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cloodo - project Listing - ProfileGrid – User Profiles, Memberships, Groups and Communities
ProfileGrid – User Profiles, Memberships, Groups and Communities

ProfileGrid – User Profiles, Memberships, Groups and Communities

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Project In ProfileGrid – User Profiles, Memberships, Groups and Communities

Create frontend user profiles, groups, communities, paid memberships, directories, WooCommerce user profiles and bbPress profiles, restrict content, register members through sign-up pages, allow users to submit and share blogs, enable notifications, social activity and private messaging with a beautiful threaded interface and a lot more!

The #1 custom user profile plugin that brings together user data from all your plugins, which use custom posts or shortcodes.
The #1 Free WooCommerce User Profile Plugin
The #1 Free bbPress User Profile plugin

For any issues, bugs, feature requests and general help, contact our awesome support team!

ProfileGrid is a power-packed user profile, member and directory plugin. While ProfileGrid is fundamentally a user profile builder, it also offers User Groups. Groups are equivalent to Profile types where you can have different profile structures for different group of users. Advantages of Group based system is apparent from the very beginning:

  • You can have multiple User Profile types.
  • Each Group can have its own set of fields.
  • Each Group can have its own Group Manager or Moderator.
  • Group Manager can have special privacy level for group members.
  • Each group can have its own registration workflow.
  • You can offer visitors option to sign up or request membership for Group of their choice.
  • Groups can have membership limits.
  • Groups can be mapped to a specific WordPress Roles.
  • Filter user profiles based on groups on directories page.
  • Groups can be Open (public) or Closed (private)
  • Closed Groups require membership approval from Group Manager or site Admin
  • Users can join multiple Groups

And so much more!

If you do not need multiple Groups, there’s nothing stopping you to use the default Group as single profile type, membership or as user directories system. It’s a unique WordPress profile plugin that’s flexible and modular. A lot of stuff can be turned on or off by single click.

ProfileGrid is pretty both on the frontend AND the dashboard area. We understand you spend a lot of time inside the dashboard, therefore, we made sure the admin facing interface is clean and organized. You will absolutely love it when you first log into ProfileGrid. And it looks even better once profiles start to fill in!

With release of version 4.1.0 we have added a bunch of new shortcodes which offer amazing amount of flexibility with displaying different types of user groups and user profiles data inside your WordPress theme and widgets. Brand new content enclosure shortcodes allow you to take control of content restrictions and membership access to granular level. Using new dynamic content shortcodes you can create personalized content for your users.

Dashboard areas include:

  • Group Manager to create, edit and manage groups, and set membership rules.
  • Custom Fields Manager to manager Profile Sections and Fields.
  • User Profiles area to view, search and filters User profiles and members.
  • Requests to manage and moderate membership requests for closed groups.
  • Email Template manager to create and edit email notifications for users.
  • User Blogs to manage user submitted blog posts.
  • Global Settings to fine tune your ProfileGrid installation.
  • Shortcodes page to help you understand how shortcodes work.

Frontend offers a slew of shortcodes to present custom user profile related areas to the visitors. These are:

  • Groups page showing a grid of Groups for users to browse and sign up for them.
  • Group page showing Group’s details and all its members.
  • Profile page showing single custom User Profile with blogs and conversations.
  • Single and Multipage sign up forms. Latter splitting Sections into pages.
  • All Users page displays all members without grouping them, with global search.
  • Login and Password Recovery pages.

