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Drive Your Organizational Success With Remote Work

Empower your team with work remotely flexibility and redefine how you work with WorkChat. Uncover strategies to improve communication, enhance collaboration, and streamline workflows, increasing productivity and efficiency.


WorkChat Benefits

Unlock new possibilities for success

Transform Organization Communication

Able you to be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, allowing your team members to stay connected and collaborate regardless of their physical location. Especially useful for remote teams or teams with members in different time zones.


Connect and Collaborate Among Employees

Provides a centralized platform for teams to communicate, share files, and collaborate in real-time. This can lead to improved productivity and efficiency, as team members can quickly and easily share information, ask questions, and provide feedback.


Experience Seamless Tools Integration

Capable of Integrates with other Cloodo products and a variety of tools and apps, enabling your teams to easily manage projects and workflows from a single platform. Where you can save time and reduce the need for switching between different tools and platforms.


Streamline Team's Communication

Make it easy for you and new team members to get up to speed quickly by providing access to previous conversations, files, and project information. Workchat can help your team members reduce the time and resources required for onboarding and training.


Maximize Business Communication Efficiency

Workchat provides a distraction-free environment for communication and collaboration, allowing your team members to focus on their work without being interrupted by unnecessary notifications or messages. It can help increase productivity and reduce the time and resources required to complete projects.


Maximizing Value and Minimizing Costs

You will not need additional software or hardware cost as WorkChat is a cloud-based communication and collaboration tool, so your teams can get started quickly and easily without any upfront costs. Cloodo WorkChat has a freemium plan for all and is flexible along your business scaling.

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WorkChat Features

Experience a new level of functionality
Multi-platform and Channel Support.jpg

Multi-platform and Channel Support

By the supportive with multiple platforms and channels, as like web, mobile, and social media, which you can experience with the flexibility and convenience while using the platform. In which capable for you to communicate either with clients or your colleagues in the channels that they like, and one the devices that they use most often. Leading to the improving accessibility and responsiveness.

Support Chat Multi-Languages

Support for multiple languages that allow clients from different regions or with varying language preferences more easily to getting used to with the platform interface which enable for them to communicate with you more effectively. As it is improving customer satisfaction and reducing language barriers. 

Support Chat Multi-Languages.jpg
Omnichannel Chat Experience.jpg

Omnichannel Chat Experience

Develop a seamless and consistent conversation across multiple channels. It enables you and your businesses to connect with customers and team members in the channels that they prefer more, such as web chat, social medial, SMS, and more. Provides a unified experience for customers, improves response times, and help you to better at manage customer interactions.

Cross Team Collaboration Chat

Allow multiple teams to communicate and collaborate throughout a single chat platform. That your team members are enables to share their ideas, files as well as feedback with each other to improving productivity and capable of reducing the necessary need for lengthy email chains or in-person meetings. Helps to break down silos and improve communication between teams, ultimately leading to better business outcomes.

Cross Team Collaboration Chat.jpg
Auto-sync Chat History.jpg

Auto-sync Chat History

As your conversations in WorkChat are store in Cloodo cloud data base, meaning that you can access to your employees' chat history across platform as well as retrieve it any time, you also have an option to download and export it. Which help you to easier to maintain the continuity and context in conversation. 

Task Assignment and Tracking

Empower you with the ability to able to assign tasks to team members and track task progress to ensure that deadlines are met. It also help you in prioritize tasks and ensure that projects are completed on time and remain within budget. Helps to improve team collaboration and productivity as well as illustrate a better visibility into project status.

Task Assignment and Tracking.jpg
Social Chat Apps Integration.jpg

Social Chat Apps Integration

Makes it more easiest to communicate with your team members and clients across multiple social chat platforms by the ability to integrate with another social chat platforms such as like Slack, Facebook Messenger and Skype. As capable you and other team members to access all chat conversations in one place, hence reducing the need to switch between multiple apps or platforms.

Integration with Project Management Tool

Alongside integrating with social chat platforms, you can also start to integrate with project management tools, like Trello, Asana, and some other private tools of your businesses. As long as it allows your teams to collaborate more effectively on the projects, including enabling team members to access project updates, discuss project issues, and share project files as well as data all within the platform.

Integration with Project Management Tool.jpg
Live Chat Widgets Support.jpg

Live Chat Widgets Support

You can use WorkChat by Cloodo to add a Live Chat widget to your websites and in other platforms for real-time customer support. A Live Chat widget is enabling your businesses to engage with customers in real-time communication, that can provide immediate support, and answer with customer question quickly. By that it leading to improve customer satisfaction, reduce custom churn, and increase conversions. 

Cloud Storage and Backup

With Cloud storage and back up that you can rest assure that all of your chat conversation is securely stored and can easily be accessible for the future need. As you can access all the chat history from anywhere, on any device, and yet to back up it to protect against data loss.

Cloud Storage and Backup.jpg
Text Messages and Audio Messages.jpg

Text Messages and Audio Messages

You and your team members or with employees can send direct messages to each other to have private conversations. You can communicate in the way you prefer, whether it through written text or spoken voice messages. 

