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VirtualDJ for Windows

Download VirtualDJ for Windows

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This project was last updated September 22, 2022 byCloodo

Download VirtualDJ for Windows

VirtualDJ for Windows FAQ

  • What is VirtualDJ for Windows?

      Free professional mixing software

      VirtualDJ is a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) and virtual mixer software for DJs. It can be used to curate and edit songs and playlists for events, and is filled to the brim with different layouts, modes, live streaming features, and personalization options. Similar to music software like Serato or Ableton, Virtual DJ narrows the space between music and audience, leaving the DJ all the necessary tools to fill the gap.

      Easy to pick up but difficult to master, VirtualDJ has a largely intuitive interface that makes it easy to start, switch, and combine various tracks to great effect. Once a track is engaged, the software’s plug-and-play auto-detection makes it the ideal DJ software for making use of connected controllers and mixers. The free version of VirtualDJ can be downloaded for Windows 7 and later, or on Mac devices as well.

      Become a DJ with this industry standard

      Some of VirtualDJ’s components are harder to pick up than others. With enough poking, prodding, and consulting FAQ pages, you will be able to use the software to manipulate audio in whatever you need. It conveniently covers the bases with its fundamental tools, such as controller integration and real-time volume mixing. Other features, such as syncing tracks to a common tempo, are buried behind menus.

      Similar to Ableton, VirtualDJ prioritizes professionally live streaming music (thus the name) over composition and recording. For would-be composers and arrangers, there are more efficient options, such as FL Studio or Cubase. While it may not be immediately intuitive, VirtualDJ also has an event schedule option that assists in synchronizing music, videos, and images. This impressive array of visuals enhances the performance experience, furthering creative control beyond just tweaking and modifying audio tracks on the spot.

      The visual features of VirtualDJ is unique and sets it apart from other software of the same ilk. It’s especially helpful to DJs who are tasked with being the center of attention and keeping the room entertained. It saves you from having to download music videos in advance, and provides a decent variety of visual options to complement whichever track is playing. The visuals can even react to the beat and frequency of the audio. 

      Recent updates have also outfitted VirtualDJ with videoskins that run slideshows, album art, or any other pictures during a live set. It plays a full-screen show to enhance (or juxtapose) the music you’re playing and adds a new layer to performance possibilities. For karaoke night this can also be set to display song lyrics. Videoskins can also be set to stream on Facebook or YouTube.

      Since the default version is free, VirtualDJ is a great platform for any aspiring DJ to start with. For 20 years it’s been an introductory milestone for over 132 million people. The DAW has been consistently updated and improved based on user feedback. This has led to the addition of new features and simplified the process for beginners to get acclimated.

      Some of this mixer software’s capabilities are better executed than others. Namely, it can implement cross-fades, tweaks to track speed, SFX, and cues logically. On Windows, it’s also great for organizing your track collection, as it integrates seamlessly with native folders. You can access content from anywhere on your PC, from hard drives to iTunes. It’s even compatible with Serato’s Crates.

      VirtualDJ vs Serato

      In normal circumstances, Serato and Ableton would appear to be VirtualDJ’s fiercest competitors. All three are popular Digital Audio Workstations used worldwide, and offer the diverse functionality and powerful tools needed to create and arrange all kinds of music. 

      However, that’s not necessarily the case. Like VirtualDJ, Serato enables users to mix music stored or streamed from their personal computer. It also offers all manner of mixing, scratching, and support for third-party controllers.

      While its selection is not as robust as VirtualDJ, Serato does have some capacity for live playing. The streamlined interface makes it easy to alter and switch up tracks on the spot, giving it a leg up over VirtualDJ’s more complex, claustrophobic layout. Rather than capitalize and expound upon their differences, however, VirtualDJ wisely decided to instead integrate Serato with their own product:

      Local music from Serato’s Crates can be pulled directly into VirtualDJ for easy access. Anything crafted in Serato’s more spartan interface can also be performed live via VirtualDJ. This way you can still use VirtualDJ’s superior visuals and live playing options even if your mix was made with Serato. Compared to both options, Ableton is similar but different

      Rather than flashy visuals or a silky smooth UI, Ableton’s strengths lie in its Session views and Arrangement. On Windows, a quick click of the Tab button switches between the two. The Session view bears resemblance to VirtualDJ’s interface, showing an array of tracks in horizontal order. These can be mixed, paused, looped, filtered, and adjusted for volume in real-time. The Arrangement view, by contrast, lists tracks vertically and expands them for minute tweaks and adjustments. This mode is excellent for composing and layering with more precision.

      VirtualDJ is the best option of the three when it comes to file management and video capabilities, but it’s not easier to learn than Ableton or Serato. All three programs take time, practice, and dedication to master, just like any instrument. It’s rare for a user to go between all three programs; it’s likely that whichever you pick will be what you end up using for gigs. Since the base version of VirtualDJ is free, it does remain the most popular pick.

      A DAW that’s easy to pick up, hard to master

      VirtualDJ is a heavyweight professional multimedia tool that can initially be downloaded for free. This free tier does, unfortunately, prevent USB and MIDI controllers from being used, as well as restrict use with external analog mixers. It also doesn’t allow for recording and storing podcasts online. 

      Still, considering these drawbacks, VirtualDJ is an outstanding gateway DAW for any beginner DJ or arranger. With enough time the program (and a subscription to one of the paid tiers) can definitely be used professionally.

  • Does VirtualDJ for Windows is well-reviewed by its community?

      Base on your recent data, VirtualDJ for Windows currently has 0 user feedback and reviews with everage 0 User Rate Score. Each user has different experiences so you have to read some detail of reviews to clarify more about the VirtualDJ for Windows.

  • What should I do to receive a secured download of VirtualDJ for Windows?

      Depend on the contribution from the manager of VirtualDJ for Windows project, the download of VirtualDJ for Windows can be worked in different approach on different server. Therefore you may download VirtualDJ for Windows directly from the download link or may have to shift to another download channel or website where the VirtualDJ for Windows manager storing their available files.

      The most helpful advice is running a virus scanning again for any download files on your own computer before openning or using it for your project.

      If you discover any harmful risk after download and extracting the files on your computer, please help to report the download problem of VirtualDJ for Windows so we may help to investigate it quickly.

  • Do I need to be a Cloodo member to download VirtualDJ for Windows?

      Sure! A member account is a must for you to download VirtualDJ for Windows. Not the same with other freely - but - not - in - controled download portal, Cloodo is a digital workspace and we try our best to support our member to approach and using the best business software, templates, drive or data.We will track your download and can received your feedback and connect your download with possiple VirtualDJ for Windows support resouces. We believe it will help Cloodo member a lot during their life - time usage of VirtualDJ for Windows in their business.

  • Can I request a customer support for VirtualDJ for Windows on Cloodo?

      Yes, VirtualDJ for Windows support is one of the key things that Cloodo commit to improving day by day.We do not want to be just a listing download site.We want to become more hellpfull to VirtualDJ for Windows community by connecting the deloping team, business consultants, experiences user to provide helpfull support for any VirtualDJ for Windows user.

      Not all project manager providing their customer or user support and some cases you have to buy some commercial services from other freelancer or agency who can help to support VirtualDJ for Windows.

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