Required Plugins WooCommerce Great thanks Thanks for the wonderful javascript carousel Glide.js Jędrzej Chałubek Thanks for the help Сampusboy Thanks for the help KAGG Design Thanks for helping the developer Artem Abramovich For help Telegram chat “WordPress & WooCommerce” and all participants For the best documentation in Russian by WordPress Site wp-kama.ru Donate link: Pay with Paypal Translations If you wish to help translate this plugin, you are most welcome! To contribute, please visit translate.wordpress.org

This project was last updated September 21, 2022 byCloodo

Logo Project Amazon Product in a Post Plugin
Rating of Project Amazon Product in a Post Plugin on Cloodo

50 Reviews

Download Amazon Product in a Post Plugin

The Amazon Product In a Post plugin can be used to quickly add formatted Amazon Products/Items to any page or post by using just the Amazon product ASIN. NOTICE Uses the New Amazon Product Advertising API V5 As of March 9th 2020, Amazon requires the API version 5.0 to be used. This version has a more streamlined response so some data is no longer available. Most noticeably the Product Description and Customer Reviews. If you have an Affiliate account already, you will need to Migrate your API Keys or generate a new set of keys before the plugin will work correctly. This will also require you to add the new keys in the plugin settings. Amazon also requires you have your affiliate account fully approved before they will grant you access to the Amazon Product Advertising API. This means that you many not be able to use the plugin immediately until you receive access to the API. If you do not have an Amazon Affiliate Account or Amazon Product Advertising API Keys already, it is free and not too extremely difficult to set up (takes about 15 min. total for both). Once you have an account, install the plugin, enter your Amazon Associate ID and API keys in the Plugin Settings page and you are ready to start adding products to your website! How it Works: The plugin uses the Amazon Product Advertising API to get product information from Amazon to display on your site. To use the plugin, you must have: 1. An Amazon Affiliate Account 2. Amazon Product Advertising API keys (generated after March 2019). Amazon’s Product Advertising API Terms of Use requires you have an AWS Access Key ID and Secret Access Key of your own to use. See Plugin FAQs or Getting Started page for links to sign up. With this plugin you can: Add any Amazon product or item to an existing Post (or Page) or custom Post Type. Monetize your blog posts with custom Amazon Product and add your own Reviews, descriptions or any other thing you would normally want to add to a post — and still have the Amazon product there. Easily add only the items that are right for your site. Add the product to the TOP of the post content, the BOTTOM of the post content, or make the post content become part of the product layout (see screenshots for examples) You can add as many products as you want to any existing page/post content using Shortcodes — see Installation or FAQ page for details. Features: Preformmated display of Amazon Products for easy integration (with various settings) Shortcodes for Adding Products, Product Elements, Product Grids, etc. Add new Page/Post at the same time with “New Amazon Post” feature New Gutenberg Blocks for Amazon Products, Element, Searches and Grid Layouts. You can add Product Grid Layouts, Single Product Layouts or Individual Product Elements to Pages/Posts Option to create multiple Pages/Posts from ASINs with Amazon product data auto populated (no need to add separate products) Products can use the Standard product page URL or “Add to Cart” URL (i.e., 90 day Cookie Conversions) Links can be set to open in a new window/tab Custom styling options (via CSS in the settings) Lightbox functionality for larger image popups and additional images (can be disabled). Adjustable Caching of product data to limit API Calls Test feature for verifying Amazon settings are properly set up Debugging Information for troubleshooting issues Known Issues: If you just applied for Amazon Product Advertising API Usage and were approved, it can still take up to several weeks before you have access to the API. The more products you add, the more overhead there is for API requests. The caching system tries to optimize the number of requests by grouping them, instead of doing them individually. Amazon OneLink scripts may cause some links not to work correctly by over-riding the standard product link. If you use OneLink scripts on your site and still want to add products, try to limit the Amazon OneLink scripts to pages where you will not include products. Amazon Ads may also cause some links not to works correctly. This is the same as for Amazon OneLink. Some Products or Product data is not available via the Amazon Product Advertising API. When this happens, the product will not be displayed, or the requested element will not be displayed in the product output. You must have at least twp referral sales every 30 days or you will lose your Amazon Product Advertising Account. If this happens, Amazon will deactivate your Amazon Product Advertising Account and the plugin will no longer display products. You can simply re-sign up for access and change your Amazon Keys in the settings, and they will return (products shortcodes and settings are not deleted, they just cannot be displayed). Support Browse issue tracker on GitHub Follow us on Twitter to stay in contact and informed about updates

