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About Up KAREL 3D WebGL

KAREL 3D written in JavaScript with WebGL
is a children's programming language for teaching algorithms.

This is later variant from Karel the Robot in 3D,
created in 1986 for 8bit microcomputer PMD 85-2.

Support full recursion, create new commands,
complex commands with condition from dialog
and direct control with keys, language translation.

Objects: brick, wall, mark, fence.

Check out the Wiki (here) for more examples and pictures. Include ZIP with original historical manuals in Slovak language from years 1987 - 1990

Writen in HTML for fast universal use, including JavaScript code with Three engine.
After download and unzip, runable (run html file) without installation in internet browser.
Tested in EDGE and Chrome.

Version without WebGL, and just as one file (+ include examples in text file):

C++ version: https://sourceforge.net/projects/karel-3d-cpp/
  • Direct control Robot Karel by predefined Keys in 3D space
  • Command control from Dialog with complex conditions
  • Create new commands in Command window
  • Support full recursion (calls himself new command)
  • Can write notes after symbols //
  • Compatible with KAREL 3D (earlier version without WebGL)
  • Wall logic, according to the original version of 1986
  • Auto-Translation between language code
  • Update Vers 4: repair fall logic and small speed optimize
  • v5: Deutsch language revision 2, Add Counter
  • v6.1: New object FENCE, Program code update, Some wor
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