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This project was last updated September 21, 2022 byCloodo

About Up TablePress

TablePress allows you to easily create and manage beautiful tables. You can embed the tables into posts, pages, or text widgets with a simple Shortcode. Table data can be edited in a spreadsheet-like interface, so no coding is necessary. Tables can contain any type of data, even formulas that will be evaluated. An additional JavaScript library adds features like sorting, pagination, filtering, and more for site visitors. Tables can be imported and exported from/to Excel, CSV, HTML, and JSON files.

More information

Please visit the plugin website at tablepress.org for more information or a demo. For latest news, follow @TablePress on Twitter.

Supporting future development

If you like TablePress, please rate and review it here in the WordPress Plugin Directory or support it with your donation. Thank you!

TablePress Extensions

Additional features and useful enhancements are available as separate plugins, called TablePress Extensions, on the plugin website.

Do you have a lot of tables? You can organize them in folders! Wicked Folders Pro supports TablePress and might be the right solution for you.


After installing the plugin, you can create and manage tables on the “TablePress” screen in the WordPress Dashboard.

To show one of your tables in a post or on a page, embed the Shortcode [table id=<the-ID> /] into a “Shortcode” block at the desired place in the block editor. Each table has a unique ID that needs to be adjusted in that Shortcode.

After that, you might want to change the styling of the table. You can do this by entering CSS commands into the “Custom CSS” textarea on the


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Rating Cloodo

Reviews 1,470

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About TablePress Project on Cloodo


Latest client reviews for TablePress


Review on February 11, 2022

In the editor, just crab the row by clicking on the row number at the left. I did not saw that feature documented, but it awesome !!!

Review on February 11, 2022

This plugin is very awesome is useful. It helps me learn many things. If you know all metrics of TablePress then you can do many things u even can’t imagine. Thx developer. I am new in blogging and not getting much from my site now. I really want to donate some money to it. Pray for me, please. Thank you.

Review on February 11, 2022

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Logo Project LiteSpeed Cache
Rating of Project LiteSpeed Cache on Cloodo

1,470 Reviews

LiteSpeed Cache

LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress (LSCWP) is an all-in-one site acceleration plugin, featuring an exclusive server-level cache and a collection of optimization features.LSCWP supports WordPress Multisite and is compatible with most popular plugins, including WooCommerce, bbPress, and Yoast SEO.LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress is compatible with ClassicPress.RequirementsGeneral Features may be used by anyone with any web server (LiteSpeed, Apache, NGINX, etc.).LiteSpeed Exclusive Features require one of the following: OpenLiteSpeed, commercial LiteSpeed products, LiteSpeed-powered hosting, or QUIC.cloud CDN. Why?Plugin FeaturesGeneral FeaturesFree QUIC.cloud CDN CacheObject Cache (Memcached/LSMCD/Redis) Support+Image Optimization (Lossless/Lossy)Minify CSS, JavaScript, and HTMLMinify inline & external CSS/JSCombine CSS/JSAutomatically generate Critical CSSLazy-load images/iframesResponsive Image PlaceholdersMultiple CDN Support+Load CSS AsynchronouslyDefer/delay JS loadingBrowser Cache Support+Database Cleaner and OptimizerPageSpeed score (including Core Web Vitals) optimizationOPcode Cache Support+HTTP/2 Push for CSS/JS (on web servers that support it)DNS PrefetchCloudflare APISingle Site and Multisite (Network) supportImport/Export settingsAttractive, easy-to-understand interfaceWebP image format supportHeartbeat control+ This service is not provided by the LSCache plugin, nor is it guaranteed to be installed by your service provider. However, the plugin is compatible with the service if it is in use on your site.LiteSpeed Exclusive FeaturesAutomatic page caching to greatly improve site performanceAutomatic purge of related pages based on certain eventsPrivate cache for logged-in usersCaching of WordPress REST API callsSeparate caching of desktop and mobile viewsAbility to schedule purge for specified URLsWooCommerce and bbPress supportWordPress CLI commandsAPI system for easy cache integrationExclude from cache by URI, Category, Tag, Cookie, User AgentSmart preload crawler with support for SEO-friendly sitemapMultiple crawlers for cache variesHTTP/2 supportHTTP/3 & QUIC supportESI (Edge Side Includes) support*Widgets and Shortcodes as ESI blocks* (requires Classic Widgets plugin with WP 5.8 currently)* Feature not available in OpenLiteSpeedLSCWP ResourcesJoin our Slack community to connect with other LiteSpeed users.Ask a question on our support forum.View detailed documentation.Read WordPress Wednesday tutorials on our blog.Help translate LSCWP.LSCWP GitHub repo.Third Party CompatibilityThe vast majority of plugins and themes are compatible with LSCache. Our API is available for those that are not. Use the API to customize smart purging, customize cache rules, create cache varies, and make WP nonce cacheable, among other things.PrivacyThis plugin includes some suggested text that you can add to your site’s Privacy Policy via the Guide in the WordPress Privacy settings.For your own information: LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress potentially stores a duplicate copy of every web page on display on your site. The pages are stored locally on the system where LiteSpeed server software is installed and are not transferred to or accessed by LiteSpeed employees in any way, except as necessary in providing routine technical support if you request it. All cache files are temporary, and may easily be purged before their natural expiration, if necessary, via a Purge All command. It is up to individual site administrators to come up with their own cache expiration rules.In addition to caching, our WordPress plugin has online features provided by QUIC.cloud for Image Optimization, CSS Optimization and Low Quality Image Placeholder services. When one of those optimizations are requested, data is transmitted to a remote QUIC.cloud server, processed, and then transmitted back for use on your site. Now if using the QUIC.cloud CDN it uses LSCache technologies to access your site then host your site to others globally and also your data is not transferred to or accessed by QUIC.cloud employees in any way, except as necessary in providing maintenance or technical support. QUIC.cloud keeps copies of that data for up to 7 days and then permanently deletes them. Similarly, the WordPress plugin has a Reporting feature whereby a site owner can transmit an environment report to LiteSpeed so that we may better provide technical support. None of these features collects any visitor data. Only server and site data are involved.Please see the QUIC.cloud Privacy Policy for our complete Privacy/GDPR statement.