This project was last updated September 21, 2022 byCloodo

Logo Project 360 Product Rotation
Rating of Project 360 Product Rotation on Cloodo

17 Reviews

Download 360 Product Rotation

Works in 3 steps Create a 360 view with the online 360 view creator (requires registration) Enter your license key in the plugin settings page View your created views in the 360 media gallery and copy and paste the short code to embed it in any page/post. Optionally, manually upload your self-hosted 360 view to wp-content/uploads/yofla360/ directory and embed it using a short-code Features Full 360° view Responsive design Works on mobile devices (retina support) Works with Woocommerce (storefront theme tested) Cloud or Self Hosted option

This project was last updated September 21, 2022 byCloodo

Logo Project Avalon23 Products Filter for WooCommerce
Rating of Project Avalon23 Products Filter for WooCommerce on Cloodo

4 Reviews

Download Avalon23 Products Filter for WooCommerce

An effective filter is one of the most important functions of an online store. Make sure your customer can always find what they’re searching for in your store with the Avalon23 Products Filter for WooCommerce! This is a new filtering plugin that will suit most store types. additional features Latest PHP 8.x – COMPATIBLE! Demo site : demo.avalon23.dev Demo auto parts store : cars.avalon23.dev Avalon23 Products Filter Features: ✅  Dynamic calculation The plugin will show relevant filters depending on the current search query or category page ✅  ACF filter Filtering by fields of this type: Text, Text Area, Number, Range, Select, Radio Button, Button Group, True/False, Date Time Picker ✅  Hierarchy dropdown This type of filter only works with hierarchical taxonomy. You can see how it works here Demo1 AND Demo2 ✅  Performance The plugin has options to optimize CSS and JS files. Also caching which reduces the number of queries to the database ✅  Flexibility The ability to customize the width, state, visibility of each filter depending on the screen width of the current device ✅  Predefinition allows to display filter that adapts to the current request by default. ✅  Searc logic IN – standard logic – shows all products that have at least one of the selected terms. AND – shows products that have all of the selected terms. NOT IN – exclude products that have at least one of the selected terms ✅  Universality Plugin can filter by: Price, title, category, attributes, tags, custom taxonomies, meta(custom) fields, product dimensions, date, SKU, etc… ✅  Skins Filters can have different color schemes ✅  Ajax mode Plugin does filtering without page reload. This feature depends on the current theme ✅  Many types of filters checkbox, radio, slider, datepicker, labels, select, multi select, tesxt input, hierarchical dropdown, image(in full version), color(in full version) ✅  The filter can be displayed in the widget or in the content as a shortcode You can get full version of the plugin here: WOOCOMMERCE License This plugin is copyright paradigmatools.net © 2012-2020 with GNU General Public License by paradigmatools. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

This project was last updated September 21, 2022 byCloodo

Logo Project Assistant – Every Day Productivity Apps
Rating of Project Assistant – Every Day Productivity Apps on Cloodo

0 Reviews

Download Assistant – Every Day Productivity Apps

Assistant is a new way to work with WordPress. It’s an every-day productivity tool that lets you navigate your WordPress site and handle quick tasks without needing to go to the WordPress Admin area. For example, you can quickly find a page or post and update its title or featured image. You can upload media and navigate to attachment pages. You can moderate comments. You can even run plugin and theme updates. Assistant is organized as a collection of “Apps” for different kinds of tasks. You’ll see more apps coming to Assistant in the future. Assistant is an open source project from the same team that makes Beaver Builder. It’s free and being developed in public. Try it and come join us in helping make it! Assistant Features Access the Assistant UI from any frontend page (post, archive, term, etc…) Get a glance of your recently edited posts on the home screen. Search WordPress directly from the frontend. Quickly find posts, pages, and custom post types with the content app. Upload media to WordPress media library by dropping files on the Media app. The Comments app lets you quick reply, approve, mark as spam and trash comments. Keep an eye on plugin and theme updates with the Updates app. Add custom labels to posts or pages to help organize your site while you work. You can also try Assistant on a demo site here.

