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The secret of working from home - QuynhNhu | Cloodo

1/16/2023, 9:47:40 PM

Hello everyone. I will share with you the secret of working from home effectively.

1. Do and divide the work according to the work of the day, of the month

I usually use a notebook to record things to do. To optimize, you can use a to-do list format or create an excel sheet to track progress and update daily for convenience.

I don't divide the work by the hour. That's right, of course, it is. I want to feel comfortable and free when working from home. That's why I chose this job. Although voluntary, my work is very effective. Although sometimes I stay up until midnight to finish the previous day's work because I miss sleeping late during the day or going out with friends...

2. Love and take care of yourself more.

I usually had little time to pay attention to my skin or hair while working at the company. Just because every morning, when I wake up, I only have time to eat breakfast and apply sunscreen, and at night I only have time to shower and wash my hair. Many things have already caused me a lot of stress, but seeing myself getting worse daily makes me a thousand times more stressed. I believe you too! Having a bright appearance and a healthy body is the most important condition for working effectively and achieving success.

3. Optimize support tools, and apply the digital conversion to make everything easier.

One thing is not debatable. Do you find information from books faster, or do you search on google more quickly? Do you use the software zalo, messenger, FB, LinkedIn, or private group? Do you use one software to exchange all faster? The best is your choice. If you find your work ineffective, you find that multi-channel communication wastes your time and focus... That's when we need technology software with the following criteria: new-creative-secure. - convenient.

Try it here: https://connect.cloodo.com/apps/chat

Even if you are a freelancer, do business or start a business. You still need to become an advanced person, a person of the times, and knowledgeable about software and technology.

If you need support, please leave a comment. Thank you very much.