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Logo Project Evri
Rating of Project Evri on Cloodo

2,878,737 Reviews


Evri is the UK’s biggest dedicated parcel delivery company, leading the way in creating responsible delivery experiences for everyone, everywhere. And we’re doing that by offering the most convenient way to send, receive and return parcels without costing the earth. From our roots as a mail order company nearly 50 years ago, we’ve grown considerably over the decades – and we’ve had a few name changes along the way. Now, with our friendly team of 30,000+ couriers, thousands of local one-stop ParcelShops and a growing network of state-of-the-art hubs and depots, Evri provides delivery solutions for anyone who wants to send a parcel. Whether it’s someone sending a birthday present to a friend, a marketplace trader shipping in bulk or a major brand such as John Lewis, ASOS or Next, we work closely with diverse communities and more than 80% of the UK’s top retailers to safely get parcels from A to everywhere. A lot of parcels, in fact. More than 650million a year. And it’s not just customers and retailers who trust us. We’ve won loads of industry awards over the years celebrating our achievements in IT, innovation and our environmentally friendly green fleet. Evri is more than just a name. It’s a statement of intent, reflecting our commitment to customers and clients. Every parcel, every person, every place – every delivery made for you.

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Logo Project Hermes UK
Rating of Project Hermes UK on Cloodo

2,785,254 Reviews

Hermes UK

Hermes UK, or Hermes Europe GmBH, was originally a private delivery company in 1972 and has gone through 40 years of adoption and development. Nowadays, Hermes Europe GmbH is an international trade and logistics service provider which offers services demand from all over the world, from transport, including imports and exports, to order fulfillment and parcel services.  Until now, we represent ourselves with the new online presence to illustrate the complete service range of all companies operating under the brand Hermes. From works in Sourcing & Products, Transport Logistics to Fulfilment and Distribution, and also in Green logistics. Its detailed measurements provide a basis for CO2 management, which is an important selling point for our customers besides the new market segment of the small package, which is extremely attractive to Hermes. We operate with the mission of bringing people together from 95 nations as we stand for diversity and a strong sense of togetherness, mainly when Hermes occur more than 18,000 employees worldwide. For the past few years, Hermes continued growth stably in every marketplace we involve in and, through all business models, led to a revenue of more than 2 billion euros each year. Still, we can expand the market share mostly in parcel and bulky goods segments.  The steady growth in the EU and the Hermes parcel business in Germany, Austria, the UK, Italy, and Russia has increased the number of parcels, catalogs, and other consignments transported. Hermes moves the world fast, reliable, and naturally sustainable. 

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Logo Project PostNord i Danmark
Rating of Project PostNord i Danmark on Cloodo

1,397,113 Reviews

PostNord i Danmark

PostNord is the leading provider of communication and logistics solutions to, from, and within the Nordic region. We ensure postal services for private businesses in Sweden and Denmark and are active in all Nordic countries as logistics and freight distributors. Since 1998, Post Danmark has worked systematically to develop management forms and staff commitment in the company, leading to the effort to build quality based on the EFQM model ( European Foundation for Quality Management).Now, with approximately 15,000 employees, Post Danmark is one of the largest companies in Denmark. The mechanism behind sorting letters and parcels is based on the number of sorting centers around the country. Post Danmark delivers mail to all households and businesses throughout the country five days a week. Every weekday, including Saturday, Post Danmark employees collect and sort approximately 7 million mail items for delivery among 2.7 million households and 225,000 businessesMoreover, at PostNord, we work on establishing a type of corporate culture with the core value of continuous improvements matching the changing requirements of our customers and the community. Can know as TIQ - Total Involvement in Quality - is the overall designation of the work with Excellence. The TIQ process is pay attributed to the increase in our competitiveness through performance improvements obtained by enhancing productivity and reducing sick absences, staff turnover, and improving the image.Successfully proved to be the best postal service provider within the EU due to more than 93 percent of all domestic letters being handed in on time for delivery on the following weekday. Quality checks are carried out continuously to monitor distribution areas and mail centers to always live up to our high-quality standards. Post Danmark is a critical business partner for commerce and industry and will continue to be reckoned among the best postal, logistics, and transport companies.

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Logo Project ThriftBooks
Rating of Project ThriftBooks on Cloodo

953,195 Reviews


About ThriftBooks is the world's most prominent online independent used bookseller, operating with state-of-the-art automation and advanced analytics in a safety-first environment. We believe in books and the power of written words to have an impact on lives and societies across the globe, by reading empowers people, offering them empathy to live and education to improve life. We save these books and make them accessible to readers for the chance to shape another mind, share another story, and teach some wisdom.To do that, We conduct selling on both of our primary customer web, "ThriftBooks.com" and on other commerce sites such as Amazon, eBay, and Abe, where book lovers gather. We work directly with books and diverse them in our inventory, and we also offer books in various formats and conditions for our customers. We are proud of ourselves for the vast number of quality used, accurately graded readers provided to our customers at everyday low prices.Along with the award-winning customer service team and a 5-star rating on Trustpilot, more than 640,000 reviews offer our customers assurance while shopping confidently. Also, our Reading Rewards loyalty program continually delights loyal customers with free books awarded for their points earned. Our partnerships spread into communities across the country, as the profit-sharing relationship with large and small libraries helps us to support those valuable institutions. Not only that, we give back to our communities through our ThriftBooks Cares pillar to connect with communities in the US and globally, donating books to those in need, including schools, non-profit organizations, and those rebuilding after natural disasters. Our promise is always to offer quality used and new books, accurately graded at everyday low prices, to be delivered directly to our cherished customers

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Logo Project DPD UK
Rating of Project DPD UK on Cloodo