This project was last updated September 21, 2022 byCloodo

Logo Project WooCommerce Attribute Stock – Share Stock Between Products (Lite Version)
Rating of Project WooCommerce Attribute Stock – Share Stock Between Products (Lite Version) on Cloodo

0 Reviews

Download WooCommerce Attribute Stock – Share Stock Between Products (Lite Version)

Share stock between products/variations using attributes. This plugin allows you to assign and create stock based on product attributes. A simple feature, yet extremely versatile, fulfilling a wide range of use cases. Easily track and manage shared stock, variable stock, linked stock, product addons, product combos, parts, measurements, ingredients, and much more! Please note the LITE version does not display available stock on the frontend or prevent over-purchasing. This feature is only available in the full version. Why is this needed? Let’s say you have an online store that sells custom printed t-shirts, with each t-shirt print listed as a product on your site. Simple enough, right? Not exactly… Since WooCommerce can only track stock at the product level, there’s no way to keep track of the total number of blank t-shirts you have in stock between each of your products. Your stock levels would quickly go out of sync and your customers would be able to purchase 10 different prints even if you only have one t-shirt left in stock! Ok you got me. What can we do about it? With WooCommerce Attribute Stock you can easily share stock between any number of products or variations. This is achieved by managing stock based on product attributes, making it extremely flexible while still familiar and easy to use. Shared stock levels are accurately tracked, available stock is displayed to customers, and over-purchasing is prevented. See the examples section below for more advanced stock setups made possible with attribute stock. ✨ Plugin Features Attribute-based stock Manage stock at the attribute level. Share stock between all products/variations with one or more assigned attributes. Limit product stock (Full version only) Display the effective product stock available on the frontend and prevent over-purchasing. Quantity multiplier Specify the amount of stock reduced per purchase (including decimal values). Useful for measurements, weights, packs, lengths, etc. Stock management Admin page for easy management of attribute stock items. Set SKUs, internal notes, low stock threshold, product filters, and more. Stock reports Keep track of your attribute stock with WooCommerce stock reports. Low stock emails Receive email notifications for low stock and out of stock attributes. REST API (Full version only) Manage your attribute stock from external software with our fully integrated WooCommerce REST API endpoint. Highly compatible Works with 99% of other plugins, such as variation swatches, POS systems, Subscriptions, Product Bundles, Cart Stock Reducer, WP-Lister, WPML, Polylang, etc. Developer friendly Almost anything that can’t already be configured can be added or changed with actions and filters. 🧩 More Examples Example #1 With attribute-level stock it’s possible to track variable stock (different amounts per item). Let’s say your shop sells Tea by the gram. Simply set your total stock on an attribute Tea and add terms such as 25g, 50g, 100g, etc. By setting a quantity multiplier, each deducts the respective amount from your total stock. This works the same for lengths, quantities, or combo packs. Example #2 Multiple attributes per stock item can also be managed. Imagine you sold necklace pendants with various chains. Each chain has a type and a length. With attribute stock you can accurately track multiple chain inventories shared between each of your pendants and ensure items are not over-purchased. Example #3 Attribute stock can be used in many more cases. For example, event tickets can be sold with a limited number of seats, days, or both. Different levels of tickets can be sold as separate products while sharing one or more central stock pools. 📖 Documentation The WooCommerce Attribute Stock online documentation can be viewed here.