This project was last updated September 21, 2022 byCloodo

Logo Project Theme Kit for Twenty Twenty-One & Twenty Twenty (Customization, Gutenberg Blocks, Templates) – Twentig
Rating of Project Theme Kit for Twenty Twenty-One & Twenty Twenty (Customization, Gutenberg Blocks, Templates) – Twentig on Cloodo

118 Reviews

Theme Kit for Twenty Twenty-One & Twenty Twenty (Customization, Gutenberg Blocks, Templates) – Twentig

The easy way to build a beautiful website. Twentig helps you customize the default WordPress theme (Twenty Twenty-One and Twenty Twenty) the way you want with Google Fonts, colors, custom layouts, and many more options. With enhanced Gutenberg blocks, pre-designed block templates, and starter websites, you’ve got everything you need to build stunning pages that look great on any device — no coding or design skills needed. “Twentig is a plugin that essentially gives superpowers to the default theme.” — Justin Tadlock, WP Tavern Customize the most popular WordPress theme. Your way. Twentig offers powerful features to customize the Twenty Twenty-One and Twenty Twenty themes — making it easier than ever to create your own professional website. Advanced theme customization. From post grid to sidebar to sticky header to footer layout, our plugin provides endless ways to enhance your WordPress theme. Change the look and feel of your website by customizing the fonts (Google Fonts), colors, global styles, 404 page, and more. Custom page templates. Control the look of your entire page with our page templates. Easily remove the page title, header, footer, or set a transparent header. Now you can use Gutenberg blocks to create a custom hero, landing page, coming soon page, and more. Tailored design. Twentig brings design improvements to the default WordPress theme. Our additional block settings and pre-designed block templates are specially built for it — so it’s simple to make beautiful pages with Gutenberg blocks. Start with a pre-built website. Instead of starting from scratch, you can quickly import one of Twentig’s starter websites crafted by award-winning designers. The simple way to import starter websites. Choose from a variety of starter websites and seamlessly load them in a few seconds in the Customizer. Preview and customize your theme any way you like before publishing it to your live site. Flexible import. Twentig lets you import full websites (Customizer settings, menus, widgets, and pages built with Gutenberg blocks). You can also only import what you need, be it the styling or the pages, on a fresh install or an existing website. Check out the starter websites to see the power and flexibility of Twentig. Do more with Gutenberg blocks. Twentig enhances the existing Gutenberg blocks — taking the WordPress block editor to a new level of design and creativity. Block customization made easy. We’ve added the right amount of features to the Gutenberg core blocks. So you can easily customize your blocks to fit your needs with just a few clicks. Powerful Gutenberg block features. Twentig provides alternative styles, advanced block settings, margin controls, and CSS classes. From columns style to group shape divider to typography settings, you have the best tools to customize the Gutenberg blocks and build gorgeous pages. Build your pages with ready-to-use templates. Twentig brings hundreds of pre-designed block patterns and page templates — making it easier and faster than ever to create stunning pages. Flexible block templates. Choose from a variety of versatile block patterns and page templates that you can mix and match to fit your project. Our block template library is designed to enable a wide range of uses and endless design possibilities. Professional