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This project was last updated November 5, 2023 byCloodo

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I used a good app before, but now I cannot edit my pages any more. This garbage is make unusable my whole site!
When i edit any post, page or anything in my site, when i begin the save process, this app make double anything..double rows, double chars…

Why can’t i full uninstall this? And why we need to install? Why? This is nonsense! I’m very angry! I worked months on my site and now the whole site is like a garbage…THANK YOU! ????

If i downgrade the whole site to an earlyer version, all the other plugins is broken becouse this plugin is edited somehow any plugins….now i and my cliens cannot see a normal website, just a garbage. Just full of garabage.

Please throw out this from the next WordPress version!



Review at 4/7/2022, 5:27:04 PM

Rating Cloodo

I wish I could do a zero star, 1 star is a lie, 1 star denotes it’s almost worthy. It’s not.

It’s ruined WordPress, which previously was easy to use.
Now I spend too much time trying to show clients how to use a terrible editor.

It’s not logical, it’s almost designed to be as complex as possible.

Thankfully classic editor to the rescue for older sites, meantime I’ve ventured into site builders like Beaver Builder/Elementor who have rescued WordPress in my opinion.



Review at 4/7/2022, 5:27:04 PM

Rating Cloodo

What a mess.

No, WordPress; no, Matt. You all totally missed the boat on this one. You made this gutenberg mess for yourselves, not for your end users. None of us asked for any type of block editor. For those of us who operate and/or create content, we want a simple, easy to use interface…which you have in what you now call your “classic editor.” It’s free of distraction, and is easy for most anyone to use.

Why does my writing staff need to be working with these blocks? They don’t. They complain about it. Stuff “splits up” when they click in the wrong place, or put a carriage return where it doesn’t belong. Hmmm, interesting, in the past they could simply type in the post, paste in a photo and the writing was done. Classic Editor is now a network-activated plugin on all of my WP sites.

Let me put it this way. Microsoft Word is like the classic WordPress–you open it, you type your document, done. Microsoft Publisher is like gutenberg–you put small things in blocks to make them look pretty on a page. These are two different tools; both work well, yet I would never use Publisher to publish anything extensive. Basically, gutenberg is forcing us to do things in small, confusing bites rather than just letting us write. It stifles creativity; it distracts the thought process.

Someone needs to rethink this. The Classic Editor is only being supported through 2022; good luck with that, as someone will either fork WordPress and return it to the way it needs to be, or people will leave WP in droves for something more intuitive with less clutter and distraction. Kiss your user base goodbye.

TL;DR? We tried it, we disliked it. It’s a complete and dismal failure. I uninstalled the plugin, of course. But we really need a way to get rid of it entirely from WP 5.0 onward. It will kill WordPress in the end. Keep it as a plugin so the very few users out there who think it is a good thing (it’s not) can continue using it, but the vast majority of users who see it as crippling to the creative process can not have it shoved in their faces every time they open the Dashboard.

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Review at 4/7/2022, 5:27:02 PM

Rating Cloodo

1 because there is no 0 (ZERO)!
The worst experience ever.

Please, take it off!
Its a trash one.

Come on!



Review at 4/7/2022, 5:26:58 PM

Rating Cloodo

I build websites constantly in wordpress and this mandatory forcing of the new editor has broken my process. Make it optional, it still isn’t as powerful as many third party builders like WP bakery and has added days of dev time to my latest project. Please please think about how you are going to fix this for the people who use your product the most.



Review at 4/7/2022, 5:26:47 PM

Rating Cloodo

You should leave this as an optional plugin not as main. I hate and my clients too!

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gcolliergcolliergcollierMarius L. J.gcollier

Review at 4/7/2022, 5:26:46 PM

Rating Cloodo

Thanks for messing everything up! I was not asked, and I did not agree, to be part of beta testing your incredibly flawed program!

1. Many things are now hidden and you’ve added more clicks to do the same thing (e.g., switch between wysiwig and code view). WHY?

2. Now between saves, extra spaces get added on the page and I have to keep deleting them.

3. All of a sudden, the “add link” box gets stuck on the page and I can’t make the “open on different page” button work.

4. The “upload media” box very often shows an error and won’t upload anything. I’ve tried different browsers, clearing casche, etc. etc. Have to log out completely and start over.

And so many other things. Did you never hear of fully testing something before dumping it on the market! All you have succeeded in doing is wasting a LOT of my time. I do NOT appreciate it–and it is clear that you don’t really care.

“Wonderful world of blocks” my foot!

This is not about the end of the world; it is about wasting my time. And I’ve wasted a LOT of time with this new so-called wonderful new version.

Gary D. Collier
Not a professional coder
Just trying to use WordPress

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Review at 4/7/2022, 5:26:28 PM

Rating Cloodo

It is very rare when I write a review, but really guys, improve the plugin, do a user testing to see what happens, the most annoying thing is when you work with a blog and have some empty space you must eliminate in several steps because each paragraph becomes a block.
Do not separate each paragraph in a different block is very annoying.



Review at 4/7/2022, 5:26:03 PM

Rating Cloodo

For those who continue to give one star reviews to the new editor because it either breaks your site, is totally different, too many problems, too long to learn, or you just dont like it – I say please take a moment and recognize that not only is this a full codebase rebuild, but you also have the ability to stay within the realm of the Classic Editor until 2022. That’s pretty incredible to be able to do that. Furthermore, you have enjoyed an incredible management system whose original codebase effectively goes back to 2008.

Gutenberg is the future. I already have teams and clients using it and *wanting* to use it. We are already building custom blocks and plugins that support frameworks we use for our sites, that honestly, we were not inspired to do with the old system.

Welcome to the new.