This project was last updated September 21, 2022 byCloodo

Logo Project YITH WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter
Rating of Project YITH WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter on Cloodo

0 Reviews

Download YITH WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter

E-commerce product filtering is a must-have tool to help your customers narrow in on the product they’re looking for and find products they might be interested in based on specific features (size, color, category, etc.) A reliable product filtering is what allows your visitors to enjoy and appreciate your product catalog instead of leaving it after a few seconds. After all, if users can’t easily browse your product lists, they can’t easily find what they are looking for. And if they can’t find it, they can’t buy it. It’s easy to understand. 🙂 With the YITH WooCommerce Ajax Product filter and its new “2021’s massive redesign”, you can finally tackle the user experience in your WooCommerce powered shop. You can help your customers easily find and filter your products by categories, tags, taxonomy, and all kinds of attributes like sizes, colors, materials, brands, etc. You can create unlimited presets and show the filters on standard WooCommerce pages (Shop, Category pages) or custom pages created with Gutenberg or Elementor. You can add your filters anywhere, using the built-in widget, shortcode, or Gutenberg block. In this way, you can create a preset of filters for the shop page, a preset of filters for a specific product category, another preset of filters for a custom page, and so on: no limits and total maximum control. YITH WooCommerce Ajax Product filter features FREE VERSION Easily create and customize unlimited presets of filters to show on different pages (New from 4.0!) Show filters using widget shortcodes and Gutenberg blocks (also on custom pages) (New from 4.0!) Filter by product categories (New from 4.0!) Filter by tags (New from 4.0!) Filter any product attributes (color, size, material, etc.) Choose the filter style (checkbox, select, text and color swatches) Choose the ordering of the terms Choose whether to show terms hierarchy or not Allow multiple selections (with AND or OR) or not Adoptive filtering: terms not available will be hidden Show a “Reset Filters” button Scroll-to-top option in mobile devices and/or desktop SEO options (Activate/deactivate the indexing of the generated URLs in search engines for the filter operation of the plugin) (New!) Beautiful & modern design, suitable for each kind of shop or theme See it in action here: Check the Live Demo of the free version > NEED MORE? CHECK THE PREMIUM VERSION! With the latest update, we have improved the UX and added significant features to our free version. For example, in the previous versions, some essential features like “filter by category” or “filter by tag” options were missing. We worked hard to release a free plugin that works for our users. Anyway, if you want more (like a mobile-friendly design inspired by the larger e-commerce sites), feel free to check the features we provide in our excellent premium version: Two additional layouts for the color filter: bicolor and image support (to better represent gradients, textures, patterns…) Additional layout: label/image. Upload icons, photos and images to identify terms Choose the position of the reset button (above products, above or under filters area) Choose whether to show active filters (with X to remove them) or not and their position (above products, above or under filters area) Modal window on mobile: a layout for filters 100% optimized for mobile devices! (Other plugins just add filters after the products list on mobile, yet, in this way, product filtering on smartphones and tablets is not working. We are the first to have designed and developed a 100% mobile-friendly filtering solution: in a modal window inspired by the largest e-commerce sites!) Filter for reviews Price slider to filter products by price Price ranges with unlimited ranges (last range can show “& above”) Filters to show on sale/in-stock products Ajax sorting for products displayed on the page (by rating, price, popularity, latest) Show an optional tooltip on hover for terms Show filters as a toggle (opened or collapsed by default) Show or hide the count of items Adoptive filtering: choose whether terms not available must be hidden (as in the free version) or keep them visible but not clickable (only in premium) Choose to hide empty terms and out of stock products automatically Customize colors and style of filters area through the dedicated “customization” tab (colors, color swatches size, select and checkbox type, etc.) Upload a custom loader Permalinks management: choose to keep permalinks unchanged, change them by adding filtered terms or use a custom user-friendly and shorter permalink (for a better sharing experience!) Use instant AJAX filtering or show a button to apply filters manually without AJAX Choose whether to show filter results on the same page or a new page Compatible with the YITH WooCommerce Brands Add-on plugin See it in action here (we have three different demo samples): Check the Live Demo of the premium version > And if you love it, get it! GET THE PREMIUM VERSION HERE with a 100% Money Back guarantee >

This project was last updated September 21, 2022 byCloodo

Logo Project Autoship Cloud for WooCommerce Subscription Products
Rating of Project Autoship Cloud for WooCommerce Subscription Products on Cloodo