design. Our templates are responsive and give your pages a professional look right from the start — no coding or design skills needed. Twentig features list Check out the screenshots to see how Twentig can transform your theme and the Gutenberg blocks. ADDITIONAL THEME OPTIONS Header Header layouts Sticky header Header width Header decoration Additional elements: search bar, social icons, button Logo width Custom logo for transparent header Menu link style Option to display the burger menu on tablet Footer Footer layouts Footer widgets layout Footer width Custom copyright and remove “Powered by WordPress” Social icons Site Layout Text width Wide width (Twenty Twenty-One theme) Site width to create a boxed layout site (Twenty Twenty-One theme) Blog Posts Page Option to display the page title (Twenty Twenty-One theme) Blog layouts: stack, post grid, post grid card Blog sidebar (Twenty Twenty-One theme) Number of columns for post grid layouts Featured image options Blog content options Blog meta options Pagination style (Twenty Twenty-One theme) Single Blog Post Featured image and post title layouts Blog sidebar (Twenty Twenty-One theme) Option to display the manual excerpt below the title Single post meta options Post navigation layout (Twenty Twenty theme) Hide comments section Typography & Colors Google Fonts options (curated collection and custom Google Fonts) Google Fonts pairings and Google Fonts presets Font settings Color options Pages Custom page templates: remove the page title, header, and footer, or set a transparent header Featured image and page title layouts Custom 404 Page Option to assign any page as the 404 page Additional Settings Minimal style for links (Twenty Twenty-One theme) Button style Separator style Social icons style (Twenty Twenty theme) ADDITIONAL GUTENBERG BLOCK SETTINGS Gutenberg core blocks: top margin and bottom margin Group: shadow, border, shape divider, full height Columns: gutter, responsive layout, columns style (card, border), text alignment, stretched link Media & Text: styles (shadow, overlap), responsive layout, reverse stack order, stretched link, full height Cover: styles (shadow, inner border), stretched link, hover effect Heading: typography options, decoration Paragraph: wide width, typography options List: styles (dash, checkmark, arrow, border, no bullet, inline), typography options, spacing Image: styles (rounded, shadow, frame, border), image filter Gallery: stack variation, styles (rounded, frame), fixed width columns, image aspect ratio, gutter, responsive layout, caption size, border, image filter YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, and Video blocks: style (frame) Latest Posts: styles (card, border), image aspect ratio, heading size, stretched link, text alignment Social Icons: hover effect Quote: additional styles Pullquote: additional styles Table: styles (border, inner border), vertical alignment Separator: style (short line), responsive visibility Spacer: responsive visibility GUTENBERG TEMPLATE LIBRARY Hundreds of Gutenberg block patterns grouped by following categories: Columns Text Columns Text and Image Text Hero Cover Call to Action List Numbers, Stats Gallery Video, Audio Latest Posts Contact Team Testimonials Logos, Clients Pricing FAQ Events, Schedule Dozens of pre-designed page templates grouped by following categories: Homepage About Services Contact Single Page Get more See our quickstart guide to learn the basics of using Twentig. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive exclusive content, tips and updates. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for upcoming tutorials. Enjoying Twentig? Rate it on WordPress. Donate to support its development.

