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Project in Brief of Sitewide Comment Control

When you run a network, managing commenters is handled per-site. That’s normally okay, but sometimes people decide to be trolls and spam your whole network. This plugin allows you to ban, spam or moderate an unregistered commenter network wide. It does not replace the per-site block, allow, or moderation lists, but acts as addition.

Sitewide Comment Control checks the author name, email address and IP address of a commenter. If they’re found to be on the list, all comments will be shunted appropriately as determined by the Network Admin:

  • Trash – all flagged comments do directly to trash
  • Moderated – all flagged comments require human moderation
  • Spam – all flagged comments go to spam


Thanks to Jan D. for the idea of moderating and spamming. Thanks to Joey and Helen for reminding me about get_permalink() and it’s silly inconsistencies.

Privacy Notes

This plugin does not track any data other than what is submitted by commenters. No additional data is recorded. No data is sent to remote services by this plugin.

Screenshots for Sitewide Comment Control