0 Reviews

Download Autoship Cloud for WooCommerce Subscription Products

Upgrade your subscribe and save, product subscriptions, and repeat deliveries with Autoship Cloud for WooCommerce Subscription products – a flexible and scalable program that customers love! The Autoship Cloud plugin powered by QPilot is free to connect and test. This is a single plugin that allows you to enable any of your WooCommerce products for subscriptions, subscribe and save, repeat ordering, and delivery. Once enabled, the “Autoship and Save” or “Subscribe and Save” automatically appears on your products and variations, and can also be displayed in your cart! WooCommerce subscriptions are quick to launch, so you can start offering your customers an incredibly flexible subscription portal where they can manage their upcoming repeat deliveries in My Account. Seamlessly supports recurring payments with over 10+ popular payment gateways including Authorize.net, Stripe, Braintree, PayPal and more! Automate your business with notifications (powered by SendGrid), repeat order processing, and shipping rules with carrier integrations. Autoship Cloud automatically syncs with your inventory to make things easy. Offer dynamic coupons on recurring orders, automate shipping, sync inventory & stock status, upsell products into orders, and keep on top of everything with our incredible reporting and forecasting suite. Have a question about how you can operate your subscribe and save program at scale with Autoship Cloud? Ask us here. Live Demo Stores “Subscribe and Save” Demo Store: see how quickly you can add subscription options to your existing products) “Meal Delivery” Demo Store: see how Meal and Food Delivery sites can customize WooCommerce and the Autoship Cloud plugin to craft the best customer experience. Includes a full tutorial – with code examples for developers – for how we designed and developed this store here. “Autoship” B2B Demo Store: see how Autoship Cloud makes it easy to automate repeat ordering by offering Autoship for raw materials & food supplies ★★★★★ 5 Star Support for Merchants and Developers Launch & scale with confidence! All of our 5 star plugin reviews mention our excellent support. Fully documented Install & Launch Guide Detailed Documentation for Features, FAQ’s and Plugin Code Fast and Responsive Online Support Backed by a team of experts in WooCommerce, Autoship, Advanced Integrations and Business Automation! Fully Documented Help Guides for Merchants and Plugin Code Docs for Developers See the full documentation and support site for the Autoship Cloud plugin here. Tested with the latest versions of WooCommerce – see our plugin changelog (https://wordpress.org/plugins/autoship-cloud/#developers) Fully illustrated Install & Launch Guide Plugin documentation for templates, filters actions and hooks (https://support.autoship.cloud/collection/598-developers) API and Webhook documentation for QPilot, the hosted service that powers the Autoship Cloud plugin (https://docs.qpilot.cloud/reference/introduction) Customer Reviews with Examples “QPilot has been extremely helpful & supportive throughout the various stages of support.” iHeartDogs “They are there for you, don’t matter how small or large your issue is. They are attentive, effective and will follow up with you. And they do provide customizations! We couldn’t be happier! Highly recommended!” – BlueMoonHemp “Autoship Cloud and the Qpilot team provide an amazing plugin with some of the best support I have ever received. They have developers in the USA that write amazing, fast, and clean code and they will continue to support your custom modifications after its been paid for. These guys are top notch, you will not regret this plugin.” – AlgaeBarn This is how Nuleaf Naturals used the Autoship Cloud plugin powered by QPilot to add 2,000 repeat orders in their first 2 months: Customer Subscription Portal that is Easy and Flexible “It’s easy for customers to choose autoship options at checkout and manage their autoship shipments (including adding and removing products).” – Mintun Media Your customers can quickly view & manage upcoming Autoship orders in My Account. Managing upcoming repeat orders is easy, intuitive, and beautifully branded to match the shopping experience of your online store. You control which products your customers can add to their repeat orders. Automatically disable out of stock products, allow backorders, or simply select which products should not be allowed to be added to repeat orders. Display upcoming orders using WordPress Templates (which can be further styled and customized), or use one of our embedded display portals that we host for you! Change products & future order dates/frequencies Change shipping & delivery locations Update saved payment methods Customers can pause or cancel orders Customers can easily see and fix failed scheduled orders (like a payment failure) See