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Region Manager Pro
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About Up Region Manager Pro

Region Manager Pro expands the merchant's power and provides full management of states and regions. It allows the handling of a list of states/regions displayed in the dropdown to customers.

Magento 2 allows managing shipping and billing countries, but it doesn’t provide an implementation of different rules for states in one country. So using Region Manager, merchants have the ability to select different rules for different regions/states within a given country. For instance, let’s say the merchant selects the US as the country where they are doing business. They can allow states, but it’s impossible to choose different states for shipping and billing. Implementation of Region Manager Pro admits to set up such rules, for example, a seller can allow billing addresses from Alaska but disallow shipping there.

Commonly, US Magento stores exclude Alaska, American Samoa, Armed Forces Regions, Federated States Of Micronesia, Guam, Hawaii, Marshall Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, Palau, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands from shipping map. With Region Manager Pro, merchants can handle billing from these regions, make unavailable shipping, or create different shipping price rules for these areas.

Easy to use, the console in Magento 2 Admin Panel makes it possible to select states or regions to exclude from the list displayed to customers or add new ones for any country. Most countries in Magento by default don't contain states/regions. Region Manager Pro allows creating states/regions for any country. To display to customers specific states/regions without creating different shipping/billing rules for regions, if the store works in countries where states/regions are included in Magento by default, it better uses standard Region Manager extension. It has only one necessary feature to remove/disable or change displayed states/regions. 


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Brand Slider

Using Brand Slider extension, you can display your brand logo images and titles on your store homepage or any CMS page. You can add the slider anywhere of your website by inserting it as a widget. It is mobile friendly, so your customer can view your brands from mobile or tab smoothly. At a glance, the visitors can see the brands and get idea what brands’ products are sold on your site.   List of Features   Put your brand logo anywhere on your site Responsive Slider Limitless individual brand Allow set order and visibility Easy customization Multi-store supported Different languages, such as English, Japanese and Dutch are supported.   Demo Links To view how your brand logo images can be displayed on your site, click on Frontend Demo. You can view its Backend Demo too.   Widget Support This Brand Slider supports widgets. So, you can add your brand logo slider anywhere on your Magento 2 site. It loads its JavaScript and CSS only when it's needed in respective pages, so you don't need to worry about unwanted JavaScript and CSS loading on other pages. Unlimited Individual brand logo There is no limit how many brand logo you create. You can upload brand image as many as you like. You can set title, alternate image text, sorting order for individual brand image. You can also disable individual brand image instead of deleting it, for later use. Responsive Slider Our brand slider is 100% responsive for all devices. So, if any visitor browse your eCommerce store on any mobile devices like Tab or Smart Phone, they can view your site and brand logos correctly and smoothly.  Easy Customization This Brand Slider module is easy to customize. This extension helps you to display carousal slider of logos such as client logo, sponsor logo slider, partner’s logo slider etc. You can set your desired settings on widget options page when you insert and create widget to customize your need. Easy Navigation and Integrity This module sets the navigation buttons at appropriate positions, so your customer can navigate different logos easily. If you have many brands, your site can animate slider automatically or allow visitor to navigate for previous/next page. Multi Language Support This extension is compatible with multi-store and different languages. Currently, it has English, Japanese and Dutch translation. If your language is not listed, you can easily add your language by copying one language file.  