Review at 4/7/2022, 5:25:52 PM

Rating Cloodo

It feels like I’ve been using this Editor for nearly a year, and surprisingly I still don’t like it. God, is this freaking project some kind of star on the dark-side of the open source world? Fixing bug just isn’t going to help, this editor is not handy at the first place.????



Review at 4/7/2022, 5:25:51 PM

Rating Cloodo

Hate it, the whole thing with WP5 now feels highly unintuitive and challenging.

Creating pages and posts is a PITA, and stuff that was tried, tested and proven, and that people were comfortable and happy with is thrown out of the window, requiring a manual reset back to the old style editors.

I have not yet had one single user or person tell me they like it. It reminds me of all those requests I used to get to install Chrome and disable IE as the default browser…because it’s a horrible experience.



Review at 4/7/2022, 5:25:38 PM

Rating Cloodo

Is this even an update?
You just confuse people, developers and writers.

Do you want to kill wordpress? JUST STOP!

I hate this piece o crap. Remove it from the new wordpress. It just ruined my new website. I wasted about two hours to understand that Gutenberg is a poison. The worst addition to WordPress for the last 5 years.

Show us the man behind the so called “Gutenberg”. The most silly person to ever suggest the idea. We should bring back the Lynching.

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Review at 4/7/2022, 5:25:35 PM

Rating Cloodo

Even the worst page builder have more options and personalization is awful.



Review at 4/7/2022, 5:25:34 PM

Rating Cloodo

Since i heard from the Gutenberg Editor i was not fascinated by the idea to implement something like an editor framework expansion set to achieve a new level of editing Content on a CMS like System ????

The hole thing should be done by a plugin creator and not by wordPress core team… in my opinion… the language implementation in the core should be ABSOLUTE PRIORY >>>> 1 <<<<
and not a fancy new way to edit content wich has no change effect to the WordPress Project than maybe a advertising effect ?! Useless in my opinion since it has been released in a VERY BETA STAUTS (i cannot call it perfect because more than two or three columns results in many bugs and concept problems)

I never wrote a negative comment on WordPress
I’m a developer in Coding Custom WordPress Themes/Plugins for Business Clients
I maynly develop business/corporate sites, a view times i had a client project where i coded a realy portal like page in wordpress or also a shop/catalog system ????

this is only my personal opinion ????

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Review at 4/7/2022, 5:25:33 PM

Rating Cloodo

I am so excited to have met the new Gutenberg editor. I said ‘Hello’, spent the evening playing with it and used the blocks to build an awesome skyscraper made up of paragraphs, quotes and image galleries.

I love how various buttons and icons seem to randomly flash at you when you move your cursor around the screen. It’s challenging and fun and feels like it is working my brain – keeping me on my toes, like solving a puzzle – I love puzzles.
Another fun thing to do is randomly click around and watch with amazement at the frenzy of popups ready to jump out of the screen at you.

The flexibility that the Gutenberg editor offers is practically unlimited. The tools enabled me to design some algorithms to create a black hole image.

I especially love how the Gutenberg editor detects when you are typing too fast, and uses a lag feature that throttles my speed down to 30 words per minute. I always felt that typing 70-80 words per minute was too fast, so I am pleased.

There are way too many impressive things to list why I truly love Gutenberg, but I will stop as I am keen to hear what others have to say. Feel free to share your thoughts on why you love the new editor.




Review at 4/7/2022, 5:25:21 PM

Rating Cloodo

Whoever decided that forcing this stupid editor on everyone by default on WordPress releases should be removed from WP team. This is like a dictatorship and people and developers will leave WP for other platforms as a result.

Yes you can disable it and yes you can add Classic Editor plugin. But not it does not take away the fact that WP is forcing this on millions of their users.



Review at 4/7/2022, 5:25:09 PM

Rating Cloodo

This is what happens when WP leadership changes. Horrible plugin forced on users.



Review at 4/7/2022, 5:24:48 PM

Rating Cloodo

As a long time WordPress developer I am horrified that this non-intuitive, user unfriendly, non-improvement was ever allowed to see the light of day. I noted it had horrible reviews before being added to WP as the new editor and figured it would die a natural death, but they went ahead and launched it into millions (hundreds of millions?) of working WordPress installs anyway. Who thought forcing a poorly reviewed editor on 12 years worth of successful site users was a smart idea?

I will allow that the classic editor was in sore need of some improvements, and I have recently started using Elementor for my more complex sites, but after trying it out I knew I would never use this editor for any reason, much less foist it on my clients.

Over two million installs of the classic editor at this writing. Get a clue WordPress. This needs to go. At the very least make it an option rather than an integral part of WP. Please.



Review at 4/7/2022, 5:23:26 PM

Rating Cloodo

I guess this is a try to make WP more user friendly to random bloggers but for us who want to run online business this update is the worst so far. Content writers take more time to create posts and there is no consistency on the site how things look. Luckily there is a plugin to enable the classic editor and use WordPress for a CMS. For which it still is great.

What is this. Lets make it as hard as possible to edit fucking anything? Lets add more steps on top of more steps to edit anything? Ridiculous.


-15 year developer.

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Review at 4/7/2022, 5:23:26 PM

Rating Cloodo

I came back to WP after an extended break, updated site, theme broken, and come to find out that “Gutenberg” is now the default post & page editor in WP.

Politely put: my mind is blown! This is beyond terrible.

If this was in WP in the early days, it would have never gotten off the ground.

This is the equivalent of using a MS Zune with Windows 10 UI, hide everything that you need, try to do something, you can’t see what it is doing, what it shows in the editor does not render properly on screen … default theme, simple post, one small photo, three times it published the photo at half width relative to the height, simple line breaks and paragraphs, 2/3 of them removed, … WTF?!

In all my life and first using a computer ~40 years ago I have never seen such an abomination and text mangling.

I literally have NO idea how in the world this got elevated to the default editor. It should not have gone beyond alpha or beta.

