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QuynhNhu posted on Cloodo: Start using Work Chat to working from home and more

1/16/2023, 9:50:20 PM

Communication is a critical factor in measuring your success and achieving your goals in the workplace. And when it comes to communication in the workplace, we all know how difficult it can be to get a quick response. Sometimes waiting for feedback can slow down time and affect the entire project's progress. Creating successful projects means having clear and direct ways to collaborate and communicate with each other, which is why email communication alone is only sometimes the most effective solution to finish the job. A business chat app- work chat helps team members get a quick response without long threads or slow response times.

Given the recent rise of working from home, organizations need to introduce better and more active ways for employees to communicate.

Here are three reasons why every company should use a business chat app – work chat:

1. Communicating in the workplace

Conversations should be held in one central space for clear communication in the workplace.

Many of us today have multiple communication channels, and important things often need to be found in translation. For example, we send a question about an assigned project via email, then follow up via WhatsApp, but only get a response via iMessage – with all the back, and forth, it's hard to remember the context of the sentence. Ask at the outset.

Having conversations piled up in different locations complicates communication and causes unnecessary confusion.

Using a centralized app to communicate ensures everything is in one place, easily accessible, and always in context. You'll never have to switch back and forth between messaging apps to try and understand what's being said.

2. Communicate Faster and Respond Faster

Traditional email is known to have longer response times as most inboxes are flooded with tons of messages daily. Also, having to sort out what's high priority versus low priority can take up a large portion of the workday.

That's why people prefer instant messaging when it comes to cutting response times. With instant messaging, team members can get to the point quickly and get work done more efficiently.

A dedicated chat app for work eliminates the noise and clutter of an overloaded inbox and promotes faster, more responsive communication.

3. Increase productivity

A chat app at work boosts productivity by streamlining communication, increasing responsiveness, and increasing response times. Projects become more straightforward and seamless, allowing employees to solve problems quickly.

In addition, most chat apps offer collaboration capabilities that help team members better brainstorm and achieve their goals. Create group chats or channels that allow multiple people to share thoughts or creative ideas about anything.

So stop relying on outdated communication channels at work and start using chat apps to become even more productive.