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Language Translator

Language Translator extension from Biztech uses Google Translator to make your Magento 2 store easily accessible to different geographies by translating various store content in multiple languages. It allows customers to access your store content in their regional language which adds to customer satisfaction. With Language Translator for Magento 2, admin can easily search and translate any string from the store. This extension lets the store admin translate Products, CMS Page Data, Static Blocks, and Product Reviews with Mass Translation feature using either CRON or Console. Thus, admin can manage store views in different languages; all within the same Magento admin panel. It helps you to manage your multi-lingual store more efficiently. Click here to see the list of supported languages.    Business Value: Businesses that need to go global have to be accessible by the local people everywhere. And that is possible only in local languages. An accessible store is always preferred over others. Not only will your customers benefit from this, your employees will also have a much easier time perfecting the translation.  Benefits: WYSIWYG editor helps make changes in translation. Mass Translation helps get the translated content out faster.   Account & Pricing: To use this extension, a Google API key is required. You can obtain a Google API key for additional charges.  Prices starts at $20 per 1,000,000 characters. For more information on pricing, please visit the Pricing Page.    Features: Total Backend Admin Control The admin will have total control over the Magento 2 Language Translator from the backend. With this extension, the admin will have full command over which content to translate. Admin needs to enter the Google API key to translate the data & category details in any language. Admin will be able to manage the language of translation i.e. language translated to and language translated from. Admin can choose fields that are to be translated for Products, CMS Pages & Categories. Translate Product Details Admin will be able to translate & edit products’ general information like Product name, , and Short description with WYSIWYG editor in any language based on the store view. Admin can also translate Meta Details like Meta Title, Meta Keywords & Meta Description.  Translate CMS Page Details Admin can translate CMS page content like Page Title and Content Heading. Admin can select store views for which the content needs to be translated to the desired language. Admin can also translate Meta Keywords along with Meta Description of a product.  Translate Store Reviews to Any Language Admin can translate any review for any store as defined at the store level. The review will be translated and shown for the store as selected. Admin can select a specific store view and change the language of the review for that specific store. Search Strings and translate them to any Language With Biztech's Language Translator for Magento 2, the admin can search for a specific string and translate it to any language. Admin will have access to the Biztech Translator tab from where he can go to the Search “String & Translate” option and can search for any string from the store and translate it to any language. Mass Translate in the Preferred Language With our Magento Translator, the admin will be able to translate multiple store fields and categories without much hassle & repetitive tasks. Admin will have the advantage to translate categories of Products to any of the languages for any store view. Admin can select the store then the preferred language to translate the categories from Magento backend. Mass Translation of Products, CMS Page Data, Static Blocks, and Product Reviews Admin can save significant time by translating multiple items of the product page at the same time through Mass Translation provided by Language Translator. Not only mass translation, but the admin can also perform this task in a matter of minutes using the console. No more waiting for cron to perform tasks at a specific time or date. Translate required content as and when the need arises, instantly. Admin can easily translate multiple products, CMS Pages, Page Static Blocks, and Reviews provided by customers. Translation Detail Page with Status & Mode Now, the admin will be able to see the translation tasks and their statuses from the translation detail page. Additional to the status of translations, the admin can also see the mode of translation (console or cron), the language translated from and to, and the store view for which the translation task was carried out. The admin can seamlessly manage every translation task carried out with our Magento 2 Language translator.   Live Demo Frontend Demo Backend Demo Help Guide Any questions? You can watch these Video Tutorials. Support Policy You get free lifetime updates. All products you get are stable and secure. You get free support for 90 days from purchase. Contact Us Facebook  Twitter

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Logo Project Traditional Chinese Language Pack
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Traditional Chinese Language Pack

Expand Magento 2 to support Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) for both frontend and backend. Localize your storefront and / or your admin interface to support an ecommerce presence in Taiwan. The Traditional Chinese Language Pack translates default front end Magento text into user-friendly, Traditional Chinese including form fields, menus, product fields, and more. This allows your team to focus on localizing your marketing and site content while the extension takes care of the fundamentals. After installation, a single storefront setting changes the frontend interface to Traditional Chinese.   Admin Translations: Change admin user(s) interface language to Traditional Chinese, including navigation, reports, form fields and all Magento admin text. This feature allows you to localize specific admin accounts for Taiwan-based individuals or teams. Once the extension is installed, simply change the interface locale for one or more admin users to have a multilingual or entirely Chinese interface.   Features Traditional Chinese translation extension for Magento 2 Translates both backend and frontend Magento text (independently configured) Target Traditional Chinese markets—in Taiwan and around the world Translated by humans, not robots More than 8600 translated phrases Globalize your admin team with user-specific Chinese interface   About The Developers: Developed by a Astral Web’s team of multilingual coders including both native English and Chinese (Taiwan) speakers. Our team is experienced in both optimization of Traditional Chinese UX and has many members and clients that use this language pack daily to interact with a Traditional Chinese Magento admin. Feel free to get in touch with us with any issues at [email protected]!