our documentation on How Customers Manage Scheduled Orders. Quickly Launch Subscribe and Save and Repeat Deliveries Autoship syncs with your existing WooCommerce product inventory, so all you have to do is choose what products you want to turn on for Autoship. No additional plugins or setup needed to launch product subscriptions and repeat delivery options Enable only specific products and variations Bulk enable all products & variants globally Option to offer pricing discounts at checkout, recurring orders, or both Sync product prices in real-time and optionally update product prices for existing Scheduled Orders and product subscriptions See how easy this is to do with our Install and Launch Guide Once a product is enabled for Autoship, you will see options on the product page for your customers to select “Autoship” (or another label you choose) and pick their repeat order frequency. You can also choose to display the same options in your Cart as an “upsell” option before customers checkout. Use our preset templates that match your theme’s styling, or customize it for the buying experience you want! Autoship in the Cart: Customer Email Notifications powered by SendGrid® Send customers detailed email notifications about their repeat orders and subscription products. Easily customize to your brand using our free template customizer and excellent deliverability rates thanks to our built-in integration with SendGrid® – included free with your subscription to Autoship Cloud’s hosted service, QPilot. Advanced Notices for Upcoming Orders: Send customers email notifications about upcoming order (Option to add 10-Day, 2-day, 1-day and Custom Day advance email notifications.) Failed Orders and Payments: Let customers know about issues with payments, products or shipments so they can self-service their repeat orders. Our customer email notifications even include steps in each message to help customers solve their own issues! ‘Changeable Before’ Order Notices: Let customers know how many days they have to make changes to upcoming orders. This feature is for site’s using the advanced order processing option for “Lock Duration”. Option to BCC your support team on Customer Emails: want to keep track of customer email messages yourself? Enter a BCC email to include your support team’s email with each notification! Automate Payments seamlessly with WooCommerce Connect the same payment gateways that you use for WooCommerce Checkout to offer Autoship Customers a seamless payment experience. Autoship Customers can save payment methods to pay for future orders at checkout automatically as well as add new payment methods saved in My Account whenever they need to update their upcoming Autoship Scheduled Orders. Over 10+ Popular Payment Gateways Supported (Stripe, Authorize.Net, CIM, Square, PayPal Express Checkout, Braintree, and NMI) Automated Customer Email Notifications Deep knowledgebase of support articles to help customers and merchants solve payment issues Manual Payment Method Entry Supported See our documentation on the Payment Integrations we support and how we manage them. Automated Shipping and Delivery for the Best Customer Experience Automate shipping & delivery for Autoship Customers! With Autoship Cloud, customers always receive the best shipping rate for their shipping address or delivery location automatically. If an Autoship Customer’s repeat order is changed, their shipping rate is automatically recalculated and applied for them. Flat Rates, Table Rates, and carrier integrations Shipping zones and multi-postcode support Product shipping classes New! Use ShipperHQ to integrate over 50+ global carriers Merchant can update available shipping method at any time Any order or address changes recalculate shipping every time Please visit our documentation for more information on How Shipping Rates Work. Zapier Integration & Webhooks Zapier Integration – see how to power amazing email campaigns in Klaviyo using Autoship Cloud + Zapier. Extend Automations and Integrations using the QPilot API and over 12 Webhook Triggers API Webhooks For example: fire Webhook whenever a Scheduled Order is Created, or when an item on a Scheduled Order is updated How Autoship Processes Repeat Orders: Advanced Automation The Autoship Cloud plugin’s hosted service, QPilot, processes orders using your site’s the WooCommerce REST API (link to WC REST API). This enables repeat order processing to take place in the cloud so that your site doesn’t get bogged down running tons of code and cron jobs just to process repeat orders. It’s also a really nice backup just in case your site has any issues – your repeat orders are still hosted & protected in the cloud! When a repeat order is due to process, the order shows up in your WooCommerce Orders just like an order that came through the checkout – process, fulfill and track repeat orders just as you normally do. Notify