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cloodo - service Listing - Headless Commerce With NextJS Storefront

Headless Commerce With NextJS Storefront

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created by Giang Vu, a member of Corporate Printcart

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If you’re in ecommerce, you know that keeping pace with emerging touchpoints and experiences isn’t easy (and often requires a lot of coffee). In a traditional ecommerce model, new experiences can require updates to both the front- and back-end system, which can turn even small projects into huge headaches. **5 Benefits of Headless commerce** - Better employee adoption - The right tools for the job - Time savings across IT - Time to market - Cost savings **What included** - Truly omni-channel with finely-crafted,extremely flexible and complete commerce API. - Use your favorite CMS, CRM, fulfilment API, PIM, POS, ERP or innovations of tomorrow. - React Storefront extends upon Next.js, so developers can just download and start coding. The framework also guides developers to performance best practices, so you know that your eCommerce PWA is being built for speed. - Boost your site performance, shape the customer journey and free your developer's creativity with Next JS Storefront, the last frontend you will ever need. Questions? Our round-the-clock support team is available to help anytime, anywhere.

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November 16, 2022

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