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N1ED Page Builder

N1ED is the company behind N1ED plugins ecosystem for CKEditor and TinyMCE, a set of plugins that gives you a full set of tools for working with your content: from simple creating structured pages using Bootstrap styles to images management, editing and inserting into your website pages. This extension for Magento is the official integration for N1ED into your CMS. This extension for Magento will add new features for built-in editor and give you the power to create beautiful content for your articles and products descriptions. Image galleries, YouTube videos, magazine-like column structure - all these elements of content will be available in the upgrades toolset of the editor. N1ED will not replace the existing editor, but will vary widely extend it. For ease, there are ready to insert block templates. You can also create your own custom blocks to define patterns of constructing your content and unify content styles and structures through all pages of your website, simplify working on content among your colleagues. No manual coding - only visual inserting blocks and widgets, configuration and customization are also visual. Account & Pricing Free version - ready to use after you install N1ED module for Magento. Optionally you can create an account right from N1ED editor to get own API key and manage your configurations, this is free. Premium version of N1ED with a lot of addition features is available, see pricing. Feature List Bootstrap Editor File Manager Image Editor HTML widgets Responsive design Visual configuration Detailed Features Block by block building a content Create a new content with Bootstrap blocks gallery or create custom blocks by content you edit right in the editor. N1ED understands your already existing content. Every block you define yourself in a content can be added to your blocks gallery and N1ED with automatically prepare a screenshot for it! N1ED supports Bootstrap v3, v4 and v5 and will add blocks based on one of these frameworks you specify. Working with files and images N1ED has File Manager and Image Editor onboard. This means you can easily upload images to your server when working with a content and reuse them calling the file manager. Image editor will help you to crop, resize images, add some captions, apply filters, etc. A lot of widgets Image Gallery and Image Preview widgets of N1ED can use the power of file manager and image editor to automatically create previews of another sizes and use them in the inserted code. Font Awesome widget will provide you inserting different icons in the content. You can also use styled Bootstrap buttons in case you use Bootstrap. There are other widgets, and you can define your own ones using custom templates feature. Mobile ready content Both images and blocks are responsive when you edit your pages with N1ED. This means you can organize them in the content to be correctly viewed on any device: from desktops to tablets and mobile phones. Ruler above the content can turn on simulation of mobile devices. You can also continue editing your content in mobile preview mode. Visual configuration N1ED is powerful but simple and has visual configuration. No more any configs! Controls panel has UI can be called from the dashboard of Magento or right from N1ED itself (editing config is available for users who have access to it). Demo Demo link

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Logo Project Currency Switcher
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Currency Switcher

