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Admin post tag filter

Admin post tag filter

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6 Reviews - Trustscore 3

This project was last updated September 21, 2022 byCloodo

About Up Admin post tag filter

Allowed admin to filter the posts or pages using tags.

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Rating Cloodo

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About Admin post tag filter Project on Cloodo


Latest client reviews for Admin post tag filter

I was desperately searching for Tag filter for my admin post and luckily I found it and its working working perfectly. Thanks for this plugin.

Review on February 11, 2022

WordPress 5.7.2

Review on February 11, 2022

Excellent wondering why this is not in the WP Core.
Clean and working – moved to my must install Plugs

Review on February 11, 2022

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Logo Project WP-Sweep
Rating of Project WP-Sweep on Cloodo

109 Reviews


This plugin cleans up: Revisions Auto drafts Deleted comments Unapproved comments Spammed comments Deleted comments Orphaned post meta Orphaned comment meta Orphaned user meta Orphaned term meta Orphan term relationships Unused terms Duplicated post meta Duplicated comment meta Duplicated user meta Duplicated term meta Transient options Optimizes database tables oEmbed caches in post meta This plugin uses proper WordPress delete functions as much as possible instead of running direct delete MySQL queries. Following delete functions are used: wp_delete_post_revision() wp_delete_post() wp_delete_comment() delete_post_meta() delete_comment_meta() delete_user_meta() delete_term_meta() wp_remove_object_terms() wp_delete_term() delete_transient() delete_site_transient() WP-Sweep WP REST API Endpoints * GET /wp-json/sweep/v1/count/<Name>. Get the number of items that we will be sweeping. * GET /wp-json/sweep/v1/details/<Name>. Get the details of the items that we will be sweeping. * DELETE /wp-json/sweep/v1/sweep/<Name>. Runs sweep for that particular item. WP-Sweep WP-CLI Commands * wp sweep --all. Runs sweep for all items. * wp sweep <Name>. Runs sweep for that particular item. * wp sweep <Name1> <Name2>. Run sweep for the selected items. WP-Sweep Available Items: * revisions * auto_drafts * deleted_posts * unapproved_comments * spam_comments * deleted_comments * transient_options * orphan_postmeta * orphan_commentmeta * orphan_usermeta * orphan_termmeta * orphan_term_relationships * unused_terms * duplicated_postmeta * duplicated_commentmeta * duplicated_usermeta * duplicated_termmeta * optimize_database * oembed_postmeta WP-Sweep is not compatible with the following plugins: * Asgaros Forum * Custom Fonts * Elementor Popup Builder * MailPress * Meta Slider * Polylang * Slider Revolution * Viba Portfolio * WPML Build Status Development https://github.com/lesterchan/wp-sweep Credits Plugin icon by Freepik from Flaticon Donations I spent most of my free time creating, updating, maintaining and supporting these plugins, if you really love my plugins and could spare me a couple of bucks, I will really appreciate it. If not feel free to use it without any obligations.

This project was last updated September 21, 2022 byCloodo

Logo Project Restricted Site Access
Rating of Project Restricted Site Access on Cloodo

55 Reviews

Restricted Site Access

Limit access your site to visitors who are logged in or accessing the site from a set of specified IP addresses. Send restricted visitors to the log in page, redirect them, or display a message or page. A great solution for Extranets, publicly hosted Intranets, or parallel development / staging sites. Adds a number of new configuration options to the Reading settings panel as well as the Network Settings panel in multisite. From these panels you can: Enable or disable site restriction Change the restriction behavior: send to login, redirect, display a message, display a page Add IP addresses to an unrestricted list, including ranges Quickly add your current IP to the unrestricted list Customize the redirect location, including an option to send them to the same requested path and set the HTTP status code for SEO friendliness Define a simple message to show restricted visitors, or select a page to show them – great for “coming soon” teasers!