This project was last updated August 29, 2022 byCloodo

Logo Project ShiftNav – Responsive Mobile Menu
Rating of Project ShiftNav – Responsive Mobile Menu on Cloodo

66 Reviews

ShiftNav – Responsive Mobile Menu

ShiftNav is an awesome mobile menu for WordPress. It looks and acts like native app off-canvas slide-out menus for popular apps like Facebook, Gmail, etc. ShiftNav Demo – see how it works Get started: ShiftNav Quick Setup Guide Feature Overview Native App-Style Menus Automatic Integration Light & Dark Skins Works with the WordPress 3 Menu System Touch-enabled CSS3 Transitions produce smooth animations on mobile devices Configurable Knowledgebase Want to take your menu to the next level? Go Pro Browser Compatibility ShiftNav will open with a slide transition with browsers that support it. For browsers that don’t fully support CSS3 transforms, the menu will fall back to non-animated open/close functionality.

This project was last updated September 22, 2022 byCloodo

Logo Project Podlove Podcast Publisher
Rating of Project Podlove Podcast Publisher on Cloodo

39 Reviews

Podlove Podcast Publisher

We built the Podlove Podcast Publisher because existing solutions are stuck in the past, complex and unwieldy. The Publisher helps you save time, worry less and provides a cutting edge listening experience for your audience. Official Site: publisher.podlove.org Video Tutorial: Getting started with Podlove Publisher Compatible Feeds The Publisher makes it easy to create highly expressive, efficient and super compatible podcast feeds with fine grained control over client behavior (e.g. GUID control to replace faulty episodes and for clients to reload) supporting all important meta data. Multi-Format Publishing The Publisher also makes multi-format publishing – embracing all modern and legacy audio and video codecs – a snap. By adopting simple file name conventions, the plugin allows the podcaster to provide individual feeds for certain use cases or audiences without adding work for the podcaster during the publishing process. Optimized Web Player The Publisher also comes with integrated with the Podlove Web Player plugin (which you do not need to install separately) and fully support its advanced options including multiple audio (MP4 AAC, MP3, Vorbis, Opus) and video (MP4 H.264, WebM, Theora) format support for web browsers. This Web Player is fully HTML5 compatible (but provides Flash fallback for ancient environments) and is ready for all touch based clients too. Chapter Support The Publisher also makes it easy to publish chapter information in the player to make access to structured episodes even easier. Full support for linking directly to any part of your podcast on the web with instant playback included. Flexible Templates To round it all up, a flexible template system enables you to published Podcasts in a defined fashion and change the style at any time without having to touch your individual postings later on. And this is just the beginning. We have a rich roadmap that will bring even more interesting features: integration with helpful services, much improved timeline metadata support (show notes) and much more. Further Reading Podlove Publisher Podlove Project Podlove Community Documentation Bug Tracker Donate Development of the plugin is an open process. The current version is available on GitHub Feel free to contribute and to fix errors or send improvements via GitHub. Requires PHP 5.4+

This project was last updated August 29, 2022 byCloodo

Logo Project Filterable Portfolio
Rating of Project Filterable Portfolio on Cloodo

12 Reviews

Filterable Portfolio

A WordPress Portfolio plugin to display portfolio/project images to your site. Features Fully responsive Portfolio Showcase with sorting images by groups. Supported Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, IE 11, Safari Two portfolio themes with css3 effect Single portfolio page template Slide of portfolio images on single portfolio page Related Projects on single portfolio page Setting page with many options Custom Meta box for Project Images, Client Name, Project Date and Project URL Usages After installing and activating the plugin, a new custom post type called “Portfolios” will appear at your WordPress Admin area. Just create your Portfolio from the “Portfolios” menu & paste the following shortcode where you want to display this Portfolio: [filterable_portfolio] The shortcode can include following attributes. featured: Default value no. Value can be yes or no. show_filter: Default value yes. Value can be yes or no. Example 1: [filterable_portfolio featured='yes' show_filter='no'] Theme Integration Filterable Portfolio works with most theme out of the box. But the following theme support its full features like single, archive and taxonomy template. Filterable Portfolio is fully integrated with the following themes. Shapla – https://wordpress.org/themes/shapla/ CREDIT Isotope tiny-slider

This project was last updated September 21, 2022 byCloodo

Logo Project Minimal Share Buttons
Rating of Project Minimal Share Buttons on Cloodo

