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Project in Brief of uk-tides

uk-tides displays tide times and heights for a particular location in the UK.
The information that is displayed is obtained from the RSS feed for (e.g. )
or ( e.g ).
The data is cached until midnight.

From version 2.0 this plugin implements a block called UK tides ( uk-tides/uk-tides ).

  • It uses the functionality that was previously implemented as the [bw_tides] shortcode.
  • The block is not dependent upon the oik plugin.

Before v2.0.0 it delivered a lazy smart shortcode using the API provided by the oik plugin.
You implement this on your website using the [bw_tides] shortcode.

The syntax for the shortcode is:

tideurl=”|other – RSS feed URL for location”
store=”1|store key – unique key for caching result”]

[bw_tides] with no parameters will display the tide times and heights for Chichester Harbour Entrance. The information will be cached in store=1 until midnight.

[bw_tides store=bw_tides_pompey tideurl=””] will display the tide times and heights obtained from and cache the result in a store named ‘bw_tides_pompey’

Note: Using the store parameter allows you to display tide time and height information for more than one location.

If you prefer you can use as the source for tidal information.

[bw_tides tideurl=””]

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