This project was last updated September 21, 2022 byCloodo

Logo Project Announcement ticker highlighter scroller
Rating of Project Announcement ticker highlighter scroller on Cloodo

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Announcement ticker highlighter scroller

This plugin will display the announcement with highlighter scroller. It gradually reveals each message into view from bottom to top. Check official website for live demo http://www.gopiplus.com/work/2010/07/18/announcement-ticker-highlighter-scroller/ Live Demo About Author More Info Comments/Suggestion Announcement ticker highlighter scroller wordpress plugin create an announcement scroller in sidebar. It gradually reveals each message into view from bottom to top. Plugin feature Simple. Easy style override system. We can add/edit/delete announcement any time. Enble/disable option available so no need to delete announcement. Plugin configuration Drag and drop the widget : Go to widget page under Appearance tab, Drag and drop Announcement ticker highlighter scroller widget into your side bar. Add directly in the theme : Use this PHP code to add the gallery into your theme files. <?php if (function_exists (g_aths_announcement)) g_aths_announcement(); ?> Translators Ukranian (uk_UA) – Michael Yunat Tamil (ta) – Gopi Ramasamy Polish (pl_PL) – Abdul Sattar

This project was last updated September 21, 2022 byCloodo

Logo Project Never Moderate Registered Users
Rating of Project Never Moderate Registered Users on Cloodo

2 Reviews

Never Moderate Registered Users

This plugin prevents comments from registered users from ever going into the moderation queue or getting automatically marked as spam, regardless of the apparent spamminess of the comment. To be recognized as a registered user, the user must be logged into your site at the time they post their comment. This plugin assumes that you trust your registered users. It will automatically approve any comment made by registered users, even if the comment stinks of spam. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not allow users to register themselves (uncheck the setting “Anyone can register” in the WordPress admin under Settings -> General). You can still allow open registration, whereby these “subscribers” are moderated as usual, while other more privileged users do not get moderated. The plugin provides a filter, ‘c2c_never_moderate_registered_users_caps’, which allows you to specify the roles and capabilities that can bypass moderation. See the FAQ for an example. This plugin is a partial successor to my now-defunct Never Moderate Admins or Post Author plugin. In addition to preventing admins and the post’s author from being moderated, that plugin also allowed you to prevent registered users from being moderated. WordPress has long since integrated that functionality, so the main thrust of that plugin became moot. However, the ability to never moderate registered users is still a valid need that requires this plugin. Links: Plugin Homepage | Plugin Directory Page | GitHub | Author Homepage Hooks The plugin is further customizable via two filters. Typically, code making use of filters should ideally be put into a mu-plugin or site-specific plugin (which is beyond the scope of this readme to explain). c2c_never_moderate_registered_users_caps (filter) The ‘c2c_never_moderate_registered_users_caps’ filter allows you to define the capabilities that are automatically trusted, any one of which a user must have in order to never get moderated. Arguments: $caps (array): Array of capabilities, one of which a user must have in order to bypass moderation checks. Default is an empty array (meaning any registered user bypasses moderation checks.) Example: /** * Require that a user have at least 'contributor' capabilities in order to be * trusted enough not to be moderated. * * @param array $caps Array of trusted capabilities. If blank, then any user registered on the site is trusted. * @return array */ function dont_moderate_contributors( $caps ) { $caps[] = 'contributor'; return $caps; } add_filter( 'c2c_never_moderate_registered_users_caps', 'dont_moderate_contributors' ); c2c_never_moderate_registered_users_approved (filter) The ‘c2c_never_moderate_registered_users_approved’ filter allows for granular control for whether a comment by a registered user that would otherwise be moderated or marked as spam should automatically be approved. Note: this filter only runs when a comment is from a registered user and is flagged for moderation or spam. Arguments: $approved (int|string) The approval status. Will be 1 unless changed by another plugin using this hook. May be passed 1, 0, or ‘spam’. Hooking function can return any of those in addition to ‘trash’ or WP_Error. $commentdata (array) Comment data. $user (WP_User) The commenting user. Example: /** * Always moderate comments by registered users if they mention "Google". * * @param int|string $approved Approval status. Will be one of 1, 0, or 'spam'. * @param array $commentdata Comment data. * @param WP_User $user The commenting user. * @return int|string|WP_Error Can a registered user's comment bypass moderation? Either 1, 0, 'spam', 'trash', or WP_Error. */ function c2c_even_registered_users_cannot_say_google( $approved, $commentdata, $user ) { if ( $approved && false !== stripos( $commentdata['comment_content'], 'google' ) ) { $approved = 0; } return $approved; } add_filter( 'c2c_never_moderate_registered_users_approved', 'c2c_even_registered_users_cannot_say_google', 10, 3 );