6 Reviews

Minimal Share Buttons

Add simple share buttons under your posts, add share block in the new editor, or use the widget to add sharing to any widget area your theme provides. This plugin uses simple SVG icons for social network logos and small vanilla JavaScript to allow the user to share the current post or page. Share icons inherit their colours from the theme link colours to match the website design. Why choose Minimal Share Buttons before other similar plugins? Minimal and elegant look that blends with your theme (tested with all latest default WordPress themes as well as with some other popular themes). Minimal impact on your site’s performance – the plugin loads only a small SVG file with the icons, less than 1k CSS and 3.5к unminified and uncompressed JavaScript – most of it to make SVG icons work in old browsers. Doesn’t spy on your users – the plugin doesn’t load any thitd-party scripts that record your user’s activity on your site, doesn’t set or read any cookies. Sharing through the native share dialog on devices that support it. GDPR-hasle-free – since the plugin doesn’t leak personal information to third parties, this makes it easier for website owners to comply with the European privacy regulations. Accessibility – the share links have labels, read by screen readers, and visible for keyboard users. Gutenberg and WordPress 5.0 ready – the plugin provides block that displays the share buttons so that authors can place them wherever they want in the post content. Usage There are five ways of displaying the share buttons on a post or page: Force them to display under the content of the post by checking the relevant checkboxes in the Display settings sections on the plugin settings screen. Add Share widget to the sidebar or another widget area. Use the Gutenberg block to add the share buttons whereever you want in the post content. Use the shortcode [msb_share title="Share this"] in the classic editor. Use the function msb_display_buttons() to render the widget in your theme templates. Theme developers From version 1.4 you can more easily display the sharing widget in your templates using the function msb_display_buttons(). The function accepts two arguments – an array of options, passed to the widget, and a second boolean argument that tells the function to echo the resulting markup. Here’s an example: $args = [ ‘before_widget’ => ‘<div class=”msb-container”>’, ‘after_widget’ => ‘</div>’, ‘before_title’ => ‘<h2>’, ‘after_title’ => ‘</h2>’, ‘title’ => __( ‘Share this article’, ‘mytextdomain’ ), ]; msb_display_buttons( $args, true ); If your theme uses SVG icons, combined into a SVG sprite, and your sprite has icons for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn, there are two filters you can use to replace the icons, provided by the plugin, with yours. The results of the two filters are concatenated with a hash between them and passed through esc_url before output. Another filter allows manipulation of the array of social networks. msb_sprite_url The filter is applied to the URL of the sprite image and the filter function should return the URL (without the hash sign) of an SVG sprite image, consisting of icons in symbol elements. msb_icon_name The filter is applied to the icon name before concatenating it to the sprite URL. It should return the ID of the icon symbol in the sprite. msb_socials The filter is applied to the default list of social networks and allows adding or removing socials networks. The array of social networks is associative array, the key is used for the option name on settings page and for the icon ID, and the value is associative array with three elements – field_label (the label of the field in settings), button_label (the label of the button for screenreader users), and share_url (the URL for sharing links). The share_url is passed through sprintf with two params – the URL of the current page and the title of the page. Example: function my_add_xing( $socials ){ $socials['xing'] = array( 'field_label' => __( 'Xing', 'mytheme' ), 'button_label' => __( 'Share on Xing', 'mytheme' ), 'share_url' => 'https://www.xing.com/spi/shares/new?url=%1$s&title=%2$s' ); return $socials; } add_filter( 'msb_socials', 'my_add_xing' );<h3>msb_button_classes</h3> This filter allows changing the classes of the individual buttons. Two parameters are apssed to the filter functions: the array with classes and the social network / button slug. Credits SVG Icons from (Font-Awesome-SVG-PNG)[https://github.com/encharm/Font-Awesome-SVG-PNG], MIT licence Banner image by (heinzremyschindler on pixbay)[https://pixabay.com/en/share-play-words-2482016/], (Creative Commons CC0)[https://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/deed.en] Plugin icon based on (work by Nathan Diesel from the Noun Project)[https://thenounproject.com/term/share/107273/], (Creative Commons CC-BY)[http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/us/]

This project was last updated September 22, 2022 byCloodo

Logo Project Lazy Loading Feature Plugin
Rating of Project Lazy Loading Feature Plugin on Cloodo

