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TablePress allows you to easily create and manage beautiful tables. You can embed the tables into posts, pages, or text widgets with a simple Shortcode. Table data can be edited in a spreadsheet-like interface, so no coding is necessary. Tables can contain any type of data, even formulas that will be evaluated. An additional JavaScript library adds features like sorting, pagination, filtering, and more for site visitors. Tables can be imported and exported from/to Excel, CSV, HTML, and JSON files.

More information

Please visit the plugin website at tablepress.org for more information or a demo. For latest news, follow @TablePress on Twitter.

Supporting future development

If you like TablePress, please rate and review it here in the WordPress Plugin Directory or support it with your donation. Thank you!

TablePress Extensions

Additional features and useful enhancements are available as separate plugins, called TablePress Extensions, on the plugin website.

Do you have a lot of tables? You can organize them in folders! Wicked Folders Pro supports TablePress and might be the right solution for you.


After installing the plugin, you can create and manage tables on the “TablePress” screen in the WordPress Dashboard.

To show one of your tables in a post or on a page, embed the Shortcode [table id=<the-ID> /] into a “Shortcode” block at the desired place in the block editor. Each table has a unique ID that needs to be adjusted in that Shortcode.

After that, you might want to change the styling of the table. You can do this by entering CSS commands into the “Custom CSS” textarea on the “Plugin Options” screen. Some examples for common styling changes can be found on the TablePress FAQ page.
You may also add certain features (like sorting, pagination, filtering, alternating row colors, row highlighting, print name and/or description, …) by enabling the corresponding checkboxes on a table’s “Edit” screen.


Special thanks go to Allan Jardine for the DataTables JavaScript library.
Thanks to all language file translators!
Thanks to every donor, supporter, and bug reporter!


This plugin is Free Software, released and licensed under the GPL, version 2 (https://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html).
You may use it free of charge for any purpose.


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Rating Cloodo
Reviews 1,470

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2022-02-11 at 19:41:10

Rating Cloodo

In the editor, just crab the row by clicking on the row number at the left. I did not saw that feature documented, but it awesome !!!


2022-02-11 at 19:41:08

Rating Cloodo

This plugin is very awesome is useful. It helps me learn many things. If you know all metrics of TablePress then you can do many things u even can’t imagine. Thx developer. I am new in blogging and not getting much from my site now. I really want to donate some money to it. Pray for me, please. Thank you.


2022-02-11 at 19:40:11

Rating Cloodo

Great plugin, with super add-ons and fantastic support!


2022-02-11 at 19:39:48

Rating Cloodo

I’ve been using TablePress for a couple of years, probably 4, on other sites, but with this new site I’m doing it in a completely different way. I had questions, and searched the help and finally asked. I knew I would get fast, excellent service from Tobias, and I was not disappointed. He even gave me some tips to make things look better and tidy it up.

As I told him in the thread, he really should be a consultant to all those companies whose service and attitude suck. Fast, accurate solutions, and he doesn’t make you feel stupid for not knowing.

A definite 10 in my books!


2022-02-11 at 19:39:47

Rating Cloodo

Quick response! Great features! Perfect!


2022-02-11 at 19:39:07

Rating Cloodo

works nicely for every needs you have


2022-02-11 at 19:38:37

Rating Cloodo

I’m a relative newbie, and even I can use this plugin easily, so it must be well designed. ???? Took me a while to discover all the formatting etc. options, but the online documentation and support is good and very helpful. Recommended!


2022-02-11 at 19:38:30

Rating Cloodo

Tobias answers questions right away and the table works as expected.


2022-02-11 at 19:38:29

Rating Cloodo

Works well, ie. stable. Flexible if you can do a little coding. Very responsive support considering it is just one guy. Donating a little to help is good.


2022-02-11 at 19:38:28

Rating Cloodo

Does exactly what we need it to do. Support was prompt, courteous, and helpful!


2022-02-11 at 19:37:16

Rating Cloodo

Works alright till now. Hopefully will not break in future.


2022-02-11 at 19:36:49

Rating Cloodo

Works perfectly. Easy to use


2022-02-11 at 19:36:17

Rating Cloodo

Intuitive and highly customisable table system. Recommended!


2022-02-11 at 19:35:07

Rating Cloodo



2022-02-11 at 19:34:38

Rating Cloodo

My client wanted their real estate listings in a responsive table format, and due to the number of columns, the default WordPress table didn’t look great on mobile so I was recommended the TablePress plugin that would solve this problem.

The plugin worked great and allowed me to add CSS so that I could manipulate the styling of the table easily. There were a few CSS issues initially, but I reached out to the Plugin support and got a very quick reply with an easy fix. I highly recommend this to anyone wanting a responsive table on WordPress.

Thank you guys!
You rock.


2022-02-11 at 19:34:30

Rating Cloodo

It worked out of the box for what i needed and the extra plugins are very helpful.


2022-02-11 at 19:34:26

Rating Cloodo

Perfect, never issues re compatibility, super fast support, so good I donated


2022-02-11 at 19:34:13

Rating Cloodo

I needed to turn an Excel spreadsheet into a responsive, searchable table, and this did the trick perfectly! xlsx files are listed as “experimental” in the plugin, but I’ve had no trouble importing mine, or replacing the existing table with updated imported tables. Works right out of the box, so to speak. Thanks!


2022-02-11 at 19:34:01

Rating Cloodo

Had to display tables, and this plugin works great with many features, thank you


2022-02-11 at 19:33:44

Rating Cloodo

I have only been using WordPress for about a month, and I, too, had the issue mentioned with the responsiveness not working. But I discovered if I will just create a one column/row table and then take the short code into a column in Elementor or the editor, it works without a hitch. And it is easier to just update the Table than to open Elementor to make a few quick changes. Of course, two columns is all I need for my website, so this option works great for me.

Unfortunately, I’m unemployed right now, so I am not able to buy you a cup of coffee, Tobias, but thanks for the great plugin. It has made converting to WordPress so much easier.


2022-02-11 at 19:33:27

Rating Cloodo

Incredibly useful if your site features tables. So much easier than building them from scratch. I just wished the UI was a bit nicer looking and easier to use. Eg., I have one very large table, and its awkward to scroll up and down to get to the table manipulation options. But all in all, a totally indispensable plugin

  • This topic was modified 2 years, 9 months ago by fuchsr.


2022-02-11 at 19:33:27

Rating Cloodo

Works great, awesome support


2022-02-11 at 19:33:20

Rating Cloodo

Nothing more to say. ????
Works great and awesome support


2022-02-11 at 19:33:04

Rating Cloodo

Does exactly what they claim it will. Gives you a nice easy way to import data into the plugin and create responsive tables.


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