This project was last updated September 21, 2022 byCloodo

Logo Project If File Exists
Rating of Project If File Exists on Cloodo

1 Reviews

If File Exists

This plugin provides the functions c2c_if_file_exists(), c2c_if_theme_file_exists(), c2c_if_plugin_file_exists() that check if a file exists and either return true/false or display a string containing information about the file. If a format string is not passed to it, the functions return a simple boolean (true or false) indicating if the specified file exists. Otherwise, the format string provided to it will be used to construct a response string, which can be customized to display information about the file (such as file_name, file_url, or file_path). If the $echo argument is true, that string is displayed on the page. Regardless of the value of $echo, the response string is returned by the function. By default, c2c_if_file_exists() assumes you are looking for the file relative to the default WordPress upload directory. If you wish to search another directory, specify it as the $dir argument. c2c_if_theme_file_exists() assumes you are looking for a file relative to the currently active theme’s home directory. c2c_if_plugin_file_exists() assumes you are looking for a file relative to the directory that contains WordPress plugins. Links: Plugin Homepage | Plugin Directory Page | GitHub | Author Homepage Template Tags The plugin provides three template tags for use in your theme templates. Functions <?php function c2c_if_file_exists($filename, $format = '', $echo = true, $dir = '') ?> Checks if a file exists and returns true/false or displays a string containing information about the file. <?php function c2c_if_plugin_file_exists( $filename, $format = '', $echo = true, $dir = '', $show_if_not_exists = '' ) ?> Checks if a file exists (relative to the plugins directory) and returns true/false or displays a string containing information about the file. <?php function c2c_if_theme_file_exists( $filename, $format = '', $echo = true, $dir = '', $show_if_not_exists = '' ) ?> Checks if a file exists (relative to the current theme’s directory) and returns true/false or displays a string containing information about the file. If the current theme is a child theme, then the function will check if the file exists first in the child theme’s directory, and if not there, then it will check the parent theme’s directory. Arguments $filename String. Name of the filename whose existence is being checked. Do not include path information. $format (optional) String. Text to be displayed or returned when $filename exists. Leave blank to return true or false. The following percent-tag substitutions are available for optional use in the $format string: %file_directory% : the directory of the file, i.e. “/usr/local/www/yoursite/wp-content/uploads/” %file_extension% : the extension of the file, i.e. “zip”` %file_name% : the name of the file, i.e. “pictures.zip” %file_url% : the URL of the file, i.e. “http://yoursite.com/wp-content/uploads/pictures.zip” %file_path%: the filesystem path to the file, i.e. “/usr/local/www/yoursite/wp-content/uploads/pictures.zip” $echo (optional) Boolean. Should $format be echoed when the filename exists? NOTE: the string always gets returned unless file does not exist). Default is true. $dir (optional) String|Boolean. The directory (relative to the root of the site) to check for $filename. If empty, the WordPress upload directory is assumed (if using c2c_if_file_exists()). If ‘true’, then it indicates the filename includes the directory. $show_if_not_exists (optional) String. Text to display if the file does not exists. $format must also be specified. Format is the same as $format argument. Examples <?php $format = "<a href='%file_url%'>Download %file_name% now!</a>"; $file_name = 'pictures-' . get_the_ID() . '.zip'; c2c_if_file_exists($file_name, $format); ?> <?php if ( c2c_if_file_exists($file_name) ) { // Do stuff here } ?> <?php c2c_if_file_exists($file_name, '%file_name% exists!'); ?> <?php c2c_if_file_exists($file_name, '%file_name% also exists in upload2 directory', true, 'wp-content/uploads2'); ?> <?php c2c_if_file_exists($file_name, '%file_name% also exists in upload2 directory', true, 'wp-content/uploads2', '%file_name% did not exist!'); ?> <?php c2c_if_plugin_file_exists('akismet.php', 'Akismet is present', true, 'akismet'); ?> <?php c2c_if_plugin_file_exists('akismet/akismet.php', 'Akismet is present', true, true); ?> <?php c2c_if_theme_file_exists('home.php', 'Home template is present', true, '', 'Home template does not exist.'); ?> Hooks The plugin exposes three filters for hooking. Code using these filters should ideally be put into a mu-plugin or site-specific plugin (which is beyond the scope of this readme to explain). Less ideally, you could put them in your active theme’s functions.php file. c2c_if_file_exists (filter) The ‘c2c_if_file_exists’ hook allows you to use an alternative approach to safely invoke c2c_if_file_exists() in such a way that if the plugin were deactivated or deleted, then your calls to the function won’t cause errors in your site. Arguments: same as for c2c_if_file_exists() Example: Instead of: <?php c2c_if_file_exists( $file, '%file_url%' ); ?> Do: <?php apply_filters( 'c2c_if_file_exists', $file, '%file_url%' ); ?> c2c_if_plugin_file_exists (filter) The ‘c2c_if_plugin_file_exists’ hook allows you to use an alternative approach to safely invoke c2c_if_plugin_file_exists() in such a way that if the plugin were deactivated or deleted, then your calls to the function won’t cause errors in your site. Arguments: same as for c2c_if_plugin_file_exists() Example: Instead of: <?php $exists = c2c_if_plugin_file_exists( $file ); ?> Do: <?php $exists = apply_filters( 'c2c_if_plugin_file_exists', $file ); ?> c2c_if_theme_file_exists (filter) The ‘c2c_if_theme_file_exists’ hook allows you to use an alternative approach to safely invoke c2c_if_theme_file_exists() in such a way that if the plugin were deactivated or deleted, then your calls to the function won’t cause errors in your site. Arguments: same as for c2c_if_theme_file_exists() Example: Instead of: <?php $exists = c2c_if_theme_file_exists( $file ); ?> Do: <?php $exists = apply_filters( 'c2c_if_theme_file_exists', $file ); ?>