655,508 Reviews


DPD UK is an express delivery service that exceeds customers' wishes and meets society's needs by contributing passionate and professional people in the most environmentally sustainable way. Our vision is to build a world where express delivery services are recognized and valued as central to people's way of life. To serve that vision, DPD UK develops the core concept of sustainability and customers to focus on what they need to do by the heart.From there, we will grow the business by boldly innovating to constantly improve the customer experience, sustainable delivery, and creating an open, ethical and inclusive culture. Not only that, DPD UK, at the same time, aims at achieving creating a happy, high-performance environment where people can flourish by ensuring a positive safety culture across the organization. We are also socially responsible and active in our communities by constantly listening and responding.DPD UK is at the forefront of the e-commerce revolution, touching millions of people's lives daily. Because DPD UK is aiming for the model of truly sustainable business, sustainability is the biggest challenge of our time. , DPD UK has achieved several awards to prove to the customers about our determination. Such as, DPD UK has been certified for the Carbon Trust Standard for Carbon, a mark of excellence that enables organizations to demonstrate their success in reducing their carbon footprint. The Carbon Trust Standard also recognizes DPD UK for Waste after demonstrating an actual reduction in waste streams year-on-year or that waste is being dealt with more effectively.

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Logo Project Instant Gaming
Rating of Project Instant Gaming on Cloodo

557,018 Reviews

Instant Gaming

About Instant Gaming is a service of a private company located in Dubai that sells and supplies access codes to different digital Content, such as downloadable games titles and other downloadable Content ( artbooks, music,..). Instant Gaming is an excellent way towards cheaper games while still supporting the developers by being quick and convenient. We work as intermediary services, as we sell official keys on the Website issued by the publisher and the Developer of relevant Content.That allows the user to unlock, access, and download the relevant Content from the Developer platform. Transactial Limited, an Irish limited company, is part of our group. That provides various services in conjunction with consumers' purchase and redemption of Codes, including processing your payments, depending on the method of payment selected by clients when purchasing Codes, customer services, technical support, managing your cancellation rights, and issuing you a refund or other compensation where applicable. Transactial Limited is also in charge of selling and supplying access codes to digital Content to you through the Website www.instant-gaming.com and our mobile applications ("Website").We are not the Content Developer and do not own or operate the Developer platform. We only sell Codes for Content that you can download to your Device from the Developer's platform. All Content displayed on the Website for which we sell Codes is accompanied by the relevant product's main characteristics, including the Content's version or edition. Which may be a different version or edition, details of any base game title to which the Code and Content relate, and details of where you can find the Developer's end-user license agreement. Content images on the Website are for illustrative purposes only. Content descriptions may include video and still images that do not represent actual gameplay.

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Logo Project Yodel
Rating of Project Yodel on Cloodo

419,633 Reviews


Yodel is one of the largest delivery companies for B2B and B2C orders, serving many of the UK's leading retailers; every year, Yodel delivers more than 190 million parcels for many of the UK's leading retailers and businesses. Yodel has millions of properties every week in every postcode across the UK, with more than 50 sites nationwide to help get the parcel delivered on time. We work with various sectors, including fashion, leisure, health and beauty, home and garden, electrical, gifts, publishing, and entertainment.We also offer special handling for delicate items such as wine and flowers. With services created with the concept of customers in mind, we offer two-hour delivery windows, inflight delivery updates, and fully-branded communication journeys, putting you in control of clients' parcel deliveries. Not only that, we value all the feedback, as we listen to the views of over 7,000 customers daily and gain a real-time understanding of their delivery experience. This program was the first of its kind in the logistics industry.Through this feedback, we have quickly identified, rewarded, and shared best practices, correcting any issues as they occur, and worked with retailers to develop service improvements and innovations to meet customers' needs. Yodel has always been the best carrier at delivering our products. We have an evolving and honest, developing relationship, which enables us to work together to improve the service we provide our customers. With so many sites, up to 12,000 colleagues were working over Peak and 10,000 years round. Despite being so many and spread out, we're a close-knit bunch of people who strongly believe in working together and delivering promises, not just parcels. And at Yodel, we remain committed to positively impacting the lives of our people, community, and environment.

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Logo Project CeX/WeBuy - United Kingdom
Rating of Project CeX/WeBuy - United Kingdom on Cloodo

352,930 Reviews

CeX/WeBuy - United Kingdom

Cex/Webuy is the UK’s most extensive second-hand electronics and entertainment specialist retailer. You can buy, sell and exchange your games, phones, consoles, laptops, tablets, computers, electronics & gadgets for cash. With over 30 years of experience since 1992, we have expanded to more than 600 stores worldwide, spread to over ten countries, including the UK, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, The Canaries, The Netherlands, Australia, India, and Italy.We have reached to bought over 300 million devices and paid out over £2 Billion to customers for their old gadgets and games. It’s not just cash you can save at CeX. By choosing to shop with CeX, you’re saving the planet too. In the past 30 years, we’ve managed to stop over 300 million tech products from going straight to landfills. That helps us to have more than 375,000 reviews of Excellent of Trustpilot. At Cex, consumers can exchange old phones, games, consoles, laptops, tablets, computers, technology, DVDs, Blu-Ray & gadgets for cash or get more value with a Cex voucher and upgrade their old phones, consoles as well as laptops for a lower prices.CeX has been serving tech enthusiasts, gamers, and geeks the latest and greatest in the world’s tech and gaming - all with a 24-month warranty, for decades with more than 385 stores in UK. Buyers can shop in-store and online, and now you can skip the queues and make sure you reserve your goodies with Click & Collect at CeX. And with the full 24-month warranty that Cex offers in-store and online, buyers can shop confidently at CeX. Shop in-store and return your product within two days, in as-sold condition, with a receipt, and you can get the entire current value of your product back in a CeX voucher. The CeX ethos is to save the planet and customers wallet.

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