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cloodo - project Listing - Image Regenerate & Select Crop
Image Regenerate & Select Crop

Image Regenerate & Select Crop

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Project In Image Regenerate & Select Crop

The plugin allows to manage advanced settings for images, override the native medium and large crop option, register new custom image sizes. The plugin appends two custom buttons that allows you to regenerate and crop the images, provides details about the image sizes registered in the application and the status of each image sizes for images. The plugin also appends a sub-menu to “Settings” that allows you to configure the plugin for global or particular post type attached images and to enable the developer mode for debug if necessary. The most recent details of the plugin features are available at https://iuliacazan.ro/image-regenerate-select-crop/.

The “Details/Options” button will open a lightbox where you can see all the image sizes registered in the application and details about the status of each image sizes for that image. If one of the image sizes has not been found, you will see more details about this and, if possible, the option to manually generate this (for example the image size width and height are compatible with the original image). For the image sizes that are of “crop” type, you will be able to re-crop in one click the image using a specific portion of the original image: left/top, center/top, right/top, left/center, center/center, right/center, left/bottom, center/bottom, right/bottom. The preview of the result is shown right away, so you can re-crop if necessary.

The “Regenerate” button allows you to regenerate in one click all the image sizes for that specific image. This is really useful when during development you registered various image sizes and the already uploaded images are “left behind”.

The plugin does not require any additional code, it hooks in the admin_post_thumbnail_html and edit_form_top filter and appends two custom buttons that will be shown in “Edit Media” page and in the “Edit Post” and “Edit Page” where there is a featured image. This works also for custom post types. Also, it can be used in different resolutions and responsive layout.


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This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

