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Top Company In Malaysia 2022

To assist you in your search for a partner, we’ve compiled this list of the List of the Agencies In Malaysia. Browse their ageny profile descriptions, their client reviews, and services to find which can best suit your company’s needs. If you need more support, tell us about your project, and we'll match you with recommended companies.

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List Of The Top 656 Company In Malaysia By Client Rating

Rating of Rustic Travel on Cloodo

Trust score 4.8 on Cloodo

Rustic Travel

We are experts in quality holiday packages - Tailor-made to perfection....

Rating of Green Matrix on Cloodo

Trust score 4.9 on Cloodo

Green Matrix

GREEN MATRIX is owned by GREEN MATRIX ENTERPRISE TRAVEL & TOURS SDN BHD (961710-U) (KPK/LN7944). We provide self drive car rental services, chauffuer and car leasing all over Malaysia. At Green Matrix Car Rental we always Strive To Give #WORLDCLASSCARRENTAL Services to our cu...

Rating of World Masterclass on Cloodo

Trust score 4.9 on Cloodo

World Masterclass

World Masterclass brings you a series of life-changing education, taught by extraordinary world-class leaders, trainers and speakers in array of life areas. Our vision is to change the world, 1 student at a time....

Rating of Go4crypto on Cloodo

Trust score 4 on Cloodo


Go4Crypto is a Trading Service operated by Banks in Switzerland, Lichtenstein, and Malta. All trading Partners that are connected to our Investment Fund are hedged over insurance or underwriting....

Rating of PTT Outdoor on Cloodo

Trust score 4.5 on Cloodo

PTT Outdoor

PTT Outdoor specializes in outdoor sports equipment and carries more than 400 different variety of product and promises 100% stock deliverability....

Rating of Car Rental Penang on Cloodo

Trust score 3.2 on Cloodo

Car Rental Penang

WANT TO RENT A CAR? WANT TO RENT A CAR WITH A DRIVER IN PENANG? If You Have Been Wondering Why Is It So Hard To Get A Reliable, Affordable And Efficient Car Rental Service In Penang, Now You Can Stop Thinking Because We Are Here To Change All Of That. Try Us For Today, And Hope ...

Rating of Migrity on Cloodo

Trust score 4.6 on Cloodo


Migrity天赋密码是世界500强公司都在用的潜能检测,它代理美国研发30年的宇宙密码学检测系统。它被证实高达95.47%精准度,透过检测报告和教材,你可以清晰知道自己的发光点在哪里,如何A-Z去开窍自己的天赋。 想要了解更多天赋密码,可以来体验Migrity的免费检测:migrity.net/free-test...

Rating of hear.com on Cloodo

Trust score 4.4 on Cloodo

Rating of Seospecialistmalaysia on Cloodo

Trust score 4.4 on Cloodo


I am an SEO Professional in Malaysia that gives a complete range of Search Engine Optimization and also SEM services for all your business demands. My advertising services include SEO, Online Search Engine Marketing, Pay-Per-Click Ad, Website Design with SEO Expertise, Facebook A...

Rating of Nano Medic Care on Cloodo

Trust score 4.3 on Cloodo

Nano Medic Care

Import and export, distribution, trading, sales, and marketing of healthcare products. Reliable, innovative, high-quality pharmaceutical & healthcare products....

Rating of eRemit - Digital Money Transfer on Cloodo

Trust score 4.7 on Cloodo

eRemit - Digital Money Transfer

eRemit is a secure online money transfer portal which enables you to transfer money to family and friends overseas. Transfer from the comfort of your home, office and even when youre on the go....

Rating of Prima Odyssey on Cloodo

Trust score 2.1 on Cloodo

Prima Odyssey

Prima Odyssey Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian company with profound experience in car rental industry. We offer a variety of rental services such as daily rental, weekly rental, monthly rental and long-term rental for corporate companies, bodies and government instituti...

Rating of Scuba Do on Cloodo

Trust score 4.5 on Cloodo

Scuba Do

ScubaDo provides scuba diving course in Singapore & Tioman Island, Malaysia. Get Padi Certified in Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Nitrox, Rescue, Divemaster, Instructor and much more....

Rating of Healy Consultants Group PLC on Cloodo

Trust score 4.75 on Cloodo

Healy Consultants Group PLC

A high-quality A-Z business services firm for entrepreneurs, companies and conglomerates looking to expand business internationally. ...

Rating of Osmi.pro on Cloodo

Trust score 4.4 on Cloodo


Invest in your future. Accelerate your career with osmi.pro Change your life and get into IT. Necessary skills and knowledge...

Rating of Teratakwangi on Cloodo

Trust score 4.5 on Cloodo

Rating of TMaker on Cloodo

Trust score 4.2 on Cloodo


TMAKER SALES is a young and vibrant startup that specializes in customized t-shirt printing. We also do customized jerseys, dry-fit t-shirts, quick dry t-shirts, microfiber t-shirts, microfiber jerseys, ready-made t-shirts, custom made t-shirts, custom made corporate wear, premiu...

Rating of Kadam Technologies Pvt. Ltd. on Cloodo

Trust score 5 on Cloodo

Kadam Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

KadamTech is Software IT Development The company, providing Web & Mobile App solutions to clients globally. At KadamTech, we hold one goal above all others: 100% client satisfaction. Our in-house team of web designers, developers, graphic designers, and Technical project...

