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236,416 Reviews - Trustscore 4.4

This agency was last updated April 27, 2022 byCloodo

Rating Cloodo

Reviews 236,416

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Cdiscount FAQ

What is the benefit to work with Cdiscount Agency on Cloodo?

Cloodo is a flexible, innovative solution for any team and organizations to achieve more with a complete agency services connection platform to build, scale, and deliver any Cdiscount project.

Be heard with your feedback

Cloodo was founded  with a vision to create an independent workspace with trusted partners. Share your item-title experiences to help others make better choices and encourage companies to up their game.

Help other make informed decisions.

Brands that display product reviews have a 18% higher conversion rate and a 11% higher average order value (AOV).

Real reviews, no moderation

We give everyone a voice. No censoring. Everyone can share their experiences and companies can freely invite and respond to reviews.

We combat fake reviews

We work hard to make sure you’re reading reviews based on real experiences. Clever software backed up by real people applying our guidelines help ensure the reviews on Cloodo are genuine.

Free review system for everyone

Anyone with a buying or service experience can write a review and any company can use our basic services completely free of charge.

Content Integrity Team

Our Content Integrity Team comes to work every day to help reviewers and businesses understand how best to use our platform.

Innovative Review Platform

We also have a technology team dedicated to developing and fine-tuning our fraud detection software and processes to find new and better ways of weeding out fake reviews and misuse.

Ethic Enforcement Team

Supported by our legal experts, Cloodo’s Enforcement Agents carefully investigate reports of misuse and stay ahead of any attempts to game the system. They also report and request removal of advertisements from businesses asking for fake reviews or individuals offering to write them.

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Cloodo helps to accellerate Digital Transformation for any business with Know-How Agencies supported by Smart Project Management Apps and Secured Payment for Final Result

Cloodo is a trademark of Cloodo Inc, an Atlas company with registered address at Suite 206, 651 N Broad St , MiddleTown, NewsCattle, Delaware, US

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