File and Media Sharing

Another functional ability is sharing files and media in chat conversions for businesses or individuals. You can share documents, images, videos, and other media. 

File and Media Sharing.jpg
Chat Security and User Privacy.jpg

Chat Security and User Privacy

Chat security and user privacy are critical features for any chat platform. This feature ensures that your chat conversations are encrypted and protected from unauthorized access, helping to safeguard sensitive information and maintain user privacy.

Promote Real-time Chat

The real-time chat promotes quick and efficient communication between members, enabling you to exchange messages with them instantly, provide immediate feedback, and facilitate better collaboration. Applications such as typing indicators and read receipts give you additional information about the status of their conversations, helping to promote more effective communication.

Promote Real-time Chat.jpg
Push Chat Notification.jpg

Push Chat Notification

Push notification alerts you to new chat messages even when the chat platform is not open, ensuring that you never miss important messages. Enables you to stay up to date with conversations and respond quickly to new messages.


Dark and Light Modes

Dark and light modes provide to you with the option to customize the chat platform interface to your favorite preferences. Dark mode is ideal for low-light conditions, providing a darker color scheme that is easier on the eyes, while light mode provides a bright, clean look for optimal readability.

Dark and Light Modes.jpg
Search And Filtering Options.jpg

Search And Filtering Options

You can search chat conversations for specific keywords or phrases to search for particular messages, files, or information within your chat history with employees, team members or with clients, making it easier to find what you need and maintain context in conversations.

Custom Branding

Custom branding allows you to customize the look and feel of their chat platform to match with you businesses brand identity. This feature includes customizing colors, logos, fonts, and other design elements to create a cohesive brand experience for customers. Custom branding can help you and your businesses establish a strong brand identity and differentiate from competitors.

Custom Business Branding.jpg
Chat Integration With CRM System.jpg

Chat Integration With CRM System

You can integration with a CRM system as WorkChat already integrate with Cloodo WorkSuite to enables your businesses to track customer interactions across different channels, including chat. It enables your businesses to centralize customer data and create a 360-degree view of customers, making it easier to provide personalized customer service.

Flexible Customers Support System

Provide the customers with the choice in choosing what platforms they want to seek out for support. You can give them the freedom to chat with you wherever they go, even after leaving the website. Show your visitors the chat channels you’re available at and let them choose the method that suits them.

Flexible Customers Support System.jpg
Work Remotely and Hybrid Work.jpg

Work Remotely and Hybrid Work

With the rise of remote work, chat platforms that are supportive of working from home have become increasingly important. Features such as mobile access, video conferencing, and collaboration tools enable your remote teams to stay connected and productive, regardless of their location.

Personalized Customer Service

Personalized customer service refers to providing tailored support that meets the specific needs and preferences of individual customers. It enables your businesses to build stronger relationships with customers and increase customer loyalty. And allowing you to tailor the platform to specific needs and preferences and create a more personalized experience for your team members and clients.

Personalized Customer Service.jpg
Handle multiple chat conversations.jpg

Handle Multiple Chat Conversations.

The ability to handle multiple chat conversations simultaneously is essential for customer support teams who need to manage multiple inquiries at once. This feature enables agents to multitask and prioritize their work efficiently, providing faster response times and better customer service.

Support WhatsApp Integration

Another vital integration application from the platform is the ability to integrate with the popular messaging app WhatsApp. It enables you and your businesses to engage with customers on WhatsApp, and yet you can enhance WhatsApp with an additional CRM application as you are capable of managing your contacts and clients' information directly. 

Support WhatsApp Integration.jpg
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WorkChat Reviews

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WorkChat Tutorial

Learn the ins and outs
WorkChat - A Must Have Chat App for Online Store.jpg

Better Sales, Better Service: Chat App for Online Stores

WorkChat is a live chat app designed for online stores and businesses using WordPress. It enables businesses to connect with their customers and prospects in real-time, answer questions, provide support, and ultimately increase sales. With customizable features and integrations with popular eCommerc...

WorkChat Pricing



per monthly

12 module

It's a free package.



per monthly

13 module

Workchat Advanced is a package designed to help businesses streamline their communication and collaboration. It provides an easy-to-use platform for teams to communicate, share files, and collaborate on projects. It also includes features such as task management, video conferencing, and analytics to help teams stay organized and productive. Workchat Advanced is an ideal solution for businesses looking to improve their communication and collaboration.



per monthly

18 module

Workchat Premium is a package designed to help businesses stay connected and productive. It includes features such as unlimited messaging, file sharing, video and audio conferencing, task management, and more. It also provides access to a range of integrations with popular business tools, allowing users to stay connected and collaborate with their teams.



per monthly

26 module

Workchat Enterprise is a comprehensive communication and collaboration platform designed to help businesses of all sizes stay connected and productive. It offers a range of features, including secure messaging, audio and video conferencing, file sharing, task management, and more. It is designed to be easy to use and secure, with end-to-end encryption and advanced security features. It is also highly scalable, allowing businesses to add users and features as their needs grow.

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Module in Package




























$0 / monthly


$50 / monthly


$100 / monthly


$501 / monthly

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