Rating of OPERION Ecommerce & Software Sdn Bhd on Cloodo

Trust score 5 on Cloodo

OPERION Ecommerce & Software Sdn Bhd

We are Operion Ecommerce & Software Sdn Bhd - a company who has been diligently uncovering solutions for clients since 2007. For the last 14 years, we have perfected our approach to web design, e-commerce, software development, software customization, and mobile app developme...

Rating of meoWPuma on Cloodo

Trust score 4.4 on Cloodo


meoWPuma provides unlimited access to WP plugins and themes. We have our own WP blog section with How To's, Tutorials, and so many more resources that can be accessed for free. Now, everyone can experiment and create amazing Wordpress websites....

Rating of Maple Software Creation Company on Cloodo

Trust score 5 on Cloodo

Maple Software Creation Company

Our company, Maple Software Creation (MSC) was founded in 2007. With innovative ideas, our software developers are commit to bring along the power of the software technology to everyone all over the world. Specializes in creating a customized and easy-to-use software application...

Rating of NMC Servnex Sdn. Bhd. on Cloodo

Trust score 4.3 on Cloodo

NMC Servnex Sdn. Bhd.

Beehive2u is a web-based ecommerce platform fully supported by Nano Medic Care Sdn Bhd (NMC). Beehive2u offers quality assured health supplement products from NMC...

Rating of Southern Rock Seafood on Cloodo

Trust score 4.3 on Cloodo

Southern Rock Seafood

Established in 2008, Southern Rock Seafood imports and distributes live and fresh chilled cold water seafood from around the world. Supplying most of KLs top restaurants and hotels we also operate our own restaurant at our Bangsar HQ and a chain of SHUCKED Oyster and Seafood bars...

Rating of Best Borneo Holiday and Rent a Car on Cloodo

Trust score 4.3 on Cloodo

Best Borneo Holiday and Rent a Car

we are tour and car rental company based in Kota Kinabalu Sabah. we are strive to give your the best experience and enjoy our beatiful land. you will not regret it....

Rating of opgamer.co on Cloodo

Trust score 4.4 on Cloodo


OPGamer is a trustable and reliable global gaming service company which include selling gift cards, game cards and direct top up game....

Rating of Resumetion on Cloodo

Trust score 4.4 on Cloodo


Get Hired Faster with a Job-Winning Resume. What we can do for you with our resume writing services: - Free 45-minute consultation with our writer, as well as unlimited support & revisions - A tailored, concise, and industry-specific resume which illustrates your experience...

Rating of Australia Visa on Cloodo

Trust score 4.4 on Cloodo

Australia Visa

Streamlined Australia ETA Visa Processing Center in Malaysia. Selected nationalities require a valid ETA or eVisitor Visa to enter Australia. An eligible passport holder may use this site to apply an Australian ETA or eVisitor Visa....

Rating of NickMetrics on Cloodo

Trust score 4.4 on Cloodo


NickMetrics® is Malaysia's leading digital marketing agency that consists of an energetic team of digital marketing specialists who are passionate about obtaining the best outcome for our client marketing campaigns. Learn how we can create and market your presence in the digital ...

Rating of VEQTA Translations on Cloodo

Trust score 4.4 on Cloodo

VEQTA Translations

Translation services in Malaysia, Thailand & Singapore. Translation into Malay, Thai Translation, Chinese, Korean, Indonesian - translation in over 50 languages. https://veqta.com/services/...

Rating of Merge Car Rental on Cloodo

Trust score 4.1 on Cloodo

Merge Car Rental

We offer car rental services across Malaysia with the best prices and variety of fleet. We also offer chauffeur, leasing, airport transfer and many more. Trust us to serve you!...

Rating of Pied Piper Pest Control Malaysia on Cloodo

Trust score 4.2 on Cloodo

Pied Piper Pest Control Malaysia

With more than 30 Years experience, we are Malaysia's Number 1 trusted Pest Control Service in the region. Eradicating and providing long term solutions for all Pest problems...

Rating of DomainPlus Malaysia on Cloodo

Trust score 3.9 on Cloodo

DomainPlus Malaysia

We offering Low Cost Hosting, Malaysia Domain Names, Web Hosting, Consultations , customer interactive website with Database etc. We are Direct MYNIC Reseller. Fast Domain Service...

Rating of Carzania Group - Kereta Sewa/Car Rental - Nilai/Sepang/KLIA on Cloodo

Trust score 3.7 on Cloodo

Carzania Group - Kereta Sewa/Car Rental - Nilai/Sepang/KLIA

If you are looking for a great car rental online, youve come to the right place. Our car rental online system offers the quality service at a great cost to you. And if you are a frequent traveler, NesCorp Transport has the perfect program for you. ......

Rating of BENOVA on Cloodo

Trust score 4.75 on Cloodo


BENOVA is an award winning Website Design and Development Company, established in 2011. We are located in Penang,Malaysia.Our team is ready to bring your business to higher level. We provide you services on Website Design & Development , eCo...

Rating of Plush Services on Cloodo

Trust score 2.5 on Cloodo

Plush Services

A trusted short-term rental management company providing a complete solution to your hosting needs....

Rating of The Argan Trees Restaurant on Cloodo

Trust score 4.2 on Cloodo

The Argan Trees Restaurant

The Argan Trees Restaurant present the Moroccan Gastronomy which is one of the best in world. The influences of different cultures present in Morocco (Amazigh, Arabic, Andalusian, etc.) the all-day restaurant presents one of the richest gastronomy in the world. From a breakfast /...

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