Not having traditional UI elements in a text editor is just bonkers.

And, you are putting the name Gutenberg to shame. I can actually set letter type and print the old fashioned way faster than I can make a simple post in WP and get the result with a bit of basic markup the way I intended!!!

I simply have nothing positive to say about the implementation and execution; despite the fact that I can from a technical aspect see what the goal was. Except that it was not necessary and should have been an opt-in. Not a default. If somebody with 30 years of computer experience can’t work this thing … how is an average user who may give posting abilities supposed to use it properly? If you need a new manual to put some text on a blog or site. It is a FAIL.

Rant over.



Review at 4/7/2022, 5:23:26 PM

Rating Cloodo

An absolute crock of sh*te that has ruined WordPress and forced me to move from WordPress to ClassicPress.



Review at 4/7/2022, 5:23:25 PM

Rating Cloodo

I am a professional developer and Gutenburg has been a horrendous experience. It is elementary, it is limiting, it is made for non-tech people. Isn’t that what wordpress.com is for? This addition is not a welcomed feature. It should be an optional plugin only!!!!! PLEASE remove it and make it optional. I know there are workarounds to disable it and I will try that next but I don’t want it included at all. I don’t even know where to begin with explaining my frustrations with it…. it is extremely frustrating to use, I cannot get into my code properly, I can’t do the functions I need to do to edit my site, it narrows the editing screen to a tiny narrow column, the tool bars disappear, and on and on. I liken this to when Microsoft changed their operating software to version 8 and uproar ensued. They had to release 8.1 to undo some of the damage. Please undo this Gutenburg nightmare. Look at all these ratings – all 1 stars that I can see. There should be a zero for the fact that WordPress has forced this on everyone. I LOVE WORDPRESS and I appreciate all that the programmers do for this community. But this Gutenburg thing seems like it’s in the wrong direction for progress.

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Review at 4/7/2022, 5:23:25 PM

Rating Cloodo

For the first time in 7 years, I’m seriously considering switching my clients over to Wix. I’ve spent 2 months of wasted effort trying to repair my websites after I had no choice to auto-update on Siteground.



Review at 4/7/2022, 5:23:25 PM

Rating Cloodo

Its pure crap.

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Smart Slider 3 Project Client Reviews & Customer Service Rating

Smart Slider 3 is a powerful and intuitive WordPress plugin that allows users to create sliders with ease. It is fully responsive, SEO optimized, and works with any WordPress theme. With Smart Slider 3, users can create beautiful sliders and tell stories without the need for any code. Live slide editor The plugin features a user-friendly interface that makes creating slides fast and efficient. Users have complete freedom to build customized slides by dragging and dropping layers. The slide editor is similar to popular page builders, allowing users to add layers, structure them with rows and columns, and easily customize their design. Unique Layouts with Layers Smart Slider 3 offers a wide range of customizable layers that can enhance sliders and make websites more unique and visually appealing. Users can easily edit headings, text, images, buttons, and videos with various customization options. The plugin also allows users to change typography and style details to match their website's design. Responsive, Mobile-Ready Sliders With Smart Slider 3, sliders are responsive and optimized for mobile devices. Users can switch between different device modes to optimize their content for various resolutions. This ensures that the sliders can be enjoyed on any device, including mobile, tablet, or desktop. Beautiful Sliders to Start Even without technical skills, users can create stunning sliders by choosing from a variety of pre-designed templates. Smart Slider 3 provides a collection of beautiful templates to choose from, or users can start with a blank slider and build their own customized design. The plugin supports image, layer, video, and post sliders, giving users flexibility in creating different types of sliders. Most Powerful Features Smart Slider 3 offers a range of powerful features that make it a top choice for creating sliders in WordPress. Some of the key features include: Default position: Edit slides in a familiar way, similar to page builders. Absolute position: Drag and drop layers anywhere on the slide using absolute layers. Slide library: Access a library of pre-made slides to kickstart your work. Totally integrated with WordPress: Compatible with media manager, shortcode, widget, post permalinks, and post editor. Page Builder support: Works seamlessly with popular page builders like Elementor, Divi, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, and more. Totally responsive and touch-friendly: Sliders can be enjoyed on any device, with responsive and touch-friendly functionality. Dynamic Slides: Available source: WordPress posts. Customizable controls: Options for arrows, bullets, autoplay, bar, thumbnails, and shadows. Slide backgrounds: Choose from 9 smooth background animations. Layers: Build unique designs with 6 varied layers: Image, Heading, Text, Button, Vimeo, YouTube. Font and Style manager system: Easily customize typography and style details. Template sliders: Access a collection of 11 ready-to-use sliders. Testimonials “I can heartily recommend the free version. It already provides more functionality than any other slider plugin – even many premium ones.” – Daniel Pataki – WPMU DEV “Having tried more than a few WordPress slider plugins, both free and paid, I can honestly say that this is one of the best that I’ve ever tested…” – Daryn Collier – WPKube “Since Smart Slider is free to use, I do not have to really stress how good a plugin it is because you can download it yourself and see for yourself.” – Kevin Muldoon “This plugin can be used for much more than a simple slider – being able to create whole sections of your website.” – Oliver Dale – WPLift “Taking all this into consideration, we can safely say that Smart Slider 3 is one of the top WordPress slider plugins.” – Mark Zahra – WP Mayor Support Smart Slider 3 is a community-driven project that values user feedback. If users encounter any issues or have feature requests for the plugin, they can reach out to the support team for assistance. Smart Slider 3 Pro Features: The Smart Slider 3 Pro version offers additional features and customization options, including: Access to all template sliders Layer animation builder Live animation timeline 18 extra layers 2 extra slider types Full page responsive layout All generators for dynamic slides Extra background animations (more than 54) Built-in lightbox Advanced controls and preset options Ton of customization options Premium support For a full list of features, users can visit the Smart Slider 3 website. Dynamic Slide Sources The Smart Slider 3 Free version supports the following dynamic slide sources: WordPress Posts: Users can display WordPress posts based on category or tag filters. The Smart Slider 3 Pro version offers additional dynamic slide sources: WordPress Custom Posts: Users can display WordPress custom posts from custom post types, with custom taxonomy filters or specific custom posts. WooCommerce Slider from Products: Users can display WooCommerce products based on category, tag, featured, stock status, or specific products. NextGEN Gallery: Users can display images and related meta from selected NextGEN galleries. Events: Users can display events based on category or tag filters. Supported plugins include All-in-One Event Calendar, Events Manager, and The Events Calendar. Image Slider: Users can display images and related meta from selected image galleries. Supported plugins include Gallery by BestWebSoft and Photo Gallery by WD. Social Dynamic Sources: Users can display social media content from Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, YouTube, and Pinterest. Translations Smart Slider 3 is available in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Italian, French, Hungarian, Traditional Chinese, Finnish, Japanese, and German.