Transpose product prices of your online store in local currencies to provide a more localized shopping experience to your customers. With Currency Switcher extension for Magento, you can automatically switch product prices from a global currency to a local one.  You can assign a local currency for each country or region so that the extension change product prices accordingly. For example, an online store in the United States can display product prices US dollar to its local users, but change the currency to Canadian Dollars for users across the borders, or switch to Pound Sterling for visitors from the United Kingdom.  The extension is powered by the MaxMind GeoIP database to instantly recognize the geographical location of the users and display product prices in local currency. You can assign currencies for each country, region, or continent. You can restrict currency switching to specific user agents, and configure rounding off the prices for better display.    Key Features  Enable Currency Switching for Product Prices Assign local currencies for different countries Display Product Prices in local currency Configure Price Round off after currency change Latest Foreign Currency Rates  Turn off currency switching for selected user agents Powered by MaxMind IP database   Show Product Prices In Local Currency  With the help of Currency Switcher extension for Magento, you can automatically translate product prices in local currencies of the users’ geographical location based on their IP addresses. Let your customers know the price in the currency they are more familiar and comfortable using.   Round Off Product Prices  The extension helps you define price round off to the nearest figure after converting it from your standard currency to the users’ local currency. You can choose any of the following algorithms; Default or Ceil, Round X or Ceil X, Round 0.99 or Ceil 0.99, Round 0.95, or Ceil 0.95   Switch Currency For Specific Countries Setup multiple rules to assign currencies to each country or region. This facilitates automatic currency switching for specific countries.   Auto Update Foreign Currency Rates Magento 2 Currency Switcher extension automatically updates foreign currency rates from the internet with the help of an API to ensure accurate and real-time price conversion of your products.    Disable Price Change For User Agents You can limit transposing currencies to users coming through specific agents. Such as you can turn-off changing currencies of product prices for users of Google, Yahoo, or MSN, etc.    Powered By MaxMind GeoIP Database  Currency Switcher extension for Magento uses the MaxMind GeoIP database, which is a collection of IP addresses to help you easily recognize the geographical location of your store users.    Demo Links Front End | Back End

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Logo Project GeoIP Store Switcher
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GeoIP Store Switcher

GeoIP Store Switcher extension automatically detects visitor’s location and redirects him to regionally optimized storefronts for geo-targeting. The regionally optimized store can have region-specific language, currency, and targeted local products. This extension for Magento 2 is equipped with the Maxmind database that detects location to which a visitor belongs so that they can be directed towards their most likely interesting products and services. GeoIP Store Switcher allows you to create multiple redirection rules by creating more than one region. Each region can be assigned to multiple countries and relevant stores to facilitated geo-targeting campaigns. This extension automatically recognizes the users’ IP-based location and directs them accordingly. It removes the ambiguity and confusion on the part of users, who find difficulty in browsing products meant for their region.   Key Features Create Multiple Regions You can create single or multiple regions for geo-targeting. Each region will have its own redirection rules.   Select Countries For Each Region Add countries from the provided list to a region as per your geo-targeting policies. It will assist you in creating a locality according to the nature of the products and services you deal with.   Set A Store For Regions You Create Assign storefronts to regions, so that visitors from those specific locations can be redirected towards the assigned store.   Manual Or Automatic Redirection You can enable automatic redirection of visitors to the default store or keep it manual so that customers can switch between stores with the drop-down menu.   Automatic Location Detection Of Visitors You can import the Maxmind database into the extension to automatically detect visitor locations on the basis of their IP addresses.   Store Switcher Popup A customizable popup appears on the screen that allows the customers either to remain at the default store to switch to another one.   IP Exceptions For White Listing Visitors You can add a list of IPs to let them bypass the redirection rules set for the particular location.   More Features In addition to store switcher popup, the option of moving to another store is available in the footer as well. This extension is powered with GEOIP Redirect feature that auto-detect of users' IP-based address and redirects them to pre-defined stores.   Demos Links Front End Back End

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Logo Project Improved Import & Export
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Improved Import & Export