Version history

6.0.3 – Implemented a save fallback for media settings, updated the media settings UI, default bulk action in reverse for new installs
6.0.2 – Add back action when attachment gets deleted
6.0.1 – Fix medium large crop option update, added close icon to the info lightbox, style adjustments for the enabled custom rules, fix cleanup button class typo
6.0.0 – Tested up to 5.8, general settings UI changes, new reset settings feature, new option to bulk regenerate/cleanup execution starting from the most recent files, new option to turn on the custom debug log, new option to execute bulk actions using the WordPress cron tasks, new debug tab, expose the custom placeholders, fix the counters, optimized the info lightbox, decouple image size file deletion for multiple matched images sizes, auto-update preview, added buttons in the media library view in the grid mode, fix assets enqueue for >= 5.6, completely decoupled from jQuery
5.5 – Tested up to 5.5.1, added export image sizes snippet, added image metadata fallback if missing
5.4.4 – Tested up to 5.5, fix warnings, placeholder path and font, summary update on subsize change, change the threshold default quality on forced original, assets update
5.4.3 – Tested up to 5.4.2, regenerate/cleanup only featured images, fix the deprecated array and string offset for PHP >= 7.4
5.4.2 – Added raw cleanup button and the option to display the summary in the media listing screen, style updates for small resolutions.
5.4.1 – Fixed the upscale for square image
5.4 – Tested up to 5.4, upscale option for perfect fit crop.
5.3.5 – Added more details about the removed files in the image details lightbox, keep plugin settings after deactivation, fix error when also using WP Offload Media plugin.
5.3.4 – Fix warnings for previously missing setting.
5.3.3 – Forced expose the image sizes for the attachment display settings in the media dialog.
5.3.2 – Regenerate only missing files, cleanup log, fix the crop position issue when using with WooCommerce, fix the raw cleanup, fix ghost image sizes.
5.3.1 – Tested up to 5.3.2, new hook for integration with EWWW Image Optimizer plugin.
5.3 – Tested up to 5.3, override the featured image size in the meta box, fix the attachment display settings size options in the media screens, custom hooks for other plugins integration.
5.2.1 – Bypass the fallback to original metadata, fix the crop option save, small buttons when using with Gutenberg, new screenshots
5.2 – Tested up to 5.3-RC2, integration with EWWW Image Optimizer, save general setting without refresh, reset to default quality, new action hooks, show small buttons, two new cleanup options, define DOING_SIRSC, attempt to regenerate metadata and sub-sizes, attempts to fix the broken metadata, extra details in the image details lightbox.
5.0.1 – Fix notifications loaded too soon.
5.0 – Features direct access from the main menu, separate current features, new option to turn off/on the WooCommerce background thumbnails regenerate, new option to resume the regenerate process, support for the new extensions: Import/Export, Images SEO, Uploads Folder Info, Uploads Inspector.
4.8 – Tested up to 5.2.2 version, assess and capture background errors, support for future WooCommerce product gallery hook, new unavailable option, new option to disable generation of imperfect match image sizes, styles update, toggle the cleanup button, regenerate log, error and success info, simplified paths, minor speed-up of bulk processing, hide by default the info and regenerate buttons when using Gutenberg and no image set.
4.7.4 – Fix warnings for updating custom image sizes, tested up to 5.2 version.
4.7.3 – Fix missing checkbox column in the media listing screen.
4.7.2 – Added custom image sizes in the Attachment Display Settings > Size dropdown available in the native WordPress media screen.
4.7.1 – Added missing changes for scale quality.
4.7 – New custom column in media listing with the options to see details and regenerate, new option to set custom quality for images directly when regenerating from the details lightbox.
4.6.1 – Expose the native medium large hidden size, add delete option for generated images that are smaller than the expected size.
4.6 – Translation fix, added targeted delete option in the lightbox for each image size generated for an image, link the media settings in the plugin settings page.
4.5 – Tested up to 5.1.1 version, comment out the buttons action that is no longer necessary for WP >= 5.1.
4.4 – Tested up to 5.0.1 version, new settings for crop option of the native medium and large images, new options for registering custom image sizes from the UI, Gutenberg support for the featured image buttons that allows to see details and regenerate.
4.3 – Tested up to 4.9.8 version, new WP-CLI command and flags, configurable custom rules and new hook for more complex rules, links to the images from the info view, styling updates, translations
4.2.2 – Tested up to 4.9.2 version, added Imagick support and fallback for placeholders, added progress to WP-CLI commands
4.2.1 – Fix static warning, fix direct access to the wp-admin folder instead of login
4.2 – Tested up to 4.8.3 version, add the image quality option for each image size, display the quality settings and the file size in the image details overlay, preserve the selected crop position for the image size in the image details overlay, dix multisite warning on switching the blog when using the WP-CLI commands
4.1 – Tested up to 4.8 version, fix the missing button for 4.8 in the edit post screen
4.0 – Tested up to 4.6.1 version, update the image buttons to work with WP >= 4.6 new hooks parameters, changes for the image buttons backward compatibility (core versions less than 4.6)
3.3 – Tested up to 4.4.2 version, code cleanup, fix typo, fix element position in edit media screen
3.0 – Forced original resize for already uploaded images when using the regenerate option.
2.0 – Default crop configuration and WP-CLI extension.
1.0 – Prototype.

Custom Actions

If you want to display the custom buttons in your plugins, you can use the custom action with $attachmentId parameter as the image post->ID you want the button for. Usage example : do_action( ‘image_regenerate_select_crop_button’, $attachmentId );

Images Placeholders Developer Mode

This option allows you to display placeholders for front-side images called programmatically (that are not embedded in content with their src, but retrieved with the wp_get_attachment_image_src, and the other related WP native functions). If there is no placeholder set, then the default behavior would be to display the full size image instead of a missing image size.
If you activate the “force global” option, all the images on the front side that are related to posts will be replaced with the placeholders that mention the image size required. This is useful for debug, to quick identify the image sizes used for each layout.
If you activate the “only missing images” option, all the images on the front side that are related to posts and do not have the requested image size generate, will be replaced with the placeholders that mention the image size required. This is useful for showing smaller images instead of full size images.