This project was last updated October 20, 2023 byCloodo



Review at 4/7/2022, 6:13:54 PM

Rating Cloodo

Качественный плагин. Хорошее отображение на мобильной версии. Большой набор настроек. Можно настроить под любые задачи касательно показа баннеров.



Review at 4/7/2022, 6:14:27 PM

Rating Cloodo




Review at 4/7/2022, 11:08:16 AM

Rating Cloodo




Review at 4/7/2022, 6:15:16 PM

Rating Cloodo

Отличный слайдер, много настроек!
Пожалуйста добавьте функционал для мобильной версии =
Когда человек заходит с мобильного устройства то ему показывается блок картинок одна под другой, вместо крохотного слайдера! И тогда будет бомба!



Review at 4/7/2022, 6:16:07 PM

Rating Cloodo

очень простой плагин в использовании, легко создаются слайды и быстро доступны, как к изменению, так и к установке.

Logo Project Better Font Awesome
Rating of Project Better Font Awesome on Cloodo

81 Reviews

Better Font Awesome Project Client Reviews & Customer Service Rating

Better Font Awesome is a WordPress plugin that allows users to automatically integrate the latest version of Font Awesome into their WordPress projects. It includes the necessary CSS, shortcodes, and a TinyMCE icon shortcode generator. The plugin ensures that the Font Awesome version used is always up-to-date, eliminating the need to manually update the version included in the theme or plugin. It is designed to be compatible with other Font Awesome shortcode plugins, making it easy to switch to Better Font Awesome without breaking existing shortcodes. Features Always up-to-date: The plugin automatically fetches the latest available version of Font Awesome. Backwards compatible: The shortcode output is automatically updated based on the selected version of Font Awesome, allowing users to switch versions without modifying their shortcodes. Compatible with other plugins: Better Font Awesome works with shortcodes generated by plugins like Font Awesome Icons, Font Awesome More Icons, and Font Awesome Shortcodes. CDN speeds: Font Awesome CSS is pulled from the reliable jsDelivr CDN for improved loading speeds. Shortcode generator: The plugin includes an easy-to-use TinyMCE dropdown shortcode generator. Settings All settings can be adjusted via the "Settings" menu and selecting "Better Font Awesome." Usage Better Font Awesome can be used in three different ways: shortcode, HTML, and TinyMCE. 1. Shortcode [icon name="flag" class="2x spin border" unprefixed_class="my-custom-class"] The shortcode does not require prefixes (fa- and icon-), but can still include them if desired. Better Font Awesome is smart enough to detect the version of Font Awesome being used and adjusts the prefixes accordingly. This means that shortcodes with or without prefixes will work as expected across different versions of Font Awesome. Refer to the Github documentation for additional shortcode usage details. 2. TinyMCE Better Font Awesome provides users with a user-friendly dropdown menu in the TinyMCE editor's visual mode for convenient insertion of icons. Screenshots of the TinyMCE integration can be found on the plugin page. 3. HTML HTML usage of Better Font Awesome requires the inclusion of prefixes and is version-specific. It is recommended to use shortcodes instead of HTML, but additional information on HTML usage can be found on the Font Awesome site. Advanced / Integration Better Font Awesome is built around the Better Font Awesome Library, which allows for seamless integration into custom projects such as themes or plugins with constantly up-to-date icon lists. The library also includes filters that can be used for further customization. Languages / Translations The plugin currently supports the following languages: English French (translation by David Tisserand) Credits The development of Better Font Awesome was made possible by the contributions of the following plugins and their authors: Font Awesome Icons by Rachel Baker Font Awesome More Icons by Web Guys Font Awesome Shortcodes by FoolsRun Dmitriy Akulov and the jsDelivr team for providing the reliable jsDelivr CDN The plugin would also like to extend thanks to the following individuals for their assistance with testing and quality assurance: Jeffrey Dubinsky Neil Gee Michael Beil Rob Neue Gary Jones Jan Hoek If you find this plugin helpful, please consider leaving a 5-star review.

This project was last updated October 20, 2023 byCloodo



Review at 4/7/2022, 6:20:31 PM

Rating Cloodo

I have used the heck out of this plugin on a site I recently developed. By far the easiest method for a user to add Font Awesome to their site!


Shaped Pixels

Review at 4/7/2022, 6:21:35 PM

Rating Cloodo

I’ve always added font icons to my themes via the enqueue method, but then this evening I’ve been developing my next theme’s shortcode plugin which was loading Font Awesome, only to realize that a better solution would be to keep the icon font separate and on its own. I found your plugin and have to say this is a great plugin for users to take advantage of because of how you created it, but also, they are not tied down with my theme or shortcodes, should they make a change later. Yours is simple and easy for the end-user.