Group Attributes

  • Group Name
  • Group Type – Open/ Closed
  • Group Description
  • Group Badge/ Icon/ Logo
  • Option to Hide Group Card
  • Membership Limit
  • Associate WordPress User Role
  • Group Manager (Selectable from Group Members)
  • Label for Group Manager
  • Membership Type – Free/ Paid
  • Membership Price
  • Redirection after group registration
  • Custom message after group registration
  • Custom Email notifications for members
  • Email on joining Group
  • Email on joining request being denied
  • Email on account activation
  • Email on account deactivation
  • Email on password change
  • Email on account deletion
  • Email on publishing new post
  • Email when Group Manager resets password
  • Turn on Emails for Group Managers
  • Email on new membership request
  • Email on being assigned Group Manager

Profile Attributes

  • User Profile page user avatar photo
  • User Profile page Cover Photo
  • Parent Group picture appears on user page
  • User Profile page Sections
  • Custom User Profiles (Custom Fields for user profiles)

Custom Field Attributes

  • Field Label (as it appears on registration form and user page)
  • Field Description
  • Field Type
  • Placeholder Text
  • CSS Class
  • Maximum Length/ Rows/ Columns etc.
  • Field Label Icon or picture
  • Parent Group
  • Parent Section
  • Display on Sign Up form
  • Required/ Not Required
  • Fields visibility on Profile Page
  • Fields visibility on Group Page

Email Template Attributes

  • Template Name
  • Subject
  • Body with Mail Merge fields.

Restrict Content

  • Restrict content to logged in users
  • Restrict content to users of specific group
  • Restrict content to friends
  • Make contend private

Multi Author Blogging

  • Multi Author Blogs that integrate with frontend user profile
  • Users can write and submit blog entries from a frontend user page
  • Users can upload picture as featured image field
  • Option to choose between WordPress blogs and ProfileGrid blogs
  • Admins can moderate and approve Multi Author blog posts
  • Define initial status of Multi Author blog posts on blog submission

Private Messaging System

ProfileGrid features an inbuilt private messaging system that works in realtime – a rare WordPress profile plugin that offers advanced messaging capabilities as part of the core. Once you install and visit custom user profile page, you will see Messaging among other profile tabs. Features include:

  • A system that works in realtime using WordPress Heartbeat API
  • See live status of members you are chatting with
  • Supports emoji
  • Users can message anyone from their user profile page by clicking a button or typing username
  • Users receive live notifications and unread count when messaging tab is not active
  • Notifications also appear in left bar which shows active messaging threads

Friends System

ProfileGrid also comes with an inbuilt Friends system that allows users to other members as friends – once again a rare WordPress profile plugin that offers Friends system in core. Friends tab automatically appear on custom user profile page once it is activated in ProfileGrid Global Settings. The features include:

  • Users can add other members as ‘Friends’
  • User can send Friend requests
  • Users can accept or decline Friend request
  • All friends appear on user profile page inside ‘Friends’ tab
  • Users can remove friends from Friends tab.
  • Admin can set rule for resending, once declined friend requests
  • Friend request appear in Notification tab and add to unread count
  • Users can accept or decline friend request from user notification box
  • On accepting friend request friend’s user profile url appear inside user notification box

Global Settings

General Settings

  • Template Selection
  • Theme selection Light/ Dark
  • Redirection for Authors
  • Enable Gravatar
  • Allow or Disallow WordPress login page access to visitors
  • Allow or Disallow WordPress login page access to visitors
  • Hide WordPress toolbar
  • Set limit for password reset tries
  • Multiple Attachments
  • Map default WP Registration page
  • Redirection after user login
  • Redirect After logout
  • Map All Groups page
  • Map User Registration page
  • Map Single Group page
  • Define Sign Up form Style
  • Map Profile page
  • Map Login page
  • Map Password Recovery and Password Reset pages

Security Settings

  • Toggle reCAPTCHA
  • reCAPTCHA language
  • Site Key
  • Secret Key
  • Request method
  • Auto Logout after inactivity
  • Whitelist IPs
  • Blacklist IPs

Email Notifications (Global)

  • Send notifications to site admin
  • Manually define admin email notification recipients
  • User Account review notification
  • Account Deletion email notification
  • Turn on SMTP configuration
  • SMTP Host, Encryption, Port, Authentication, Username, Password
  • Test SMTP Connection

User Accounts

  • Turn on automatic approvals
  • Send User Activation Link in email
  • Display User Password change option
  • Show User Privacy options
  • Allow User Profile deletion
  • Account deletion warning text
  • Allow User Email change
  • Allow Users to hide their profiles
  • Default Profile Image, default user avatar
  • Default Cover Image

Email Notifications

  • Toggle Admin notifications
  • Define additional notification recipients
  • Toggle SMTP with credential fields


  • Import Users.
  • Importing parameters and field mapping.
  • Export Users.
  • Exporting parameters.