customers (n) days before their order processes Only a few functions on the checkout page to keep your site load speed fast! Set time of day to process repeat orders daily Start processing orders in advance of their next occurrence date. Great for business that need a day or two to fulfill and ship orders. Set a custom “changeable before” option for your site to prevent changes to upcoming orders X days before they ship. Includes a feature to send a custom email notification to let your customers know how much time they have to make changes! Orders processed via the WooCommerce REST API means that your site can easily scale to process many repeat orders without stressing your WordPress site or hosting! No more headaches with the WordPress Cron or Action Schedulers dragging your site performance. It’s easy to view and track checkout orders that originate Autoship and Product Subscriptions as well as orders created (via the WooCommerce REST API) from processing repeat Scheduled Orders. See an explanation of that in-depth on our documentation: How Scheduled Orders are Linked to WooCommerce Orders. For detailed and technical information on how Autoship Cloud’s hosted service, QPilot, processes orders with WooCommerce, please see our full documentation here: How an Autoship Scheduled Order is Processed. Customizable Order Scheduling & Repeat Frequency Options Craft the subscriber experience you want for repeat orders and deliveries with standard or customized order dates and frequency options. Control what customers see at checkout or what is available to be changed through the customer portal. Customer can change their upcoming order dates or frequency to get products delivered on their schedule. Lower your subscription order churn by letting customers use the frequencies that best match their need. With Autoship Cloud, your customers have complete control & flexibility within the rules that you set for repeat ordering dates & frequencies. Customer can update at any time Daily, weekly, or monthly options Customize the frequencies you offer Limit options or leave them wide open Options by specific products, category, or storewide Product & Inventory Sync Autoship Cloud automatically syncs with your WooCommerce product data, stock status & inventory so that you can offer Autoship options and product subscriptions for the products you already sell. Product data is synchronized with your WooCommerce store in real-time, so you have full control over which products are available to Autoship Customers on your product pages and on future scheduled orders. Real-Time sync for stock status and Inventory Count Out-of-stock products automatically excluded from repeat order processing Allow Backorders? We support that too! Enable specific products or variations for Autoship and exclude others Coupons for Repeat Customers and Ordering Incentivize the buying behavior you want with coupons created by Autoship Cloud. Increase conversions, average order value, and reward repeat customers in the ways that match your business needs. Whether you want to win a new customer or reward your best ones, Autoship Cloud makes coupons flexible and easy. See all of the ways coupons can be configured with Autoship Cloud. Apply to subtotal, shipping, or individual products Discounts can be one-time or repeat, and limited by use Give flat amount or percentage coupons Set minimums on item count, price, or weight Coupons created in Autoship only apply to Autoship items Marketing Tools to Upsell & Retain Repeat Customers Increase the value of repeat customers with Autoship’s upsell capabilities. A no-code solution that lets you create a link to any product in your store. When customers click that link, that product is added to their upcoming scheduled order. Send the link via email, text, or chat. Make it one-click easy to upsell your existing customers. Offer single-use or subscription items Increase average order size with a single click Gift loyal customers one-time products Reduce friction on upsells for repeat customers: Add products subscriptions right to the cart with frequencies already applied Add products on repeat to existing subscription orders And more… get creative with how you upsell to your Autoship Customers! Reports & Forecasting So You Can Plan for Repeat Customers Growing repeat revenue and managing customer relationships requires effective reporting. Autoship Cloud makes it possible to see the following: Inventory Forecasting – see what items are upcoming on scheduled orders See which products have high Total Scheduled quantities that are Active versus products with high Total Scheduled quantities that are paused or failed Customer metrics like LTV, when an order was first created, order count, and more! Event logs to see when scheduled orders are changed and by whom Total revenue dashboard See all the reports and information available on Autoship Cloud.