6 Reviews

Lazy Loading Feature Plugin

Lazy Loading Feature Plugin is an official plugin maintained by the WordPress team. It is intended for testing of automatically adding the loading HTML attribute to images and other elements that support it. More information about the loading attribute: : https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTML/Element/img#attr-loading. HTML Specification: https://html.spec.whatwg.org/multipage/embedded-content.html#attr-img-loading. Currently the loading attribute is supported in the following browsers: https://caniuse.com/#feat=loading-lazy-attr. To test, install and enable the plugin. It will automatically add loading="lazy" attributes to all images in all new and existing posts, pages, and text widgets on the front-end. Then use one of the browsers that support it (Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Edge, Android, etc.) and visit the site. Best would be to test over a slower connection, with a phone, etc. and test web pages that have a lot of images, like gallery posts. Things to look for Obvious bugs, for example images are missing. Try to scroll down as soon as the page loads. All images should be at their places, and the page shouldn’t “jump” when images are loaded. Note to developers This plugin is intended for testing. If the tests are successful, this functionality will be added to WordPress, but the exact code may change, perhaps significantly. When testing, please also test the filters added by this plugin, and provide feedback at https://github.com/WordPress/wp-lazy-loading or at https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/44427.

This project was last updated August 29, 2022 byCloodo

Logo Project Youtube shortcode
Rating of Project Youtube shortcode on Cloodo

5 Reviews

Youtube shortcode

A really simple and very lightweight plugin to embed customized Youtube videos & playlists anywhere in your blog or website using wordpress shortcodes. Documentation, live demos and support All documentation and demos are located at the plugin website. The plugin website is proudly powered by WordPress and nearly all posts show a live demo so you can check how Youtube videos behave under every scenario/configuration such as: Window resizing (resize the browser window to check how “fluid” videos adapt to fit) Mobile viewing (visit the website with your mobile and check how videos look) RSS viewing (subscribe to the feed and check how videos look in your RSS reader) Different parameters for the Youtube player What’s more, I’ve added Uservoice feedback so you can share your ideas and issues. I want to hear from you. You can also post comments on every article. I’ve moved all documentation to a website because I think it’s great to have a real WordPress environment set up and running with a working version of the plugin (latest) and a live demo for every piece of documentation. Features: Supports all official YouTube player customization parameters and respects Youtube’s default values: Youtube official documentation. You can override any default value. Supports TinyMCE editor button (1.7+ version) to make it easier for you to customize the Youtube video player (auto-inserts the shortcode). Supports RSS readers, Mobile browsers and fluid/elastic layouts. Supports automatic calculation of video height. Just set the Youtube player width and omit the height parameter in the shortcode. There’s no need to set a height manually to get the perfect height. Supports automatic localization of Flash videos (“old embed code” only). This plugin detects the visitor’s preferred language to set the default language of the Youtube player UI & the video’s captions/subtitles (otherwise en_US would be set by default for every visitor). Supports normal Youtube URLs, short Youtube URLs, embed Youtube URLs and Youtube’s video ID as value for url parameter. Supports setting a different “title” attribute for each Youtube video (useful for SEO & Accessibility). Supports both the deprecated Youtube AS2 Flash player and the new iframe player (AS3 Flash or HTML5). This plugin uses Youtube’s new embed code (iframe: AS3 or HTML5 player) by default but optionally you can use the deprecated AS2 player (Flash only). The new embed code (iframe) will take care of the environment capabilities. This way you know your video will work on most devices, including mobile devices (that have Adobe’s Flash 10.1 installed or support CSS, iframes and basic Javascript) and RSS readers. Supports web browsers with no Javascript support or with Javascript disabled. If a web browser does not support Javascript or Javascript is disabled, Youtube’s new embed code will not work. In that case this plugin will try to show the Youtube video using Adobe’s Flash (If Flash is not installed or enabled, the plugin will show the user what to do). Developer friendly: wp-content directory can be renamed or moved safely to a different location. For more info read Moving wp-content Tested on IE 6+, Firefox 2+, Opera 8+, Safari 3+, Chrome 5+, iOS & Android (Webkit mobile), Opera mobile, Firefox mobile (Fennec) and RSS readers (such as Google Reader and NetNewsWire). Roadmap In version 1.9 I’ll develop a settings page so that you can store configuration defaults for every Youtube video. Support its development donating a few bucks ???? (PayPal). Plugin developed by Túbal Martín at www.margenn.com.

