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cloodo - Agency Listing - Frenchy Digital L.L.C.

Frenchy Digital L.L.C.

427 W 5TH ST APT 210, United States

Phone: 1(424)2725601

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Remy Sharp

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Our website was a typical spa website without much design. We wanted something more user friendly for our patients and that embodied our brand for future growth and more diverse services.Frenchy was a referral from another spa they’ve worked with revamping their website. We found Frenchy to be responsive, and reasonable with the goal of making this website the best possible site it can be.Jasmine makes you feel like you’re the most important client she has ever worked with. She is patient, she listens to our needs and provides novel ideas and thinks outside the box. She was brought on the team after signing with Frenchy Digital as our Technical PM. We needed to completely revamp our web experience and re do our policies to be completely compliant as a Medical Spa. We started with a kickoff meeting to get all our information to Frenchy using Drop box, slack as a communication channel and Trello for project management. Frenchy made everything very understandable and user friendly since we never had a team like them before.

Remy abc

Michelle Everts

2022-01-20 at 23:06:15

Rating Cloodo

They gave us a professional site that's easy to update and use. My team has never worked with Shopify before, so they took the time to teach us how to update the content ourselves. We really like their implementations in the trainings they gave us and truly see them as a Long term partner that will be playing a key role in our success.

I'm the owner of a Construction Contracting Company.Our website was a One pager on WIX and it was very obsolete. We wanted a website that could process payments, but also send invoices to prospects and clients. We also wanted a service that enables the users to sign documents sent after starting a project and for them to keep track of the works while we were constructing their property. Frenchy reached out to us via LinkedIn. We liked how they went about telling us about their services and since we were looking to re-do our website to be mobile friendly, it was almost a pre-determined partnership. Zaid their salesman was incredibly helpful and very responsive so we liked that approach and felt like we could trust them. Step 1 after we signed with Frenchy we had a kickoff meeting. That’s where we gave them all our login info, Go-daddy details, and then they structured a game plan for the project and the milestones we would need to achieve in order to finish the project on time. We were in contact with Jasmine the whole time as she was the Technical Project Manager working with us. She helped elaborate on what needed to be done in order for us to create the necessary content and also define the steps our clients would take when signing the forms or creating their special requirements for the construction jobs they’d want us to do. We basically left Wix and went with a more advanced Wordpress with Frenchy’s recommendations.

inssaf larbaoui

2022-01-20 at 23:06:15

Rating Cloodo

When Frenchy took over management they introduced us to Jasmine the technical manager during our kickoff meeting. They asked to be added to our social media accounts as admin‘s to fully audit our accounts. They also asked our Go Daddy domain‘s logins and our word press login information in order to make sure that the app that they will creates will be easily integrated Into our current system. This lasted a couple of weeks. After their audit was completed they filled in the missing information and connected the pixel data to our website from the social media in order to make sure tracking was optimized. They found so many issues with the current tracking system and gave us a report of what was done after the second week. Before they initiated the ads they had a meeting with us in order to confirm strategy, Ad copy, and creative. They also re-branded our online image after the third week since we also had issues with our Google platform. Once the social media clean up and ad campaigns were launched on Facebook and Instagram, they started working on our in-house app that would rely on react technology. We created the features together during a meeting with Jasmine and the technical team. Once we defined all the technical aspects of the app they gave us a more detailed quote of how much it would cost in order for everything to be developed. They helped us define an MVP during that technical meeting. At first they would develop the core features that we needed in order to structure our clinics organization better and then the features that were not necessarily needed in the MVP. So First we created a special scheduling system, calendar, and appointment booking system in order to already fix most of our organizational issues. The process of creating this special app and integrating it through react and WordPress took about three months in total. Since there are still features of the app that we did not create we are still on going with certain features but are pretty satisfied with the results already.Frenchy helped us create also a virtual app that connects to the oculus platform. The goal was to make a virtual reality experience for those who suffer from traumatizing events, phobias, and addictions. They brought all the material needed and the machines so that our patients could use the system. They also helped our psychologists to create protocols for the patients using the software.

Tara Murphy

2022-01-20 at 23:06:15

Rating Cloodo

We originally had a bad website. We offered plenty of options and customizations, but customers were confused because they had to place the order at the checkout just to see prices. It wasn’t a good experience. We also shipped worldwide, so it was truly important for us to have someone to fix our website and UX, and that was when we hired Frenchy Digital. 

Lavera Wilson

2022-01-20 at 23:06:15

Rating Cloodo

Frenchy Digital did a full audit of our online presence and laid out the basic structure that we should follow in order to make sure our business grows effectively. They took from a birds eye view, decisions on our web design and customer experience to make Vnus Box more adaptable to its growing customer base. We were on Cratejoy to start, but where looking to develop on Shopify or Wordpress to fit our needs for more customization. We wanted our platform to develop into a multi channel hub that not only sells products but that sells its own products and also create an affiliate marketing portal for partners and representatives.Frenchy gave us knowledge on the industry that we didn’t have before in order to make decisions on what functionalities the website should have. They completely developed from scratch a mobile friendly website that’s still being updated at the moment, but it’s a huge step forward for Vnus.Frenchy helped establish relationships with other business owners to help develop our brand and awareness in our local community but also help us develop our pitch for potential investors.Frenchy also gave us insight and helped us onboard and build an internal team for more fluid operations and streamlined communication to our partners.

Anthony Folk

2022-01-20 at 23:06:15

Rating Cloodo

We had an old website that did not have all the features that we needed to scale the business. There was a huge lacking in user experience and we also needed a platform that allows our partners to source the products we have access to allow them to create their own stores via backoffice. Frenchy Digital was able to supply a very custom development with a huge interface reskin to meet our needs under a very short timeline. They completely redesigned our website through the UX/UI design. They updated all the keywords for SEO optimisation and locking our brand over more than 50 different internet sources. So not only did they improve the user experience, the branding, the look and feel, the fonts, and even redesigned our logo. They also setup the Merchant Portal with customizable integration for the web development. In addition to that they created a functioning mobile version.

About Frenchy Digital L.L.C.

Frenchy Digital is a minority-owned startup that just moved to Los Angeles from Paris France that specializes in Mobile App and Web Development. Our international offices allow us to assign the right delivery team to produce the very best outcome both quickly and at a fair price.

Before our company was founded in 2019, our developers, designers, and project managers have delivered hundreds of web and mobile applications for satisfied clients from entrepreneurs and startups to small, medium, and enterprise level companies all around the world.

We believe in the power of Tech for Good, always putting our clients first, and delivering world-class mobile applications that create the experience every user wants and every organization needs.





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