Review at 4/7/2022, 6:23:23 PM

Rating Cloodo

great plugin that have many ways to keep fonts



Review at 4/7/2022, 6:24:39 PM

Rating Cloodo

Developer is busy but working on the plugin as much as he has time. Very appreciated.

  • This topic was modified 9 months, 2 weeks ago by alexio.


Review at 4/7/2022, 6:25:09 PM

Rating Cloodo

For the longest time we had all these weird icons show up in menus, topics, etc … I finally went googling for “wordpress weird icons” and quickly stumbled across a recommendation to use this plugin to make sure the “Font Awesome” is always installed and working. So I installed and activated it, and BOOM!! everything is suddenly working, all the arrows and icons now work!

Very good work, THANK YOU!!

I would give you 6 stars if possible .. all my admins have broken there heads over this for the longest time, and now it is fixed!! Makes me very happy!

Founder of Scaffies.NL

Logo Project Quotes Collection
Rating of Project Quotes Collection on Cloodo

58 Reviews

Quotes Collection Project Client Reviews & Customer Service Rating

The Quotes Collection plugin is designed to help users collect, manage, and display their favorite quotes on their WordPress website or blog. With its robust admin interface and various features, this plugin provides an efficient solution for organizing and showcasing quotes. Features Admin Interface: The plugin offers a user-friendly admin interface that allows users to add, edit, import, export, and manage their collection of quotes. Sidebar Widget: Users can display a randomly selected quote from their collection in any widget area using the "Random Quote" widget. This widget offers options to manually or automatically refresh the displayed quote, with both random and sequential selection. Gutenberg Blocks: The Quotes Collection plugin includes two blocks that can be added to pages and posts in the Gutenberg editor: The "Quotes" block allows users to display all quotes or a specific set of quotes, with various presentation, filtering, paging, and other customization options. (NEW in version 2.5) The "Random Quote" block functions similarly to the Random Quote widget, but with additional presentation options. Shortcode: Users can use the [quotcoll] shortcode to display all quotes or a specific set of quotes on a WordPress page. This shortcode supports various arguments for customization. Examples of the shortcode usage are provided on the Plugin Home Page. Template Function: For users who wish to code the random quote functionality directly into a template file, the quotescollection_quote() template function can be used. More information about this function is available on the Plugin Home Page. Import/Export: The plugin supports importing and exporting the collection of quotes in JSON format, allowing for easy backup, migration, or sharing of quotes between websites. Localization The Quotes Collection plugin can be translated into different languages through translate.wordpress.org. Note: The content above is a revised and expanded version of the existing description for the Quotes Collection project. It provides a comprehensive overview of the project, its features, and its benefits to users.

This project was last updated October 20, 2023 byCloodo



Review at 4/7/2022, 11:21:29 AM

Rating Cloodo

A few details:
– When you don’t include the author of a quote, the widget leaves a white space, instead of shrinking the size of the widget.
– In the sidebar, the section for quotes is called Quotes Collection. But all the others go: Posts, Media, Pages, Comments… there is an obvious one-word pattern that Quotes Collection breaks. Why not name it just Quotes?
– The design of the Quotes Collection section is almost, but not quite, identical to the other admin sections. I think that the perfect design for this kind of plugin would be to integrate seamlessly with the rest of the design.
– i18n missing.



Review at 4/7/2022, 6:28:12 PM

Rating Cloodo

The only shortcoming is lack of possibility of searching for a quote by text. I have dozens and dozens of quotes and when I try to find that one with a typo (to fix it) or the one that has some copyright on it (to remove it or to add original source) it takes me forever to find it in the admin interface.

Other than that, best quotes plugin ever. Highly recommended.



Review at 4/7/2022, 6:45:00 PM

Rating Cloodo

Really an awesome Quote Plugin.

Only a few little things are missing like an option to order the quotes or a rating-system.



Review at 4/7/2022, 11:46:47 AM

Rating Cloodo

I tried out at least four other plugins before I finally came across this one. Two of them just added shortcode and widget capability and relied on pages with a type of Quote, really half of what I was looking for. The next two had their own quote management, but didn’t have the all important option of tags or categories! This is perhaps the best quote rotator for WordPress!



Review at 4/7/2022, 6:57:53 PM

Rating Cloodo

Been using this plugin since Dinosaurs were around.


Logo Project Bulk Page Creator
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43 Reviews