This project was last updated August 29, 2022 byCloodo

Logo Project Woo Custom Filter Widget
Rating of Project Woo Custom Filter Widget on Cloodo

4 Reviews

Woo Custom Filter Widget

Woo Custom Filter Widget is a free WooCommerce plugin, which allows users to create WooCommerce custom filters and display filters anywhere on any page. Using this plugin you can add advanced product filtering ability and unlimited filters to your WooCommerce shop by using filter widgets. If you are looking for a feature-rich experience for any kind of filters, then we recommend you use our other plugin Woo Choice Plugin since that is more actively developed, we hope you will enjoy it more! After installing Woo Choice Plugin, just enable shortcode filters or filters for shop/category pages from the setup wizard. And if you are running a jewelry/diamond or clothing site, then Woo Choice Plugin has a lot for you! We are thinking of publishing the same features on this plugin maybe after a few months but, till then, we can not do so; we recommend you to use our above mentioned other plugin. Key Points Fast and flexible. Create custom filters and display them on any page of the website. Gives advanced product filtering ability. Easy to create WooCommerce custom filters based on price, colours or other product attributes. Works with any WooCommerce themes. Plugin widget can be placed anywhere with a shortcode. In the plugin settings for color pickers, font styling and custom CSS in the filter form can be selected different skins. Woo Custom Filter Widget uses native WooCommerce API which allows coexisting and cooperation with other plugins created for WooCommerce. Option to Set Values for the Price Slider Manually. Multiple User Interface Elements. Slider can use strings as a value. Advantages Products searching by using AJAX filter. You can show taxonomies/attributes in the search form as icons, sliders, checkbox, drop-down. We are constantly trying to keep a minimal dependency on themes, so even if themes are not developed according to WordPress and WooCommerce guidelines, our plugin is compatible with them in most of the cases. Getting started Please visit our getting started guide for detailed documentation. It will guide you through the process of creating shortcode filters or if you want to use beautiful filters on your shop/category pages. Videos 1 Create Shortcode Filter 2 Shop/Category Filters SUPPORTING FUTURE DEVELOPMENT If you like Woo Custom Filter Widget, please rate and review it here in the WordPress Plugin Directory or support it with your donation. Thank you! Compatibility with other plugins/Officially tested plugins For compatibility with WordPress check right bar at top of this page, we generally test with latest releases of WordPress and WooCommerce. This plugin works under WooCommerce so WooCommerce is required, we have tested Woo Custom Filter Widget with WooCommerce 2.0 to 5.5.2 and our plugin is technically compatible with all the other plugins. Demo 1 Shortcode filter demo 2 Shop/Category page filter demo GO FURTHER WITH EXTENSIONS: With different add-ons from our collection of extensions, you can make your store look more professional and easy to use for the website visitors. WooCommerce Table View Extension You can show products in a tabular view for its an easy navigation and built according to the users choice. This extension is useful to create the tabular view, useful for creating some specific inventory feeds e.g. diamond feeds. OUR OTHER PLUGINS/EXTENSIONS YOU MIGHT BE INTERESTED IN If you have jewellery website or jewellery theme you may like our free plugin wooCommerce choice which gives you future like ring builder, inbuilt customized products based on variable products for jewellery, price control feature that makes easier to update prices of hundreds of jewelry products in bulk as soon as gold or diamond prices change. If you have clothing website or clothing theme you may like our free plugin wooCommerce choice which gives you a feature of pair maker that is a useful feature for users to buy clothes in pair. WooCommerce Table View Extension If you have diamonds/jewellery website or diamonds/jewellery theme you may like our table view extension(mentioned above as well) which is useful to create expected experience for diamond websites. Rapnet Integration Extension Entire list of APIs we support Rapnet Instant Inventory API Glow star Diamond API Under development, you can pre-order! IDEX (International Diamond Exchange) MID House of Diamonds API POLYGON Virtual Inventory API GEMFIND Diamond Link API Virtual Diamond Boutique API JewelCloud API 1. You can also send us Request to have us support missing API FOR SUPPORT, SUGGESTIONS, FEATURE REQUEST AND BUG REPORTING If you have suggestions about how to improve Woo Custom Filter Widget, you can write to us so we can enhance our Woo Custom Filter Widget plugin.

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