Global Ignore

This option allows you to exclude globally from the application some of the image sizes that are registered through various plugins and themes options, but you don’t need these in your application at all (these are just stored in your folders and database but not used). By excluding these, the unnecessary image sizes will not be generated at all.

Hide Preview

This option allows you to exclude from the “Image Regenerate & Select Crop Settings” lightbox the details and options for the selected image sizes. This is useful when you want to restrict from other users the functionality of crop or resize for particular image sizes.

Force Original

This option means that the original image will be scaled to a max width or a max height specified by the image size you select. This might be useful if you do not use the original image in any of the layout at the full size, and this might save some storage space.
Leave “nothing selected” to keep the original image as what you upload.

Cleanup All

This option allows you to cleanup all the image sizes you already have in the application but you don’t use these at all. Please be careful, once you click to remove the selected image size, the action is irreversible, the images generated will be deleted from your folders and database records.

Regenerate All

This option allows you to regenerate all the image for the selected image size Please be careful, once you click to regenerate the selected image size, the action is irreversible, the images already generated will be overwritten.

Default Crop

This option allows you to set a default crop position for the images generated for particular image size. This default option will be used when you chose to regenerate an individual image or all of these and also when a new image is uploaded.

WP-CLI Usage

The available methods are “regenerate” and “cleanup”. The arguments for both methods are the site id (1 for single site install, or if you are using the plugin in multi-site environment then you should specify the site id), the post type (post, page, or one of your custom post types), image size name (thumbnail, medium, etc.).

However, if you do not know all the options you have you can simply start by running the command “sirsc regenerate 1” and for each argument that is not mentioned the plugin will present the list of available values.
If you want to regenerate the images for only one post, then the 4th argument can be passed and this should be the post ID.

So, for example, if I would want to regenerate just the thumbnails for a post with the ID = 7, my command would be

  • sirsc regenerate 1 post thumbnail 7

If I would want to regenerate just the medium images for a post with the id 7, my command would be

  • sirsc regenerate 1 post medium 7

You can regenerate all images sizes for all the pages like this:

  • sirsc regenerate 1 page all

Or, you can regenerate all images sizes for the page with the ID = 3 type like this:

  • sirsc regenerate 1 page all 3

The cleanup command works with the exactly parameters order and types as the regenerate one.


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About Image Regenerate & Select Crop Project on Cloodo

Rating Cloodo

Latest client reviews for Image Regenerate & Select Crop

Client had site built in SiteOrigin Page Builder: limited image sizes, to say the least. This plugin makes it possible to specify almost any kind of image size you need. Wonderful!

2022-02-11 at 19:40:16

Works just as expected! The regenerate for individual image sizes is really nice, I would expect in a future version a wp_cli option for this.

2022-02-11 at 19:36:34

Don’t forget to “Save Settings” before exercising this plugin even when using the default settings. Otherwise the plugin may not work at all.

Media => Library => Edit (in Table mode) then look for the two ‘blue’ buttons just below the heading “Edit Media”. (When viewing your Media Library in grid mode you will have to “Edit more details” to see the blue buttons.)

The “Details/Options” button is quite a revelation. I could see all the “versions” of the image (there were more sizes than I expected). Some I could change, some I could not change, as expected. On those I could change it was easy to click on the radio button to choose one of the 9 areas of each image on which to focus when generating a “cropped” version of the image. I found that clicking the radio button instantly changed the cropped version of the image. Previously chopped heads on portraits became full faces. It was a bit tedious to have to repeat on all the cropped versions of the image but it’s not hard to do and could be an advantage if you only wanted to update selected sizes.

I believe this plugin works in the same manner as the image editing function on SquareSpace.

Many thanks to the author for a handy plugin. I will be adopting for all my websites.

2022-02-11 at 19:29:25

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