Bulk Page Creator Project Client Reviews & Customer Service Rating

**Project name: Bulk Page Creator** **** Bulk Page Creator is a WordPress plugin that allows users to create multiple pages in a batch or bulk manner, saving time when initially setting up a WordPress site. This plugin provides a convenient way to add multiple pages quickly by inputting the necessary information on a startup screen and then creating all the pages with just one click. With Bulk Page Creator, users no longer need to manually create each page one by one, which can be time-consuming, especially for larger sites. This plugin offers a streamlined solution for creating multiple pages at once, making it ideal for website owners, developers, and administrators. This plugin is available for free, providing an accessible and cost-effective solution for users who want to efficiently create multiple pages on their WordPress site. **Who Should Use Bulk Page Creator?** Bulk Page Creator is designed for anyone who needs to create multiple pages on their WordPress site quickly. This includes: 1. **Website Owners**: Bulk Page Creator can help website owners save time and effort by allowing them to create multiple pages in one go. This is especially useful for websites with a large number of pages or when setting up a new site. 2. **Developers**: Developers working on WordPress projects can benefit from Bulk Page Creator by automating the page creation process. This plugin allows developers to save time and focus on other aspects of their projects. 3. **Administrators**: Website administrators in charge of managing WordPress sites can use Bulk Page Creator to efficiently create multiple pages. This can be especially helpful when adding new sections or creating landing pages. **Why Use Bulk Page Creator?** There are several reasons why users should consider using Bulk Page Creator: 1. **Time-Saving**: By enabling the batch creation of multiple pages, Bulk Page Creator significantly reduces the time and effort required to create individual pages. This is particularly beneficial for websites with a large number of pages or for those setting up a new site. 2. **Efficiency**: Bulk Page Creator streamlines the page creation process by eliminating the need to manually create each page. This improves efficiency and allows users to focus on other important tasks related to their website. 3. **User-Friendly Interface**: The plugin offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to input the necessary information for each page. The startup screen provides a convenient way to add multiple pages at once, with clear instructions and fields for essential page details. **How to Use Bulk Page Creator?** To use Bulk Page Creator, follow these simple steps: 1. Install and activate the Bulk Page Creator WordPress plugin on your site. 2. Go to the Bulk Page Creator screen, which can be accessed through the WordPress dashboard. 3. On the startup screen, enter the necessary information for each page you want to create. This may include the page title, content, parent page, template, and other relevant details. 4. Add as many pages as needed, using the "Add Page" button. You can also remove pages if required. 5. Once all the pages are added, click the "Create Pages" button to generate the pages on your WordPress site. 6. The plugin will automatically create all the pages based on the provided information, saving you time and effort. **Statistics (if available)** Unfortunately, specific statistics about the usage or downloads of the Bulk Page Creator plugin are not readily available. However, based on its popularity within the WordPress community and its positive user reviews, it can be inferred that the plugin has gained significant recognition and is widely used by users. **References:** - Bulk Page Creator Plugin: [WordPress Plugin Repository](https://wordpress.org/plugins/bulk-page-creator/) - Bulk Page Creator Plugin Documentation: [GitHub Repository](https://github.com/markomalcevic/bulk-page-creator)

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Review at 4/7/2022, 6:22:14 PM

Rating Cloodo

Saved me sssooo much time! You rock!!



Review at 4/7/2022, 11:22:08 AM

Rating Cloodo

Thank you my friend, perfect plugin.



Review at 4/7/2022, 6:37:21 PM

Rating Cloodo

Just saved me like 3 hours of work! You don’t need this plugin often, but when you do it is a huge time saver.



Review at 4/7/2022, 6:38:10 PM

Rating Cloodo

Works exactly as described; easy to use.



Review at 4/7/2022, 6:41:34 PM

Rating Cloodo
Logo Project Footer Putter
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27 Reviews

Footer Putter Project Client Reviews & Customer Service Rating

Footer Putter is a WordPress plugin that allows users to create and customize their website footer. With Footer Putter, users can create two types of widgets: a Footer Putter Copyright Widget and a Footer Putter Trademarks Widget. These widgets can be used to include site accreditations, a footer menu with links to contact, privacy, and terms and conditions pages, a copyright statement that automatically updates with the year, a telephone number, a postal address, and an email address. The plugin supports both a single line centered footer and a multi-line right aligned footer. It also includes predefined classes for easy customization of footer size and color. In addition to these features, Footer Putter offers various options and settings to further enhance the footer customization. Users can choose the footer hook setting to add the footer in the desired location on themes that do not have suitable widget areas. The plugin also provides widget visibility control, allowing users to specify when and where the footer widgets should be displayed. Footer Putter supports automatic HTML5 support and offers the option to use HTML5 microdata for Organization in accordance with Google recommendations. Users can also choose to apply the rel=nofollow attribute to footer trademark links and hide the "Powered by WordPress" text on TwentySomething themes. With its comprehensive set of features and customization options, Footer Putter enables users to create a professional and credible footer for their website. The plugin is particularly useful for businesses and individuals who want to showcase their accreditations, contact information, and legal pages in the footer of their website. By having a well-designed and informative footer, users can enhance their website's credibility and provide important information to their visitors. Links Here are some useful links related to the Footer Putter WordPress Plugin: Footer Putter Plugin: Official website of the Footer Putter WordPress plugin. Compatible Themes and Hooks: A list of compatible themes and hooks for the Footer Putter plugin. How To Use A Different Footer On Landing Pages: A tutorial on how to add a different footer on landing pages using the Footer Putter plugin. Using HTML5 Microdata for better SEO and Local Search: An article explaining the benefits of using HTML5 microdata in the footer for better SEO and local search.

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Review at 4/7/2022, 6:25:32 PM

Rating Cloodo

Absolutely love it! Need I say more? ???? It does what I needed which was to allow easy access to modify the footer. Thanks to the developer.



Review at 4/7/2022, 6:35:17 PM

Rating Cloodo

This adds footer credits easily, but also does those badges that can look really untidy if you just place them haphazardly. If you make the effort to create all the badges of the same height – like in the example, footer putter makes it easy to place them at the bottom of your page.



Review at 4/7/2022, 11:52:49 AM

Rating Cloodo

It is a stepup from the problems that otherwise develop if one wants to change things in the Footer if you use Genesis.



Review at 4/7/2022, 7:03:54 PM

Rating Cloodo

Hi !
where can I change the color and the size please because is too small and I’d like to use purple color for the text.
Thank you



Review at 4/7/2022, 12:24:01 PM

Rating Cloodo

simple and just provides exactly what I’m looking for.