Improved Import and Export is a full-featured extension for Magento 2. The extension does not require any technical knowledge and is fully manageable from the administrator panel. With the help of the extension, you can import and export almost every Magento 2 entity. You can update and upload products and prices, customers and categories, you can import orders, attributes, CMS pages and cart price rules. You can use the extension for catalog updates, customer base transfers, CRM and ERP system integrations, migration from Shopify and Magento 1.  Get Improved Import whitepaper Delta-import - import only new lines of products added to the file Can import from Google Sheets, GoogleDrive, OneDrive, FTP/SFTP, URLs, Dropbox, local files Can import and export ALL product types including gift cards, product reviews, custom and EAV attributes, orders, categories, customers, CMS pages, widgets, URL rewrites, search terms and synonyms, cart price rules  B2B and MSI entities with Add-ons described below Supports CSV, XML with XSLT, XLSX, ODS, Json file formats and ZIP archives Supports Rest and Soap APIs Supports scheduled import and export jobs Comes with migration presets for Magento 1, Magento 1 MagMi and Shopify Comes with attribute, category and table separator mapping tools Average import speed - 3000 products/min 100% open code and comes with customization module 100% fit Magento 2 code requirements We offer the most explicit Magento 2 import documentation and guides on import and export processes   Use Cases: Automatic catalog updates - connect your supplier tables to your Magento 2, map attributes and separators, schedule import. PIM (product information management) - using Google Sheets let your employees update product info simultaneously and keep track of the changes. Order synchronization - export orders to FTP or SFTP to connect order data with your management software. Migration from Magento 1 and Shopify - migrate products, customers from Magento 1 and Shopify. Improved Import support MagMi Magento 1 export tables! API connection with third party services - connect to external services using REST and SOAP APIs and import products directly to your Magento 2. Discounts and price updates - set up price rules and tier prices in the import job, instead of doing one-by-one updates, and upload discounts in a single click Base for any CRM and ERP software integration - with support of Json and XML files, XSLT transformation templates and Rest and Soap API, the extension is a full-starter-pack for complete integrations. Delta import - when using the same file for product updates, Improved Import can import only the new rows added to it. We use row hash value to cache every single product from the file, and import only relevant.   How It Works: The extension operates with ‘Jobs’, which are single entities responsible for importing or exporting a single file to Magento 2. The jobs can be scheduled and store all the settings dedicated to the entities they are importing or exporting. When configuring the job, the store administrator names the job, decides which entity they want to import or export. After, they proceed to mapping file separators, attributes or categories of the imported entities. When importing products, price adjustments can be applied. Then, using filers the administrator can decide which entities from the imported file should be imported.   What The Extension Offers: File formats - import to Magento 2 CSV, XML, Json, Excel XLSX, Open Office ODS file formats. Import and export entities - import and export to Magento 2 orders, categories, attributes, CMS pages, companies, cart price rules, widgets, URL rewrites, gift cards, search terms and synonyms, product reviews, and native Magento 2 import entities. B2B and MSI Add-ons - import and export Magento 2 Commerce/Cloud B2B entities: companies, shared catalogs, requisition lists and quotes. And Magento 2 MSI extension entities: warehouses and product stock per warehouse All product types import and export -  configurable, bundle and grouped products can be created during import process with all child products attached. Magento 2 Commerce and Cloud b2b - import and export using Improved Import b2b companies, b2b catalogs, b2b quotes, customer finance, requisition lists and other entities. Magento 2 import sources - Google Sheets, direct file upload, FTP/SFTP, Dropbox, direct URLs you can import from all these sources. Rest and Soap API import and export - the extension allows connections via Soap and Rest APIs to the external sources such as CRM and ERP systems. Custom import file formats - you can import custom formatted tables to your Magento 2 store using attribute and separator mapping. For XML files the extension offers XLSX templates. Shopify and Magento 1 migration to Magento 2 - do this in few clicks. Export products, create a job and select a preset. The extension will do the rest of the job. Caching and bunch system - when importing products are divided into bunches, which allows importing hundreds of thousands of products from a single file.   B2B Add-On Also available at Magento Marketplace. Support of Magento 2 B2B extension entities import and export: companies shared catalogs requisition lists quotes (abandoned carts) negotiable quotes With B2B Add-On of Improved Import and Export, every entity of Magento 2 B2B extension can now be imported, exported and updated depending on your requirements.   MSI Add-On Also available at Magento Marketplace. Support of Magento 2 MSI extension entities import and export: stock sources stock source product quantity With MSI Add-On of Improved Import and Export, every entity of the MSI extension can be imported, exported and updated. MSI is a free extension developed by the Magento community available for Magento 2.3 only. Additionally, you can now export and import products with MSI warehouse reference in a single file, making the Magento 2 multi-warehouse environment easily manageable.   Additional Features: scheduled import, admin panel and command line runs direct import from Google Sheets custom logic for importing Magento 2 configurable product generate URL if duplicate category import and mapping attribute import and mapping order import and export price updates and import import filters and conditions fixed product tax import support of .tar and .zip archives color swatch import   Extension Demo: Contact us on chat or email to get your hands on Commerce version of Improved Import and Export extension. Go to the demo store   Partnership & Opportunities: FireBear Studio is constantly looking for partnership opportunities with development agencies. Hit us on chat or email! Includes 6 months of support About Firebear At Firebear Studio we believe that open-code and customization is the integral part of Magento commerce. That's why all our products come with open-code. We study Magento 2 ins and outs, follow the agenda and cover the most important changes. Inside Firebear Studio blog you can find the most explicit guides on every Magento 2 functionality, and the extensive breakdowns on the import and export procedures. Firebear Studio products allow you to connect your Magento 2 with the world of CRM, ERP, and other management systems. Drop us a line to say hi and chat. Contact Us Email: [email protected]