This project was last updated September 21, 2022 byCloodo

Logo Project der-dirigent
Rating of Project der-dirigent on Cloodo

0 Reviews


Der Dirigent ist ein einfach zu handhabendes Content Management System auf basis von PHP und MySQL. "Der-Dirigent" is an easy to use Content Management System based on PHP and MySQL

This project was last updated September 23, 2022 byCloodo

Logo Project Derby
Rating of Project Derby on Cloodo

0 Reviews


The Derby MVC framework makes it easy to write realtime, collaborative applications that run in both Node.js and browsers. Derby includes a powerful data synchronization engine called Racer that automatically syncs data among browsers, servers, and a database. Models subscribe to changes on specific objects, enabling granular control of data propagation without defining channels. Racer supports offline usage and conflict resolution out of the box, which greatly simplifies writing multi-user applications. Derby applications load immediately and can be indexed by search engines, because the same templates render on both server and client. In addition, templates define bindings, which instantly update the view when the model changes and vice versa. Derby makes it simple to write applications that load as fast as a search engine, are as interactive as a document editor, and work offline. DerbyJS is a full-stack framework for writing modern web applicationsRealtime collaborationSync data across clients and servers with automatic conflict resolutionServer renderingTemplates can be rendered in the browser and on the serverIn a browser, DerbyJS renders with fast, native DOM methods

This project was last updated September 23, 2022 byCloodo

Logo Project Shortcoder — Create Shortcodes for Anything
Rating of Project Shortcoder — Create Shortcodes for Anything on Cloodo