Logo Project Hide Admin Bar
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26 Reviews

Hide Admin Bar Project Client Reviews & Customer Service Rating

Hide Admin Bar is a plugin for WordPress that allows users to hide the Admin Bar in versions 3.1 and above. The plugin was originally developed by Yoast and Pete Mall, and it offers a simple solution for those who want to remove the Admin Bar from their WordPress site. This plugin is especially useful for website owners who want to provide a more streamlined experience for their users and eliminate any distractions or unnecessary clutter. The Admin Bar is a feature in WordPress that appears at the top of the website when a user is logged in as an administrator. It provides quick access to various administrative functions and tools, such as adding new posts, editing pages, and managing comments. While the Admin Bar can be helpful for administrators, it may not be necessary or desired for all users, especially those who are not involved in day-to-day website management. With the Hide Admin Bar plugin, website owners can easily disable the Admin Bar without having to modify any code or edit their theme files. This makes it a convenient option for users who may not have advanced technical knowledge or who want to avoid making potentially risky changes to their site. Who Should Use the Plugin The Hide Admin Bar plugin is designed for WordPress users who want to remove the Admin Bar from their website. This can include: Website owners who want to provide a cleaner, more user-friendly interface for their visitors Website administrators who prefer to access administrative functions through the WordPress dashboard rather than the Admin Bar Theme developers who want to disable the Admin Bar by default in their themes By using this plugin, these users can easily hide the Admin Bar and tailor the WordPress experience to their specific needs and preferences. Why Choose This Plugin There are several reasons why users might choose the Hide Admin Bar plugin: Easy to use: The plugin offers a simple, user-friendly interface that allows users to enable or disable the Admin Bar with just a few clicks. No coding required: Users do not need to have any coding knowledge or skills to use this plugin. It can be installed and activated directly from the WordPress dashboard. Compatible with all themes: The Hide Admin Bar plugin works with any WordPress theme, so users can remove the Admin Bar without worrying about any compatibility issues. Customizable: Users have the option to customize certain aspects of the plugin, such as hiding the Admin Bar for specific user roles or on specific pages of the website. Regular updates and support: The plugin is regularly updated to ensure compatibility with the latest versions of WordPress, and users can also access support if they encounter any issues or have questions. How to Use the Plugin To use the Hide Admin Bar plugin, follow these steps: Login to your WordPress dashboard. Navigate to the "Plugins" section and click on "Add New". In the search bar, type "Hide Admin Bar" and click on "Install Now" next to the plugin. Once the plugin is installed, click on "Activate" to activate the plugin. After activation, you can configure the settings of the plugin by going to "Settings" -> "Hide Admin Bar". In the plugin settings, you can choose whether to hide the Admin Bar for all users or only for specific user roles. You can also specify certain pages or posts where the Admin Bar should be hidden. Once you have configured the settings according to your preferences, click on "Save Changes". The Admin Bar will now be hidden on the front end of your WordPress site. It is worth noting that the Hide Admin Bar plugin only removes the Admin Bar from the front end of the website. Administrators will still be able to access the Admin Bar when logged in. Statistics As of May 2021, the Hide Admin Bar plugin has been downloaded over 500,000 times from the official WordPress plugin repository. It has received positive reviews from users, with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. The plugin is actively maintained and regularly updated to ensure compatibility with the latest versions of WordPress. Resources Hide Admin Bar Plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/hide-admin-bar/ Yoast: http://yoast.com/disable-wp-admin-bar/ Pete Mall: http://developersmind.com/2011/02/23/disable-admin-bar-and-hide-preferences/

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Awais Altaf

Review at 4/7/2022, 6:46:54 PM

Rating Cloodo




Review at 4/7/2022, 12:09:51 PM

Rating Cloodo

Great little plugin.



Review at 4/7/2022, 7:12:43 PM

Rating Cloodo

I install this plugin on all my websites. Simply keeps your site pretty by removing the WordPress bar across the top.



Review at 4/7/2022, 12:15:54 PM

Rating Cloodo

Unfortunately, this plug-in doesn’t work for me. i’m using the latest version of WP and BuddyPress.



Review at 4/7/2022, 7:18:55 PM

Rating Cloodo

I have been using this plugin for my most of the projects. It has been doing its job perfectly. Doesn’t find any issues till.

Great Plugin !!! Hurray!!!

Logo Project WP TFeed
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0 Reviews

WP TFeed Project Client Reviews & Customer Service Rating

Documentation | Support | Demo | Premium Version WP TFeed is a FREE Twitter plugin for WordPress. It allows you to display real-time Twitter feeds on any part of your website using shortcodes or widgets. Enhance your website's Twitter integration and increase your social reach with WP TFeed. Free Features: Fetch latest tweets from any account: WP TFeed allows you to fetch and display the latest tweets from any Twitter account of your choice. Configurable number of tweets to display: You can customize the number of tweets you want to display on your website. Caching option to prevent frequent API calls: WP TFeed provides a caching option to minimize API calls, ensuring quick loading times. 3 Beautiful design templates to choose from: Choose from three professionally designed templates to showcase your Twitter feeds. Easy to use with shortcode and various configurable parameters: WP TFeed is user-friendly and comes with shortcodes and various configurable parameters to make customization easy for you. Display tweets in a slider: With WP TFeed, you can choose to display your tweets in a slider format. Configure tweet date/time format: Customize how the tweet date and time should be displayed on your website. Option to show/hide full user name: You have the option to show or hide the full user name of the Twitter account from which the tweet is fetched. Lightweight and easy to install: WP TFeed is lightweight and can be installed within seconds. User friendly: The plugin is designed to be user-friendly and easy to configure and set up. Super Support: Get dedicated email and forum support for any assistance you may need. Free updates: Enjoy free lifetime updates for WP TFeed. Premium Features: ★ Multiple Twitter Accounts Support ★ Beautifully designed 12 themes to select from ★ Tweets Media(Image) Embeds Support ★ Twitter Timeline layout included ★ Slider mode available with more configurable options ★ Ticker mode available with various configurable options ★ Advanced Caching option to prevent frequent API calls ★ Super support – get support via email/support forum/online chat ★ And many more... Premium Upgrade For a premium upgrade, please visit the Premium Version page. Some Useful Links Support Forum Link: http://accesspressthemes.com/support/ Youtube channel link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TjZNcVG3fDE Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/AccessPressThemes For an easy installation guide, please refer to the Installation tab above. For complete information and documentation regarding the WP TFeed plugin, visit the links below: Plugin Information Documentation Demo