User Blogs

  • Turn User Blog Post Submission On/ Off.
  • Fetch Posts from WordPress Posts/ In-built System/ Both
  • Default Post state after user submission
  • Allow Feature Image
  • Allow tags
  • Use rich text editor
  • Privacy settings
  • Notify Users
  • Notify Admin

Private Messaging

  • Toggle Messaging On/ Off

Friends System

  • Toggle Friend System On/ Off
  • All resending friend requests
  • Period after which resending request is allowed


  • Profile Image Maximum File Size (in bytes)
  • Cover Image Maximum File Size (in bytes)
  • Image Quality
  • Profile image minimum width
  • Cover image minimum width


  • User Profile Page Title
  • User Profile Description (HTML Meta)


  • Payment Processor – Paypal (Free) & Stripe (Extension).
  • Toggle test mode.
  • PayPal Email.
  • Currency selection.
  • PayPal page style.
  • Currency symbol position.

As you can see, ProfileGrid core is pretty powerful in its own right and many will find it useful standalone. For those who need extra, there are plenty of extensions available. Present set of extensions include:

Group Wall

Adds social activity to your User Groups. Now users can create new posts, comment on other users’ posts and browse Group timeline.

Group Photos

Allows your users to create and share Photo Albums within their Groups. There’s also an option for public photos. Users can enlarge and comment on different photos.

Stripe Payments

Start accepting credit cards on your site for Group memberships and registrations by integrating popular Stripe payment gateway.

User Display Name

Take complete control of your users’ display names. Mix and match patterns and add predefined suffixes and prefixes. There’s a both global and per group option allowing display names in different groups stand out!

User Profile Custom Slugs

Defines how your frontend user profile URL will appear to site visitors and search engines. Take control of your frontend user profile url permalinks and add dynamic slugs.


Generates maps showing locations of all users or specific groups using simple shortcodes. Get location data from registration form.

Custom Group Fields

Create and add custom fields to groups too! Now your user groups can have more detailed information and personality just like your user profile pages. These fields appear on group page.

Frontend Group Creator

Allow registered users to create new Groups on front end by filling out fields on a form. These Groups behave and work just like regular ProfileGrid groups.


Integrates ProfileGrid user profiles properties and sign up system with the ever popular bbPress community forums plugin.

  • bbPress User Profiles with Community Activity
  • bbPress Custom User Profiles Fields.
  • Edit bbPress User Profiles


Combine the power of ProfileGrid’s user groups with WooCommerce to create enhanced WooCommerce user profiles with option to display purchases, reviews, manage addresses and more. This can be used instead of default WooCommerce user profile page for more engaging user experience.

  • WooCommerce Profile Builder.
  • WooCommerce User Profile with Payments, Reviews & Social Activity.
  • WooCommerce Custom User Profiles Fields.
  • Edit WooCommerce Customer Profiles.

MailChimp Integration

Assign ProfileGrid users to MailChimp lists with custom field mapping and options for users to manage subscriptions.

Custom User Profiles Tabs (via extension)

Now integrate user specific or general content from other plugins right inside your frontend user profile. You can add as many custom tabs you like. Examples of practical uses include, events, meetings, forms, listings, directories etc.

Frontend Group Manager

Offer more power and control to your Group Managers. They can edit Groups, approve membership requests, moderate blogs, manage users, etc. from a dedicated frontend Group management area.

ProfileGrid Translations

Please check out this post to learn translating ProfileGrid to your language.


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