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Logo Project Croatian Language Pack
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Croatian Language Pack

This Language Pack, developed by Inchoo, provides Croatian translation and localization, preparing Magento 2 stores for the Croatian market. Since the Croatian eCommerce scene is growing, it’s time to help its shop administrators work with Magento in their native language. That’s why we prepared Croatian Language Pack for both the admin and frontend, translating more than 13 000 phrases of Magento 2 to Croatian.  This will help Croatian shop administrators to use Magento freely and customize their store quicker, day by day.  It is free and will provide you with the translation and localization without the need for you to touch any code. Shop administrators can work in their native language, so it becomes easier to customize the store. The translation of the front end will allow customers to relate faster with the products and transform their shopping experience.     Features: Croatian Language pack for Magento is a free extension which can be installed in less than 30 minutes. Once it’s set up, administration and frontend are translated to Croatian - you don’t need to touch any code.  Follow the Configuration guide (User Guide), specify Croatian as default language and it becomes easier to customize the store to follow your brand’s tone of voice. If you experience any difficulties installing the extension or you are looking an eCommerce development agency for your project, please contact us at [email protected]   Note: Not all of the terms are translated completely idiomatically, due to complex grammar and writing system of Croatian language.  This project was developed by Inchoo team and a group of external translation associates from Faculty of Philosophy in Osijek, Croatia.   ______________________________________________________________________________   Ovaj paket je lokalizacija Magento 2 online trgovine, koja sadrži prijevode administratorske strane te korisničkog sučelja. Preveli smo više od 13 000 termina i fraza koje se koriste u Magentu 2. Time omogućavamo vlasnicima i voditeljima trgovine lakše snalaženje u administratorskom sučelju te jednostavniju pripremu i plasiranje trgovine na hrvatsko tržište, na izvornom jeziku krajnjeg korisnika trgovine. Language pack je besplatan te osigurava prijevod bez potrebe modifikacije koda. Prijevod korisničkog sučelja i mrežne trgovine omogućit će kupcima brže povezivanje s produktima i poboljšati njihovo iskustvo kupovine.    Instalacija i Korištenje: Jezični paket hrvatskog jezika za Magento 2 trgovine je besplatna ekstenzija koja je jednostavna za korištenje.  Nakon što ju instalirate i postavite na svoju trgovinu, administracijsko i frontend sučelje su prevedeni. Ne morate ništa dodatno konfigurirati u kodu. Slijedite upute iz vodiča za instalaciju koji je dostupan u sklopu službene dokumentacije kao Configuration guide (User Guide). Ukoliko imate problema s instalacijom ili želite eCommerce agenciju koja će izraditi Vašu trgovinu, slobodno nas kontaktirajte na [email protected]   Napomena: Zbog nepostojanja adekvatnog prijevoda nekih termina ili onih koji se dinamički mijenjaju ovisno o korištenju trgovine, možda će biti potrebno učiniti manje preinake u prijevodu.  Uz tvrtku Inchoo, na projektu izrade ovog prijevoda, sudjelovali su vanjski suradnici s Filozofskog fakulteta u Osijeku.

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