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Download Import Products from any XML or CSV to WooCommerce

“I’ve been doing eCommerce sites for almost a decade. The combination of WP All Import and WooCommerce is a game changer! I can now get clients into eCommerce sites that could never afford the time/energy or money it took to administrate a site. It has opened up a whole new client base for me.” Mike Tidmore -Founder, Successful Online Stores The WooCommerce add-on for WP All Import makes it easy to bulk import your products to WooCommerce in less than 10 minutes. The left side of the plugin looks just like WooCommerce, and the right side displays a product from your XML/CSV file. Drag & drop the data from your XML or CSV into the WooCommerce fields to import it. The importer is so intuitive it is almost like manually adding a product in WooCommerce. WooCommerce CSV imports? WooCommerce XML imports? They are EASY with WP All Import. Here’s why you should use the WooCommerce add-on for WP All Import: Supports files in any format and structure. There are no requirements that the data in your file be organized in a certain way. WooCommerce CSV imports are easy, no matter the structure of your file. WooCommerce XML imports are flexible and work with any XML file. Supports files of practically unlimited size by automatically splitting them into chunks. Import 200Mb+ product catalogs with ease, even on shared hosting. WooCommerce Add-On Professional Edition The Pro edition of WP All Import + the WooCommerce add-on is a paid upgrade that includes premium support and adds the following features: In-depth support for Variable products – example CSV files, ability to import variations from properly formatted XML, and much more. Import External/Affiliate products Import Grouped products Import files from a URL – Download and import files from external websites, even if they are password protected with HTTP authentication. Cron Job/Recurring Imports – WP All Import pro can check periodically check a file for updates, and add, edit, delete, and update the stock status of the imported products accordingly. Execution of Custom PHP Functions on data, i.e. use something like [my_function({xpath/to/a/field[1]})] in your template, to pass the value of {xpath/to/a/field[1]} to my_function and use whatever it returns. Get access to our customer portal with documentation and tutorials, and e-mail technical support. Upgrade to the Pro edition of WP All Import + the WooCommerce add-on now. You need the WooCommerce add-on if you need to: Import XML to WooCommerce Import CSV to WooCommerce Are frustrated with the limitations of the official WooThemes Product CSV Import Suite WooCommerce CSV Imports Of course, XML files can have complex structures, but for CSV files, you can easily edit them and change the column names. When importing CSV files, you should use UTF-8 encoding (which is very standard) if you are having any trouble with CSV imports containing special characters. But other than that, there are no special requirements. This importer is the best option for WooCommerce CSV import tasks – our importer is extremely flexible when doing CSV imports because you don’t need to edit your CSV files to import them to WooCommerce. WP All Import can import ANY CSV file to WooCommerce. You don’t need to layout your data in a specific way, and you don’t need your CSV to have specific column names. WP All Import’s drag & drop interface provides you with a visual way to map the columns in your CSV file to the appropriate fields in WooCommerce. Support Support for the free version of WP All Import is handled through the WordPress.org community forums. Support is not guaranteed and is based on ability. For premium support over email, purchase WP All Import and the WooCommerce add-on.

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✔ Scan barcodes and find products & orders ✔ Quick mangment of product inventory & prices ✔ Create orders rigth from the admin panel This WordPress plugin allows you to scan any types of barcodes to manage your inventory and orders more efficiently. After barcode scanning, plugin starts to search item automatically and displays product or order you are looking for. Plugin is fully compatible with WooCommerce. Main features of barcode scanner: Supports all types of barcode scanners Search by products Review & edit basic product information Manage stock quantity Search by orders Review order information Creation of new orders Auto actions* Auto actions allows you to increase or decrease product quantity automatically simply by scanning products, so you don’t have to change quantity value manually. It might be very useful for restocking items in your stock. By default plugin allows to do search by Product ID, SKU, Name, however you can specify any other custom field (like UPC, EAN, etc) by which search should be done. Please note: This is a free trial version, so it comes with some limitations. Possible use cases: Quick search of item: If you have to search for products/orders regularly and you type id/sku/name manually – you may increase your productivity by using barcode scanner. You will need to scan product/order barcode and it will be found as fast as possible without any additional interaction with keyboard. Point of Sale: You can use barcode scanner as a POS system to create orders in offline stores. You simply scan products which your customer wants to buy, and you will see prices for each item along with total order price. Restocking items: If you received a new products from your vendor, you can use “auto actions” to increase products quantity in WooCommerce simply by scanning items. Product quantity will be increased each time you scan a barcode. Your use case may be different, however barcode scanning & quick search is always helpful tool and can be adopted to any business process. More information about Barcode Scanner plugin here: Barcode Scanner Plugin FAQ

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