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cloodo - Agency Listing - Inventive Byte

Inventive Byte

2375 Zanker Road, United States


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Remy Sharp
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First and foremost this is a great company. At first, I did not know how to even share my idea in words, but after discussing it with the team it became easy. Their communication is great, and whenever I wasn't sure about how to move forward, they brainstormed with me. I found them to be extremely kind and helpful. They made suggestions when necessary and above all, they know how to listen to their clients and give the best advice. I am satisfied with the quality and their level of commitments. I would strongly recommend Inventive Byte for app and web development to anyone who wants to transform their idea to a dream comes true!

Remy abc

Jim Jenkins

2022-01-20 at 22:54:02

Rating Cloodo

I am the Founder & CEO of a fintech app that Inventive Byte is help building. The app is an automated investment management software that will help users earn money passively. The investments will be diversified across 100+ areas. Our investment analysis utilizes machine learning/artificial intelligence to help make better investment decisions. Users will get to choose whether they’d like to reinvest or withdraw their earnings afterwards. I was struggling to find a vendor and had been interviewing different vendors for over 6 months until I was referred to Inventive Byte. Their domain experience is very impressive. They were able to understand what I was looking for quickly and execute accordingly. Everything has been very smooth and we have hit all the milestones on time. I expect a great launch!

Remy abc

Heer Amin

2022-01-20 at 22:54:02

Rating Cloodo

I am the CEO and founder of a healthcare app based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I'm developing a HIPAA compliant service to transfer data between healthcare providers in different organizations by extracting critical data from previous electronic medical records. We are using blockchain technology to keep our services secure and transparent. Throughout the selection and implementation process, Inventive Byte has gone far and beyond, always maintaining strong communication and providing us with material almost immediately. Since beginning our work with Inventive Byte, the organizations we cater to have given us countless positive feedback regarding the effectiveness and usability of our platform. The Inventive Byte team is willing to work around my schedule no matter the hour and is extremely flexible yet dedicated to having open communication and meetings multiple times a week. I am most impressed with their technical ability and communication -- they continue to share their progress very rapidly and every update always includes my previous feedback. I am very satisfied with Inventive Byte's work, and look forward to continue working with them in the future!

Remy abc

Pankaj Gautam

2022-01-20 at 22:54:02

Rating Cloodo

Inventive Byte is not a company to trust. I have already lost a significant amount of money with this company. When I thought of writing a review about this company, I came across the review of another client and was deja vu for me. I had the same experience. Please read reviews across different websites before contracting. I will share their modus operandi:1. Within a few months of taking your business, they are going to come back to revise the SOW2. They will keep pushing the timelines again 3. Every milestone would have certain open items which get pushed to the next milestone and then to the next 4. You keep signing off because you want to move fast but that's the blunder.. and inventive byte takes advantage of it5. When you first meet the CEO, he will convince you that his business is based out of LA and hence the ask, but the entire team is based out of India with American names. I am still dealing with this company. As they shut down my project without notice and their CEO simply dumped the codes in a single email. I am chasing him to provide the handover to the other company which I have hired but no avail. He does not respond to email, text, calls. He is not even sending my codes for which I have piad for in an attachment which I can be downloaded.I am going legal with them for not fulfilling the commitment. If you are their existing client , sooner ot later it will happen with you. If you have the same experience when they have taken your money and not fulfilled the commitment then please reach out to me.

Remy abc

Ankit Singh

2022-01-20 at 22:54:02

Rating Cloodo

The company operates under the name of Inventive Byte. Previously many other companies registered in the same address have been part of various fraudulent activities and on being caught they change their name to clear online history. They promised the web and mobile app development and charged a fee for completing the product in 3 months. Post paying the fee of which was USD 7,000 they changed the delivery time to 6 months and asked for more payment to improve the work and get it done and made me pay an additional USD 3500. They kept delaying the project breaking it down at different milestones as compared to what was agreed on the SOW. Not a single line of code was written or shared. They confidently said you cannot do anything that they are not required to do anything. They also mentioned that they will not work or refund the amount. They have not just caused a huge monetary loss but mentally harassed me by bringing everything to a standstill. Please avoid this company. Also, if you have been cheated by this company please reach out. They are most likely to change the name of the company again. Do not deal with any company registered in this address. I am shocked to see how these guys can operate with such tenacity in the heart of the Bay area. The place where billion-dollar decisions are made on transparency and trust. These guys have been doing it year after year. The CEO has openly said that he will not complete the work or return the amount paid so far and that it is a sunk cost. I am surprised if it is so easy for people to scam others and get away with it that a company has been able to do it easily year after year. Do not deal with them.

About Inventive Byte

We know that building a project can be a very expensive and tiresome ordeal. Therefore, to make the process as seamless as possible, we take the top talent in our expansive network and combine it with artificial intelligence to provide the best possible results. We check for experience, code quality, reviews, and many other criteria to build the dream team. Our predictive analytic tools check for possible issues by monitoring patterns. This improves reliability and efficiency because project managers can avoid problems in advance. Our huge code library allows us to start and finish projects faster because we can use select code from previous projects. All combined we can provide the best work at the best quotes. Let our intelligence work for you.





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