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About Zona Logistic Group

Group of companies LOGISTICS ZONE (LZ GROUP) - the international transportation and logistics network, delivering cargo from anywhere in the world by truck, sea and air transport. Performs consolidation, split shipments, overload, storage, marking, customs clearance, and other transport and logistics operations from the simplest to the most complex.

A wide range of solutions addressing current trends and methods in the data services market. Focus on strong pricing policy, clarity and simplicity in collaboration with the client or partner.

Group of companies LOGISTICS ZONE acquired the status of well-known and demanded operator and carrier of cargoes from Europe, offering its clients a rare combination of the highest level of service, shorter transportation time and price. The proposed solutions are based on the standard mode or on an individual scheme.

The company is a carrier and has its own trucks. EURO 4 and EURO-5. From 3 to 20 tons. From 30 to 90m3. All trucks are equipped with a system of satellite tracking and navigation.

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