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Logo Project Saphali Woocommerce Russian
Rating of Project Saphali Woocommerce Russian on Cloodo

0 Reviews

Saphali Woocommerce Russian Project Client Reviews & Customer Service Rating

Saphali Woocommerce Russian is a plugin for the popular e-commerce platform WooCommerce. It provides a Russian language translation for the WooCommerce plugin, allowing Russian-speaking users to easily set up and manage their online stores. To use this plugin, you need to have WooCommerce installed on your WordPress website. WooCommerce is a free, open-source plugin that allows you to create and manage an online store. If you don't have it installed yet, you can download it from the WordPress.org plugin repository. Once you have WooCommerce installed, you can install the Saphali Woocommerce Russian plugin to add Russian language support. The plugin is compatible with WooCommerce version 2.0 and above. If you are using an older version of WooCommerce, you may need to update to the latest version before installing the Saphali Woocommerce Russian plugin. After installing the plugin, you will need to configure it to enable the Russian language translation. You can do this by going to "Woocommerce => System Status" in your WordPress dashboard, clicking on the "Tools" tab, and then clicking on "Force Translation Upgrade". This will update the language files and apply the Russian translation to your WooCommerce store. The Russian language translation files are located in the following directories: - wp-content/languages/plugins/woocommerce-admin-ru_RU.mo (admin translation) - wp-content/languages/plugins/woocommerce-ru_RU.mo (frontend translation) If the Russian translation files are not present in these directories, you can download them from the Saphali website (http://saphali.com/lang.zip) and extract them to the wp-content/languages/plugins directory. In addition to providing a Russian translation for WooCommerce, the Saphali Woocommerce Russian plugin also supports multiple currencies, including the Russian ruble (RUB), Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH), Belarusian ruble (BYN), Armenian dram (Դր.), Kazakhstani tenge (₸), Azerbaijani manat (₼), and Georgian lari (ლ). You can configure the supported currencies in the WooCommerce settings. The plugin also offers various payment gateway options, including QIWI, Yandex.Money, PayPal, and WebMoney, among others. You can configure the payment gateways in the WooCommerce settings. Saphali Woocommerce Russian is licensed under the GPL, which means you are free to use, modify, and distribute it. Translations for the plugin can be contributed on the WordPress.org translation platform. For a demo of the Saphali Woocommerce Russian plugin, you can visit the Saphali website at http://saphali.com/.

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Logo Project Widget Responsive for Youtube
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Widget Responsive for Youtube Project Client Reviews & Customer Service Rating

The Widget Responsive for Youtube is a plugin that allows users to embed responsive YouTube videos in their sidebar, content, or WPBakery Page Builder. It provides various options and fields based on the http://schema.org/VideoObject format. With this plugin, users can customize the appearance and behavior of the embedded videos. They can choose the start and end time of the video, enable or disable subtitles, hide the progress bar, select a theme for the controls bar, and more. The plugin supports multiple languages, including English, Italian, Arabic, German, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Hindi, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, and Danish. Additionally, the plugin offers features to improve SEO, such as using the fields provided by http://schema.org/VideoObject and adding a video description. Users can also include a YouTube subscribe button to their videos. The Widget Responsive for Youtube plugin is a valuable tool for website owners and content creators who want to enhance their WordPress sites with responsive and customizable YouTube videos. It provides a user-friendly interface and a wide range of options to suit various video embedding needs. If you find this plugin helpful, you can support the developer by donating a coffee through PayPal. ShortCode Params The plugin supports various ShortCode parameters to customize the embedded YouTube videos. Here are some of the key parameters: video (required): Specifies the link or ID of the YouTube video to embed. Users can provide the full video URL, playlist URL, playlist ID, or video ID. autohide: Sets whether the video controls will automatically hide after the video starts playing. autoplay: Controls whether the initial video will autoplay when the player loads. mute: Sets whether the video will be muted when the player loads. cc_load: Specifies whether closed captions will be shown by default, even if the user has turned captions off. cc_lang: Sets the language of the closed captions using the ISO 639-1 two-letter language code. color: Specifies the color used in the player's video progress bar. controls: Sets whether the video player controls will display. disablekb: Disables the player keyboard controls. start_m and start_s: Sets the specific starting point of the video in minutes and seconds. end_m and end_s: Sets the specific ending point of the video in minutes and seconds. allowfullscreen: Controls whether the fullscreen button will display in the player. loop: Sets whether the video will loop. iv_load_policy: Specifies whether video annotations will be shown by default. modestbranding: Enables a YouTube player that does not show a YouTube logo. suggested: Shows suggested videos when the video finishes. showinfo: Sets whether information like the video title and uploader will display before the video starts playing. theme: Specifies whether the player controls will display in a dark or light control bar. quality: Sets the video quality. ratio: Specifies the aspect ratio of the video. privacy: Enables privacy-enhanced mode. class: Adds a custom class to the video iframe. style: Adds custom styles to the video iframe. maxw: Sets the maximum width of the video iframe in pixels. maxh: Sets the maximum height of the video iframe in pixels. track: Enables tracking of video playing for analytics events. schemaorg_name: Sets the name field required for printing schema.org snippet. schemaorg_thumbnail: Sets the thumbnail (ID or URL) field required for printing schema.org snippet. schemaorg_uploaddate: Sets the upload date (YYYY-MM-DD format) field required for printing schema.org snippet. schemaorg_description: Sets the description field required for printing schema.org snippet. schemaorg_description_visible: Shows the description below the video. schemaorg_durationm and schemaorg_durations: Sets the duration of the video in minutes and seconds. These parameters offer a high level of customization for embedding YouTube videos and can be used to create unique and interactive video experiences on WordPress websites.

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Logo Project DepthFromLightFields
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DepthFromLightFields Project Client Reviews & Customer Service Rating

Continuous depth map reconstruction from 4d light fields

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