0 Reviews

Shortcoder — Create Shortcodes for Anything

Shortcoder plugin allows to create a custom shortcodes for HTML, JavaScript and other snippets. Now the shortcodes can be used in posts/pages and the snippet will be replaced in place. ✍ Create shortcodes easily Give a name for the shortcode Paste the HTML/JavaScript/CSS as shortcode content Save ! Now insert the shortcode [sc name="my_shortcode"] in your post/page. Voila ! You got the HTML/Javascript/CSS in your post. ✨ Features Create custom shortcodes easily and use them in any place where shortcode is supported. Have any HTML, Javascript, CSS as Shortcode content. Insert: Custom parameters in shortcode Insert: WordPress parameters in shortcode Multiple editors: Code, Visual and text modes. Globally disable the shortcode when not needed. Disable shortcode on desktop, mobile devices. A button in post editor to pick the shortcodes to insert. Supports Gutenberg. 🎲 An example usage Create a shortcode named “adsenseAd” in the Shortcoder admin page. Paste the adsense code in the box given and save it. Use [sc name="adsenseAd"] in your posts and pages. Tada !!! the ad code is replaced and it appears in the post. Now you can edit the ad code at one place and the code is updated in all the locations where the shortcode is used. Similarly shortcodes can be created for frequently used snippets. You can also add custom parameters (like %%id%%) inside the snippets, and change it’s value like [sc name="youtube" id="GrlRADfvjII"] when using them. Using in block editor Though shortcodes can be used in any place manually, Shortcoder provides below options to select and insert the shortcodes created easily when working with the block editor. Shortcoder block Toolbar button to select and insert shortcodes inline (under “more”) Links Documentation FAQs Support forum/Report bugs

This project was last updated September 21, 2022 byCloodo

Logo Project WooCommerce Shortcodes
Rating of Project WooCommerce Shortcodes on Cloodo

0 Reviews

WooCommerce Shortcodes

This plugin provides a TinyMCE dropdown button for you use all WooCommerce shortcodes. See list of shortcodes in Shortcodes included with WooCommerce. Starting WooCommerce 2.2, this TinyMCE button will no longer be part of WooCommerce and will only be available by using this plugin. REQUERIMENTS WordPress 3.9 or later. WooCommerce 2.2 or later. CONTRIBUTE You can contribute to the source code in our GitHub page.

This project was last updated September 21, 2022 byCloodo

Logo Project Seamless Donations: A Platform for Global Fundraising and Rebuilding using Stripe and PayPal
Rating of Project Seamless Donations: A Platform for Global Fundraising and Rebuilding using Stripe and PayPal on Cloodo

0 Reviews

Seamless Donations: A Platform for Global Fundraising and Rebuilding using Stripe and PayPal

Five Minutes to Your First Donation Seamless Donations is so easy to install and configure that your Web site can accept donations via your Stripe or PayPal account within five minutes of downloading the plugin. Seamless Donations is free and does not charge you a commission or percentage fee. Other vendors take 2% right off the top of every Stripe transaction unless you purchase an expensive add-on. Seamless Donations does not siphon off money from donations intended for your good causes. Learn more on the Seamless Donations home page. Automatic Recurring Donations For Stripe and PayPal You can instantly give your donors the option to make their donation repeat automatically. You can turn on on the option with a click, which gives your donors a checkbox to make any donation repeat. This feature is free for both Stripe and PayPal. Other Free Premium Features Seamless Donations comes with free features other plugin vendors charge hundreds of dollars for. In addition to free recurring donations and the Stripe gateway, Seamless Donations includes: Tributes: Designate a donation “in honor of” or “in memory of” and specify both the honoree and person to notify when the honor donation is made. Gift Aid: For those of you in the UK, once you specify UK as your country, Gift Aid is automatically enabled. Watch the Intro Tutorial Gorgeous, Compelling Responsive Forms The default Modern form is fully responsive and scales for mobile devices. Seamless Donations users can also purchase the Beautiful Donation Forms or the Colorful Donation Forms style pack, containing hand-crafted, responsive forms designed to encourage donors to gift to your organization. Track Donors and Donations Seamless Donations uses standard WordPress post types for Donors, Donations, and Funds so not only can you keep track of your most important contributors, you can use all of WordPress’ tools and plugins to manage them. Show Donors Your Appreciation You can email donors customized email Thank You messages. You can also set up “in honor of” donations and send a customized Thank You email to a designated recipient. With the Thank You Enhanced extension you can display custom Thank You pages personalized for each donor. Docs, FAQ, Video Tutorials, and Support Visit Seamless Donation’s comprehensive documentation and video tutorial section for tips, FAQ, training videos, basic skills videos, troubleshooting guides, and more. Plugins and Extensions Seamless Donations supports compatible free plugins including CAPTCHA, export, and mail integration, plus premium add-ons and extensions that can help you get the most out of your fund-raising efforts. New premium add-ons include: Giving Level Manager Donors Pay Fees Beautiful Donation Forms Colorful Donation Forms Basic Widget Pack Thank You Enhanced Delete Monster Fight Back Against Spam Seamless Donations and GoodBye Captcha now work together to keep your site and forms safe. Block spambots without annoying captcha images. Currency Support Support for the following currencies is built into Seamless Donations 4.0: Australian Dollar Brazilian Real Canadian Dollar Czech Koruna Danish Krone Euro Hong Kong Dollar Hungarian Forint Indian Rupee Israeli New Sheqel Japanese Yen Malaysian Ringgit Mexican Peso Norwegian Krone New Zealand Dollar Philippine Peso Polish Zloty Pound Sterling Russian Ruble Singapore Dollar Swedish Krona Swiss Franc Taiwan New Dollar Thai Baht Turkish Lira U.S. Dollar Translations German translation (as of 4.0.1) Spanish translation, courtesy David Chávez (as of 4.0.2) French translation, courtesy Etienne Lombard (as of 4.0.2) Portuguese translation, courtesy Daniel Sousa (as of 4.0.9) Hebrew translation, courtesy user semistazic (as of 4.0.16) Norwegian translation, courtesy of an anonymous user (as of 4.0.16) Italian translation, courtest of Giuseppe F. (as of 5.0.17) HUGE thank you to users doing these translations! Assist with translations Here are some of the major features added since 4.0 Full Stripe support: Seamless Donations now provides full, native Stripe support, including support for recurring donations Gorgeous donation forms: Redesigned, responsive default form, plus a library of 35 additional form designs available for purchase. Updated, modern admin UI: The admin interface has been updated to a modern tabbed-look. Custom post types: Funds and donors have now been implemented as custom post types. This gives you the ability to use all of WordPress’ post management and display tools with donors and funds. The donation data has always been a custom post type, but it is now also available to manipulate using plugins and themes outside of Seamless Donations. Designed for extensibility: The primary design goal of 4.0 was to add hooks in the form of filters and actions that web designers can use to modify the behavior of Seamless Donations to fit individual needs. The plugin was re-architected to allow for loads of extensibility. Forms engine designed for extensibility: Rather than just basic form code, Seamless Donations 4.0 now has a brand-new array-driven forms engine, which will give web site builders the ability to modify and access every part of the form before it is displayed to donors. Shortcode engine designed for extensibility: The main shortcode for the plugin has been designed so that extensions can add features to the main seamless-donations shortcode. Admin UI designed for extensibility: Yep, like everything else, the admin interface has been designed to allow for extensibility. Translation-ready: Seamless Donations 4.0 has had numerous tweaks to allow it to be translated into other languages. Open Source, Extensible, and Developer-Friendly Seamless Donations was designed from the ground up to be developer-friendly. Here are some of the developer resources you might find useful: Developer Codex David’s Lab Notes Actions and Filters Forms Engine Cloak/Reveal System Training: Customizing Seamless Donations Contribute to the Seamless Donations Project Seamless Donations is on GitHub. Contributions to the project are welcomed, appreciated, and encouraged. Feel free to issue a pull request from the Seamless Donations Repository. Support Note Support has moved to the ZATZLabs site and is no longer provided on the WordPress.org forums. If you need a timely reply from the developer, please open a ticket. The developer reads every ticket. Mailing List If you’d like to keep up with the latest updates to this plugin, please visit David’s Lab Notes and add yourself to the mailing list. Adoption Notice This plugin was adopted in March 2015 by David Gewirtz. Ongoing support and updates have continued, as evidenced by the major 4.0 and 5.0 upgrades. Feel free to visit David’s Lab Notes for a development roadmap and additional details. Special thanks to Allen Snook for originally creating the plugin and making adoption possible.

This project was last updated September 21, 2022 byCloodo

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